Wife picks up a young couple


Wife picks up a young coupleWe needed a vacation. Cindi (my wife) and I had both been working hard for at least 6 months. She booked the place in Mexico and we headed off for almost 10 days of fun, scuba and umbrella drinks.We landed late in the evening and after dinner we both admired the ocean view from the balcony. As Cindi sipped her drink I slid beehind her and removed her top”mmmmmmmmmmmm” Cindi groaned as I played with her boobs from behind. If anyone was walking nearby they got a full viewI slid off her shorts and leaned her over. I slid her panties off to the side and quickly entered her moist pussyI was done quickly, I definitely needed this breakWe both collapsed on the bed and woke up the next day ready for the pool and beachAfter breakfast we cchanged into our suits and headed to the pool. It was right next to the beachI was mildly surprised to see this is a clothing optional joint. Cindi smiled at me as she removed her top for the admiration of everyone by the poolCindi is 29 and I’m 31. She is 5’6″, boobs, blonde hair and a great smileShe lay down next to a couple that looked like they were still in college. Dennis got a great view. I glanced over at his girl, Sandy< and took a long look at herSandy is 5'4", long brown hair, lean and smallish titsCindi was immediately gabbing with them and I drifted off a bitAs the day wore on we sipped drinks and shared stories. This is a grea couple but I was sitll getting over the crowd seeing my wife's tits and this young couple getting a close-upI woke up to Cindi sitting on Sandy's lounger and both of them whispering. Sandy would glance over at me and smileThe three of them got up and the girls put their tops bakc on"Come on" Cinidi smiledWe went to our suite and Cindi ordered a bunch of snakcs and drinksThe room service delivered strawberries, chocoloate and champaignI opened the bottle and we all sat down to enjoy the bubblyAfter a couple of rounds we were all a little typsyCindi turned on the jacuzi, stripped, and enteredSAndy and Dennis followedFor the first time in my life I felt like the prude. I eventually stripped and joined themAfter i got overheated Cindi and I sat on the edgeof the tub"Do you wax?" Sandy askedCindi propped up one leg and gave both of them a full view of her bald pussyShe described where she shave, waxed, etc.Sany move in to take acloser look and felt the area around Cindi's moundCindi lay back and Sandy kissed her on the mouthDEnnis and I watched as they played with each other's hair and kissed lie high school datesCindi felt Sandy's titties and twisted her big nipplesSuddenly Cindi reveresed Sandy and lay her back. She moved erzurum escort in a kissed her mound. Sandy moaned and closed her eyesI couldn’t belive my innocent wife was licking this young thingAs Cindi licked and sucked Sandy, Sandy squirmed and moaned. Soon she was bucking and thrusting her hips into CindiSandy finished with a littl whimper and a big sighSandy lay there gaspingCinid motioned over to meI moved in and took over where Cindi had left offI was gentle at first, she had just comeI nibbled on her clit and she almost explodedI kissed and licked and grabbed her firm buttI blew on her lips and then moved in for the finish. I licked her clit until she came again, just like when Cinid had done herI sled back and looked over at Dennis fucking CindiThis was a first for me. We had never cheated or experimentedI watched as this lean guy slid his length into my wifeCindi glanced over at Sandy and me and I could tell she was in heavenDennis came quickly and rolled overI turend Sandy around in the tub and entered her from behind. She has an incredible tight moist pussyI forogt what is was like to fuck someone so youngI tried to long stroke her as she moaned loudly. she was so tight I knew I was going to come quicklyI looked over at Dennis fingering my wife as I exploded in SandyI fell back, exhaustedWe all got back in the tubAs we all got hot and sat on the edge again I found myself between Sandy and DennisSandy reached over and grasped my lengthCind, Sandy said, Derek has an increcble dick””Yeah, I’m happy” she smiledSAndy kept examining me. Dennis, look at thisTo my surprise again he looked over as Sandy pulled me in every direction, giving Dennis a 360 viewSAndy slid into the tub and began licking my disck as she continued giveing me a once overDEnnis slid in and moved in also. Soon he was also licking me. They took turnsI l;ooked over at Cindi, not knowing what to thin. She smiledSandy an dDennis took turns sucking me. Sandy kept stroking and playing with meI shot a huge load in Dennis. I didn’t stop for a whileI lay back and collapsed againTeh three of them oved to the bedroomAs I got energy I followedCindi was on all fours, licking Sandy and taking it form Dennis from behindDennis rocked her back and forth and Sany just smiled and moanedI watched as Dennis emptied into her sweet pussy. Teh juice ran down her as Dennis pulled outCindi continued to lick Sandy and she came againWe all lay on the bed for a whileDennis wento for a shower and came backHe lay opposite everuone else on the bedHe rolled over and played with my dickAs he continued to please me he re-positioned. erzincan escort His dick was righ next to my faceWhat the hell. I felt his length. He grew quickly. He has a smallish dick, very pretty. Mushroom headI licked his tip and he moanedAs I took his full length I discovered it felt naturalHe had a slight masculine odor mixed with the hotel soapI licked and stroked him and he came quickly, so quickly I found his goo in my mouthI shot into him as I swallowed his jismBoth of us were emptiedSandy sat on my face”Keep going” she urgedI licked and sucked her to a full climaxWe spent the rest of the night sucking and fuckingCind must have awakened before me. She ordered room service and it was being delivered as I woke up, with Sandy and Dennis. The staff got a good look at all of us naked on the bed, We went back to the pool and spent some mroe time sunning, the girsl toplessAfter dinner we all couldn’t wait to get back to the roomWe stripped, jumped into the jacuzzi and sipped our bubblyAfter another round of sucking and fucking we headed to the bed again”Dennis” Cindi quizzed. “Have you been fucked by a guy?””No, just blow jobs”Nobody said anythingI looked him over. He has lean legs and a muscular ass. Tight cheeks”Are you up for it?” Cindi looked at me’m not sure, It’s reallly up to Dennis”Another pauseandy and Cindi whisperedThey grabbed Dennis and went out of the roomThey all came back and Dennis was wearing Sandy’s pantiesHe lay down and Cindi pulled his panties partially downI looked over, Dennis was face down. I looked at his ass, with Sandy’s panties pulled downCindi got me hard while SAndy lubed himSandy pulled the panties all the way down and Cindi urged mt toward his assDennis reluctantly spread his legs as I moved closerHe looked just like a young girls, about to be fuckedI pread his cheeks. He has a tiny pink anusI thought to myself, I’m not going to fitI slid one finger in his ass. I could feel how tense he wasAftera couple of minutes I pulled out my finger and moved inI slid in an inch and stopped. Theat was difficlut. His anus was as tight as could beI slid in some more, he tensed. I stoppedI thought I was going to shoot right thenSandy and Cindi were watchig closelyI slowl;y slid in my full length. He was tigh as hellDennis grroaned”Easy”I waited and tehn started pumping. slowlyBefore I knew it I was squirting in his ass. I filled him up I must have shot for 20 secondsI wanted to collapse but I didn’t want to pull out quicklyI slowly eased back out and collapsed”Wow” Cinid and Sandy said at the same timemy come was oozing out of his assDennis çeşme escort got up slowly and headed to the shower”I want that” Sandy said”Really?””Yeah””Give me a couple minutes”A few minutes later I lubed her ass and began the preparataion. I slid in a finger as SAndy lay on her sideCindi looked over at Dennis”Wanna fuck my ass?””Yeah I do” he repledCindi lay face down as Dennis spread her cheeks. Cindi didn’t get any prep. Dennis started sliding hi dick in her little buttI pulled ot my finger and Sany lay on her faceI slid in a little as Denis started fucking Cindi”Oh my” Sandy gasped” How do you take aht ting is your ass so quickly””There’s a size difference” Cindi jokedI very slowly slid in my length as Sandy squiremd, obviously tense”Wow” Sandy remarkedI slowly stroked her a sDennis was pumpong my wifeI watched a sDennis groaned and came in Cindi’s buttJust watchig them got me excited and my pace increased”Easy” Sandy remarked”her ass was even tighter than DennisI came. The second time in a tiny assWhat in acredible feeling, Fuckign two asses in oe eveningWe all collapsedThe next moring I woke as room service was makning the breakfast delivery. I suspect teh work got out as three people deliverd our breakfast and got a good look at 3 naked bodiesTeh next two days were more of the same. Some times we woudl take afternoon breaks from the sun and fuck for a while and then go back to the pool/beachOne evening we made the mistake of drink bourbon. We all got really silly”Derek”, Cindi stated. “Dennis hasn’t fucked your ass””Yeah, not going to happenThe three of them kept chiding me until I relentedCindi and Sandy slid some panties on me and made up my faceDennis came in and kissed my first, just like a girlAs he lay me on the bed he had me suck him for a few minutesHe rolled me over, my legs off the edge and slid off the pantiesI could hear him spreading lotion on his dickHe spread me and entered, No warm upWhat a pain. His little dick in my assHe did’t wait, just startd pumpingHe grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he fucked my assI could feel him grwoing as he exploed inside meHe pulled out quickly. I was left with a pair of panties around my ankles and goo running down my leg. I felt like a girlWe fucked each other for anotehr day. Sandy and Dennis had to leave. We still had four more daysCindi tried unsuccessfully to lure another couple, no luckOur final day we larend if we hiked further down the beach is was completely cloting optionalWe took aht bait and starteed hikingIt wa about three miles before we felt comfortable strippingWe undressed and lay close to teh beach nakedFor the next four hours we chatted with all of the folks that came by. Most of them wanted to get a good lok at Cindi. I could tell it made her hotWe moved to the edge of the jungle and fuckedTo our surprise, two couples had been watchingWE didn’t want to leave. We will defintely return as soon as we can get away again

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