Workout Partners Ch. 01


We’d been seeing each other for about a month, not officially dating but exclusively fucking each other. I understood that you didn’t want to dive right into something serious, as you’d recently broken up with your longtime boyfriend. But we’d enjoyed each other’s company, and when we did get together sex was always involved–and very satisfying, hot sex–I appreciated the fact that we also watched trashy horror movies and ate pizza, and sometimes a home cooked meal, over beers.

Yeah, while we didn’t come right out and admit it, we were already behaving like a couple. I’d even slept over once or twice, and our trysts weren’t limited to your house. You’d already been over to my place a few times.

And I never did take home the gym machine you offered me last month. I joked about that a few times, saying it had been your plan to seduce me. You blushed every time.

Still, I went to workout at the gym with you at least 3 times a week. And that’s when you introduced me to your friend, Kathryn. She’d not been to the gym lately because she’d been out of town on vacation.

Kathryn, or Kat, as she preferred to be called, was tall, five seven, with long wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes. She had a fit but curvy build, with full breasts and nice hips. Seeing the two of you together, smiling and joking, it became obvious that you both were good, close friends. And occasional workout buddies.

So it had been the end of a very hectic and busy work week when you’d sent me a text message after lunch that read: Hey babe, we still on for pizza and a movie later? Bring the pie and your sexy cock. Or is that bring your cock for my pie? 😉

Chuckling to myself, I replied: Mmmmm…both! 😉

As I finished up close to quitting time, you’d texted me again: Kat might come over for a bit, hope you don’t mind. Come on over when you get off and have some pie with two gorgeous women! 😉

My response simply was: Mmmm, you tease! Would love to! 😛

Little did I know how true that’d be…

A last minute request hit my desk as sometimes happens, which frustratingly enough delayed my Friday exit from the office by an hour. That combined with the dregs of rush hour put me pulling into your driveway around 730. I’d made a quick stop at home to change into jeans and a button down short sleeve shirt. As I parked next to your car, I noticed the bright red sports parked behind your Kia, recognizing it from the gym as belonging to Kat. Kadıköy escort bayan

Guess those two have started without me, I thought with a smile, grabbing the extra six pack of Yuengling Light I’d picked up on the way. As I walked up, I fished out my keys, picking out the one for your house. While our relationship was casual, yet exclusive, you’d given me a spare key a few weeks ago.

As I did every time, after I opened the door, I announced, “Honey, I’m home!”

Normally, you’d be in the kitchen or relaxing on the couch with a book or watching mindless TTV, but instead I didn’t see or hear you nearby. For a moment, I was alarmed.

“Hey, Jen…Kat?”

Suddenly I heard what sounded like a muffled gasp followed by what sounded like giggling. Then you called out, “Grab a beer and join us in here, baby.” I moved into the kitchen and plucked out a cold bottle from the six-pack I’d brought, and put the rest in the fridge. Your voice had come from the hallway which led to the two rooms, one of which was your home office and the other the master bedroom. I’d figured you were in the office looking at funny cat memes, or something like that. Maybe gay porn, I mused wryly.

Sipping my beer and exhaling contentedly, I strode down the hall and peered into the office, with its desk, laptop, and printer, along with an oak bookshelf crammed with dozens of old paperbacks. No one in the office. But ahead lay the cracked open master bedroom door, lights on and what sounded like heavy breathing and other sounds I associated with…

….erotic coupling. I gaped at the wholly carnal sight that I beheld standing in the doorway and gazing at you both tangled together on top of the queen bed’s comforter.

Only in porn flicks online had I seen bisexual or lesbian women engaged in the scissor grind, but now I was seeing it in the flesh. My cock grew instantly hard, straining against the front of my Levi’s.

Kat was sprawled against the pillows, blonde head tossed back but her brilliant jade green eyes half lidded and peering briefly at me, teeth biting her full bottom lip. Her hands grasped her full D-cup breasts, fingers capped with French manicured nails pinching her dark brown fat nipples. Her tanned body contrasted with your more pale smooth flesh. You lay at the end of the bed, both your legs locked together, rubbing your obviously wet pussies together in a squelching but rhythmic motion. You hadn’t looked Escort Kadıköy over at me yet. I noticed compared to your luscious shaved pussy, Kat had a small dark landing strip.

“Mmmm, come join us, sexy man,” you purred, finally glancing over at me. You grinned wickedly. “But no clothes allowed.”

I gulped beer and set the bottle down on the dresser. Kicked off my shoes, unbuttoned my shirt and stripped off my jeans. My boxer briefs came off last and my thick hard member stood straight out, slightly curved at the bulbous tip. I stroked it as I stepped up to the bed.

“Hope I’m not interrupting,” I joked. Then you both pulled away, untangling legs to slide together to the foot of the bed.

“Nope not at all,” you replied.

“Mmmmm, look at that gorgeous cock,” Kat remarked, licking her lips.

You reached over to grasp me, your blue eyes locked with mine. “Come closer, baby…I know this is a fantasy of yours. Let us share your beautiful cock.” One of my hottest sexual scenarios was to have two sexy and willing women share my cock and you knew this, as we’d openly discussed our previous sex experiences and things we’d wanted to try. Coincidentally, this had been hers as well…and Kat’s too.

You grasped my cock at the base, and took me into your luscious mouth, sucking and licking, then released me as Kat cupped my full, heavy shaved balls and pressed her lips to my large moist cockhead, slowly devouring me inch by inch, her tongue rubbing the sensitive underside. I groaned in ecstasy but kept my eyes open and fixed on both of you.

You both took turns, kissing my rigid girth, sucking and licking hungrily, tongues lashing together in wild abandon. If not for your tight grip, I’d probably blow my huge wad all over.

God, this was so unbelievably hot…and from the looks and moans from both of you, I could tell you were totally getting off on this. But this was just the carnal appetizer…

“Babe, lay down on the bed,” you said as you released my cock, moving over so I could slide onto the comforter between you both. I lay my head on the pillows, cock still hard but I stroked it anyway.

You crawled over to me and positioned your body across mine as if we were going to 69. Then you said, “I’ve felt your sexy cock inside my pussy plenty of times, but Kat hasn’t had the pleasure. Can she ride you while I ride your face?”

“Fuck yes!”

As you lowered your fleshy wet pussy onto Kadıköy Rus Escort my hungry mouth, my hands gripping your hips, I felt Kat slide over my legs. Her hand grasped my cock as she guided my me up to your own fleshy wet pussy. Before I’d glimpsed her labia, darker pink and slightly fuller than yours, but no less luscious. As Kat sank down onto my cock, I could feel her warm wet velvety-soft flesh hug me snugly. Then she began to pump her hips, fluidly fucking me, but slowly. She purred and moaned in sheer, raw pleasure.

As I licked and sucked your pussy, I could hear you utter your own sounds, expressing your own pleasure at my deft oral skills. I felt you lean forward, as did Kat. I couldn’t see from how I lay with your pussy over my lips, bit I could tell you had begun to kiss and lick Kat’s big hard nipples, then kissed and lashed tongues together as you fucked my face and Kat fucked my cock. If this kept up for much longer I’d need to pull out and cum.

I pushed up and you slid off me, and I leaned up and kissed you long and deep as Kat sank down onto my cock. Then I grabbed Kat by the shoulders, pulling her into me and kissed her as well, my hands slipping down to tease those chunky big nipples. “Slide off me, Kat, and get on your hands and knees,” I said. “Jen, lay back and let Kat taste your luscious pussy while I fuck her from behind.” Both of you did so quickly, eagerly, and before long I was thrusting inside Kat as she began to lick you hungrily, lustfully, as you reached up with one hand to sink your fingers into Kat’s thick curly blonde tresses, your other hand pinching and tugging your nipples.

“Baby, slap my ass, fuck me hard!” Kat rasped, her tongue flicking over your clit. You arched your back, hips wriggling, and I pumped in and out of Kat’s hot wet pussy, gripping her ass with my left hand and smacking her right ass cheek with my other hand. Kat had begun to finger fuck you as I felt her gush around my thrusting hard cock, and then you cried out, shuddering as you rode wave after wave of intense orgasms…

I pulled out and gripped Kat’s hips, sliding my cock up the groove of her ass cleft, rubbing my cock back and forth across her ass and grunting gutturally as I shot long, thick strands of cum, splattering copious amounts of my pearly white fluids all over her arched back…and Kat shrieked and bucked her hips, her left hand furiously plying her drenched fleshy pussy as she, too, relented to tremendous, quivering climax…

Eventually we disengaged, to clean up, kiss, and find our drinks. We did all end up taking a long, hot shower together, me sandwiched between two hot and horny women, which ended up being the first of many such trysts…but that’s a sexy tale for another time.

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