Cory’s Story Ch. 02


“I have a treat for us both tonight Jenna,” Cory tells me as he leads me by the hand into the bedroom.

I follow unquestioning as I have learned of the pleasure we seem to find together. He knows some of my deepest fantasies and seems to delight in bringing them to life for me.

As I enter the bedroom I can tell he has been busy preparing. Candles flickering around the room give off a soft glow. I notice then 4 cuffs dangling from the posts on the bed increasing my excitement with the thought of all my many submissive fantasies.

“Strip for me Jenna,” Cory tells me tells me as he sits down on the bed to watch the show.

I slowly begin to pull my top off. Giving his eyes access to my soft full belly he seems to delight in. Gradually my large restrained breasts come into view. I feel Cory’s hot eyes seek out the tight puckered nipples pushing against the silk of my bra. I pull the top off and reach around to release the clasp on my bra. My ample tits become swollen and aching under his gaze.

“Beautiful,” I hear him whisper as my large swaying breasts come fully into view.

Next I undo the skirt and let it pool at my feet. My large fleshy body now clad only in a tight thong. I turn to give him a look at my nearly naked ass as I slowly bend to lower my panties down my thighs. Finally naked I turn around completely aroused by this slow strip tease.

Cory stands and comes close for a kiss as I feel hi finger lightly trace the rounded curve of my breast.

“Get on the bed now,” he tells me in a voice much more demanding then before. This tells me you are making the shift from lover to my Master for the night.

I do as ordered laying flat on my back awaiting his next order. Kneeling his hands begin to squeeze my tits making me whither under your bold caress. One hand glides down my belly till it reaches my smooth silky pussy. Pushing his finger between the lips it meets with the wet juices that signal my already heightened arousal.

“Turn over.” you tell me lightly swatting my hip.

I turn over onto my belly as Cory fills his hands with the large globes of my ass cheeks. His hands glide up my arms securing me to one of the dangling cuffs. He repeats the process with the other hand before moving down my leg, stroking and squeezing till I’m completely bound to the bed. I experience a moment of fear as I realize I’m completely tied and unable to release myself before the joy of being under your control sets in.

Cory picks up some pillows and instructs me to lift my hips, sliding the pillows under me as I comply. This causes my ass to rise up and open for him. The bed shifts balıkesir escort as he climbs between my open thighs and I cant wait to find out what he has in store for me tonight.

“What a wonderful pussy…..but doesn’t it feel empty?” Cory asks as his fingers begin to probe inside me. I try unsuccessfully to move back, to take more of his fingers deep inside, needing to be filled.

“Not yet!” he tells me as I feel his open hand come down in a lightly stinging slap against my ass.

“Now your ready for your surprise.” I watch in puzzlement as he picks up the phone and dials. A whispered conversation insures till I hear the fated words “Come on in now” I feel my body flush with a mixture of horror and excitement at the thought of someone joining us in bed.

“What are you doing?,” I ask while struggling to release myself although I know its impossible.

“Fulfilling your fantasy,” he whispers.

The bedroom door opens and in walks a woman in a long coat. I have never seen her before and wonder where you found her and what she knows about us. She seems to be enjoying the sight of me bound tightly to the bed unable to move.

“Jenna meet Brenda.” Cory begins to stroke my back as he makes the introductions.

“Your going to like this little one.” he whispers in my ear.

Suddenly Brenda drops her coat and I’m shocked to see she is naked underneath. My eyes travel down her body, over her full tits, but stop at the sight of a plastic cock poking between her tights. My eyes widen as I realize she’s wearing a strap on and a large thick one at that.

My mind quickly goes to a few weeks ago when I cybered with a woman online and realize this is my fantasy I told her about. I remember telling Cory about it after and how the thought turned him on so much he fucked me hard during the telling.

“It cant be…..You?” I gasp as I realize who this woman is and what all is going to happen.

“Yes its me you tease,” Brenda tells me as she begins to stroke her plastic cock just like its a real one. “And I have just what you’ve been wanting.” At this point I felt Cory’s hand slap my ass again as if to remind me of his presence.

“Your going to be a good little girl tonight aren’t you Jenna?” he asks.

“Yes Sir!”

“Suck my cock and get it ready for your hot holes you tease,” Brenda tells me moving close to the bed till her cock is brushing my lips.

I begin licking and sucking that cock as if it was real and she could actually feel each flick of my tongue along the length. Soon that fat shaft began to glisten with my saliva.

I balıkesir escort bayan heard Brenda moan and looked up from my cock sucking to see her leaning back against Cory’s now naked body. His hands are kneading her high breasts. Seeing this I felt a moment of uncertainty seeing my lover begin to make love with another woman. Fortunately for me this feeling soon past as I continued my hot mouth action and watched him pinch and twist her nipples.

“I think she’s ready for you,” Cory whispers hotly into Brenda’s ear.

“How about it little cock tease?” she looks down pumping her fake dick a few times into my mouth.

“YES please,” I beg. “Someone fuck my hot pussy!”

“Oh I’m going to do that and more,” she tells me.

The bed squeaks as Brenda settles herself between my legs. I can feel her hard cock brush my ass and shiver in anticipation.

“Here little one.” Cory settles down with my head in his lap. “Suck on this while I watch your tight little pussy get fucked.” I can see a drop of precum sitting on the head of his throbbing prick and my tongue seeks it out to taste. At the same time Brenda starts to push the large head of her cock against my juicy hole.

I cant hold back the moan as I feel it enter and stretch my tight pussy. Soon it seems she has the whole thing buried deep inside me and I turn my attention back to Cory’s now oozing cockhead. He grabs my head and they start up a rhythm, fucking me in time between each of there cocks. As my body adjusts to the double fucking i’m receiving I get closer and closer to orgasm. I feel Cory’s cock jump and thrust hard into my mouth signaling just how close he is to cumming.

Just when I think I cant take anymore I feel a finger work its way into my ass. Cory can obviously see everything as this sight seems to finally take him over the edge and my mouth is filled with his hot salty cum.

My body strains against the bindings as orgasm finally rips through my body. My hot cum gushes out spraying Brenda’s fake cock and dripping down onto the sheets below. I collapse down to the bed trying to get my mind clear and my breath back after that amazing experience.

“You think your done now tease,” Brenda tells me spanking my ass a few times. “I don’t think so….not after the way you teased me that night online.” That said Cory walks around behind and I feel the bed once more give under the added weight. Her cock slowly pulls out of me and as I strain my head around I can see the two kissing. Finally they break apart while Brenda leans against him they both face my dripping escort balıkesir pussy.

“Want me to open up that tight ass for you?” She asks Cory.

“Fuck yes!” I can hear the excitement in his voice then his hands on my cheeks spreading my hot freshly spanked ass open for her probing. The head of Brenda’s cock touches my tight hole and I try not to clench up in anticipation.

“God bet that’s hot and tight,” I hear Brenda whisper.

“I plan to find out soon.” I bury my face in the bed under me as the cock begins to pump my ass. each time pulling out till I can feel the head being squeezed by my sphincter muscles then going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Cory’s hands reach around and start to play with my swollen slit making my hips buck up against the hard pole invading my ass.

I scream into the bed with the pleasure/pain as the two expertly bring me to the brink time and again but don’t let me go over the edge into orgasm. Finally I feel the cock being pulled from my ass as Brenda whispers something to Cory.

The bed shifts again as Brenda moves around to my head, displaying her shaved pussy to my view. I’m unsure at this point never having ate another woman’s pussy before but then I feel Cory’s hot cock take the place of the fake cock and push right into my ass. While I liked the feel of Brenda’s cock buried deep inside my whole body seems to sigh with the feel of a real throbbing cock inside me. In no time I feel the orgasm building inside again when Cory suddenly stops.

“You cant cum till she does.” he tells me.

Overcoming any reluctance I bury my face in Brenda’s pussy, licking and sucking up all her juices. She tastes different then myself but not unpleasant and I soon begin to like my task and start to dig my tongue in deeper.

Cory rewards me by beginning a slow torturous thrusting into my bowels. His hands reach under and once more begin to rub my hard sensitive clit.

Needing to cum I start to concentrate my sucking to Brenda’s clit wishing I had a hand free so I could work my fingers deep into her pussy. I can feel her pushing hard against my face with her need to cum when finally she cries out and her legs start to shake on my shoulders.

“Make her cum now,” Brenda tells you as she gently strokes the hair off my face.

Cory picks up the pace and my slow fucking begins to turn frantic. His fingers at work fast on my clit and I begin to cry with the overwhelming need to cum. Finally I feel the first blast of his cum deep in my hole and I think I’m going to lose my mind. My whole body shakes as my orgasm hits hard and I begin to spew hot cum all over his balls and down his leg.

Blast after blast of hot cum fill my ass till finally Cory is completely empty. He pulls out and his hands once again hold my ass open. I know he’s watching my ass contract and his cum slowly leak out of my stretched hole.

“You’ve done well little one,” I hear Cory say as my mind slowly begins to drift away.

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