Work Wife Ch. 03


My pulse was racing as I walked through the revolving doors of the hotel. The culmination of a year of work was about to come to a head. Every year our organization runs a 1,000 head conference. There are breakout sessions, exhibit booths, keynote speakers, the works. This thing is Hannah’s baby. She spends the better part of her year making sure this thing goes off without a hitch, and she kills it every. single. year. This year was bound to be no different. Well, except that I intended to spend every moment possible with her in some form of undress.

Since the first time Hannah and I had fucked in the office, we had been all over each other. We were constantly flashing, grabbing and groping each other whenever we could get away with it at work. We started playing a game where each of us would do something bigger and more outrageous until the other dropped out. It was basically a game of sexy chicken.

For example, I’d walk into her office with a semi showing through a tight pair of pants and start talking about some work project. She’d openly stare at my cock through my pants and then undo the zipper on the front of her dress a couple of inches. I’d close her door, walk around her desk and undo my fly. She’d pop her tits out, I’d whip my cock out, and we’d start going at each other until one of us thought we’d had the door closed too long. Later, she’d walk by my desk at the reception area, turn towards me and lift her skirt to reveal her panties and, on really good days, the lack thereof.

We could never get alone long enough to do much more than rev each other up. Our respective partners were certainly reaping the benefits of our amped-up libidos. Even Trina was starting to get worn down from the daily abuse her poor pussy and ass were taking. Though she loved every second of it, she’d admitted that she could use a break.

This conference was going to finally be the opportunity we’d been looking for. As I made my way to my room, I reviewed the events of the weekend. Today, Thursday, was the first day for conference attendees to arrive and register. There was some set up that needed to be finished up. Signs needed to be placed. Welcome/goody bags needed to be stuffed. There would be a few events: some breakout sessions, a bus tour, but the bulk of the conference would start the next day.

The primary event of the day was the fundraising gala, a $500 per plate formal dinner/awards banquet to help our organization tug on some heartstrings and earn some extra money. Hannah had been making some coy remarks about the dress she planned on wearing that night, and I knew it was going to be a showstopper.

Trina’s dress had yet to arrive, and we were both a bit nervous about it. It was a red hot little one-shoulder number, but the tracking had it arriving just a couple hours before the gala. Regardless, she was going to meet me at the hotel. If the dress arrived, great. If not, she planned to take full advantage of the hotel’s gym and sauna. Talking to her, she actually sounded equally excited for either prospect. The girl loved herself a good schvitz.

The next day was when the conference would really get going. It was 14 straight hours of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and networking events. Hannah had the two of us running registration/interference most of the day, but had cordoned off some time for us Escort bayan to grab dinner together at the end of the day.

Saturday was one last keynote, but we were all supposed to be packed up and going home by early that afternoon.

I got my bags lugged up to my room. It was a nice place. Big room, big bed, nice views. I was getting my things situated in my room when I noticed a slip of paper sticking out from under the door connecting my room to the one next door.

I grinned at Hannah’s unmistakably neat handwriting.

“Leave your door unlocked”

I’d been wondering if she’d managed to get us adjoining rooms. Of course, she did. She always thought of everything. I turned the deadbolt and pulled my door open. The door on the other side was closed, with another note taped to it.

“Tsk tsk. Not yet ;)”

I rolled my eyes and pushed my door to. The woman knew me far too well.

I finished with my room and made my way down to the lobby to meet with the group and get our marching orders from Hannah. I was to be manning the registration booth for the majority of the weekend with Hannah assisting attendees with whatever questions they may have.

Most of the day went off without a hitch. We got everyone through and registered and answered all the questions. Hannah wasn’t about to let us go the whole day without a little bit of fun, though. We continued our chicken game with a bit more discretion. She would squeeze by me unnecessarily with a rye smirk, and I’d pinch her ass and then wink as I walked past her. We’d each disappear to the bathroom to take the odd sexy selfie and Hannah finally beat me out for the day by sneaking her damp panties into my pants pocket, giving my cock a squeeze.

We closed down the registration booth and moved towards our rooms to get ready for the gala. I’d just stepped into the shower when I heard Trina rush in through the door. I heard her talking and giggling in the other room and only assumed she was talking to me. Though the longer she went on, the less sure I was of that and then it got a bit quieter.

I finished my shower, walked out to finish getting ready, and was confronted by a sight I’d only dreamed of. Hannah was on her knees, topless, facing the bed, her head between two brown legs bobbing up and down while Trina lay on her back moaning loudly at Hannah’s ministrations.

When they saw me come out, Hannah gave one last hard suck on Trina’s clit, pulled Trina up for a long kiss, and sashayed back to her room with a wink. When she got to the door, Hannah gave my rock hard cock a glance, looked back and said, “you better save that for later tonight,” and pulled the door shut behind her.

Trina looked content as a babe on the bed. She popped up gave me a quick peck on the lips and jumped in the shower herself. Her lips still tasted of her own pussy.

Once we’d finished getting ready and I’d thought about puppies and baseball long enough to get my pants zipped, we made our way to the banquet hall for the dinner.

Trina looked amazing! Her dress came in just as she was walking to her Uber to bring her to the hotel and it fit perfectly. The red complimented the warm chestnut hue of her skin tone perfectly and the one-shoulder look was a wonderful touch as the dress hugged all of her curves.

We made our way into the banquet Bayan escort hall arm-in-arm and took our seats. That’s when we saw her. Trina yanked me from the frankly forgettable conversation I was having with one of our exhibitors and physically turned my head to watch Hannah make her entrance.

She was an absolute vision in green. Skin-tight with three-quarter sleeves and a front zipper that went down just below where her cleavage ended. She came over to sit on the other side of me, and I couldn’t help but feel I was in the best seat in the house.

The lights dimmed as the awards presentation portion of the evening was about to begin. I was resting my arm around the back of Trina’s chair. Hannah scooted her chair closer to me, ostensibly to get a better view of the stage.

What I didn’t notice was she was moving to make sure her hands stayed out of sight as she dropped one into my lap. I jumped a bit in surprise at her brazenness, but there was no way anyone could see what was going on. Trina glanced over and noticed Hannah’s hand next to hers in my lap and reached for the blonde’s fingers to begin playing handsy with her.

They playfully caressed each other’s fingers, and made a few suggestive gestures collaboratively. When successful, they both seemed very proud of themselves, interlaced fingers and rested them in my lap. All the commotion seemed to reawaken my friend and he decided to make his presence known under their hands.

They grinned at each other, unlaced each other’s fingers and started teasing my cock together. I was going absolutely nuts. They even managed to get my pants undone and unzipped so they could take turns under and over my pants. At one point, Hannah pulled her hand out from my pants, made a show of playing with the precum she had conjured and sucked it off of her fingers.

I was worried I was going to have a larger mess on our hands, but thankfully I was saved by the ending of the awards and lights warning to come back up. Trina pushed my guy back up into his upright position, and the girls had me buttoned back up like nothing ever happened.

We got up to mingle and do that whole network and schmoozing thing. The girls continued to tease and drive me absolutely crazy at every opportunity with little touches and looks.

The worst was when they started whispering to each other while glancing my direction. They could’ve been talking about the weather or their favorite Taco Bell orders for all I knew, but that didn’t stop my imagination from going where it liked.

Finally, it was time to wrap the event up. We said our goodbyes to people I only vaguely remember existing and made our way back up the elevator to our rooms. I had a spark of inspiration and grabbed each of the women by the waist right before we walked out, Mad Men style feeling and looking like the biggest badass in the building. The girls both rolled their eyes, but I knew they were both into it and we made our way back to our rooms.

I went for my key card to let us all into our room. No sooner did I get the door unlocked and opened before Hannah locked Trina in the soul-suckingest kiss I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. They finally uncoiled from each other and Hannah gave me the same treatment, tangling her hands in my hair and darting her tongue into my mouth. She gave Trina Escort a look and then pulled her into a three-way liplock that sends a shiver down my spine to this day. She released us, bade us good night and sauntered back to her room leaving Trina and I in the hallway with our mouths on the floor to stumble dumbly back to our rooms.

When we did get back to our room, I was the most confused jumble of emotions. Were we supposed to pursue her? Should we get started without her?

My mind was still spinning when the adjoining door burst open, and there stood Hannah in a navy blue corset with a matching thong and black garters and hose. The corset was blue with black embroidery work that was very intricate and beautiful in and of itself. On Hannah’s body, though it turned into a real work of art.

“You didn’t really think I was going to leave you high and dry, did you,” Hannah said through a smile.

My eyes met Trina’s who had the same hungry look on her face as I imagine I did. We pounced in unison pinning Hannah to the wall as we took turns devouring the vision in front of us. I had popped Hannah’s tits out the top of her corset and was working her nipples with my tongue, while Trina was doing her damnedest to rip those panties completely off to get to Hannah’s dripping cunt.

Trina pulled a leg over her shoulder and started eating Hannah’s pussy like it was an oasis and she hadn’t had a drink in weeks. Hannah was moaning her approval throughout. I decided my cock had had enough teasing for one night and flipped Hannah around to face the wall. I grabbed a fistful of her golden waves and used my other hand to guide my dick, which was already dripping precum, into her now soaking pussy. I fucked her hard from the get-go, ramming my shaft in and out at full force, one hand still buried in her hair, the other alternating between pulling on her hips, slapping her bouncing ass, and reaching around to tweak her nipples.

Trina was apparently also done with the teasing, and watching me pound Hannah into the wall pushed her over the edge. She pulled me out of Hannah, pushed me out of the way, grabbed Hannah by the hair, laid back in the bed and guided her face between Trina’s legs to start grinding her pussy against Hannah’s tongue. This left me with an excellent view of Hannah’s ass rocking back and forth and Trina’s face locked in a look of pure primal lust, but views weren’t quite getting the job done as far as my cock was concerned.

I walked back over behind Hannah, grabbed her hips, and started roughly fucking her again. I wasn’t going to last long. My cock had been way overstimulated all day. I made it clear I was about to cum as Trina was rolling into her second or third orgasm. It was hard to tell with that one where one orgasm ended and another began. You just had to pull away when you thought you had a chance and hope you didn’t interrupt her next one.

When I let them know I was about to bust, the girls got on their knees in front of me, mouths open and tits pushed together. I shot a huge load going back and forth between the two of them, first a load on Hannah’s lovely full B cup breasts, then to Trina’s large DDDs.

They then turned towards each other and started licking each other clean, taking a bit extra time to make sure they were spotless. Trina helped Hannah out of the corset, and we spent the next several hours kissing and cuddling and bringing the girls to orgasms with tongues and fingers and my dick when it recovered.

We finally fell asleep in a messy heap with smiles on our faces and not a care in the world.

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