When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 13


Ch 13~The Double Dip…

Keeping Veronica’s last words in mind, Mason had another idea…

“Seems like we’re not the only ass sluts around here…” Veronica had said.

But for now he’d keep quiet and see what played out…he was right though when he guessed that Veronica had the same idea that he did…

“Mmm, Candie, that felt so good, and you look so hot fucking your own pussy.” Veronica said as she kissed the dancer.

“My pussy is still so fucking hot…it’s just aching to take something inside…” Candie replied.

“Let’s get it hotter…” Mason said.

Guiding Candie towards Veronica, they knelt together in front of the bench were Veronica now sat. Mason kissed Veronica passionately, then Candie. Moving back to Veronica he made his way down her neck, kissing her voluptuous breasts finally settling at Veronica’s stiff cock and smoothly shaven balls. Looking up at her and grinning slyly he engulfed her entire cock in one gulp causing Veronica to jump so fiercely that she banged her head on the wall behind her.

Oh, I see…the name of the game is two on one is it? Candie laughed coyly as she knelt down and began to suck and lick Veronica’s balls.

Then she continued up the base of Veronica’s shaft and met Mason’s tongue in the middle and when that happened and Veronica could feel the two tongues intertwine and work together perfectly for her pleasure istanbul travesti she knew she wouldn’t last long…. Mason sensed this and he stopped—Candie taking his lead dropped back to Veronica’s balls.

“Oh, god, you two have to stop or I’m gonna cum again…” Veronica confessed.

“Oh no. We can’t have that. Mason said. We still have to fill up that aching cunt of Candie’s before we’re done.”

With that he eased Veronica back on the bench.

“Get on you horny little cunt you.” Mason told Candie.

“Gladly.” Candie replied as she straddled Veronica’s crotch, one foot on the floor on either side of the bench.

Then she slowly shoved her bald dripping pussy down onto Veronica’s cock…when she was only about half way down Veronica’s rod Mason came up behind her and putting one hand atop each shoulder shoved her down onto Veronica’s length as hard as he could in one great force. Both Veronica and Candie moaned out their surprise and elation.

Candie sat on top of Veronica playing with her tits, squeezing and rolling the nipples between her fingers as her hips slid back and forth snaking her pussy across Veronica’s body while still keeping her cock inside. It felt so good to both girls, Candie loved the way Veronica’s bone grated against her clit, the heat and friction it caused between their crotches was unreal. Every now şişli travesti and then the dancer leaned way into it to suck or bite a nipple or kiss Veronica again.

Mason had been watching from behind stroking his cock and enjoying the show. He knew that it had been a long time since Veronica’s cock had found its way deep inside a woman’s beautiful pussy lips. And he could see every ounce of enjoyment on her face.

He laid down on the bench his head facing the action and leaned up to lick at Veronica’s shaft and Candie’s dripping cunt with each of their stokes. He loved tasting this bitch’s pussy juice on his girl’s cock. What a turn on he thought.

When they changed positions they got on the floor, the carpet was rough industrial grade, worn and smelling of beer and stale cigarettes but neither of them seemed to care as Veronica laid down and Candie laid atop her and Mason finished off the sandwich.

“You’re right… Veronica chuckled— This is a two on one thing.”

As Mason slid his thick bubbling cock deep inside the tiny blonde dancer’s ass. She screamed out in a mixture of both pleasure and pain as she felt the hardness of two huge cocks inside her body for the first time.

“Oh, fuck that hurts but it feels so god damn good. Candie cried out. You two have definitely filled every crevice.”

“Mason bakırköy travesti baby, I can feel your cock sliding in and out of her through her cunt, its like you’re fucking my cock at the same time.” Veronica said in astonishment.

“I know baby it’s so hot to feel her, and to feel you inside her, to know that we are truly fucking the hell out of her together at once—What a fuckin’ rush.” Mason answered half out of breath.

As they picked up a rhythm like they always did Veronica and Mason made sure that when Mason was coming in she was coming out so that they could enjoy the friction and pleasure of sliding their cocks against one another’s with only Candie’s thin anal membrane to separate them. Their huge cocks were so tight up inside her together keeping them constricted beyond belief only forcing more blood to flow there and stay there. Making them hotter and harder than ever.

Candie was a writhing screaming mess on the floor already having cum on Veronica’s cock at least three times before Mason and Veronica lost their loads and when they did Candie came again she’d never felt so much hot cum let loose in her body at one time.

With this night and all its firsts Mason and Veronica knew now that alone together or with added others, the life they had before them would always be filled with fun, adventure, love, and phenomenal sex.

Neither of them could believe their luck having found a partner that was their equal. This New Year had brought a new life to both of them, one that would be shared and spent together. Mason knew he’d never spend another New Year’s Eve alone…and Veronica knew she’d always be accepted, loved and appreciated for who she was.

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