While The Man is Away


While The Man is AwayOk so my man left the other day to work out of town for a week. I hate it when he goes out of town. I always get extremely horny while he is away. My man will be home tomorrow night sometime. All I want to do right now is suck his dick until he cums in my mouth. I how he tastes I almost can’t wait for him to come home. In some aspects I haven’t waited for him. I have these 3 dildos and vibrators that give me a little satisfaction while he is away. Sure the vibrators and dildos feel good anadolu yakası escort and they accomplish some of the problem that I have while he is gone. I feel bad because I do feel like I am cheating on my man with my toys. Last night as I lay in bed all I could do is think about my man. My bed and pillows smell like him. I stick my face in my pillows and inhale deeply. All I can smell is my man. My pussy instantly gets wet. I reach down and stick my ataşehir escort finger in my pussy and it comes out dripping wet. A few drops drip on my belly as I bring my hand to my mouth to suck my fingers. I do love the way I taste. I run my hand back down and rub my clit. My clit is so hard and throbbing. I can just imagine him sucking on my clit until I cum. Mmmmm my legs shake as I type this. I am in so much need that I can’t help but touch myself again. I rub my clit and ümraniye escort can feel his tongue in place of my fingers. I then grab my dildo and rub it all over my pussy my clit jumps and throbs some more as I rub my dildo on it. I gradually slide my dildo into my wet pussy. I have to control myself to not push out the dildo. I thrust it into my pussy again over and over and over again. I love the way he feels. So hard and yet soft all at the same time. I turn over on my belly and bounce my ass on him just willing him to fuck me harder. I want him to hurt me. I’ve been bad and need to be punished. I lie in the bed and play with my clit until I cum so hard I pass out from completion. Can’t wait until he comes home so I can work his dick as if he had been gone for more than 7 days. Make it so he can’t leave.

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