WIFE 3After Marvin left Veronika got in front with me her dress open nipples hard and swollen from Marvin sucking on them, I could see cum on her chin and thighs and asked her how she likes black cock, just smiled and said come on Friday. Marvin called again Monday evening told Veronika he wants to see her needs his dick sucked, she said meet her at Regency Mall in an hour, told me she was going to meet Marvin and give him a blow job did I want to go watch, said I’ll drive. We had discussed Friday night at length and decided she wants black cocks. When we got to mall saw his car and he had 2 friends with him, when I parked next to him said they didn’t believe him that he was fucking a married white woman. He told Ronnie to switch cars , get in back seat with friends, when she hesitated he said you promised you would fuck my friends, this is first 2 that’s going to fuck you. She looked at me got out and slid into back seat of Marvin car, the 2 thugs and in daylight I could see that’s what they were pulled her in and ripped her skirt and blouse off 1 pulled her head towards his crotch saying Marvin told them you a good cocksucker, suck this saw her head bobbing, other thug was playing with her cunt and ass, Marvin yelled stay out the bitches ass I’m taking that cherry Saturday night in my bed,William said he just has a finger in it, bitch is squirming to get it deeper she gonna like all that black dick balls deep up her white ass. You gonna let us fuck her up the ass too, Marvin said after he pops that white ass hole cherry all da Boyz are gonna fuck her in all her holes. Wille said fuck I’m glad you found Dat book, luv these white boys wantin us to fuck their wifes for them. I thought found the book, Christ he may have been robbing a house and found it,what have we gotten into. Veronika sucked both guys while they played with her ass, pussy and tits, after swallowing their cum Marvin told get up here and fuck me she straddled his legs and guided his dick in her cunt and started gaziemir escort fucking him. He told the guys this is how white cunt fuck brothers,sit back and let them do it all, watch how she sucks my dick clean after I cum which she did. When we were ready to leave Marvin told her he will call this week with directions to his apt. Marvin called Friday afternoon and gave me directions to his apartment in Southside area of Jax, asked to talk to Ronnie, she said ok a few times and hung up, said we need to go to Fredrick to get an outfit to wear. The outfit she got covered nothing, tits and nipples fully exposed,pussy exposed and accessable,ass easy to get to, she also got a sheer red mini dress and spike heels to match. Next morning she went and had hair done,nails and toenails too both in bright red with lip stick to match. Be for she showered I trimmed her pussy hair, being mid 70s there weren’t any wax shops, I did trim it shape of a heart about 1/2 inch long, as she did make up I made sure she had shaved her legs good and didn’t miss any. She put sheer n black thigh high on then 5″ heels, open crotch pantys, french bra then the dress, nothing was hidden I hoped no neighbors were out when we left at 5pm. Needless to say she was nervous, had fucked first black cock 2 weeks ago and we were on our way to his apt for her to fuck his friends and no idea how many.We got to Marvin apt, he was on ground floor so I could park almost at patio door, got out and walked up side walk door slid open and Marvin was there,nothing on but a hardon, when we walked in saw 5 other bulk guys all naked and hard, Marvin told me to get her dress off, they gonna fuck her first get her heated up for me to fuck her up her ass. Marvin gave her a glass filled with rum and coke,pulled her nipples while she drank it then pushed her to her knees told suck his dick then started walking backwards towards bedroom said don’t let my dick out of your mouth, made her walk on knees gaziemir escort bayan sucking it. I watched as she followed him into bedroom on her knees not once letting his dick slip out of her mouth, as he sat on edge of bed the other thugs came into room jarring their dicks in anticipation of fucking this hot ass white wife. Marvin told her get on bed and speed your legs the boys is gonna fuck you cunt , then to the 5 guys anyone puts more than a finger up her ass get a hole in da head, cunt and mouth only, she’s yours. Then as I watched they started taking turns fucking her cunt and mouth, Cummings in both holes and giving her several climaxes too, I looked at Marvin and saw he was hard and rubbing his dick with a lube of some kind , then when the last guy finished coming in her mouth he handed her another rum and coke, when she finished it he told the guys to get her in position, she looked at me with a worried look as they got her on her hands and knees. Once on hands and knees they pushed her shoulders down which raised her ass up, then they moved her knees forward that caused her ass cheeks to spread open exposing her little pink ass hole for all to see. Marvin got on the bed behind her asked if she’s ready to be ass fucked, nodded yes as 1 guy had his dick in her mouth,, he moved closer to her ass his 10 inch dick bouncing and hitting her ass cheeks told 2 guys to hold her arms and tits, 2 others to keep her legs spread and ass cheeks open wide then he took what ever lube he had rubbed on his dick and started rubbing it on and in her ass hole, pushing 2 fingers in and out could hear her squeal around dick in her mouth, and when he slid 3rd finger in her ass her squealing got louder and she tried moving ass away from him. Marvin yelled at the 2 holding her arms and tits to keep the cunt still, do whatever it takes, the 2 holding her legs and ass cheeks spread tightened their hold on her. Marvin added more lube to his fingers and escort gaziemir her ass hole and pushed 4th finger in, started moving his hand back and forth finger fucking her ass, the he added lube to his dick moved up until the head was pressing against her hole, told the guys to hold her and started pushing his dick up her virgin ass hole.I watched as the head started going in he took it slow but her squealing got louder even around the dick in her mouth, Marvin was steadily going up her ass he even told her it wouldn’t hurt as bad once his mushroom head was past her sphincter, when it popped past it I watched as her rose bud contracted a little around his shaft but her squeals were still loud. He waited a minute then started pushing more dick up her ass telling her got 3 inches in your ass now, just passed 6 inches up you ass 4 more to go, then here it comes balls deep in your white ass, how’s it feel having 10 inches of big black cock up your lily white ass? She was whimpering and could see tears on her cheeks, but she never took cock out of her mouth and teeth didn’t touch it 1 time, the Marvin started to pull out, got out to head and then pushed back in, told guys this is best feeling in world, my black dick up a married white woman’s ass and its the first cock up her ass ever but it fuck in ain’t the last one going there, Marvin reached for and cupped both her tits and rolled her nipples between thumb and forfinger while he kept sliding dick in and out of her ass, saw she was bobbing her head faster now on dick in her mouth, the other 4 watching said they need her to suck their dicks now, Marvin told them in a minute, turn her loose she’s liking my dick up her ass look at how she’s sliding her ass back and forth fucking herself on my dick. Fucking her up the ass another 15 minutes Marvin went balls deep and started cumming, when he was done he let his dick go soft in her ass until it popped out, told the other guys leave her ass hole alone, fuck her cunt and mouth, the 5 thugs took turns fucking her mouth and cunt for another hour then left. Veronika was sitting on floor in front of Marvin nursing on his dick he was telling us to be here next Saturday afternoon, he is going to let crew fuck her, but her ass hole will only get his his dick.To Be Continued

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