College Party


During my Freshman year, I went to a college house party. It was your typical college party…a keg of beer, some mixed drinks with hard liquor, and loud music.

It seemed like it would be a typical night for Friday night for me. Kick back a few beers, get drunk, and hopefully hook up. It was becoming a typical Friday night until I saw Dawn across the room.

Dawn was hot and a true party girl! She looked to be about 5’5, 115 lbs, brown hair with blonde streaks. She was wearing this tight, little blue tank top, which showed off her nice, flat tummy, and hip hugger jeans. She was dancing on the table and was already drunk. Dawn was a true party girl.

As I walked closer, I noticed that Dawn was not wearing a bra and the tank top accentuated her 34b tits. There was a crowd of guys forming around Dawn and I was lucky enough to be one of the guys in the front. Dawn loved the attention. She started to tease us by lifting her shirt a little bit and then lowering it. The guys and I began chatting “Take it off! Take it off!” Whether it was the alcohol or the attention, Dawn was more than happy to oblige.

She slowly lifted off her shirt and threw it off to the side. She was completely topless and loving it. I do not know who enjoyed it more, Dawn, me, or the other guys. görükle escort She began grabbing her 34b tits and pinching her nipples. This caused her nipples to become rock hard and look like the eraser at the end of a pencil. She leaned down to put her tits in my face and I sucked and licked her nipples. She did it to the guy next to me and the guy next to him. At least five (5) guys got to suck and lick her nipples. She wanted more and so did we.

She sat down on the table and removed her shoes. After taking off her shoes, she spread her legs and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Dawn really knew had to work a crowd. When she stood up again, she unbutton her jeans, turned around and slowly lowered them. She lowered them past her blue thong and then raised them again. Like I said earlier, she knew hot to tease. She then lowered them past her ass, turned around, and slowly worked them all the way down to her feet. When she did, she kicked them away leaving her only in a blue thong.

She rubbed her pussy over her thong. One of the guys reached up and rubbed it, then another guy, and I finally did too. Her thong was soaking wet…I could only imagine how hot and wet it was inside her pussy. I looked at the guy next to me and gave him a nod. I went up to the bursa escort bayan right side of Dawn and grabbed her thigh and put my teeth on her side of her thong. The guy I nodded at, followed my lead. We slowly lowered Dawn’s blue thong with her teeth, leaving her completely nude.

Dawn began rubbing her clit and I slid my finger inside her dripping wet pussy. Another guy smacked her ass. Dawn pushed me and the other guy away and hopped down from the table. She said point blank “Whoever wants to be fucked and have their cocks sucked, follow me” She walked up the stairs bare ass naked and found an empty bedroom. Five guys including myself followed her into it. She climbed on the bed and got on all fours. She made direct eye contact with me and motioned her finger for me to come to her.

Needless to say, I did it. She unzipped my pants and began sucking my cock. Another guy got behind her and began fucking her wet pussy from behind. She was a dynamo. She was able to suck me and get fucked at the same time. In between her moans, she smiled, looked directly into my eyes, and said “I love sucking your cock”.

What a turn on! Upon hearing this, I came in her mouth and a little on her chin. When I zipped up, the next guy stuck his dick in to her bursa escort willing mouth.

The guy fucking her finally shot his load and the fourth (4th) guy immediately followed and began fucking her. Dawn was not only an exhibitionist, she was a nymphomaniac!

After sucking the 3rd guy for awhile, he pulled put and came all over Dawn’s face. She seemed to really enjoy it. As she was still continued to be fucked, she wiped it off the cum off her face with her fingers, and licked it all up.

Finally, the 5th and final guy stepped up to the plate. He pulled out his cock and Dawn immediately began licking it. Meanwhile, the 4th guy shot his load inside her pussy. When the he finished, Dawn looked at the guy whose cock she was sucking and said “I want you to fuck my wet pussy.” He pulled her Dawn by her hair and said turn around. She obeyed and got on all fours facing way from him. He slid his hard cock into her sopping pussy and began ramming it hard. By the way Dawn was screaming and moaning, she loved it! She screamed “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and so did they 5th guy. He pulled out his cock and shot his huge load all over her ass.

Then, Dawn turned around licked his cock clean. She got up from the bed, walked back down the stairs still buck naked and with her ass still covered in cum. She did not seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it.

She gathered her clothes and finally got dressed. Dawn then walked towards the door and looked at us and said “Thanks for a great night.” She was not the only one who had a great night!

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