Dear Paul Ch. 2


Dear Paul,

How’s it going, sweetie? I know it’s been awhile since I wrote you again, but things are hectic as hell over here. I got a little bit behind in some of my classes, so I have to do make up work in order to be able to graduate. Actually, the only class I’m worried about is Algebra II. If I had been going to public school all along, I wouldn’t have any problems. I could have just taken basic math one and two and that would have covered my math requirements for graduation. But, since I did my first three years of high school with the nuns, I had already taken Algebra I and Geometry. So, when I transferred over here for my senior year, they told me I had to enroll in their distinguished graduate program because of the classes I’d already taken. That means I need Algebra II. Fucking nuns screwed me over again. I should have let them find that crack pipe in my locker three years ago and I wouldn’t be going through this nightmare right now.

My boyfriend, Shane, finally joined the Navy too. Now I just need to get one more person to join and I’ll get promoted again. He went up Tuesday and was supposed to join on Wednesday, but the dumb fuck had wax in his ear and had to get it cleaned out before they could give him a passing score for his physical. He got that done yesterday and passed the rest of his physical. He’s going to be studying how to work on computers. His test score was a lot higher than mine. That kind of surprised me really, because he hasn’t struck me as being that smart. I never cared though. As long as he knew how to use that monster cock of his, and he does, that was the only thing I cared about.

I went with Keith to pick him up when came back down from taking his physical. Keith’s my recruiter. I know you remember me telling you about him the last time I wrote. He’s pretty good with his cock too. The shuttle got back pretty early, so I convinced Keith that there was time to take us both out to celebrate. He hesitated and tried to say that he needed to get home. I told him not to be such a scaredy cat and just to call his wife and tell her that the shuttle broke down and he was having to drive up to district to bring Shane home. We finally convinced him that the world would not end if he told Brenda another little white lie.

He relented and asked where we should go. I said that my mom and stepdad had taken my little brother and sister out of town and that there was plenty of whiskey at my house. Everyone liked that idea, so we hopped into Keith’s car and took off. My battery was dead, so I borrowed Keith’s cell phone and called Monica to see if she wanted to come over and join us. I talked to her brother and he told me she was out on a date. I turned his xslot phone off and told them that it looked like they were stuck sharing me. They didn’t seem too disappointed by that thought.

We got to my house, and when we were inside I made a drink for everyone and then excused myself to go to the bathroom. I had enough coke for two small lines in my purse. I went to the bathroom with it because I didn’t want to do it in front of Keith. He thinks I quit that shit, but I haven’t told him I started again. I’ll quit again before I have to ship out for boot camp, but it would be such a waste of the next couple of months to have to be totally clean until I leave. So, I laid the lines out on a mirror in the bathroom and snorted them by myself. Coke’s a lot more fun when you can share it, but oh fucking well.

I went back out, and Shane was already mixing them a second drink. I told Keith that there was no way he was going to sit around my house in his uniform and started unbuttoning his shirt. He started kissing me as I did this, and Shane step up behind me and very slowly began to grind his himself against my ass as he slid his hands up my stomach and cupped my tits. Then Keith dropped to his knees and started unbuttoning my shorts. As Keith did that, Shane pulled my tee shirt up over my head. Then he moved his hands back to my tits and began rolling my nipples around with his thumbs and forefingers. By this time, Keith had pulled down my shorts and panties and was tracing the outer lips of my pussy with the tip of his tongue.

Of course, all of this had me purring a mile a minute and just about going crazy. I turned away from Keith to face Shane and pulled his tee shirt up over his head. I love the way his muscles ripple under his ebony skin. Then I pushed him onto his back on the floor and went down onto all fours in front of him. As I undid his buckle and pulled off his belt, I felt Keith’s tongue being applied to my asshole. I turned back to look at him and saw that he had finished what I started and stripped off the rest of his clothes. I loved the contrast of his pale white skin with my olive tone and Shane’s midnight coloring.

I turned my attention back to Shane and pulled his jeans and boxer shorts off and tossed them over to the side. By now there were clothes strewn all over the living room. I took Shane’s magnificent black cock into my mouth and sucked it all the way down to the base. As I was working my lips up and down the length of Shane’s cock, Keith was pumping two of his fingers in and out of my pussy and rimming my asshole with his tongue. We did this for a few minutes until I pulled my mouth off of Shane’s cock and turned to face Keith. I xslot Giriş positioned myself over Shane’s cock and began to rub the head of it along the lips of my pussy. I was already wet from Keith’s fingers so it didn’t take much for me to be able to slide right down on his cock until he was all the way inside me.

Keith stood in front of me with his cock sticking straight out as I rode up and down on Shane. I took Keith’s cock into my mouth and began to suck him just as I had been sucking Shane. I guess Shane wanted a little more active control, because after a minute or two he eased himself up and then lifted me so that he would stay inside me and sat me down on my knees. I put my hands onto Keith’s legs and kept sucking his cock like it was a lollypop while Shane pumped me from behind. It was just a few minutes before I felt Shane tense and the warm fluid of his semen began to fill my insides and then run down my leg.

Once Shane was finished, he pulled out of me and I took Keith’s cock out of my mouth for a second and told Shane to go to my room and get the K-Y Jelly. I went back to sucking Keith’s cock, and as soon as Shane returned with the lube he began to apply it to my asshole. Once he had finished that, I took Keith’s cock out of my mouth again and held him by it as I guided him around to where Shane was. Without further prompting from me, Shane got the hint that I wanted him to lube Keith’s cock. I loved the surprised look on Keith’s face as soon as Shane squirted some of the jell onto him and stroked his hand along Keith’s cock to apply it. When Shane had finished covering Keith’s pole with the lubricant, I turned and offered my ass to him. By this time, he realized exactly what was going on and he positioned himself and pushed the head of his cock up against my asshole. He got the head inside but stopped as soon as he heard me groan. I told him not to stop. Just keep going. So, he went ahead and pushed his dick the rest of the way inside my asshole.

Once he was inside again, I directed him to stop for a second and just let me enjoy the feel of it. He did that, and after a moment, I told him it was okay to go ahead and start fucking me. He started stroking me slowly at first, but in just a few seconds he was too excited to hold back and started pounding his cock in and out of my asshole. It didn’t take long of him doing that before I was screaming to the heavens with orgasm. As soon as he knew I was cumming then he let loose and had his own orgasm. Then he pulled out of me and I laid on the floor and purred some more as I had Shane’s cum running out of my pussy and Keith’s cum running out of my asshole.

By now, Shane was starting to respond xslot Güncel Giriş again and his cock was already about half hard. With that in mind, I grabbed up the tube of K-Y and squirted some onto my fingers. I told Keith to lie on his side, and he very obediently did as he was told. I squirted some of the K-Y around his asshole to go with what was already on my fingers and began to work two fingers in and out of his asshole. He lay there moaning like he was joining me down from the heavens. After I had finger fucked him for about two minutes, I leaned my lips up to his ear and told him Shane needed a little help with his cock so he could do the job right. Keith looked up to see Shane in front of him on his knees stroking his cock that was now about three quarters erect.

I didn’t have to say another word. Keith just reached up and took Shane by the cock and used it to pull him down to the floor with him. The way Keith took Shane into his mouth; I knew right away that that wasn’t the first cock he’d ever had the opportunity to suck. We went on like that for another minute or two with me pumping my fingers in and out of Keith’s asshole and Keith bobbing his head up and down on Shane’s cock. Then I eased my fingers out and crawled over Keith to Shane. I pulled his cock out of Keith’s mouth and saw what I wanted to see. A fully erect, beautiful, black cock. At that point, I guided Shane around behind Keith and helped him position the head of his beautiful cock against Keith’s asshole. Once there, Shane didn’t need any direction and immediately thrust his cock all the way into Keith’s asshole.

While Shane pumped away at Keith, I moved around so that I could lay in front of Keith with my legs open and let him do what he does best and give me some fantastic tongue action. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure I came first and I came so hard that I semi-passed out. Once I was alert again, I managed to capture the image of Shane reaching around and giving Keith a hand job while he fucked him in the ass. They had both already cum once, so this went on for a few minutes. I just lay back and enjoyed the show until I recognized that expression on Keith’s face and knew that he was about to cum again. So, I quickly put my lips around his cock and started to suck for all I was worth until he was shooting off and I could feel his semen hitting the back of my throat. From the groans that I heard coming from Shane, I knew that he was cumming again too. Then we just all collapsed in a heap on the floor, and I laid there until the urge hit me to reach across them to the coffee table and take a cigarette out my pack. As soon as the smoke hit the back of my throat and headed for me lungs, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed my after sex smoke.

Okay, sweetie. I got to get going. I really took a little too much away from my homework time to write this, but I know how much you love details. But, now I really have to hit my Algebra book. See ya.


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