Flower Arranging


It had been two days since I had deflowered my cousin Grace under the expert tuition of the Lady Amanda Montague. Two days of thinking what had happened and what I had felt. Mandy had invited us back to her home for dinner but we had to tell her that we were unable to go since Grace’s parents were waiting for us to return for supper.

So we now shared a secret and a stolen kiss or two wanting to use those valuable lessons that Mandy had taught us. However with the chaperone’s of her mother, father or any of her brothers and sisters there was little time alone for either of us. Despairing I had wondered if there was any way we could have organised another flower picking expedition but I thought that Grace’s mother in particular had suspicions about what had happened that day and had determined to keep us under surveillance. However I had not considered our friend Mandy’s determination to teach us about the art of lovemaking about which we were to find her an encyclopedic source.

“Well my lad you seem to be moving in august company, Grace and yourself have been invited to a weekend soirée at the Lady Amanda Montague’s house,” my Uncle remarked in a bluff manner as he looked up from the paper. Seeing my confusion he nodded to the table and a letter unopened at my seat and a jubilant looking Grace nibbling at some toast.

Taking the envelope I opened it and read the invitation. My Aunt looked at me curiously and I felt that I must offer some sort of explanation.

“Yes we met her when we went flower picking she kindly showed us where the best flowers were.”

“I don’t think you mentioned this Paul,” my Aunt chimed in quickly.

“Oh Mama , we did not think we would see her again,” Grace remarked ingeniously and then continued,” Please let us go. There is so little to do here and we will be introduced to some of the best people from around the shire.”

My Aunt pursued her lips in a disapproving manner but before she could talk my Uncle spoke.

“Of course you shall go. Don’t want to upset the local nobility do we my dear.”

“As long as their are no shenanigans on offer but the Lady has a blameless if eccentric reputation,” my Aunt replied.

Realising there was only a day before the weekend gathering Grace rushed to her room to begin packing and preparing for the three days and two nights from beneath the eagle gaze of my Aunt. So we were very excited when my Uncle drove the family’s chaise to Mandy’s house. It was a much larger house than my uncles with at least twenty main rooms and separate servants quarters. It was set in beautifully appointed settings that were very private. After our luggage had been removed and sent to our rooms we bade goodbye to my Uncle and walked to the front door which opened smoothly before us.

“My dear young lovers how are you,” Mandy’s voice greeted us as she swept down the staircase.

We looked up the staircase as Mandy swept down the imposing cedar staircase. Unlike the last time we had seen the woman she was modestly clothed, however one look into her face showed the same playful mischievousness there. Then she was with us and kissed both Grace and myself on the cheek. As she did so with me she squeezed my cock gently through my trousers.

“I am very pleased you could join me,” Mandy trilled excitedly. Then she continued,” Both of you have been in my thoughts often. I have invited another guest who I think will be informative in our mutual studies.”

” Studies?” I asked.

“Did you think I would leave you only half-educated Paul?” she asked me rhetorically. Again she continued,” I have taught Grace how to please you and she still has much to learn but you must learn how to please her my dear.”

From a dark corner the butler arrived and Mandy ushered us into an informal tour of the house. Though smaller than many great country houses I found the residence large and very well furnished. We wandered through well tended gardens that suited the house to a tee, every now and again we would come across small fountains or statues. Near to the house we could see the wood that we had first met. Then we were taken to our rooms, I was surprised to see that we were in separate room. My expectation must have shown for I found Mandy’s arm through mine and izmit escort bayan she laughed softly.

“Don’t worry my dears you will spend some time in the same bed as I know how you wish to.”

Once settled we wandered back to the drawing room and a light afternoon tea. In the room was a suited gentlemen who jumped up to greet our hostess with obvious delight. He was a small dapper man with a shiny waxed moustache that he twirled continually, his mannerisms were almost comic though there seemed something about him that also made you think of immense dignity. He also touched Mandy with an intimacy that made me wonder who this man was.

“Henri may I introduce you to my young friends Paul and Grace,” Mandy turned to us and she then introduced him to us.

“Paul and Grace may I introduce an old friend of mine and my late husband who we met in the colonies. He was originally born in Antwerp but has joined us in living in this fortunate land.”

Henri bowed as he took Grace’s hand and clicked his shoes. When he shook my hand he did so with a firm manly grip. We then passed our time in discussing that most social of topics, the weather and the activities of the rich and famous. After an hour spent in this enjoyable but frivolous activity a gong was struck to indicate that we should prepare for dinner.

To my surprise Henri took me by the arm and led me away explaining as he did so,” Lady Amanda has asked that I prepare you for the night. So Monsieur Paul I am to ensure that you understand what is to be done. First dear sir we are to bathe but not together if you were worried that was to be so.”

After the warm bath I joined Henri in the dressing room and began to dress in the formal evening wear provided. As we dressed Henri gave me the benefit of his experience with women.

“A man must be properly dressed and respect a woman whether they meet for the first time or they are lovers. It is only when you are alone or in company that you are intimate with that one disrobes,” the man continued as he sprayed a flowery Eu de Toilette on his face and continued,” You English seem to forget that women need to feel they are needed or should have respect. A lover wants to know that you are interested in her mind as well as body.”

He stopped for a short time and adjusted his bow tie fussily before he continued,” Monsieur Paul always treat your lover as though it is the first time and enjoy the hunt as you seduce her. Madame Amanda is a woman who is less inhibited than many on this island but any woman will flower in love-making with help of the proper lover and a thought to the delight of your partner.”

The gong sounded again and we made our way to the dining room and waited for our companions. I was delighted to see Grace dressed in a dark crimson svelte dress that showed her figure . Mandy wore a dark purple outfit that was the height of fashion. Offering my arm Grace entered the dining room with me and we sat down to a feast. I am a poor gourmand so I can barely remember the food and conversation other than thinking it first rate. For the aftermath of this meal drives out all thought of its beginning.

After dessert we departed to the lounge and our amusements and what amusements they were to be. As the servants departed Mandy her eyes aglow looked about us and bade us to undress for we were to disport ourselves in the most intimate of manners. I watched as she asked Henri to help her with her dress and found Grace before requesting the same. With fumbling fingers Grace unslipped knots and bows until her dress dropped to the floor.

After their work we had two beautiful half-clad women. They both wore the same things, a form of corset that left their breasts uncovered yet pushed them up as though they were being offered. Their legs were naked save for sheer white silk stockings that encased their legs in a most alluring way, black suspenders held the stockings up. Their pussies were naked and I delighted in seeing their ass cheeks flare beneath the corset-type underwear they wore. I knew they were not corsets because they did not have the bone and iron stiffeners that a corset would have.

“They are beautiful are they not Monsieur Paul,” Henri spoke warmly and then continued,” Do they not beg izmit eve gelen escort to have love made to them. What do you English say beg to be fucked?”

Just looking at them had rendered me speechless and Mandy led Grace over to me. Looking at her I realised that her nipples had been rouged as had Mandys. Her corset-bustier was a dusky pink as compared to Mandy’s crimson outfit. Both looked delectable and I heard a noise from behind me. Henri was disrobing and seeing his action I found that I joined him. Soon we were both naked and I felt my hard cock being pulled by gravity. I watched Henri and though he was a small dapper man was amazed to see his cock was far longer and wider than my own and I am not small by any stretch of the imagination.

Seeing me look at him he continued his instruction,” Note my young friend how they do not remove all their clothes. Often it is more arousing to a man to be able to see only part of a woman’s body. A man will imagine what is left covered and he will imagine beauty indeed. Come let us admire their forms, they will not run away and to take one’s time is a good thing I find. Though many of my lovers have enjoyed a good rogering as you English say quickly and being handled roughly. “

He walked around Mandy slowly never touching her but looking into her eyes and at her body with a priapic smile on his lips. I joined him and ached to touch the dark-haired Grace who stood before me. As I walked around her she parted her legs and lifted her arms above her head exposing herself to me even more. Standing like that she was intolerably vulnerable and I ached to thrust her back onto the sofa and thrust my cock into her body until I came.

“The greatest gift a man can give a woman is patience, the patience to woo her body until it makes sweet sounds as you thrust into her body. Too often a man will take a woman without thought other than his own pleasure. Let both think of the other and the love-making approaches the joy that will be in heaven itself.” Henri whispered to me as though he had realised what I felt in my mind.

Mandy stepped forward and led Grace to the couch and folded her body over the well-padded arm . This way her ass and pussy were easily seen and I was led between her legs by Henri. Mandy spoke now and her voice seemed to drip with musky sensuality.

“When you broke her maidenhead the first time she excited you with her mouth. It is wonderful for a woman to have a man’s tongue dart into your pussy and kiss your wet lips tenderly and deeply. Grace would love you to do that Paul.”

Henri’s hands pressed my unresisting body to my knees and I saw before me Graces darkly fleeced sex. The lips were pink beneath the hair and I looked at them with intense interest. This was the first time I had ever kissed a woman’s pussy and I wondered what I must do I stretched a little forward and kissed the lips like I would kiss the mouth and heard Henri’ voice speaking sternly.

“Non, non, non! You are not kissing a maiden aunt but a woman’s sex. The foundation of passion and desire. It is like a pomegranate, you must push aside the hard covering and devour the fleshy fruit beneath it. Watch me my dear young ones.”

I watched as Mandy rested her elbows on the sofa and pushed her plump sexy ass cheeks into the air. I could see her pussylips beneath her fleece of hair. I watched as Henri kneel behind her legs and began to stroke gently along her thighs and legs. He gently parted them opening her lips so that I could see them even more. Grace stood next to me and watched with a deep hinger. I looked at her and touched her breasts and caressed her hard nipples.

“Paul I feel that my pussy is burning, please take me,” Grace whispered her lust easily heard.

Henri must have heard for he turned to us and admonished us,” No you are to learn my young people so watch and hold onto your lusts!”

Finishing with us he leant forward and he licked his tongue along Mandy’s lips to her obvious pleasure as she squealed with joy. As though he felt freed by her pleasure and we both saw his tongue play over her lips and as his fingers gently parted her lips he thrust it through her lips and we heard harder gasps break from Mandy’s lips as he izmit otele gelen escort lathered her lips and pussy in her own juice. I saw her fingers press against the top of her pussy and I saw the peak of her clit before her fingers massaged it firmly.

“Ohhhhh, Henri deeper. Pleaseeeee!!!!!! Harder!!!! Deeper!!!!” Mandy screamed.

Her face changed as we watched her cum, from that civilised attractive visage it became a thing of wild beauty as her mouth gasped for breath whilst it was driven from her body by the orgasms that Henri helped her enjoy. As his tongue slipped around and into her pussy he held his cock and stroked it slowly waiting for the time to thrust it between her cum covered lips.

Though not told Grace bent her body over the arm of the sofa and felt the heavy padding mold itself to her body. I saw the wet hair about her pussy and realised that she wanted me to kiss and suck on her nether lips. Of course I had heard of this practice amongst the French but I had always thought it unmanly, yet offered Graces pristine pussy I knelt behind her and quickly pressed my mouth to her waiting pussy. As my lips touched her I heard a deep groan from her mouth and cum pumped into my lips as it squirted from her pussy.

Using my fingers I opened her swollen lips and dipped my tongue into her pussy. It was strange tasting her. It was a sweet musk that I lapped with abandon and I touched all along her lips and into the hot hole of her vagina. I opened her even more and I moved closer to the hard mount of her clit but I heard a soft no and I looked up at Mandy who though in the throws of her pleasure spoke slowly and with effort.

“No, slowly make her cum slowly.”

I bent again and instead of moving towards Grace’s clit that peaked from beneath its protective hood I licked the lips and walls of her pussy. She came with my loving kisses and I licked and kissed even more slavishly along and inside her pussy and felt the small orgasms burst through her body. She gasped and moved as I pulled her deeper into the paths of her pleasure.

My tongue slipped and slid over her flesh and she came in my mouth as I learnt to please her with my tongue and lips. I think that she was even louder than Mandy who was screaming with pleasure. I found that as I played with her pussy I experimented my kisses and licks mixing long licks with short touches, I nibbled at her lips and sucked on them with my lips. My tongue touched the walls of her pussy as I slipped it between her lips. I found the inside of her pussy pulsed with hot flesh that was coated with musky cum and she came with my kissing.

“Now Monsieur Paul take her with your cock. Take her hard and deep, she is ready for you,” I heard Henri say.

Dazed I rose until I had my cock at the entrance of the wet pussy which I had been slathering with kisses only seconds before. I felt burning desire flare across my body as I looked at the plump ass cheeks that rested against my belly. I heard a high squeal from Mandy as Henri thrust deep into her body. I watched him thrust and twist as he pounded his cock into her and I felt my cock smoothly slip between Grace’s juice covered lips and slowly pushed it deep into her pussy. I twisted and pulled softly with my groin and felt her pussy squeeze my cock. Then I began to thrust into her hard and deep.

“Oh yesss!!! Yesss!!!!” she screamed as I fucked her firmly and strongly.

My cock was held in her tight pussy and I watched as Mandy kissed Grace’s lips and I saw Grace respond with a passion I had not believed possible. I felt my cock explode and I saw Henri pull his cock from Mandy’s pussy and spill his cum over her lightly tanned ass. Taking that as a cue I did the same squeezing cum onto Grace’s fleshy cheeks. It formed pearls of creamy cum on her flesh and I rubbed it firmly into her skin allowing it to shine under the light from the gas lamps and the fireplace.

I felt my cock soften and I slipped away from Grace who I raised and kissed on her mouth. She was breathing heavily and responded with a passion I had never had felt before in my life. I heard someone clapping and I looked up to see a smiling Henri who cried lustily,” Bravo Monsieur Paul, Bravo!!!”

Then I heard Grace speak,”Yes bravo Paul that was so wonderful.”

What was even better than her thanks was the thought that this was only the beginning of our night here and there was a whole weekend to enjoy.

To be continued as they are tutored in more ways to make love. I hope you enjoy this story and the ones to come.

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