Wife takes charge


Wife takes chargeAt first my wife was just your average pretty house wife. Five foot four one hundred pound blonde. Her blue eyes are very seductive and her legs never failed to attract attention from every guy around. My friends constantly asked how I scored such a hottie. I have no idea why she picked me to marry. I’m six one two hundred and twenty pounds but my penis is only four inches long when it’s rock hard. I have a kinky side and over time I’ve been able to teach my once innocent wife some kinky stuff. It started with her flashing strangers, then later she started flashing my buddies. At a party once she went without panties and every guy there at one time or another was treated to a shot of her completely shaved pussy. It took some time to convenience her to actually fuck another guy. I started a week earlier by not having sex with her and keep her aroused. After a couple of adult beverages I was able to talk her into going in our spare bedroom where a buddy of mine was spending the night. He ended up fucking her in the pussy and ass that night. At her request I invited him back the following weekend. They went in the bedroom and locked the door. He fucked her all night and I slept alone. After several more of these weekends she informed me that Tim ( the guy ) had offered to share her with some of his friends. One Saturday she came out on the deck kayseri escort where I was relaxing. She was wearing a black corset that pushed her thirty four B cups into pretty little globes. It had eight garter straps holding up black lace top stockings. She had the stockings pulled up high enough that her shaved pussy lips actually touched the lace tops. Her pussy was uncovered and she was wearing a pair of black strappy six inch heals. I was laying iny hammock and she cleared her throat. I opened my eyes to see her standing there with her hands on her hips. WOW I said out loud. Why are you dressed like that? She said I’m meeting Tim over at Jeff’s apartment. Where is Jeff I asked. She said he will be there. They want to sandwich me. She told me she had just shaved , douched and even taken a fleet to clean her anus. Well you look yummy I said what are you wearing over there? She said just this. It was the guys request, they want my pussy uncovered for the ride over. She didn’t come home that night and it was around eleven o clock Sunday morning when she finally came inShe went straight to bed and slept. Still in all that black stuff. I found out later that she had been up all night fucking. Jeff had called one of his friends over to video the action but he ended up fucking her too.I told her I wanted to be involved konya escort in some of that action after all it was my idea. She knows I like her to take charge so she pulled a fast one on me. She invited Becky over. Becky is one of my wife’s lifelong friends. She is also a registered nurse. Both ladies had on bikinis and their asses looked awesome bouncing around under the thin nylon meteral. Becky noticed my hard on and told my wife that I had no self control. She said my hard penis offended her and she was going to take care of that problem. I was excited , she went out to her car and returned with a black bag. First thing she did was to hand my wife a pair of hand cuffs. She had me stand next to the post on our screened in Porch. My hands were cuffed behind my back around the post. Then my wife pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them , my four inch cock standing tall it was so hard it actually pointed up. They went in the kitchen together and left me standing there naked. In only a few minutes Becky came out with her hands behind her back. I was hoping I was about to get some head. I looked up at my wife rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottom. When I did that I felt a sharp pain in my pubic area. I jumped and looked down. Becky was injecting me with something. I said what is that? She said stand still. She pulled izmir escort the needle out and stuck it in another place she did this five times. The she stood up and turned to my wife who had been eagerly watching. She placed the syringe back in her bag and told my wife it won’t be long now , in fact you can uncuff him he’s harmless now. What do you mean harmless I said. What did you do to me? She said I gave you a massive dose of a d**g that causes impatience. We use it to keep the penis soft while doing surgery. My wife unlocked my hands and carried the cuffs back to Becky. After tossing them in her bag Becky turned my wife to face her and began French kissing her. My wife began responding and soon they were playing with each other’s tits and pussies. They got into a sixty nine and ate each other. My penis had srunk to its normal size, only about an inch long. The girls pointed at it and laughted. Becky had my wife call Tim and had him to bring Jeff over to fuck them. The four of them fucked right in front of me all evening and most of the night. At one point Tim laid on his back and my wife sat on his cock, Jeff fed his cock into my wife’s hungry asshole and then Becky SAR her pussy over my wifes mouth. I could hear my wife’s screaming orgasms muffled by Becky’s pussy. I was beating my soft meat for all it was worth but it never got hard. I had the worst case of blue balls that next day. Becky had told my wife that the amount of the d**g she had given me might last fourty eight hours. It did. And I was able to toss off a load easing my aching balls a little.1 minute agoEditDeleteReportReplyWrite your reply…Post Reply Upload Woreout

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