With My Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 02


When I woke up the next morning I immediately thought about what had occurred. I had put my underwear back on after being with Bobby’s mom and her juices had dried on the hair near my balls. I had a serious hard on. I saw on the mantelpiece over the fireplace in the living room that the time was 10:00 A.M. I got up and walked around in my underwear. I saw near the cellar door in the kitchen some laundry that was piled neatly in a laundry basket. In the basket was a pair of grey sweatpants that looked like a good fit for me. I took off my underwear and pulled them on and I was able to walk around without having to put on my tuxedo pants.

I heard sounds from above and I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Bobby. He asked me if I liked his sweatpants and I said that I did. I told him I would return them before I went home. He said he did not care. He said he was starving for something to eat. I told him I was starving as well. He also said that his mom was in the bathroom and would be coming down to make us breakfast.

Bobby’s mom came down the stairs and smiled and said to me, “Good morning.” I responded in kind. She had on the same housecoat she had on the night before. She acted and sounded “normal.” She asked if we wanted pancakes and Bobby and I said that we would. She said to Bobby that if we are to have pancakes then he would have to go to the local convenience store and purchase eggs and pancake syrup. While Bobby got dressed to leave she made coffee and asked if I wanted some orange juice and coffee. I said I would like both.

Bobby got the keys to the car and money from his mother and he left.

As he backed out of the driveway Lois looked at me and smiled. She asked me how I felt. I said I felt “fine.” I asked her how she felt and she said “horny.” Lois and I watched Bobby back out of the driveway and then head down the street. I was behind her looking outside of the window.

Her hands reached behind her and touched the crotch area of the sweatpants I was wearing. She hit pay dirt. My cock became hard in a second. She said that Bobby would be gone about fifteen minutes. She pulled her housecoat up. She had no underwear on. She had the ass, legs and back of a woman twenty years younger. There was a little fat on her. She had soft feminine curves. She leaned forward facing the kitchen window that gave a view of the driveway and street. I pulled down the sweatpants and pushed forward. My hands went around her waist and then felt her breasts. They were warm and felt full and her nipples were hard. I made a note to suck on these sometime. She moistened her hand with her saliva and then spread the moisture on the head of my cock and then pulled my cock to her pussy. I pushed and I was in.

Her pussy initially felt a little dry but within thirty Maltepe Fetiş Escort seconds she was leaking like an old Ford. I tried to go slow to hold my load. I would push in and out fast at first and then slower. Lois groaned and was begging me to go faster. I had looked at the kitchen clock when I put my cock in and it read 10:20. I got into a rhythm with Lois. The kitchen table was banging against the wall. I moved side to side and I got on my toes to give an extra thrust that enabled to go a little deeper. I was able to hold back from coming. She asked for that again and again. I was ramming her. My cock was a human pile driver. My face was dripping with sweat. At 10:33 I pushed one last time and came and as I did so I held onto her hips and got on my toes to get my seed deep into her pussy. I unloaded everything this nineteen year old guy could muster. I could not tell if I was streaming or spurting but she felt whatever I was giving. She said my come felt warm inside of her. I stayed inside of her soupy pussy.

I looked at the clock and it read 10:34. We heard and saw Bobby driving into the driveway. Lois opened a window in the kitchen to get some fresh air in to the mix. She then got a paper towel that she held against her pussy and then pulled her panties over the paper towel. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and try to cool down.

I heard Bobby come in through the back door and I heard Lois thank him. I had just walked out of the bathroom when she was walking up the stairs. She was as giggly as a high school freshman and whispered that my come was leaking through the paper towel. She then gave me a hot open mouthed kiss. I walked down the stairs and wondered what I had started.

She made breakfast and it was uneventful given the circumstances. Lois had spent so many years keeping her emotions in check that when she was able to make breakfast and just be “Bobby’s mom.” Aside the constant drip of come down her legs everything appeared “normal.”

I was able to get my sister to pick me up and drive me home after breakfast. My sister remarked that I smelled like I had a good time the night before. Little did she know. When I got home I showered and went to bed. I got up at about 3:00 P.M. and the first thing I thought about was if what occurred last night and this morning was a dream or reality.

My life returned to normal after the prom and then graduation. Bobby and I had both been accepted to college. I got a Monday though Friday summer job. Bobby was working as a cashier at a supermarket with an occasional weekend off.

One month later on a Saturday that same summer Bobby and I had decided to hang out at his house for the day. He had the day off so we thought we could maybe get some sun in his backyard and grill some Maltepe Gecelik Escort hot dogs. I arrived at about 11:45 A.M. Bobby’s mom was there and so was his father.

When I saw Bobby’s mom she smiled and said hello and nothing more. I could have felt uncomfortable but did not. I remember she had on a blue skirt and white blouse with white moccasins on her feet. She wore beige stockings with a seam down the back.

Bobby and I were outside in our shorts shooting baskets. We had taken off our shirts. I remember seeing Lois looking out of the window and (I thought) checking me out. I could have been wrong. Bobby started up the grill and we made some hot dogs. We made them for his mother and father as well. It was getting hot outside so Bobby’s mom suggested we eat on television tables in the living room and at the same time watch the baseball game of the week. There was a big screen television in the living room. I chose to sit on the floor and used the cocktail table for my food and drink. Bobby was facing the television and sat on a chair. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw sat on the couch with television tables in front of them with their food. Mrs. Shaw was to my left and Mr. Shaw was to her right.

At one time during the game she asked me if I wanted ketchup or relish with my hot dogs. I looked over in her direction and she had opened her legs wide open for a moment as she spoke to me. She closed her legs quickly and she smirked. I said I really needed mustard. She said that there was mustard in the refrigerator. I got up and went into the kitchen. I had opened the refrigerator door and I was squatting down looking for the mustard when there appeared a pair of legs with moccasins on its feet. She said she was there to “help me.”

She pressed her left leg against my right arm and I slowly slid my hand up her skirt and kept on going up. Her nylons were silky. There were no panties to be felt. She whispered, “Surprise!”

I became instantly hard and also very paranoiac. I could not believe how crazy she was. I got the mustard and returned to the living room. I had to think my cock down before entering the living room.

The telephone rang. It was Bobby’s employer asked him to come in as soon as possible to fill in as there were two employees who had called in sick. Bobby apologized to me and left in his father’s car. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and I watched the game for about an hour. Mr. Shaw went up to take his afternoon nap and I said I was leaving.

As I was going to leave Lois said she wanted to talk to me. We walked outside. She asked me to walk into a side entrance to the garage. There was a workbench with power tools there as Mr. Shaw (when he has home) would perform repairs around the house.

Lois told me that because of our “little Maltepe Genç Escort romp” that she had felt more alive than she could remember. She said that she had gotten Mr. Shaw to “attend to her needs” for the first time in years.

As she spoke to me she sat down on a small step stool and asked me to step forward. Without a word she pulled my fly down and my pants and got my underwear down as well. She had on red lipstick.

She asked me what I thought of her legs. I told her she looked hot. She said she purchased them from what she called a “sensuous clothing store” at the mall. She said she wanted to repay my kindness and she placed my cock into her mouth and sucked. She looked at me and spread her legs open and pulled her skirt up so I could look at her legs as she sucked. She licked my balls and tried to get my cock down her throat. She nibbled on me and sucked on the head.

I wanted to come in her mouth but I really wanted to come in her pussy more. I was getting close to coming when I stopped her. She looked disappointed. I got her over to the workbench and she sat on it facing me. It was the perfect height for what I had in mind. I pulled her skirt up. She placed the heels of her feet flat on the edge. I took off her moccasins. I bent over and licked her pussy. She went wild. I pulled over a nearby work stool and sat on it. I had her legs around my face as I ate her out. I pushed my tongue in her and nibbled on her clit. She thrashed and asked me not to stop. I ate her for a good fifteen minutes. At the same time I sucked on her clit I slipped a finger inside of her. She pressed against my face and came with a muffled moan soaking my face.

I moved the stool away and pulled her butt to the edge of the workbench. Her legs were up around my face as I searched and then found her pussy with my cock. I toyed with her for a moment just placing the head in and then pulling it out. She yelped for me to “just fuck me.”

I slid in to the hilt and then slid out and then back in. I moved in a circular motion with my cock buried up to my balls. She was rubbing those nylons against my face. I lasted a full ten minutes until I dropped a load for the ages. I was dripping with sweat. I stayed inside her for about a minute. My cock was not completely soft so I pushed my come up as far as I could. My come was spilling out from around my cock while I was still inside of her. I pulled up my underwear and pants and picked her up and placed her down onto the garage floor. I heard a splat and a pool of my come was on the floor under her. She found a rag and cleaned it up. She held me and we kissed for a few minutes. I then left.

About one month later Bobby and I were out on a double date and he was driving. After we dropped off our dates he told he had to tell me something. He appeared to be very serious. I became a little apprehensive. In my mind I figured that his mother was going to divorce his father. He said he was a little embarrassed and a lot surprised. He stopped the car. I was wrong.

He said his mother told him she was about four weeks pregnant.

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