I Cheated My Hubby Ch. 02


Hi, am Maneesha again! I was just overwhelmed with the kind of responses & comments that i received after publishing my first ever true story. A lot of people asked me whether it was the first and last time i cheated on my hubby or whether there were any more such incidents and that i should publish them as well. This encouraged me to write this story which again is a true story.

I carried on my discreet relationship with my brother-in-law for almost an year without getting caught and we both had a lot of fun. But unfortunately after an year or so, he was transferred by his company on a posting abroad for 3 years and he went to US along with his family. I was really heartbroken & depressed for almost 2 months after he left but then i decided to move on and look for other opportunities.

Luck soon smiled on me quite unexpectedly. Just before he had left to US, my sister & brother-in-law requested me if i could accommodate their cook who was working with them for past 6 years. Since i too wanted someone to help me in the kitchen plus to manage some household work, i immediately agreed to their request and they sent him to me the day they left to US.

His name was Vikas and he was a young boy of just 18 years but looked like a full blown man. He was 6 feet tall, dark, sturdy with a great muscular body since he used to work out every day in the evening. He got quickly adjusted in my house and impressed me and my hubby with his work. He gave a great relief to me as he used to do all the work and did not allow me to do anything. Yet i used to spend some time in the kitchen with him.

He was very prompt in his duties and was very obedient but he had just one bad habit. He was very lazy to get up early in the morning and since my kids and my hubby left the house early, i had to put an alarm and wake him up every day at 5 am. Once he woke up he worked for the whole day without any problems. We had a small store room in one corner of the house which was practically vacant and we allotted that room to him where he used to rest and sleep in the night.

After about 2 months subsequent to my brother-in-law’s departure to US, when i was very depressed, one incident took place and that has changed my life completely. My husband Rajesh had then left for a 2 week trip to Singapore on business and i was alone with my kids and Vikas. One morning as usual i got up at 5 am and went to the store room to wake up Vikas.

I entered his room and was about to call his name when suddenly i just froze at the door. I saw that he was sleeping on a mat on his back. Since it was hot, he had not worn a shirt or vest and that showed off his great muscular chest & arms. He had a small loose cotton boxers which had rolled up and his huge cock had slipped from the side and was standing erect … rock hard pointing to the ceiling.

I just could not believe what i was seeing because i could not ever imagine a 18 year boy having such a massive cock which was about 9 inches in length and at least 4/5 inches in girth. I was shocked at the sight and just kept staring at it in disbelief. It was hard and literally throbbing with excitement.

I looked at his face and saw a faint smile as if he was in a nice dream. I kept staring at it for about 10/15 minutes and then i could not resist the temptation of touching it. So i moved forward and i touched it with one of my toes. It was hard like a bamboo and soon bakire porno i started stroking it up & down, holding it between my toe and the next finger. Vikas first thought that he was in a dream but soon he lazily opened his eyes and the moment he saw me he was stunned and embarrassed.

He immediately sat and said “madam you? … when did you come??” and he quickly removed my toes from his cock and tried to cover it with his boxers.

I just smiled at him seductively and replied “i came to wake you up as usual but when i saw your huge hard cock, i could not resist myself. And by the way .. what a huge cock have you got … i was not aware that you have such a wonderful tool that can make any woman go crazy.”

I again smiled at him and he again felt embarrassed. He said “I am sorry madam … i didnt realize that my boxers had rolled up in my sleep. Am extremely sorry. Please forgive me.”

I was amazed at his innocence and said “its perfectly ok Vikas. Its not your fault. You are no longer a boy now … you have grown up into a man and its normal for any man to have such erections. What surprised me is the size of your massive cock since i am seeing such a huge one for the first time in my life. You have a much bigger than a normal size cock.” And i again smiled at him trying to make him comfortable. Now he literally blushed at my words and i noticed that he still had that bulge in his boxers.

I asked him to stand up and when he did, i again stared at that bulge and smiled at him. He didnt know how to react and what to do with that bulge. I quickly caught hold of it in my right hand on top of the boxers and stroked it up & down. He was pleasantly surprised and left out a big moan. But i quickly recovered myself and asked him to hurry up since the kids had to go to school. I then left his room, went to my kids room, woke them up and went to my bedroom.

In my bedroom, i just threw myself on the bed and closed my eyes. My huge boobs were heaving up & down out of the excitement that i had just experienced. His huge cock just kept dancing in front of my eyes and i started getting horny. But again i controlled myself and helped my children to dress up and have their breakfast. When they got ready, Vikas took them down at the bus stop and then returned after their school bus picked them up. Now for the whole day i was going to be with Vikas and i felt very excited.

I went to the kitchen where he was busy preparing for lunch. I gave him instructions what to prepare and then i just stood there staring at him. He looked at me briefly and then dropped his eyes. I knew he must have been thinking about me as i was thinking about him. I went close to him, touched his broad muscular chest and arms and then sliding my hands downwards i brought it on his cock.

He got an instant erection. I caressed it for some time and again regaining my control i came back to my room. Vikas had really made me horny and i felt like having him. It had been two months without sex. But the thoughts of morality started bothering me. Also he was almost half my age. Is it good or bad??? I started thinking to myself. I was damn confused but soon lust overtook all my other thoughts and i finally decided to have him.

I went back to the kitchen and asked him to stop all work. He was surprised and asked me why? I told him that today i will order the food from outside evli porno and hence there was no need for him to work. I then asked him to quickly have his bath and then come to my bedroom. He just looked at me in surprise and i simply smiled at him. I then came back to my bedroom and waited for him impatiently. In 15 minutes he came back and i locked the room from inside. Next i just threw myself at him and started to kiss him passionately planting one kiss after another suffocating him. At first he startled but soon he recovered and then started behaving like an experienced guy which pleasantly surprised me.

He lowered his lips to mine…I closed my eyes … he kissed me slowly at first…just pecking my lips over and over…then gradually opened my mouth wide and kissed me more passionately. As this age of 39, mother of two was French kissing a 18 year old very muscular boy. I forgot about everything except the thick cock that was now grinding into my belly through his shorts. As he began to massage my full breast through my tight blouse that barely covered them, I felt my nipples harden in response to his assault. We locked in another passionate kiss and while kissing he removed my sari , blouse and petticoat… leaving me only on my bra and panties. He was fumbling with my bra clasp as I searched out his cock…reaching inside his shorts.

When my bra fell to the floor Vikas sucked each nipple in turn as I began to stroke his full length in his shorts. His cock felt massive in my tiny fingers with their long red fingernails barely fit all the way around. I removed his shirt and pulled down his shorts making him stark naked. I separated from him for a moment and looked at his naked body. I saw one of the best bodies in the world … broad chest .. broad muscular shoulders and arms … fatless stomach … muscular thighs and in between those thighs … his erect huge cock making a 90 degree angle with the floor … challenging me. It was the most beautiful sight … I must agree that a well built boy or a man looks more handsome when he is naked!!

As I dropped to my knees, his cock…already rock hard…smacked me in the face as I released it from its bounds. At first I just planted little kisses all around his massive head but as I grabbed and stroked the thick base of his cock I began to take him further and further down my throat. I sucked on and on as Vikas and I matched each others moan for moan. His hands were folded over his head as he gently glided his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Occasionally I would duck underneath and lick his balls as I stroked his length. Then I ran my lips and tongue up and down his length as I brought my young lover closer and closer to orgasm.

After sucking him for almost 15 minutes he tapped me on the forehead and motioned me to come over to the bed. He quickly removed my panties … looked at my swollen pussy and as he gently spread my legs I took a deep breath and got ready for what I had dreamed since morning. His tongue at first licked my slit from bottom to top…lapping up my juices that had formed as I masturbated his huge cock. When he inserted his two fingers and worked them underneath my clit I pulled his face to mine and thanked him with a passionate kiss.

As our tongues intertwined he pumped his fingers into my now soaked pussy. He then went down on me just like I’ve always dreamt …flicking fake taxi porno my clit with his thick tongue…fucking me with his two big fingers better than my husband ever could with his tiny cock. I told him how good it felt…then felt myself losing control as my first orgasm of the day began to overtake me. Vikas licked and sucked on and on as I climaxed into his mouth …my hips were bucking uncontrollably.

After that he lifted my both the legs .. stretched it wide and then lowered his huge cock inside me. As his massive organ started penetrating my pussy … i started trembling with excitement as he was filling me more and more and reaching the depths that neither my hubby nor my brother-in-law had explored until now.

I thought he would tear my pussy into two parts with the kind of thickness his cock had. Thoughts of my husband were long gone as all I could think of was pleasing Vikas and how wonderful he was making me feel. I was so engrossed by his tremendous cock sliding in and out of my under-used pussy that I was uttering words that even I couldn’t believe.

He now picked up the rhythm and started banging me … pounding me repeatedly and i was in total ecstasy. While he slammed his huge cock he reached up and pinched and rolled my nipples between his thick fingers. I bent my head and looked between our bodies as his thick black cock would disappear over and over again into my pussy…reaching the deepest, untouched recesses that my husband never could. As his 18 year old huge shaft penetrated my 39 year old pussy, spreading me wider than ever before in my life, I bent forward and locked my lips on him.

As we fucked on and on we kissed deeply…when he began to grunt into my mouth, I knew I was about to have another orgasm so I fucked upwards with all my might in an attempt to get him as deep as possible. As my boobs swayed wildly Vikas fucked me, lifting my body right off the mattress. When I looked over at the mirror the sight of his huge body fucking into my tiny frame caused my own orgasm and for the first time in my life I came all around a thick cock as it squirted jet after jet of sperm deep into my fertile belly.

We rocked like a freight train for a few more minutes as we both enjoyed the complete satisfaction we were giving each other. His cum was mixing inside my body as I came to rest on his broad chest…his cock still deep inside me. We kissed like old lovers for a good five minutes before I kept my head back onto his wide chest and asked him if I was as good as he thought I would be. He then blew my mind by telling me that he used to fuck my sister everyday while her hubby was at work. He had been fucking her for last 5 years, no sooner he came of age… and her hubby had no idea of it while he remained busy fucking me at my house.

He narrated a number of tales about their encounters and how my sister had gone crazy for him and his huge cock. He also told me that sometimes my sister took great risks and came to the kitchen (where he used to sleep at night) in the middle of the night leaving her hubby alone in the bedroom and they fucked wildly on the kitchen floor. No wonder he was so experienced.

We made love several times that day and many more times during the ensuing days and months. We fucked and sucked in more ways and in more positions than I could have imagined. Whenever my hubby went on tours, he would quietly sneak in my bedroom at night and fuck me whole night. He assured me that he would keep this secret forever… as long as i wanted to enjoy him and as of today i am enjoying him & his huge cock. Who knows what is in store for tomorrow?? Till then let me enjoy and let me see how long we continue…

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