Wife Fucks Young Friend Ch. 02


I’m Picking up where my last story left off after I had Fucked my husbands young Military friend David.

A few months later David called and told me that he was coming in town again for a visit and wanted us to get together again if I was interested , I ask him how soon could he get here because I needed some of the same thing he gave me before.

David said he would be coming in town at the end of the week and not to say anything to Tim about him coming and also for me to rest up, I was going to need it.

I told him that I wouldn’t say anything to Tim , All I could think about was what I had wanted since the first time David and I hooked up in my house and that was my husband Tim and David both to Fuck me at the same time but I hadn’t ever said anything to Tim about what happened between David & I .

I will just have to enjoy David’s Cock again I was thinking to my self , Friday couldn’t get here fast enough to me.

When Friday morning got here I was so worked up that my pussy was already wet waiting for David’s cock to suck and fuck when he called and ask if I could meet him at a Motel he was staying in right out of town.

I showered and put on a sexy teddy under my regular cloths and left to meet him at the Motel.

When I got to the door and knocked David opened it pulled me in and started kissing me and holding me in his arms , I was just putty in his hands after that.

We stopped kissing for a moment and I just undid his pants and dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth sucking and licking hard as I could till David pulled me up and undressed me down to my sexy white teddy laid me on the bed then straddled my chest and started feeding me his hard cock.

After a few minutes of David fucking my mouth with his Hot Cock I heard the door open to the room , I nearly bit David’s cock it scared me so bad, I jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom.

David ask me to come out for a minute so he could Introduce me to his friend that had come with him to town, So when I opened the door and walked out with a towel wrapped around me David said this is my friend Chad who he had been in the Army with altyazılı seks and that he had rode with him down for the visit and that he was sorry he hadn’t mentioned it before now but that we had gotten carried away with each other.

Chad stepped over to me and said : Damn David you didn’t tell me how Hot she was!!

I told Chad that my name was Joyce and thanked him for the complement and for some reason I wasn’t as nervous as I had been minutes before.

David asked Chad if he could leave for awhile and before he could answer I said Why don’t you stay and join the party with me and David, Then I dropped the towel as I stood in front of these young guys with a very sexy and sheer teddy on .

Chad said hell yea and he picked me up and laid me on the bed as he started kissing me all over then David crawled up beside my head and shoved his cock into my mouth again as Chad undid the snaps on my teddy and pulled it off so that I was completely Naked in front of both guys.

David continued fucking my mouth as Chad started licking my wet pussy with his tongue darting in and out of my clit till I raised my hips up and moaned out loud with a powerful orgasm.

David took his cock out of my mouth and got between my legs rubbing his cock up and down my wet slit then sliding it into my pussy , Chad then had crawled up beside my head so I could suck his cock and when I turned to face his cock my mouth opened up to the Biggest cock I had ever seen, It had to be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches wide as I opened my mouth wide open he slid this huge cock into my mouth till I almost gagged but I relaxed and let him fuck my mouth with this big cock as David fucked my pussy.

After a while David said he was getting ready to cum so he wanted to switch back to my mouth and let Chad fuck me with his big cock.

Chad held my legs with his hands as he positioned his self between my legs then rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips till his cock was good and wet then inch by inch slid it inside me, I moaned out loud as his cock spread my pussy wider than it had ever been before as he put all 8 inches inside me, Chad anal porno eased his cock in and out a few times so I could get used to it.

David was fucking my mouth hard enough that his balls were slapping my cheek, He then moaned out load as I felt his Hot spunk coat the back of my throat as he filled my mouth.

David pulled his cock out of my mouth as I tried to swallow his load but some leaked out of my mouth and onto my chin as Chad switched to high gear as he started pounding his big cock in my pussy so hard you could hear our bodies slapping together as I just laid there telling him to fuck me hard and deep.

Chad fucked me a good ten minutes and I had three orgasms while he pounded my pussy with his big cock, Chad pulled his cock out of my pussy and jumped up on top of me to straddle my chest as he shoved his pussy soaked cock into my mouth as he shoot a Large salty load of cum in my mouth, It was so much cum that I couldn’t swallow it all and it was running out of each side of my mouth down my face.

I cleaned up and we all rested a bit, I found out that Chad was thirty two years old while we talked .

So here I was with two young studs in their early thirty’s and me a attractive fifty year old cougar, I was on cloud nine the way I was feeling.

After a short rest I got on my knees with each of them standing in front of me as I took turns sucking each cock till they were hard again, Chad laid down on the bed as I got on top of his cock with my pussy, Then David greased his cock and eased it into my tight ass as both guys slowly double fucked me.

The feel of two cocks inside of me was driving me wild as David fucked my ass and Chad fucked my pussy.

They fucked me this way a little then switched places but I didn’t think Chad was going to be able to get his cock into my ass but after lots of lube and taking his time he was able to get his huge cock into my ass.

David was fucking my pussy but I found it hard to concentrate on him with Chad’s big cock pounding my ass and then both of them came close together as David filled my pussy with his Hot Load and then Chad filled my ass with his brazzers porno Hot Cum, They pulled their cocks out of me and I stood up and felt their Warm cum running down the insides of my thighs as it leaked out of my ass and pussy.

We all cleaned up again and I gave David and Chad each a blowjob till each of them shoot their cum all over my face and into my mouth as I leaned my head back with my mouth open and tongue sticking out, I then took my fingers and scraped all of the cum on my face and put it in my mouth and swallowed it all.

The next day David and Chad stopped by to visit with my husband and I at our house and eat dinner, It was very strange sitting across the table from the two young guys that had fucked me so hard the day before and then David told Tim to carry Chad out and show him his Motorcycle while he went to the restroom.

After Chad and Tim went outside David walked up to me in the Kitchen and told me to suck his cock before they came back in that Chad was going to keep him out side long enough.

David pulled his cock out and I sucked it as hard as I could trying to make him cum before they came in scared Tim would walk in on me giving David a blowjob, David moaned and filled my mouth with his cum and went to the bathroom afterwards then Tim and Chad came back in as David came out of the bathroom.

Tim told David to come out and look at some of the new chrome he had added since the last time he had visited and as they went outside Chad stayed behind to go to the bathroom but he didn’t go but instead came into the kitchen with me pulled his cock out and told me to suck him off.

So I got down on my knees and gave Chad a fast blowjob till he shoot his load in my mouth, Then as the guys came in from outside I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth so Tim didn’t see or smell the spunk that had just got shoot in my mouth by our guest.

We went in the den to talk some more and here we all were sitting together with my husband and two guys that I had just gave a blowjob to not more than fifteen minutes before.

David and Chad left and I fucked Tim that night hard before we went to sleep and the next two days I meet David and Chad at the motel for two days of me getting fucked in my pussy, Ass and sucking their cocks off multiple times!!!

David and Chad said it wont be long before they come back for some more of my hot pussy and my hot ass and of course the best blowjobs they have ever had.

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