Workout Ch. 06


I woke in the morning, a bit confused as to where I was. It came back to me as I felt the knot between my ass cheeks. There was no pain, as such, but a burning sensation persisted. Remembering what Tommy had tried to do to me, and not being aware of whether or not he had been successful, I put my hand down under me to feel what I could.

It was clear that I had a pretty good lump between my cheeks. It was covered in something very slippery. I pulled my hand out to look and see what it was. There was a cloudy, clear jelly like substance on my fingers. I smelled it, it had that medicine smell that indicated some type of curative balm had been swabbed on, and maybe into, my asshole.

I squeezed my ass, or tried to, the knot seemed to prevent me from feeling things as I was used to, but again, no pain. Taking that as a good sign, I again felt my ass hole, gently trying to probe around and into my hole.

First, I was happy there was no pain. Second, the burning sensation I felt didn’t seem to be aggravated by my gentle probing. And third, from what I could feel, my sphincter had closed, so that my ass hole was not gaping open, and while I couldn’t be sure that there were no injuries, at least it felt like my sphincter suffered no serious permanent damage.

Pulling my hand back out, I noticed no blood or fecal material, again a good sign, I thought.

I looked at a clock on the night stand, it read 8:17. I assumed that was A.M., as the previous evenings goings on’s extended past 8:00PM, so far as I could remember.

It was at this point, that Jim walked into the room. He looked pained, and concerned, but brightened up significantly when he saw me awake.

“My God, how are you feeling? Are you Okay? I’m so sorry about what happened.” I almost thought he was going to cry.

He sat down on the bed by me, leaned down and hugged me, kissing my neck and cheek. “I’m so, so sorry, things got out of control. I couldn’t stop them…”

“Okay, Okay, I think I am alright, what happened last night?”

Jim told me story, much of which I remembered, the gangbang was alright, I guess, I mean, I hadn’t resisted or anything, I really only wanted to be with Jim, the others were not what I was interested in. But Tom was a whole different matter. He hurt. A lot.

Jim told me he couldn’t stop the others, the only thing he was able to do was to get more lube in me, in an effort to help. Tommy at some point was able to force that thick cock into my ass, there had been blood, but apparently it stopped bleeding, and the bleeding seemed to come from the external sphincter area, as opposed to from inside my colon. After he came inside of me, Tommy and the others left. Jim had put all the salve he had available into my gaping asshole, and around my pulled and puckered sphincter.

He looked like he was going to cry again. “It was all my fault, I couldn’t control them. They’ll never be back here again. Please tell me you will still be friends with me. I didn’t want this to happen.”

We had a long talk, the general idea being that I didn’t consider myself homosexual, I was married and going to stay married, I only wanted to play with Jim, no one else, and that if he wished to play with me, it was he and I ONLY, no one else. This was never to happen again, no one was ever to know about our man to man activities.

He readily agreed, but seemed a bit quiet, looking a bit uncertain. I could tell there was something…

“Ummm… remember Annette? I told you last night that we were engaged…getting married? We uh, had a long talk about us, that is, you and I. She told me that if we wanted to continue our man to man activities, we could, so long as no one knew about it, we confined it to you and I, with no other guys, for health reasons. She doesn’t view you as competition, or anything, but she just asks to be considered first in our relationship.”

This was interesting, shocking to a degree. So his girlfriend, soon to be wife, said we could have sex, and she was alright with it? That was curious. “Is she Bi, is that why Escort bayan she says this is Okay?”

“Not as far as I know, to be honest, but I think she got somewhat turned on with the thought of us fucking each other, and watching us, got her really hot.” He continued. “Last night was sort of a bachelor’s party, of sorts, you know, a last hurrah with guys I have had sex with. If I’d known it was going to get so far out of control, it never would have happened.”

My mind was swirling with all this information. I’d not wanted to get involved in anything like a romance, just sex, two guys doing what only guys can do, to and with each other, no strings attached. I guess I needed more time to process all these revelations.

“Please, tell me things will be okay…I’d like to continue our friendship, and our…play. I really like being with you, I enjoy, love Annette, but it’s different with you. Neither of us can get this from our wives. Annette views it as doing something that she herself cannot provide, and that’s why she is alright with us.”

I told him I would consider things. But first, I needed a few days to let myself mend, make sure I was alright, physically and medically. Jim assured me he’d do anything I asked to get myself back to 100% shape, including financial help to fix any injuries.

I told him I hoped that wouldn’t be necessary. We talked for a while, had tea and coffee, until it was time for me to leave. I showered, while I was showering, Jim ran down to the pharmacy, bought more salve, and applied it to my asshole when I came out of the shower.

He was very gentle, I have to admit a certain, perhaps perverse, pleasure in having him apply the balm to my backside.

I went home, surprised that I didn’t have an accident on the way. My mind was more than a little pre-occupied.

Over the next few days my ass continued to mend. The burning was gone, no bleeding or problems with defecation. On one hand, I did notice easier bowel movements, probably due to my being stretched and torn, but I still had slight discomfort if I had an exceptionally large bowel movement. All in all, no problems.

After 4 days, I went back to the gym. I missed my workouts, I didn’t want to get out of shape or gain weight. I walked in to the locker room, and taking my usual locker, wondered if Jim was here. I changed, and walked out to the workout area.

I didn’t see Jim right away, I was on my third machine when a shadow passed over me as I did my reps. I was on my back on the bench. Looking up, I found myself starring up Jim’s pant leg on his shorts, his magnificent black cock hanging down toward me.

I have to admit, I felt a tingle in my balls as I looked up his opening at that cock I loved to suck. If I could have, I’d of picked up my head and sucked him right into my throat.

I’m such a fucking slut.

“Need a hand spotting?” Jim asked in a quiet voice.

“Sure” I replied. My voice sounded nervous, and like a little girls. I was embarrassed.

I finished my reps, starring up at his cock. I felt that I had a bit of a stiffy going on down there.

“Looks like you’ve forgiven me…”

“Huh? Nothing to forgive, we’re good, I think.”

A look of relief appeared to appear briefly on his face.

I couldn’t help it, I missed sucking on him. “Any chance you’re done with your workout?” I asked.

“Just about” he replied “Wanna hit the showers?”

Hmmm I wanted to hit more than the showers. “Yes, I guess I could cut it short tonight.”

I wiped the bench, and we walked to the locker room. As usual, he had the locker by mine. As usual, he stripped, that gorgeous piece of meat dangling right in front of me, tempting me. Fuckit. I opened my mouth, and in one movement swallowed his hardening cock all the way in. Damn I missed this.

He allowed me a few seconds sucking before pulling slowly out of my mouth. “Stop please,” he whispered. “You know we can’t do this here. Let’s go to my place and shower.”

We both quickly dressed, and left. I threw Bayan escort my stuff in my car, we quickly walked to his place.

Jim opened the door, I entered, took two steps, turned and kissed Jim full on his lips as he turned from closing the door. He hesitated for a second, then wrapped his arms around me, and returned my kiss, adding a bit of tongue.

I was hard.

I could feel him getting firm. I dropped to my knees, opened his pants, and extracted his hardening black cock.

I felt Jim’s hands on my head, guiding me forward, as I began to swallow him. “Ohhh” he moaned “I missed this. I missed you. I am so glad you forgive me. I was hoping you’d still be my friend. My SPECIAL friend.”

I continued to suck, deep throating that thick black phallus. I caught just a touch of that salty sweetness that I craved. His precum teased my taste buds. It inspired me to suck more and harder. I could feel his hands, holding my head as he began to face fuck me.

I relaxed my jaw and throat, tightening my lips as I serviced him. He continued sliding all the way into my mouth until my lips touched the base of his cock, then pulled off until my lips caressed the head of his cock.

I loved it. I loved being used by him. SERVICING him.

I was fully, almost painfully hard, Jim fucking my throat. I had raised my hands, I was holding his tight muscular ass, feeling his muscles flex as he used my mouth for his pleasure.

My taste buds were constantly enjoying the flavor of his precum. I was afraid that he might cum soon, I didn’t want to stop sucking, and although I was sure I could get him hard enough to fill my ass pussy. That caused me to pause for a second, wondering if I was going to be able to take him without pain.

I was more than ready to accept some pain as I received him for the first time since my forced acceptance of Tommy’s thick pole, but at the same time, I was hoping it wouldn’t be so much that I couldn’t enjoy it also.

Still on my knees, Jim announced he was going to cum. No sooner than he said that, when he filled my mouth with his delicious cum. I kept his load in mouth, kind of savoring the creamy discharge, the salty sweet goodness, warm and tasty.

Still kneeling, I looked up at him, opened my mouth so he could see his seed being held there, then swallowed, and reopening my mouth to confirm that I emptied my mouth and filled my stomach with his offering.

Jim took my hand and pulled me to my feet, giving me a quick kiss as he did so. He turned me around, rubbing my shoulders as he directed me toward the shower.

He turned the water on, then turned to me, and looking into my eyes, began to slowly, almost sensuously, removed my clothes, stopping briefly to play with my hardness, stroking it deliciously.

I returned the favor, except I stopped to once again take his beautiful black cock into my mouth. HHMmmmm.

We entered the shower after checking to make sure the temperature was ok, and took turns soaping each other up. It took probably three times as long as it would have taken, had we been doing ourselves, but, hey, we weren’t complaining.

Jim seemed to take extra time cleaning my ass pussy, playing with it, pushing one, then two, and then three fingers in, fucking my ass clean.

I enjoyed the stimulation, happy I felt pleasure and no pain.

We shut off the water, and exiting the shower each picked up one of the towels laying on the counter, and began drying each other off.

In spite of the somewhat stimulating shower we’d both taken, we were both semi-flaccid. Jim rubbed me nicely, my erection returned.

Taking my hand, Jim led me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I noticed it was neat and tidy. I wondered if Annette had something to do with that. Walking to the bed, I sat on the edge, looking up at Jim.

“You think you are ready for more?” he asked. He had a look of concern on his face.

I didn’t want to tell him that I didn’t care if I was ready or not, I NEEDED to feel him in me. “Yes, escort I am sure I’ll be alright. Use me however you want.” I turned and moved up on the bed on all fours, wiggling my ass at him.

Jim touched my ass gently, caressing my cheeks in a soothing, comfortable manner. Parting my cheeks, he examined my hole.

He leaned forward, I could feel his warm breath on my moist opening. His tongue touched me. It felt so damn good. My now erect cock was bouncing gently, as it hung beneath me, every time his tongue brushed against me.

I felt him lean into me, his face against me, as he began to eat my pussy. He went at it like a starving man. I could feel his teeth every once in a while. His tongue probed me, pushing in between my lips. Relaxed, I felt myself spread open easily for him. His lips, pressed against mine, sucked at my bulging petals now formed around my rear opening. I swear I felt like I was a girl getting her pussy eaten.

I was fucking rock hard, and beginning to drip.

Jim must have ate me for maybe 10 minutes. Literally. I wondered when he would tire, not that I wanted him too, it felt so sexy while he tongued and ate me, exposed, with my butt in his face.

I felt the cool air on my ass pussy as Jim pulled away. He reached over to his night stand and grabbed a tube of lube. Uncapping it, he applied a generous amount to his fingers and then proceeded to slowly pack my recently torn apart hole with lube.

It felt sooooo good to have his slippery fingers probing my hole. He slowly worked his fingers in all the way until his knuckles prevented further probing. Several times, I wasn’t paying attention to how many, Jim kept adding more and more lube into my hole.

My cock had long been keeping up a steady stream of cum leaking from its tip as Jim stretched and opened my hole, getting it ready for his entry.

Finally, wiping the last of the lube left on his fingers onto the head of his thick, black cock, he took my ass in his hands, pulling me slowly back, aligning my ass pussy with the head of his cock, until I felt it touch me.

I know I sucked in a deep gulp of air in nervous anticipation, but let it out immediately, realizing I needed to relax, just as Jim quietly said into my ear “relax baby, I’ll go slow. Let me know if it hurts.”

Pressure built slowly as he pressed forward, my hole opening to accept him into me. I don’t think he was in more than half the depth of his cock head, when he relaxed pressure and pulled back. “You still Okay?” he asked.

“Yes. Please don’t stop. I’ll let you know if it’s too much.”

Jim pushed in again. It felt quite nice. I was so slippery, so ready for him.

My cock tingled, my balls retracted.

I took a breath, and shoved my ass back toward him, as I felt my pussy swallow his cock. The cheeks of my ass rested against his groin. His magnificent cock filled me. I missed this. I missed my lover taking me. I wished I could keep his beautiful black monster deep in my ass for the rest of my life.

I began to pull away from him.

“You Okay?” he asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes. Please fuck me. Use my ass. It feels so good.”

Jim’s fingers tightened slightly on my ass, he began the in and out motion of fucking me. My cock was bobbing rhythmically now, cum leaking in a steady stream as he ran the underside of his cock head across my prostate as he fucked me.

I was in heaven.

I tried to hold off, really I did. But the excitement of taking Jim’s cock back inside of me, added to the almost constant stimulation of my prostate caused me to shoot. My ass clenched, grabbing his cock in a vise like grip as I emptied my cum on to the bedding below me.

My ass clenching his cock set him off, and with a loud moan, Jim’s cock pumped his entire load deep into my ass pussy. I squeezed his cock as he did so, urging him to please give me every drop he had in him. I wanted it all.

His warm seed, bathing my insides made me feel at peace. I was happy that I was able to take Jim, and happy he did it gently. My rear end still felt like I had a golf ball between my cheeks, but that beautiful black cock in me made it all worthwhile.

With Jim’s cock still deep inside of me, I lowered myself onto the bedding, feeling the now cold cum that I’d shot beneath me, and drifted off to sleep.

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