Why were my little knickers so wet?


Why were my little knickers so wet?Why were my little knickers so wet? Here is why…..I had sent my son Sean a picture message. It was a selfi pic of my lacy bra with the words, wish you were here x.I got a text back in moments saying, “Mum, was that meant for me or dad”?I thought about it for a moment then sent a text back saying “Your dad Sean, but you may as well look as I see you looking a lot and your father isnt intrested in me nowadays so yeah, why not”?Buzz buzz, “Well there lovely mum, but I know this already hehe. I have the pleasure of living with you and every day is a new delight with you mum. I wont be home tonight but cannot wait to come home tomorrow lunch time. Looking forward to seeing you then mum, more love, Sean x” Reading his words sent shivers down my spine.All afternoon all I kept thinking of was the pic I sent to my 15 year old son. Did he like it? Was he shocked? Turned on? Even, …. Hard?I was doing the dishes when his dad Carl came up behin me and slipped his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my neck. “Hi baby” he said as he fumbled around at the top of my skirt. I pushed him away with my bum feeling his hard cock as I did. Yes I was a little horny but not for Carl.I carried on with the dishes as Carl went into the lounge and got comfy in his usual chair in front of the tv. Thoughts of Sean and that picture flooded my mind, well it wasnt like a nude one was it? I reasured myself, At least I was covered… Red lace but covered.Was the pic rude enough I wondered.Then an idea hit me hard and fast. What if I took a pic of me lifting my top whilst at the kitchen sink with his fathers head in the background? Sneaky! pendik escort I dried my hands and walked into the lounge to grab my phone. Carl muttered something as I made my way through the lounge door making sure I left it open enough. So, standing at the sink I lifted my top one side till my lacy boob fell out then I lifted my phone up and zoomed in on a selfi and making sure you could see Carl in the background, I snapped away taking a few as I inched my top back my phone was still clicking.I scanned through my gallery to find one beautie. my whole left boob out, lots of flesh above tiny lace and dark nipple poking through, Seans dad clearly in the background. Wow it was a superb picture….A real naughty one…….Straight to messages and to Sean. I quickly typed the words ” naughty enough baby”? and pushed send…..I stood there thinking what I had just done when my phone vibrated in my hand. Message from Sean: “Oh wow mum you really do want to be naughty dont you? I thought you were testing me or playing with me wow mum, your really sexy” I put my phone down and reached for the towel to dry the hand I had forgotten about in the dirty, now cold dishwater.I made a cup of coffee and asked Carl if he wanted too.I took the two cups of coffee into the lounge and put mine on my little table next to the sofa and carls down besides him. Returning to the sofa my phone buzzed making the sound everybody hears…… buzzbuzz……”Your popular” Carl said as he searched the tv channels hoping to find some football. If only you knew I thought as I smiled and got comfortable in my seat. Buzz buzz again to remind me I have a message still needs attention.Here escort pendik is how it is so far…..I am sending my 15 year old son pics of my bra covered boob saying wish you were here with his father visable and I am liking the feelings I am getting…. Everywhere.I glance over the top of my phone and watch as Carl settles and is very soon consumed by the television.I open up messages to see Seans name. I click open and read…….”Oh mum you have no idea what you are doing to me. I am trying to concentrate on having fun with my friends but all I can think of is you and the fun I want to have with you. I see you at home sometimes in the lounge. Your wearing a little skirt or something and I always look at your lovely legs. There amazing mum. Sometimes as my eyes past your knees I get to see what I am searching for and thats the colour of your knickers. Which ones today?What colour? lace or not? Imagine my suprise when I get to see some material? Heavenly mum, honestly!”I was stunned. Shocked. He has noticed I said to myself as I sat back and smiled to myself.I switched hands and used my left to hold my phone as I brought my right hand and hooked my fingers into the top of my leggings and pulled them away from me. Click, click smilesOpening Seans message I just hit send, no message no words, just here, look at mums knickers..little pink and lacy……… Delivery report says delivered and seen.I pull my legging up a little making them push my knickers into me and its then I feel how wet I am….I am soaking wet. Like a flowing river on a wet day.Is Sean hard I asked myself as I traced a finger to the top of my little knickers. Soon there was a pendik escort bayan buzz and my pussy actually tingled. My right fingers lightly dancing on the front of my tight knickers as I opened Seans message. ” Wow mum your fantastic and I love you.I have a little secret I want to tell you….. I love seeing up your skirts and dresses mum, I do. I wish and hope all day whilst Im at school that your wearing little when I get home. To see a bit of material is ,can I say,,,,, Harden-ing?I also love seeing your little knickers in the washing basket. My willy gets hard and as soon as my fingers touch them, it lurches in my hand and makes me to lift them to my nose and smell them.. You mum.. Smell you.X. I love all your knickers mum and know them all. Smiles. I love it on movie nights as dad cant see from his chair but I can from mine and I see you mum… A lot… Everytime light comes on the screen I see up your skirts and sometimes your knickers. I know just by the colour which ones they are so I know how tiny some of them really are and hope with every heartbeat that one day, I will see the ones I am waiting for….Them tiny white mesh ones. No coverage at all just pure netting meaning I would see your bits mum. Wouldnt I?Maybe even wear them and let me see when dads in the same room, now mum, is that naughty?”Naughty? Naughty? Oh my god, my pussy was on fire!My son was pretty much asking me to wear my tinyest pure see through knickers so he can see my fanny with his father in the same room… Wow what a dirty little bstrd my son was – but fuck it was naughty and beautiful.My fingers trembled as I typed, ” Oh Sean my sweet handsome boy, Yes I have noticed you glancing in my direction when I move or scratch an itch. So you like mums legs eh? My mind racing with the thoughts that I might acctually end up with my sons hard cock up inside the very fanny he came out of.

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