Wife Meets a Trannie Ch. 01


This story started when a long lost college buddy of mine contacted me because he recently moved to the same city I live in. Last time I saw him was 14 years ago in college. He has married and now lives about 30 minutes from me. We arranged for a sync-up and invited him and his wife to our home. My friend Jay arrived at our house with his wife, Tammy. She is very sexy and very well proportioned. Tammy is about 5’6″, 36-26-34, about 130 lbs, brunet, hazel eyes. Lynn is 5’3″, 34-26-36, 133 lbs, blond, blue eyes. Jay is about 5’9″ 170 lbs, fit but a bit on the chubby side. I am 5’10” 180 lbs, occasional runner.

We’ve often visited each other’s homes for BBQs and such since then. Tammy and Lynn became fast friends. They would shop together and go out for ladies makeover parties, etc. One day during a cook out at our house, Jay and I were reminiscing our college years. We started talking about our sexual conquests; and whom we’ve dated after college until we’ve gotten married. Jay told me that he met Tammy at work when he was out on the east coast; they fell in love and started living together. He shared how their sex life is still very active even after 12 years together. I secretly envied this revelation since our married sex life started to go downhill since after our third child. We badly need some sexual infusion.

Jay and I were close friends and were always able to share what men don’t necessarily share. I’ve always known he’s on the kinky side but it caught me by surprise when he dropped a bomb on me about Tammy. Jay said Tammy is a trannie! I couldn’t believe it. She’s very feminine, dainty, and fragile. I didn’t have any experience with trannie’s so I wouldn’t really know what to expect. I was completely blown away! That also explains why they didn’t have any children even after 12 years together. Jay said he is very sexually fulfilled and has occasionally shared Tammy with other men. I’ve always fantasized about sharing Tammy but that was the extent of it. We promised to keep this secrete from Lynn because we don’t know how she would react. Jay said Tammy is very comfortable with close friends knowing but we decided to ease Lynn into it.

We’ve had Jay and Tammy over for pool parties, I’ve checked her out before but never really noticed that she was keeping something hidden istanbul travesti between her thighs. I had to ask Jay how they consummate their affair and he gave me all the details. Tammy and Jay are both top and bottom. They switch places all the time. Jay is still very straight; they have an agreement that Jay can always go with a real woman anytime he wants. Tammy, on the other hand, has no real desires.

Suffice it so say that this little tidbit put a smile on my face for a few days. I can’t keep Tammy out of my mind! Then I started to imagine swapping with them! I carried a constant hardon thinking about this for a few days. Little did I know that this is just the beginning of the secrets that will be uncovered.

One night after a hot passionate sex with my wife, I decided to reveal Tammy’s little secret to Lynn. Lynn wasn’t surprised at all. She said the moment she met Tammy, she knew she was different. Lynn related that during one of our BBQs at their house, Lynn spilled red wine on her bikini bottom and Tammy helped her wash the stain in their bedroom bathroom. Lynn had to take her bikini bottom off to wash it while Tammy went for a club soda to remove the stain. When Tammy returned to the bathroom, Lynn was exposed and noticed that Tammy was acting a little weird. Tammy then revealed to Lynn that she is a trannie. Tammy admitted to Lynn that she was getting aroused by Lynn’s almost nude sexy body. Lynn was a little uncomfortable but acted wryly about it so not to embarrass Tammy, but Lynn noticed that Tammy was getting an erection. Tammy said she couldn’t go and be out in her swimsuit in that manner. After they both accepted the situation, they started to talk as women do and Lynn stared to ask everything about transsexuals and Tammy was more than willing to answer all her inquiries. This is when we finally got our sexual infusion.

After that, Lynn dropped a bomb on me! Lynn said that at a different time at our house when only the two of them were there, she was so curious about Tammy that she asked her to show her penis. She said Tammy would oblige only on one condition –Lynn had to undress first. Lynn agreed. When Lynn finally saw Tammy’s completely waxed pubic area, her cock uncut, Lynn said she felt a tremble inside her groin that grew stronger kadıköy travesti when Tammy slowly became fully erect at about 8 inches in length. That is a full inch and a half on me! Lynn didn’t know what to do and how to act at the moment, and the next thing she knew they were in a tight embrace, lips locked, and ravishing each other’s body with their hands and mouths on our own bed. Lynn’s juices were freely flowing when she realized that they were locked in a 69 position. Lynn was sucking Tammy’s cock with all her might and Tammy was eating her out through multiple orgasms. Lynn was still on an orgasmic ecstasy when she felt Tammy’s enormous cock penetrated her vigorously. They fucked each other until they were both filled in pleasure.

They carried on this affair meeting and fucking once a week for three months now, sometimes in our house, sometimes at Tammy’s.

All this time I was stroking my raging hard-on while Lynn was telling me all these. I finally exploded when she dropped another bomb on me.

All this time, Jay knew about this! Lynn said when Tammy confessed to Jay, he insisted he, at least wants to watch them fuck! She said both she and Tammy reluctantly agreed under the condition that Jay would not participate until I was told! Jay agreed and they allowed him to take off from work one day to watch them. On that day, all three of them met at their house. In their bedroom Jay positioned himself on a chair wearing nothing but his hand on his rock-hard cock. Tammy and Lynn proceeded to put on a show for Jay. Slowly stripping and playing with themselves for him. Tammy and Lynn took several positions for minutes at a time giving each other much pleasure. Tammy was on her back against the headboard taking a breather and Lynn on all fours blowing her rigid tool to purplish pulsation, both of them were in sexual oblivion when Lynn felt Jay’s cock suddenly and got deeply impaled in her pussy, pumping with all his might! Both Jay’s hands were firmly on her hips, his balls were slamming up against her inner thighs. Lynn couldn’t resist and was lost in pleasure. Jay’s full nine inches of pure sex reached where neither Tammy nor I ever did. Tammy seeing this exploded deep into Lynn’s throat at the exact moment Jay emptied his hot load anadolu yakası travesti deep in Lynn’s throbbing pussy.

I didn’t know what to think at that moment, all I felt was sexual tenses and another dry ejaculation – picturing in mind’s eyes how Jay was fucking my wife hard doggy style!

But the story didn’t end there, though. Lynn said after a few moments Tammy switched places with Jay and flipped Lynn on her back. That time Tammy was teasing Lynn by rubbing her cock head up and down against Lynn’s clits while Jay straddled Lynn on her chest, his cock inches from Lynn’s mouth. Jay lowered his balls on her mouth and Lynn sucked on his shaved balls until he was satisfied. Jay then proceeded to fuck Lynn in the mouth while Tammy lubricated Lynn’s butt hole with Jay cum dripping from Lynn’s gaping pussy. Lynn was totally impaled by Jay’s cock in her mouth when Tammy inserted her cock in Lynn’s ass.

My whole body was numbed listening to this! Lynn can take it in the ass but only with my size.

Lynn continued and said she was in euphoric pain from Tammy’s fucking her ass but was in constant orgasm during the whole time. I thought the story was over when Lynn added one more tidbit to this fuck-fest.

Tammy and Jay switched places again and put Lynn back on all fours. Tammy made Lynn suck her cock straight from her ass while Jay squeezed in his huge cock up Lynn’s ass! This process took a few minutes until Jay was totally embedded in her ass. Lynn started to adjust to his cock and Jay fucked her silly for several minutes until he came deep in Lynn’s ass. Meanwhile Tammy came all over her face and hair. Then Jay made Lynn suck his cock clean while Tammy lapped Lynn’s shaven, swollen, well-used ass and pussy.

The killer is, this didn’t happen just once. Lynn told me of the time when Jay and Tammy came over one night for a visit and it happened that I was in a business dinner meeting. Tammy took care of the kids in the family room while Jay fucked my wife silly in our bedroom. Lynn said he came three times. Once, he made her swallow his cum, another in her pussy, and the third on her face.

My balls ached because my sacks were completely empty and by body was still trying to ejaculate. I can’t hardly walk and felt like I was the one that was used by my best friend and his trannie wife.

Needless to say, I had mixed emotions about getting left out, but hearing the stories from all three of them made me cum more intensely than I’ve ever experienced. The sensation was more intense than actually being there.

Then again, being there is another story for another time.

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