First Day of Class


I started a new semester at my local college about a week ago. I’m in the Masters program and it’s a summer session so I’m only registered for two classes during the summer. One of the classes is online and the other is on-campus. This story will tell you about my very enjoyable first week in my new on-campus class.

As I was running to class, late as usual, I noticed a dirty blonde 30 year old white female walking a short distance ahead of me. She was wearing tight tannish leggings (more like stockings but I didn’t know women actually wore that stuff in public – at least not in the 21st century). She looked pretty damn good for an older woman and I started thinking about what her front looked like. I was imagining a younger Carmen Electra minus the tan (but keeping the big titties). She moved to the right and she walked into one of the classrooms. I continued to walk on scanning the signs for room 2010. I was in the high 2000’s so I started walking back and finally found the room after a few seconds of searching. I looked through the window on the door and noticed everyone sitting down and I felt a little bad about being late. I decided I could care less, it was the first class after all, and then proceeded to open the door.

I immediately looked towards the front of the classroom and noticed the same dirty blonde from the hallway apologizing to the class for being late. I said I didn’t mind, which gained a light bit of laughter from the class and teacher, and then sat down in the only open seat – at the front of the class. I took out my notebook and pen and started taking notes as the teacher went over the syllabus. As always, my mind went a little off task as I started to think about how I was wrong with the whole Carmen Electra thing. First of all, CE isn’t even that hot. I mean, she’s alright, but she’s fake and old – not my kind of girl. I’m more into the girl next door kind of look (i.e. Hillary Duff or the girl from The Girl Next Door). Now this teacher, named by the syllabus as Dr. Adams, looked more keçiören escort like Ashley Tisdale than Carmen. Dr. Adams looked absolutely gorgeous in her pink tank top with the tan leggings (which surprised the hell out of me because I would never have imagined a teacher wearing leggings EVER). She had an amazing smile with big brown eyes – I mean for real, her face looked like a models. She was pretty thin, maybe a little less than average, but she did have sort of big arms (which I noticed but it didn’t seem to be that big of a deal).

I felt my cock stiffen as I imagined my teacher sucking me off. Now, I know this seems cliché but it’s cliché for a reason – it’s the first thing I usually think of when I see a hot (or at least a 6 on the rating scale) woman. I could picture her big pink lips over my big thick tip. I could imagine her hands running up my thighs reaching for my dick – her eyes looking at me with desperation and desire.

In my dream, I looked around and noticed the classroom watching while the professor was about to give me a blow job. I noticed one girl a few seats away beginning to breath heavier, sort of panting like a dog begging for water. A few seats from her a guy was staring at Dr. Adams hard – it seemed like he hadn’t blinked in forever – and he began to move his hand towards his crotch. Finally, I noticed an older woman (in her mid-50s or so) looking at us as she leaned backwards in her seat. Her hand moved down below the table and I could see her arm vibrating ecstatically.

I got back into the game and looked down again at Dr. Adams. She looked so fucking good that I decided I would make this dream real one day. Her hands met my member and her grip slowly tightened around my average sized dick. She began to rub my shaft using both hands and suddenly moved towards it with her mouth. She didn’t yet place her warm mouth on it but instead she began to make kissing gestures at it. I was a little put off by this but then I noticed a long drip of her spit dripping slowly kızılay escort towards her hands while tugged on my dick. The white liquid landed on its directed target and she began to lather it all around my shaft making it feel like I was in her warm wet pussy.

She rubbed up and down, at first using both hands but then she decided that one hand was easier (I’m not that small don’t worry). She used the other hand to reach under my dick. Gently passing by my balls, Dr. Adams seemed to know my every desire as she grazed one of her delicate fingers over my but crack. I could see it was difficult for her (I was sitting down after all) so I slouched back a little so that my ass hung over the front of the seat a bit. She smiled as I did this and I felt a mutual understanding between the two of us: that I was about to have one of the best orgasms ever.

Her right hand was picking up the pace on my hard dick and her left was slowly finding its objective. Her nail finally found the whole and I began to squirm a bit. Just as I began to tense up I felt a warm sensation on the tip of my dick: Dr. Adams had finally decided to put her pink lips around my thick top hat. I felt like I never had before as her mouth moved up and down my dick. Her finger moved into my anus and she began to make moaning sounds. I looked down but it wasn’t Dr. Adams making the noises but the 50 year old chick three seats away. The old lady was definitely rubbing one off and her body tensed as she came – HARD. The whole class looked at her while she came and then immediately back at Dr. Adams working her magic.

I felt like I was about to cum but I didn’t want to quite yet. I tried to touch the top of my teacher’s head to guide the movement a bit but she looked up and gave me a stern look of impending doom. I decided laissez-faire would work best and looked towards the ceiling as she blew me off. Her mouth was around my member and her right hand was near the bottom of my shaft holding it tight for maximum pleasure. Her left sincan escort hand continued doing its best as one of her fingers gently moved inside my asshole. Her warm mouth was oozing with wetness and I felt like I was fucking a warm washcloth.

I looked down again just as Dr. Adams placed both hands on my dick. Her mouth was now off and she looked at me with a look of absolute love: (as in all cliché’s) she wanted me to cum on her sexy face. Her lips were glistening with my pre-cum and she slowly moved her tongue around her pink lips taking it all away. Her big brown eyes, which looked like a Japanese anime character’s eyes, seemed to beg me to finish. She wanted to pleasure me in the best of all ways and I was beginning to feel her grip tighten around my cock. She moved up and down my shaft with more aggression, her eyes suddenly darkening like a wild cat in the night.

She began to move back and forth, while on her knees, and she opened her mouth wide. Two tugs later and I finally shot all of my white juice all on her face (unfortunately for her I missed the suggested target). White cum appeared on her left red cheek and bit more was on her dirty blonde hair. I noticed a little bit more on her big arm near her shoulder and even some on the desk. I looked behind her and noticed a bit of my cum on the girl who was panting earlier. The girl (who looked like the dark brown hair girl from the show Community) used her right hand to scoop up my white jizz that was on her left arm. She slowly moved it towards her mouth and put her finger (with my cum) inside her. She swallowed with delight and I looked down at Dr. Adams.

WTF – Dr. Adams was gone and in her place was the guy who was reaching towards his crotch earlier. I instantly woke up from my dream sitting straight like a bolt of lighting. Dr. Adams looked at me like I had just woken up from daydreaming and began to smile. Her eyes looked like she had just finished a monumental project, with tremendous glee and excitement. As I began to write additional notes down in my notebook I noticed a little something on the brown hair girl a few seats away – I swear you not, but I PROMISE you – there was bit a white stain on her left arm. No wayr, I thought, and began to pay attention to what would be a very ineresting class…

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