Winter in Sweden Part 5


Winter in Sweden Part 5Chapter 11 – Anal TryI wake up at 3.00 am and hear a silent sound from the living room. It seems to be music. I silently get up and creep down the stairs. It’s Ole sitting in an armchair and listening to the music of Pink Floyd. „Don’t be frightened, it’s only me“, I whisper. Ole turns around and sends a charming smile in my direction. He beckons me over and I sit down in the other armchair hearing Ole say: „No, no, come here to me“. I sit down on the armrest. Ole starts: „I was unable to sleep. Sometimes this kind of music helps me. But not today. My brain is totally overloaded with what happened the last days. You and Masha blew my mind“. „Poor guy“, I reply, „how can I help you“? „You can’t, I have to leave or I’ll get mad“, Ole tells me. „I don’t think so. You must set all things that happened into the right light. We had a lot of fun together. But in two days we’ll all go our own ways. You return to Stockholm, Masha and I to Britain. You will find a wonderful girl and I don’t know what will happen for me. Maybe I love Masha, maybe not. I don’t know. But I will see“. Ole pulls me in his arms and kisses me shyly. I like this boy very much and respond to his kiss. „Ole, I always wanted to try a cock in my back hole. Do you want to deflorate me this way?“, I ask him and feel that I blush. I see him blush too and with a gentleman smile he answers: „It’s an honour that you ask me to do so. I am not sure that I can manage that you will enjoy it. But ok, let‘s try“. I kiss him again with all passion I am able to. I massage his whole body ending at his dick. It is erected by my first touch and stands like the Eiffel-Tower. „What next?“, he asks. „Make my anus a little slippery with some spit, please“. He does and first tries the entry with one finger. He has no problem to get in. „Get on your knees, Rita“, he asks me and I do. He tries two fingers and again succeeds easily. Stepping behind me Ole begins to stroke my backdoor with his cock. It feels unexpectedly seductive and exciting. Slowly, so very slowly his strong weapon begins to fill my backhole, one cm, two cm, I wince and he stops. “It’s nothing”, I confirm. Three cm, four cm … My feeling is that the insertion lasts longer than 10 minutes, really time is only 30 seconds that half of his dick is inside me. I am very proud that I can take so much, thinking that it’s all. The feeling becomes more and more awesome the deeper he sticks in. „Enough?“, Ole asks me. „Is this all you have, not more“, I k** him. “Ole, I enjoy every cm of your hard one“. I turn my head to kiss him. He still very carefully continues and after a few moments his whole erection fills me where I’ve never been filled. I call on him: „And now my friend, FUCK me. I want it. “I feel like a slut and this feels great. Ole starts penetrating my back hole, first slowly while I rub my clit. But his own heat forces him to go faster and faster. After a minute, an hour or two days, I can’t say anymore, I feel him cum in my ass and at the same moment my arms can’t hold me anymore and I cum too with a deep moaning. „Oh my god. What happened to me that I can be such a bitch?“, I think by myself. „This was amazing“, Ole says a little breathless. „This hole of you is so tight, I could have cum after a few seconds. I held back. What about you? Could you enjoy“? „I came like I did never before and this practice for some special occasions will be one of my favourites. Thank you for your carefulness and your patience. You are a very good lover and your future girlfriend is a lucky one“. Again, Ole blushes and after a long sloppy kiss we return to our sleeping rooms.Chapter 12 – Roleplays12.1 AgreementsI wake up at 10.00 am and my anus is burning a little because of tonight’s play, but I feel relaxed and happy. Like always, Masha is in the kitchen yet to prepare breakfast. From the boys’ room I can hear their voices. I get up and step down the stairs. „Good morning, Masha “, I send her a smile. „What happened tonight?“, she asks. „You’re looking too happy and your grin is much too big”. I can’t decide if I should tell her what happened or not. My confidence in her wins the fight: „Do you remember what I told you I wanna try? “„Anal“, Masha simply answers. „Don’t tell me you did.“ I simply nod. „Ole or Matti?“, Masha wants to know. „Ole“, I whisper. „Oh, Masha, it was great. He was careful and patient. I came like never before. My back hole hurts a little bit“. We both laugh. Masha pulls me into her arms and kisses me on my lips. „You are a beautiful little bitch and I love you”, she tells me. „And I am a Lucky Duck to have a friend who trusts me so much. To be honest, I wish I could have spied or joined. But now let’s have breakfast“. And Masha spanks my bottom with three powerful hits. „Outch, what’s that for?“, I cry. „One for the bitch in you, one for my very best friend and the third for the experience you made before me. Come on, I am hungry. Let’s conclude an agreement, let’s never be jealous against each other and let’s always be serious against each other. Your confession about last night is the best proof that you are. I promise that will tell you everything that’s important for us”. We embrace each other again and our both faces show a happy smile after a long kiss. The boys join us surprised what we’re grinning about. We don’t tell them. Our breakfast lasts long and we are talking about a lot of funny things.„Tomorrow your parents will return, Ole“, I tell him. „Yes”, he answers. “And Matti and I will leave. We bursa escort both have exams“, Ole answers. I can’t prevent that my face shows sadness. Both boys realize this and Ole says: „Don’t be sad Rita. We had a great time. You gave me the self-consciousness that I need to finish school and … And next year you and Masha will spend your holidays in Oestersund again, I hope“. Ole continues: „For today, our last day without parents, I have a very naughty idea. We could do some roleplay. Would you like”? We others look at each other with astonishment. „Go on “, I prompt him. „I have a doctor’s equipment upstairs. It’s only a c***dish one with stethoscope, syringe, sphygmomanometer and some bandages. And I have two medical scrubs. Let’s play doctor, nurse and patient in a horny hospital, shall we“? We all laugh and nod enthusiastic. This play promises a lot of fun. We make four lots, two for the patients, one for the doctor and one for the nurse. The boys ‘bedroom with two beds is declared the patient’s room and the girls‘ bedroom becomes the nurses‘ room. Matti and I get the patients‘ lot, Masha becomes the doctor and Ole the nurse. The patients only may wear a long t-shirt, Doctor Masha and nurse Ole dressed only in their sexy medical scrubs, Masha additional with her sexiest bra.12.2 The Annoying PatientThe first patient, it’s me, is hospitalised. I am lead to my sickbed. I can’t put on the hospital dressing myself because my arm is broken. A friendly male nurse, who carries a hospital shirt for me, undresses me and inspects my nude body with a very horny facial expression and obvious interest. “Would you please dress me?”, I ask her unfriendly with a lot of anger in my voice. “Oh, sorry, I couldn’t take my eyes off your wonderful body”, he answers blushing and quickly dresses me with the shirt lying on his arm. Carefully he helps me to enter my sickbed. „The doctor will come immediately“, Ole tells me while he softly strokes my hair. I fake groaning with pain and impatience: „Why is he not here. I pay a lot of money to this damned hospital and this fucking doctor is drinking coffee and playing with the nurses. He shall hurry up“, I yell with a well played furious facial expression. „Please calm down, Miss Rita, she will come as fast as she can“. To calm me Ole strokes my arm longer than necessary. Then he leaves.After a few minutes, he returns with some medical tools in his hands. „I have to measure your blood pressure and to take a listen“, he says pointing at the stethoscope. „Please give me your arm“. He attaches the sphygmomanometer, measures and writes something on the medical file. „Please, turn around and lift your shirt. “I do this with my unharmed hand, he puts the cold stethoscope on different points of my back. Every time he changes I wince. He lays his warm hand on my back. „Now turn around, I need the other side “, he says a little shy. Again, I do and Ole does the same as before on my front side. He points below my breasts, above my breasts and between my breasts. With wide open eyes he realizes my horny expression and my fast breath. He stops for a short moment, then points the stethoscope on my nipples, stroking them with the medical tool. My breath runs faster and my nipples become stiff. Ole lays the stethoscope away. His hands caress my shoulder, my neck and my breasts. With an elegant move he takes off my shirt giving him a free access to my breasts and a free view to my pussy, both naked. The nurse knows that there’s not much time and leads his face on my breasts to kiss, lick and bite my stiff nipples. He presses his lips on mine and kisses me. He gets down and licks my desiring wetness. I can’t help and hear myself shouting: „Yes, yes, more“. And I get more. Far from shyness Ole licks my clit very fast. I cum after only a few seconds and to the nurse’s satisfaction calmed down from my anger. Ole sighs disappointed. I see he is horny too but he has to leave my room unsatisfied.12.3 Patients AloneNurse Ole brings the next patient, Matti, to the sickroom. He has a bandage around his head. Ole undresses and dresses him like he did to me. This time the horny expression can be seen on my face when I watch this scene and get a view on Matti’s gorgeous penis. He also fakes pain. He is laid in the other bed and Ole leaves after telling him that the doctor will come soon and after closing the door.„Hello neighbor, my name is Rita. Who are you?“, I ask the newcomer. „I’m Matti, a Bus driver from Uppsala“, he answers. „Nice to meet you, Rita. I would have prefered another location.“ The smile that he sends in my direction is stunning. I move right and left, up and down and as if I don’t notice my shirt again slides upwards that he can see all of me. „Wow, you have a body that’s made for love“, he tells me with an admiring view. „Yours is also not so bad“, I reply smiling but feeling my face getting red. „Come here and tell me some episodes of your work.“ He crosses to my bed, sits down and starts telling. My hands, as if accidental, touch his legs. He realizes and opens them a little bit. My hands become more adventurous. I stroke his legs slowly upwards from his knees and suddenly I hold his cock. He moans pleased and his hips begin to move and his hands find my body. With great certainty they move down to my wetness and starts to work on it. I don’t want to spend my time with a lot of foreplay. So, I get up and sit down taking his dick into my willing hole. I start riding. After a short moment we are interrupted by a knocking on the door. bursa escort bayan „Who’s there? “, Matti asks. „Doctor Masha“, we hear a voice. We don’t want to stop. „Come back later“, I shout. But the door opens and we see Doctor Masha’s face looking in. We still don’t want to stop and I continue my ride. The doc looks at us with wide open eyes and asks shouting: „WHAT, THE HELL, ARE YOU DOING? MY HOSPITAL IS NO CATHOUSE. STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY! “We only laugh at her and go on moaning loudly. Her appearance has increased our lust. I feel two things, my climax coming and Matti’s erection in my body exploding. With a last loud moaning we enjoy our orgasms. Masha, protesting loudly, plays her role brilliantly: „Get down from her and take your shirts on. I will call the security and kick you out of my hospital.“12.4 Doctor Masha’s seductionMatti stands up and slowly walks to her. With his most charming smile he answers: „Doctor Masha, don’t rush things“. He reaches her and takes her hands. Nurse Ole enters the room asking: „What the hell is going on here? Who’s scr…“ and he chokes on the words. „Oh, Doctor Masha, you are here? What happened”? „I entered the room and saw these patients f….. This Hospital is not Sodom and Gomorrah. I’ll kick them out“, Masha answers strictly playing the Doctor. Matti slowly pushes her to her bed. The doctor doesn’t realize. Meanwhile he pleases her back softly and seducing. Her voice becomes much softer when she says: „You might pay 200,00 skr into the nurses ‘pool. Maybe I will forget the incident“. Her last words she could only say breathing heavily because Matti’s hands don’t stand still. They are squeezing Doctor Masha’s breasts and he starts kissing her ear, neck, throat and lips. She hushes. With a last push she lies on my bed, Matti and I over her and kissing and caressing her whole body. I open Doctor Masha’s scrub and start nibbling her nipples. „Outch, what are you doing“, Masha requests with only a little rest of breath. „We are going to fuck you“, Matti replies without much fuss, knees between her legs and licks her pussy and her clit hard and merciless. Doctor Masha’s body is shaken all over. Finally, the nurse also „cares “for Masha’s body and caresses her backside, from her head down to her feet and up again ending at the anus. Matti sticks his penis into the front hole and Ole his finger into the back hole while I kiss her with all passion I have. She screams, shouts and jerks … and cums with a deep breath.„Ok, you could convince me to leave you two here. The 200,00 skr you have still to pay“. With these words she leaves the room pulling Ole behind her.12.5 Doctor and Nurse„My dear Ole, I didn’t know all your qualities“, Masha whispers when nobody can’t hear them and smiles. „I see that you are not only a competent nurse“. „Doctor, thank you for the compliment“, Ole answers blushing. „I could not withstand the temptation when I saw you being fingered and fucked in this bed. Your perfect body got me just when it was visible“. „Come with me, Ole“. Masha takes him by the hand and leads him to the nurse’s bathroom. There she opens his scrub, turns on the warm shower and pushes him into the warm water. She takes off her scrub, adjusts the hand shower to massage and leads the water jet onto Ole’s dick. „What are you …“? Ole tries to ask but he choked on the words when he realizes what is happening. This view on her perfect body, the massage of his cock and the tension let him cum. He screams on an overwhelming orgasm, sinks on his knees and sits down totally drained. Masha steps into the shower and orders: „Now it’s your turn, lick me, squeeze me, fuck me. I am SOOO horny, cum on and get up“. She stands there her legs widely spread. Nearly sleeping, Ole gets back on his knees and starts licking. He sticks two fingers in her willing hole while he licks her clit. After ten seconds he stands up, his cock stiff and ready again, and leads his love-stick into Masha’s begging body. With the rest of power Ole has left he pumps his dick into Masha’s dripping wet pussy, in and out, in and out … He feels that Masha is ready. A last hit and Masha is climaxing hard and heavy with a suppressed scream. „This has never happened“, Masha demands. „We had fun, that’s all“. „Ok“, says Ole still in his role. „But a little salary rise must be possible“, now he demands with an earnest face. „You’re worth this. You are a brilliant nurse and an also brilliant lover. I will order that your income will raise, let’s say 250,00 skr“. Chapter 13 – Lars’ RequestThe Lindstroems return home and the next days we spend with eating, skiing, sightseeing, playing and sleeping. Sex happens as I am concerned only between me and Masha. We only pet each other and sleep in the same bed. The day arrives for Ole and Matti to leave. It’s a farewell at the early afternoon with many kisses, much cuddling and lots of Ella’s tears. “We honestly want to meet you again, hopefully soon”, Ole says. “Maybe it will happen not here but anywhere else. Let’s stay in contact”. “Sure”, is my answer. “You have our contacts, mobile and email. Let us know that you have arrived at home safely”.Later we realize that the house has become much more silently without the boys.In the evening it happens that Lars, Masha and I are alone in the living room. Lars, looking a little ashamed, asks Masha and me: „Girls, I have a request and please say NO if you don’t like my idea, will you“? We look at each other and I say: „Yes, of course we will“. „It’s her birthday and I want escort bursa to surprise Ella. When we will be sitting at the fire would you tonight without any announcement do a lesbian show for her — and for me? You seduce us everytime you’re with us, but only seeing you is the pure seduction. Ella admits to me that whenever one or both of you enter the room, she wants to have sex with you. I believe that Ella will like a show of you and maybe you will like it too if somebody is watching you playing with each other. Please go out and discuss my wish. When you made a decision, please tell me“. Again, I look in Masha’s eyes. She does a little nod and I simply answer Lars: „No need to get out. Why didn’t you tell us earlier about her birthday? Yes, we will. You’re a wonderful host, we learned to like, no to love you. We are very happy about the opportunity to give something back and because we haven’t known of Ella’s anniversary, we will make this her birthday present“. „I will hide some toys below the armchair. You can use them or not, whatever you like“, says Lars. And he does and leaves the living room. Nosy, what he has hidden we look under the chair and find three dildos, one of glass, a double one and a small one with little balls. Additional is a Hitachi, a vibrating massage toy that can please the whole body. „The Lindstroems have a good equipment for having fun“, Masha smiles. „I believe, we will have fun“, I answer smiling too. “we’ll drive them mad of excitement and horniness. Let’s bet, I say Ella and Lars will have three orgasms each”. “I think Lars will have two and Ella four”, Masha replies. “Don’t forget, they are over forty, but Ella is insatiable and can’t get enough”.Ella and Lars enter the living room. Masha is dressed in shorts and a shirt that leaves her arms and shoulder naked, no bra. I am wearing also shorts, a tank-top and also no bra. and Ella starts telling what happened to her mother. Masha and I don’t really hear what she says for we are caught by the vision what will happen soon. I stand up, sit down behind her and start caressing her beautiful face. She sits fixed in on a sheepskin that’s lying on the floor obviously enjoying my touches. I caress her stroking her hair, the soft skin of her cheeks, her neck, her arms and her cleavage. Masha’s eyes are closed. After enjoying my touches for a couple of minutes, Masha turns around, bend forward and kisses me emotionally on my lips. Initially her lips play with mine, second, she lets her tongue play around, third, our tongues dance around each other. Ella stops talking and examines us big-eyed. She is apparently surprised. When she realizes what’s happening she smiles and an expression of excitement appears on her face. By that time my hands reached Masha’s arms, breast and belly. Very slowly I take off her shirt and her shorts. Now she’s standing there only dressed in her super-small slip. Another passionate kiss follows. I get down a little to please her breast with my lips and my tongue. She moans quietly and enjoys without a move. I get down to her bellybutton, I lick it, I move my head further down between her legs and start caring for her most intimate parts. First cautiously then more intensive I touch her pussy with one finger, with two, with my lips, with my tongue. Masha’s eyes are still closed, her breath becomes faster and faster and her body begins to shiver.I can see that our play impresses Ella. I see her hands are searching for Lars’ body. She finds it and pulls him over her to kiss him. „That was your idea, Lars“, she blames him with a broad grin, „wasn’t it? “ „Nooooo“, he lies with the same grin and takes Ella in his arms. Both of them fix the scene that is going on. I lick Masha’s clit while two of my fingers are sticking in and out of her wet hole. Masha jerks and moves under my work. She is hot as lava. „Cum for me, Masha“, I whisper, „cum on“. The speed of my fingers and of my tongue accelerates more and more. Masha moans louder and louder. Her body quakes, her pussylips convulse several times and she breathless sinks down.I’m aware that one of Ella’s hands is fingering in Lars’ Boxers and the other one is in her own panties. She is obviously heated by our show. Lars’ erection can be seen through his shorts and also how she is working on it. Masha goes to the armchair stash, takes the three dildos and returns to me. I anxiously expect what she will do. With masterful moves Masha takes of my shirt and every other part of my clothes, takes the glass toy in her mouth and sucks it with joy. Getting down on her knees she starts to play with the toy all around my clit and after all she sticks the warm and wet toy in my hot vagina leaving it there without a move. Next, she sucks the little one. „Oh my god, what is she going to do“? I think. She lifts my legs and without leaving time for any protest she sticks this toy in my back hole. Having done this, she starts to penetrate me with both toys. I have 100 simultaneous feelings: horniness, surprise, heat and many more I can’t identify. As I have done Masha demands: „Cum on, Rita. Cum for me“. And I cum and cum and cum hard and heavy, exploding like I‘ve never done before.When I find my way back to reality, I realize that Lars is lying on the floor and Ella is riding him as if she’s doing a bull-ride. She’s moving so fast, I’ve never thought that somebody can do it that way. Both Lindstroems make noises I’ve never heard before. I see in there face that both are close to cum. With the sound like a howling wolf the scene ends, both of them climaxing. Ella sinks down and whispers nearly inaudible: “Thank you, girls”.I am dead beat. Troublesome I climb upstairs, fall into my bed and after one second I’m asleep.- to be continued –

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