WOW him or his room mate?!?


WOW him or his room mate?!?WOWI was invited over to this guys house, when I got there he was already naked and fresh out of the shower. He took me to his room where he started kissing my neck, then down to my left nipple. He pushed me down on the bed and started to remove my pants, I can see his dick was already hard, man… he was bigger and longer then what he wrote on his profile. Honestly I panicked, this time it was too late to pull out of this meeting since I talked so much trash about him not being able to hang too long with me… how I would have him cum in less than five minutes..yadee yadee yah… I started to sweat, my heart was racing. He pulled my legs up and I felt his tongue moving rapidly around my asshole, I closed my eyes wishing for the first time I was not there… That dick was on my mind… that HUGE ASS DICK… I gripped the bed when I felt him pour some lube on my hole then one finger… two, he grabs my dick and balls with the other hand, twisted his fingers in my ass a few times then pulled out… we never said one word to each other… then I felt the pain… oooohhh the pain.. the tip of his humongous cock was at the opening of my hole, to my surprise… he slid right in I was holding my breath but I guess was my ass was wider than I thought, “Shit boy” he said lying down on me and started to fuck me. I held him tightly as he started picking up the pace in my ass, esenler escort man he felt so damn good, its like I was being fucked by someone who knew the way I wanted to be fucked… oh wait I was being fucked that way LOL… I remember glancing at the clock when we started and it was 10:25 in the morning, we stayed in that same position for what seemed like hours, I felt my ass juice dripping down my ass, we were both sweating…I didn’t moan loud I wanted to listen to the sound of him breathing on top of me, the sound of his dick sliding in and out of my dripping wet ass when all of a sudden his door opened up.. My heart nearly came out of my mouth, my eyeballs grew so wide … I thought it was his wife coming in, but it was another guy.. “Hey man” the other guy said “oh hey” he responded not even stopping the fucking, he whispered in my ears “my roommate”. His so-called room mate came over and shook my hand, “good looking man” he said with an accent “can I?” “no” I replied “oh ok” he said walking out. than came back in again “oh forgot to tell you… your car is blocking mine, so I’m taking yours” he said to him still fucking me “aiight” he replied.”Damn dat ass is good” he kept saying, I crossed my legs around his back… “yes baby” I said softly “fuck that ass” “Who’s ass is it now?” he asked “your ass papi” I replied holding him bahçeşehir escort tighter, we kissed for the first time and it was very passionate, we stayed that way for a few more minutes then he pulled out, “get on your knees” he said, SMACK! right on my ass as I turned around “put your head down, he said “arch that back… yea just like that” He grabbed my hips and pushed himself into my hole all the way to his pubes, I honestly felt him in my gut… “sshit” I mumbled “take dat dick boy” he said over and over, my dick was oozing with pre-cum, at one point I thought I was going to cum while getting fucked but then he pulled out, then back in and pulled out… “I can fuck you all day” he said “Fuck dat ass” I said pulling a pillow over my head, he pushed in again then out and let go of my hips, “damn it” I thought “keep fucking me”.When he penetrated me again, this time he was taking his time to push it in… not sure why but he felt bigger, my hole was stretched wider “aaaaaaaah” I bit down hard on the bed… “ssshhiiittt”… I started pulling the pillow off my head when I felt his foot on my head, he pulled out and again pushed back in, he dropped a few more drops of lube… I thought I was really wet already… he started to fuck me slow, my goodness its like he just got harder, I relaxed my ass allowing him to push in deeper, başakşehir escort his grip got stronger on my hips and now he started to fuck me faster, harder… my moans got louder and louder… I swear the neighbors heard me. He was taking longer and harder strokes, I held on tightly to the edge of the bed, he picked up the pace and I fell flat down on the bed “get back here” he said pulling me back, his big dick pushed it hard in my ass that I shot a load on the bed “aaaaaaahh sshhiittt I’m cummin’… I’m…” that didn’t stop him, for the first time in all my fucking days, someone made me nut without ever touching my dick. “OH MY GOOOD” I screamed, TCHOP TCHOP TCHOP… my ass was loud today… I honestly thought I was going to pass out, my ass was on fire… a fire I didn’t want to stop. He picked up the pace and started going faster, his body was slamming hard on mine, his grip tightened harder on my hips than a loud moan and shout from him, his fingers dug really deep on my hips, he was shaking and so was I, his load was really hot in my gut. After a few seconds he pulled out and got his foot off my head. I stayed there with my ass in the air still dripping with my own juice, his cum was too deep in me for it to come out. He turned me around and laid down on me again, he kissed me and I grabbed him hard kissing him back, his tongue was deep in my mouth and he penetrated me again, this time it wasn’t as hard. I guess he was tired too, still kissing he picked up the pace… His dick was hard, still reaching my gut but it seemed not as hard or meaty as before. I crossed my legs around his back, giving him better access to my hole. I looked at the clock, it was 11:52. That’s when I heard his room mates car started outside.

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