Young, beautiful, Nurse


The light was blinding me, the masked figure moved into my eye line but he was just deep shadow, my mouth was open in a silent scream, I could taste the metal pliers that had wrenched the tooth from me but wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of moaning, despite the pain. At nineteen I was not the sort to show fear, regardless of the blood pooling at the back of my throat. He spoke,

“Rinse and spit into the bowl.”

Thank God that tooth was out, a difficult extraction, a premolar that was still almost flush with my gums, a late comer to an overcrowded jaw.

The pretty nurse bent over me then, all I could see really, were her eyes, I fell in love with those eyes. The white mask hid the lower part of her face which was framed by short blonde hair cut in an elfin style. Her voice was low and gentle, a ‘go to bed voice’ if ever I heard one,

“Are you sure you’re O.K. to travel home by yourself, the injection can make you drowsy.”

“Perhaps I could sit a while in the waiting room.” Anything to be near her a little longer.

I was the last patient of the afternoon, going straight from work, I couldn’t afford to have time off having been there such a short while. She walked me to a chair, wow, given the odd injection now and again, I’d save a fortune in beer money. The effect was similar to having several drinks, and as she removed her mask, so I suppose my normal inhibitions of shyness were also removed.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” I blushed at my outburst, she just laughed.

“You guys just hit on every girl you see and just hope you get lucky,”

I bridled at that,

“No, I mean it, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and no doubt your boyfriend says exactly the same.”

“Oh, so now you”re fishing to see if I have a steady boyfriend?”

“No, it’s just that I can’t believe you haven’t.”

Her face clouded over, she bit her lip, her eyes suddenly shiny. I’m not a touchy feely person but I put my arm around her shoulder, more a brotherly gesture.

“I’m sorry, me and my big mouth, I’ve gone and upset you.”

She sniffed, noisily, not a sexy sound at all but my heart warmed to her, sitting there, slumped in her little pool of misery, thanks to your truly. What could I say? I reached for a tissue in a nearby box and handed it to her.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

She shook her head ‘No’ but after a short while, started to speak anyway.

“We had a place together, it took all we had to save the deposit and pay the rent, so socialising with friends was out, he couldn’t stand not going drinking with his mates, we had several rows and he left.”

I could sympathise with both their viewpoints and said so, continuing with,

“My small place is taking up far more of my cash than I’d planned, which limits my options to go out and now I’ve got the added cost of dental treatment.”

She nodded, we were both in the same boat and baling hard, locked into a work, sleep, work, treadmill. I said,

“Can I take you for a coffee?”

“What kind of girl do you think I am? I’d at least need a meal before you take me.”

My jaw dropped, I was so shaken, she was joking of course but she had bounced back so quickly. She had a quick and witty side to her and a smile to die for.

“I don’t believe it, you’re even more gorgeous when you smile, no wonder you keep a mask on, otherwise even priests would be asking you out.”

“Don’t make a big thing of it, it’s just a coffee and I’m worried someone as naïve as you might get robbed before you get home.”

We walked out together, how did that happen? I’ve asked loads of girls out and I’ve rarely had a positive response. The coffee shop was quite near but I kept my pace slow, she was only a little shorter than me and was conservatively dressed in a tight skirt and ‘v’ necked jumper, I was proud to walk beside such a lovely girl. She spoke about her boyfriend, I could see she missed him and that they would probably get back together again, if they could reconcile their differences. I was just glad to be in her company, I made a few quips and she picked up on them, she was sharp as a tack. We just hit it off I suppose but I wasn’t pressing for a date, I didn’t think I had a future there.

As we left the coffee shop I needed to walk up town, she turned to go the other way.

“Well, thanks for the coffee and for hearing all about my failed love life,” she smiled.

“It was the least I could do, after all, I did press you about it.”

She kissed my cheek, wow, I blushed, it’s something I can’t control. She laughed lightly,

“You really shouldn’t be left alone in this big town all by yourself, you’ll be all gobbled up, I’ll call you.”

With that we parted, what just happened? I wanted to take her on a date and she will call . . me?

It was almost a week later when my phone rang and the display said the name of my dentist, could it be her?

“Hi, it’s Louise,” my heart skipped a beat, the same low, gentle voice. If you want to take me görükle escort for a meal I know a very cheap place on Dollan street, it’s called Mama’s and you get antibiotics as a starter.”

She was my kind of girl, cheap, witty and with low enough standards to go out with me. She also included an opt out clause, the idea of a meal so bad, you had chance to back out.

“Sounds just up my street, no really, I’m just a few doors up, a cardboard hovel soaked in last night’s rain, I’ll meet you outside at eight.”

I put the phone down and punched the air, she called!

I waited, wearing my best jeans and a shirt, that had been a Birthday present. Louise walked up wearing a black dress, black stockings and high heeled shoes. A glittery necklace drew attention to her neckline, an equal distraction between firm breasts and a beautiful face. I bowed slightly and kissed her hand, blushing furiously as I did so.

“If you’re so shy at doing personal things, why do you do them?”

“Because you deserve it,” I answered, flustered that she should comment on the burning face that seemed to be lighting our way into the dimly lit restaurant. The owner came from the back kitchen wiping her hands on an apron and indicated a table in the sparsely populated dining area. We took a seat and perused the menu, it seemed that chicken dominated the limited selection and Louise suggested a dish I wasn’t familiar with. We ordered that and a small carafe of wine, it turned out to be a delicious meal and, with coffees later, wasn’t at all expensive. We talked and laughed, she was so easy to get along with, the time flew by. I walked her home, which wasn’t very far and kissed her cheek as she stood at the open door to her room, much as she had kissed me earlier.

“That’s no way to take a girl,” she smiled, devilishly. “I said you can’t take me without a meal and you’ve paid for a meal.”

My hopes soared but this was a witty girl and I was ready for a rebuff. I stepped closer and placed my lips tenderly on hers, kissing lightly, then a full on kiss. We melded into each others arms, all thoughts of leaving flew away, I scooped her up in my arms and was suddenly scared I would drop her, she was quite heavy. I manoeuvred her through the doorway and looked for somewhere to put her, in the tiny room only the bed offered a place to set her down. I knew what that looked like and blushed furiously again,

“You don’t waste time on wooing a girl then?”

I was at a loss, the door stood wide open, she was laid facing it, on the bed, with her dress in disarray up around her thighs.

“I don’t always give the neighbours a show this early in the evening,” she said, “But if you’re up to it?”

I closed the door, apologising,

“I thought there might be a couch or something.”

She laughed and beckoned me to her, a grand gesture which meant I had to take all of two steps across the small room. I knelt beside the bed and kissed her once more, it’s the only thing I seemed to have got right. She said,

“You’re so wonderfully innocent I’ve taken it upon myself to protect you from all the naughty things out there.”

“What about the naughty things in here?” I asked, tentatively.

“They’re just about to gobble you up,” she said, with a wicked gleam in her eye and a light laugh.

God, did she mean what I hoped she meant, what should I do? I was flustered and sought safety in kissing her, it must have been right, because she kissed me fervently. I held her, gradually moving my wrists in to touch the side of each breast, then withdrew my arms so that both hands were now lightly touching each breast over her dress. She didn’t move or stop kissing me, so I went for broke and slipped my fingers up to caress the top of those smooth curves. She kissed me harder, a green light to proceed, I caressed the back of her neck and felt the dress zip. Gentle tugs and the zip headed south, the front of her dress bowed forward, a dark blue, lacy bra showed, holding gorgeous breasts and a tantalising glimpse of nipples. I must have sighed as I gazed upon perfection, her perky nipples barely discernible within the lace.

My hand was still behind her back, so I used four fingers, two on each side of the bra join, closing them together which released the hook fastenings. She gave a little gasp but then so did I, she was firm, with cute nipples that were just asking to be kissed. They responded so well, that I sucked them as a reward – for me that is! All the while she was stroking my thigh, gradually moving up to my groin making things a bit tight for me in that area as I rose to the occasion. I pushed her dress down to her waist as she pulled my zip down, her bra almost fell off of it’s own accord. I stood to ease my jeans off me and helped her stand to let her dress fall. I stood in my boxers, she stood in black stockings and blue lacy panties, I was in lust, my cock absolutely rigid but then . . . . so was She!

My mouth fell open, I could only stare, she was really all woman but with görükle escort bayan a cock. Such a feminine, sensuous, body but with a cute dick peeping over the elastic waist band of her small panties, more out than in really and to be honest she was at least as big as me. I was flustered again and did as I had done before, I kissed her, Yes, still all woman, her breasts pressed against me. I held her at arm’s length and just looked at her, a gorgeous face, deliciously smooth body, full breasts and shapely legs. Then finally I gazed upon, both her difference, and coincidentally, the similarity that stood proudly between us.

Her panties had been pushed down by a stiffening cock, jutting out at a jaunty angle, she showed no false modesty, proudly displaying herself to me, resigned to whatever reaction I showed.

What did I do? I drew down my boxers, my cock sprang out,

“What can’t speak can’t lie,” I said.

My throbbing cock was ready to go into uncharted territory. She stepped forward and kissed me again, this time both our cocks touched and somehow that put an end to any discussion, or recrimination. Those two were nestling together down there, happy to get to know each other, up here we were doing the same, kissing and fondling our upper bodies. Her breasts were amazing and I wanted to kiss and adore them, she was tweaking my nipples, so I responded but a little gentler. She was pushing her dick up my belly a little, maintaining it’s hardness, leaving a thin trail of precum in it’s wake, I did the same with her belly but my cock slipped under her dick to rub along her perineum, almost subconsciously heading for her ass.

She knelt awkwardly, untangling from my cock, to kiss away the sticky trail from me, holding my dick gently, kneeling at cock level looking up into my eyes,

“Are you alright with this? You could leave and there would be no problems or anything.”

“How could I leave you, when I’ve just found the girl of my dreams.”

We both smiled, she slowly rolled my foreskin back, kissing the end of my cock, then further, exposing the groove of my glans. She stuck out her tongue and licked around the head, my cock jumped as if stung, it was just so wonderful. Here I was looking down on a gorgeous Shemale with a lovely face, great tits and a hard dick and I’m easing my cock into her mouth, I could die and go to heaven, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good.

My slow ingress into her soft warm mouth, seemed to involve her lips stroking every part of me as her saliva coated my cock. There was little physical sensation but my mind was in overdrive, every nuance of feeling was magnified by a factor of ten, I was so solid, it hurt. Each little flick of her tongue at the tip of me brought a jerky reaction, I was ‘twerking’ my cock in her mouth. Looking past her tits I could see she was losing her erection, without stimulation it began to look forlorn, not watching her sucking at me as it did earlier, it appeared to be losing interest. I couldn’t let that happen, I held her arm to gently pull her up to sit on the bed, I then sat, swinging my legs behind her. We lay on our sides, head to toe, I indicated she should kiss my nipples.

Still kissing each other’s nipples, I then trailed my kisses down to a semi hard dick, she copied me, a soft mouth finding my cock, as mine found hers. We gently licked and sucked for a long time, I held my hands around her ass, it was so smooth and curvy, she didn’t thrust her cock at me, I simply pressed her ass regularly to accept another inch or so sliding into my mouth. Sometimes I would grip hard with my lips, other times lightly with my teeth, causing her foreskin to retract, her bulbous end filling my mouth, then retreating almost all the way out, before I would suck it back in. She must have switched on some music because she started to hum along with a quiet song, my cock was lightly touching her tongue and the vibration was making me tingle.

Two could play at that I thought and tried to emulate her but found it took practice to get it absolutely right but it was fun trying, for both of us. I don’t know if you have ever had a thick hard cock in your mouth for half an hour or so, just keeping it amused makes the time fly by. Of course we resorted to sucking and stroking each other to increase sensation every now and again when kisses alone were not sufficient. It’s such a joy just to have a mouthful of cock that slides into your throat, you feel you could accept a tiny amount extra, consciously quelling the constriction of throat muscles, swallowing a little more each time, allowing it to slide into your loving throat. In my case I struggled to overcome the urge to press further into her, the fact she had swallowed a great deal of me, felt wonderful.

I held the base of her cock with two fingers and a thumb leaving enough room to gently wank her, my lips slid further down her shaft until, with time, they touched my fingers. Knowing I’ve managed to swallow five inches or so of solid cock, made me delighted. bursa escort I delicately wanked her at the same time, but she stopped me and gently drew back, then eased in a few times, sheathing her weapon in my throat, she withdrew just as I felt I would gag. I tried the same with her and she managed a little better than me at first, it was the tightest warmest feeling but I was afraid she might choke, though I could see how someone could get hooked on fucking a throat and how dangerous it could be.

We both withdrew quite a bit before wanking and sucking, increasing the sensation in each others cock, both of us I think, wanted the other to cum first. I gave her cock a slight twist as my hand reached its base, then stroked up to pull the foreskin over a saliva slicked tip, keeping my tongue flickering in the eye of it. Each time my hand pushed her foreskin back so I played my tongue over the groove of her glans, flickering lightly, arousing every sensation I could until she thrust her hips forward, eagerly. I sucked hard as she pushed her cock fully into my mouth, she gasped as she orgasmed, her cock held captive in my mouth, spurting it’s juicy goodness, I sucked all I could from her as I teetered on the edge of cumming.

Her ejaculation spurred me to climax too, I cried out as I thrust hard into her mouth, the hand clamped around my cock stopped me going in too far, I fountained cum over her tongue and tonsils. It was great, using her beautiful mouth in which to shoot my load, hardly believing that this gorgeous girl had sucked me off, that she actually wanted to swallow my cum and smiling afterwards. I grinned like an idiot, the very fact I had sex with the most wonderful looking girl ever, got to suck her girly cock and drink her essence directly from her, was just amazing. We kissed and tasted ourselves in the process, I kissed her lips her eyes, her nipples, I was swept away in a sea of passion and stopped only when she lifted my head to kiss me lingeringly. We slept in her bed, sated and blissfully happy.

I awoke the next morning to a tousled headed beauty just inches from me, eyes searching my face, for who knows what. I smiled, I was loving this, could get used to it,

“Hello gorgeous, what does a guy have to do to get a kiss around here?”

“Brush your teeth,” was the answer. Ho hum, it was fun while it lasted.

“The bathroom’s that way and if you want company, I’ll show you where a new toothbrush lives.”

“So you’re ‘The naked guide to dental hygiene’, you do take your job seriously.”

I made my way to the bathroom, a small corner of the main room, constructed into a wet room. There was just room enough for the two of us to stand at the sink, our bodies touching as we brushed our teeth, a mirror reflected our efforts, I could see her tits wobbling as she moved. I started to get hard and had to stand away from the cold sink, her dick too was shaking with her efforts but it was still relaxed, the smallest I had seen it, hairless and with small balls it seemed somehow to be a ‘feminine’ version. She caught my look and checked the reflection of my cock, whacking my ass with her toothbrush as she did so.

“You’re incorrigible,”she laughed.

“Louise, you’re so good, that when you’re naughty, you’re even better,” I replied.

She pulled the top of mirror down, a rod moved in an arc from the right, swinging the toilet paper holder into the sink space, the hinged mirror covered it. The whole thing formed a shelf with two sprung loaded pockets, one holding a bottle of shampoo and another of body wash. Turning the water on, we showered thoroughly, although in such tight confines we were often touching inadvertently but we had work to get to. Yes, I was still rampant, there were glimpses of her ass and of course she had to wash her dick which made mine need more attention than was strictly necessary but we were conscious of catching the bus, we were against the clock here. I towelled off, leaving her space to do the same and picked up yesterday’s clothes.

“Here,” she threw me a pressed, large shirt and some clean boxers, I donned them, thinking she has washed these since her ex boyfriend left, don’t say anything. Dressed, we left her tiny flat and walked to the bus stop. Luckily I could get one to work with just a single transfer but she caught another, earlier bus, I kissed her goodbye. Passengers were watching and envying me, my chest puffed up, yes, I was kissing this beautiful girl but mainly I was glad that she wanted to kiss me. Louise turned to me as her bus approached,

“When shall we two meet again in thunder, lightning or in rain,” she misquoted from ‘Macbeth’. A literary buff as well, this girl has hidden talents. I thought quickly,

“Eye of newt and toe of frog supped in yonder hags Inn, suffer you such repast this eventide, by eight of the clock?”

She made her exit – bus, left. My day passed so slowly, I was busy but couldn’t concentrate on work, technical though it was. I found I needed to run a sequence check to ensure that I had done even the simplest things correctly. My phone rang several times during the day and my heart lifted, only for it to be work related calls. Then, her voice, low and gentle, my heart did flip flops, my mouth so dry I could hardly speak. She said hello for the second time,

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