You Belong To Me


Joanne and Maximilian were for themselves. Lying in his bed. They was talking and Maximilian played with her nipples.

-“I want you to move in here to me Joanne, Maximilian said”

-“I don’t know Max. I want to be with you but I just don’t know, said Joanne.”

-“You will get everything you want and wish for Joanne. Please! Said Maximilian and looked at her with a sweet smile”

-“Is it ok with your parents?”

-“Yes. They know that I love you so much, that you are the only one for me.”

-“I have no choice but to say yes, haven’t I?”

-“No, you have not said Maximilian smiling.”

Joanne and Maximilian kissed.


-“Yes, Aireus”

-“Your parents want you to come to them.”

-“Ok. I’ll be there in one minute.”

Maximilian looked at Joanne.

-“I’ll tell my parents about our decision. They will so be thrilled.”

-“I hope so, said Joanne”

They kissed again, and then Maximilian left.

-“You wanted to see me father!”

-“Yes. I’m going into to battle tomorrow son. You will take over for me while I’m gone.”

-“Yes, father. I promise to do my best.”

-“I’ll know you do; now lets not talk about that anymore. How is everything going with Joanne?”

-“She has agreed to move in here.”

-“That was fun to hear. Than you have to behave so you don’t mess things up. Said his father “

-“I promise father. I’ll never hurt her feelings. I love her too much, said Maximilian”

Maximilian went to back to Joanne.

-“What was it your parents wanted? Asked Joanne”

-Dad is going out to war and I’ll take over while he is gone.

-“What a huge responsibility you got from him. You are not going to have any time for me than.”

-“I’ll make time but we are not going to see each other so often, said Maximilian”

-“I’m happy for you anyway. This is what you always wanted.”


Maximilian’s father went out to the war. They won many battles but one battle they lost. Maximilian’s father got an arrow through his body and died. The news got to Rome. Everybody mourn the big Caesar’s death. Maximilian got to take over the throne from his father. Joanne didn’t see much of Maximilian but when she got to be with him she saw how much he had changed a lot. He was not the Maximilian she has known before. She didn’t recognize him. He had gone for the worse. Joanne and Susie had a conversation.

-He has changed Susie. He is not himself anymore.

-I have seen that. He is so cruel. He has changed since he got to take over the throne.

-Yeah, I’m thinking about leaving him. He is not the man he used to be. I don’t know if I love him anymore.

-It’s up to you but if I were you I shouldn’t do it. You’ll never know what will happen to you if you break up with him. Think about it some more. I don’t want anything to happen to you.

Joanne looked at her and said

-Ok. I’ll think about it some more.

-Good. I got to go now. I promised my mother that I be home soon.

-Thanks for you came by. I needed that.

-What are friends for if not see each other and see how they are. Bye


Susie went home. Joanne stayed in her room. On Susie’s way out she met Maximilian.

-Hi Susie. What are you doing here?

-Visiting Joanne. She is not so happy sir.

-You don’t have to call me sir. Please say Max. You are a friend of mine. What is wrong with her?

-She is heart broken. She doesn’t know where she has you anymore. Go and talk to her. Don’t say you heard this from me.

-I’ll do that. Bye. Nice to see you.

-Nice seeing you too.

Maximilian went to Joanne.

-Hey! What is wrong?

-Nothing I promise. I’m fine. Nothing to worry about. At least for your sake. Said Joanne

Maximilian walked over to her. Grabbed her around her waist.

-I can see something is bothering you. Tell me. What is wrong? I am here for you.

He kissed her on her head. Joanne said

-I don’t know where I have you anymore. We don’t see each other as much as we used to do. I miss you; I don’t know how much I can take this anymore.

-You have my love and you will always have my love. No matter what happens. You have me here, right beside you, where I always been and always be.

They kissed. The days passed on. Maximilian did what he was supposed to do. Joanne went to school and hang around with Susie. One day Joanne passed by where Maximilian and the senate had their meeting. She stopped just to hear what they were talking about. She hides herself behind a curtain. So they couldn’t see her.

-Maximilian, how are we going to do it?

-We send 200 troops in to the city to find him. Arrest him and bring him to me.

-Yes; Caesar.

Joanne thought Maximilian had changed but he hasn’t. She walked by the room. What she didn’t know was that Maximilian had seen her. Joanne turned her head towards the room. She saw Maximilian. She walked away fast. Maximilian looked after her. He knew this wasn’t good. Joanne stayed away from Maximilian for the rest of the day. That evening she went to the throne where Maximilian Maltepe Olgun Escort sat.

-“You are such a pig. You know that.”

-“What do you mean?”

-“Ever since you got the throne, have you changed tremendously and to the worse! I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. You don’t care about me. I’m moving back home.”

-“You don’t mean that. I love you. Please don’t leave. Max said”

-“I’m going to leave. I don’t know you anymore. I thought I did but I don’t. Bye, have a nice life, said Joanne”

Joanne left. Maximilian looked after her. He was devastated.

-“Caesar. You have a meeting. Caesar! Said Aireus”


-“You have a meeting with the senate now you highness.”

Maximilian looked at him. They walked away. During the meeting could Maximilian not stop thinking about Joanne! He didn’t listen to what the others were saying.

-Caesar! What do you think? What should we do? Caesar!

Maximilian came back from his thoughts. He said

-What ever you think.

-Caesar is you ok? You don’t look so good.

Maximilian looked at him with an angry look.

-Yes, I’m ok. Never felt better. Let’s go on the meeting.

At the same time in Joanne’s room. Susie was with her.

-Are you crazy? You can’t leave him. He’ll never let that happen, said Susie

-So why did he not stop me when we talked. He loves me too much to hurt me like that. He knows that he can’t make me stay.

-Oh yes, he can. He is the emperor now. You are going to be his queen.

-I’m leaving. I’m going home. This whole thing is not I. You know who I really am.

-Yes I know. Nothing can change your mind, said Susie


Both Susie and Joanne left the bedroom. That night couldn’t Maximilian sleep! He was alone now. No Joanne beside him. Joanne’s parents were happy she was home but they couldn’t really understand.

-What made you leave Maximilian? Asked her father

-He had changed too much. He is not the Maximilian I knew anymore, said Joanne

-He has much to rule over now. He has to change, said her mother

-Let get some sleep, shall we? Said her father.

They went to sleep. Next day was just like another school day. For the first time in a few years Susie and Joanne went to school together. In school Susie and Joanne had their normal day. Maximilian was teached from the palace. They all read in college. When Joanne and Susie came home they got a surprise. Robbie their best friend had come home form the war. He was happy to see them.

-Men are I glad to see you guys. How are you? Asked Robbie

-Good, how are you? Asked Susie

-Good, heard that you left Maximilian Joanne.

-Yes, I did. He was an asshole. Answer Joanne

-I’m happy for that. Do I have chance now?

-Maybe! We’ll see said Joanne with a teasing smile on her face.

-I’ll wait and see, said Robbie

Maximilian could not stop thinking about Joanne. He missed her so much. He couldn’t believe that he had lost his big love. One day he was out on the streets. He saw couples everywhere, kissing and looked so happy together. He got jealous. When he came back to the palace he gathered everybody to a meeting.

-There will be a new law in this country. said Maximilian

-What kind a law? Asked Senator Willius

-No kissing and hugging in public. said Maximilian

-Isn’t that a hard thing to do? Just because….

-Because of what? Interrupted Maximilian

-You lost your girlfriend. You can’t stop love and people loving their girlfriend/boyfriends

-Yes. I can. I’m the emperor. I can do what I want and I want that law.

-Yes Caesar! As you wish, said Senator Willius.

The people in Rome weren’t very happy about the new law. They didn’t feel sorry for Maximilian either. They accepted the decision anyway. They had no choice.

A few weeks later Joanne and Robbie were together. They were both happy.

Joanne stood by the fire place helping her mom cook the dinner. Robbie watches her as she moved around. He wanted to touch her so bad. He went to her and grabbed her ass.

– Robbie. Not now, not here.

– No one is here.

He ran his hands up along her body. Joanne got hot from a feeling of sensation. Robbie come up to her breasts.

– They are so lovely.

He pushed the fabric from her breats so they were fully exposed. He gave them a massage. Joanne moaned even more and louder..

– I’ll burn the food.

– Take it away from the fire.

Robbie placed small light kisses on her neck. He started to play with her nipples.

– if you don’t stop for a moment I can’t put away the food. Joanne said giggleling. Robbie stopped for a brief moment disappointed but he knew he was going to get back soon. Joanne moved the pot. Robbie watched the glow from the fire hit her face and her exposed breats. She had never looked so beautiful. He had always liked her, even dreamt about her. Now he had her. Joanne turned to him.

– if I am getting undressed so are you. She said

– I just want to play a little first. Sit on the edge of Maltepe Sarışın Escort the table.

– why?

– just do it. Do you have anything you can use?

Robbie looked around and found butter on the table. He took some and mashed with his fingers to make it warm and smooth.

– What are you going to with that? Joanne wondered.

Robbie kissed her and grabbed her nipples with his greasy fingers and massaged in the butter on them. Joanne felt hotter than ever. She could feel herself getting very wet. She helped Robbie taking his tunic off. he had nothing to cover his cock up as she figured. His was big and hard. She had never really looked at it before when they had sex. She grabbed it and moved her hand slowly up and down. Now Robbie moaned.

– Faster. He groaned out.

– no.I like this pace. Don’t you? She said smiling.

Robbie looked into her eyes.

– Get down on your knees baby.

– I rather lay down on my stomach.

– you do as you want.

Shw knew what he wanted. She laid on the table. Robbie couldn’t almost hold it back when he saw how she squeezed her breats together on the table. Joanne took his cockhead in her mouth and started to suck. She had getting the pratcies how to do from when she did it on Maximilian. She could take the whole of Robbies inside her. She sucked him deep and hard.

– That’s enough. Take your dress of.

Joanne sat up on the table and pulled her dress up over her head. She threw it on the floor. Turned her face towards Robbie.

– Like my body?

– Very.

-My breasts?


– Good. Joanne squeezed them together and pulled her nipples. She liked how the butter makes them easier to play with.

– Baby what are doing to me? He asked.

– Maybe you like this better.

Joanne spread her legs wide apart. Wet her finger and started slowly to play with herself. Robbie watch in amazment. Joanne moaned. She had never done this before but she felt safe with Robbie. Robbie grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. He took his right hand long finger and inserted in her cunt.

– So tight and warm baby.

– aha. Joanne said. She couldn’t get another word out.

Robbie took his finger out.

– Taste yourself.

Joanne did as he asked.

– I taste good. Please do me now!

Robbie took his hand to guide his cock inside her. He almost didn’t fit when she sat straight up. Joanne leaned back a bit and he could slide inside. He grabbed her ass to get her closer to him. He moved rapildy inside her.

– babe I’m going to come. Joanne said.

– do it. I want to feel you squeez my cock with your cunt. Robbie felt himself hitting her cervix. He leaned so he could nibble her nipples. Joanne come big time. She shook hard and bit her lower lip. Robbie could feel her muscles milk him but he wasn’t ready to come yet. He continued thrust inside her. Joanne come back from heaven and met upp with his thrusts. Lucky for both of them the wooden table was massive and didn’t move one bit.

– you can make me go on forever baby. Robbie said.

– take me from behind.

– get down on the sitting bench than.

Joanne felt empty without robbies cock for a minute as she moved down. She stood on all four. Her knees standing on the sitting bench and her hands on the table. Robbie entered her yet again. As she now stood half up he could grab his both hands around her breats. He massaged them gentle. The moaned together.

– I must come. Robbie said. He pushed his cock up to her cervix. He squirted a lot. Joanne could feel him hit her cervix and fill her with his hot seed. Robbie breathed hard but he was still hard.

– That was fantastic baby. I ‘m still hard.

Joanne breath was hard too.

– Maybe I can help you with that. I think Joanne has had enough. Susie comed in and said.

– If Joanne will allow it.

Joanne nodded. She didn’t mind sharing her man with her best friend as long she could have him first. Joanne and Susie kissed quickly. Robbie got even hotter from seeing them doing that though her had seen them do it hundred times before. Susie come aorund the table. She looked at Joannes pussy filled with Robbies seed started to drip out. She bend and kissed the lips and licked alittle of it. Joanne moved. Susie grabbed Robbies cock and moved it as Joanne did before but much more harder. Joanne moved so Susie could sit down right in front of Robbie. Susie started to suck him. Joanne opened up Susies dress to expose Susies breats to Robbie.

– They are as beautiful as Joannes. Jo. Get some butter on hers too. I want to she them shine.

Joanne did as she was told. Robbies were already playing with them. Joanne took some butter and massged in Susies nipples. Susie moaned.

– you like sucking my cock? Robbie asked.

– Yes. Talk dirty to me.

– You like to get yours after your best friend had hers. Like a little whore.

– Yes. Oh Robbie you are making me so wet.

– Get undressed. You wanted to help me. Show me your pussy so I can do you.

Susie got naked. Robbie sucked on her breats. Maltepe Şişman Escort Joanne liked to watch. Her nipples was geeting hard.

– Finger yourself and taste it. Robbie commanded. Susie did as she was told. She was really turned on. Robbie kissed her on her neck.

– Lick me Robbie. I need that.

– Alright your whore but it’s the first and only time. My tung is for Joanne.

– yes Robbie.

He stared to lick her and soon enough Susie screamed out in pleasure.

– oh yes Robbie. Lick my cunt. Lick it like you never done it before. Susie played with her breasts. Susie came. Robbie got pussy cum all over his face.

– A towel baby. He said to Joanne.

Joanne got one to him. He squeezed her nipples as a thank you.

– am I doing good? Susies asked

– Really good. For being my whore.

Robbie spit on his hand and maked his cock ready to enter Susie.

– you have quite a monster there Rob.

– and it will get up your pussy just like that.

Robbie moved closer to Susie and entered her.

– You are hot and wet but not as tight as Joanne.

-Than you have both. Susies said

Robbie moved rapidly and hard. He hit her cervix with every thrust.

– Oh Robbie. You are so good.

Susie come. Joanne sat down behind her so she could play with Susies nipples. They were bigger than her own but as soft. Susie moaned and felt her getting wetter as Joanne played.

– I am cumming again. She said.

– I need too. Robbie said and pulled out and squirted on her pussy. Susie had to lay down from exhaustion. Robbie breathened hard and moved back.

– Jo. Lick Susie. I don’t want any of mine slipping inside her. Joanne got between Susies legs and licked her clean. Susies moaned again. Joanne gave her final kiss on Susie clit before she moved away. Robbie kissed Joanne deaply before they got dressed.

– Thank you for fucking me Robbie. Susie said.

– you too but it will not happen often.

– I must get to food ready. Joanne said.

They carried on as nothing had happen when their parents come.

One day a message come to Robbie. Ha had to attend in the gladiator games in Rome. Joanne came with him. At the stadium: Joanne and Robbie didn’t leave each other’s sides. At one time they kissed. What they didn’t know was that Maximilian was coming.

-Aireus how is those two? They are not allowed to do that.

-I don’t know. I can look after

-You do that.

Aireus walked up to Robbie and Joanne.

-Excuse me. You are not allowed to kiss in public.

Joanne looked at him.

-Joanne! I didn’t know it was you, said Aireus

-Aireus what a pleasure to meet you. How are you? Said Joanne

-Good. Maximilian is here. He doesn’t like to see couples kissing in public after your split

-Where is he?

Aireus pointed. Maximilian was looking at them. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Joanne had moved on and he had not. Joanne looked at him. They got eye contact. Joanne moved her head towards Aireus and said:

-I’ll follow the law

-I’ll believe you do. I got to go now. Have a nice day. Good luck to you Robbie.

-Thanks Aireus Said Robbie

Aireus went to Maximilian. Joanne and Robbie had to go too.

-She has moved on Aireus, it’s only been a few weeks.

-Yes I know. She seems to be happy again sir. She wasn’t in the end of your relationship. Said Aireus

Maximilian looked at him. They went to their place in the stadium. The games started. Robbie fought. He won every time. The last fight he had he won. Maximilian had followed him closely.

-Aireus! I want to meet him.

-Yes Caesar.

They walked into the fighting area.

-I want to congratulate to your wins. You are the best fighter.

-Thank you Caesar.

That night Maximilian had a party. Maximilian saw Joanne and went to talk to her. She wasn’t happy to see him.

-You seems happy being with Robbie

-Yea I am. He doesn’t treat me like dirt. He listen to me, said Joanne

Maximilian didn’t know what to say. Robbie saw them and went over to them. He kissed Joanne on her cheek. Maximilian looked at Robbie.

-Hi baby. You looked worried so I came to you.

-Are you her protector now Robbie? Asked Maximilian

-No, just her boyfriend that cares about her, not like anyone else did.

-Did you say that didn’t care about her?

-Yes. I do

-I loved her very much and still do, said Maximilian looking at Joanne

-Not enough for her to leave you. You are a loser Maximilian

That was enough for Maximilian. He jumped on Robbie. The guards had to stop him. Everyone stared at them.

-Send him to jail, said Maximilian

The guards took Robbie to jail.

-What are you going to do with him? Joanne asked.

-You’ll see Joanne, you’ll see

He walked away. Later that night Joanne visits Robbie in his cell.

-I’m sorry for what I have done Joanne. He needs to know how much he has hurt you.

-It’s ok. It’s ok. He knows. I promise. You don’t have to feel sorry. Be proud.

-I argued with the emperor. He is going to kill me. I know that.

-No. He is not. I’ll talk to him. He’ll not kill you because I love you and he loves me. He’ll listen to me, said Joanne

They kissed. They moved towards the prison cell wall. Robbie got one of Joannes legs up and entered her.

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