Nanay’s Submission Pt. 01


Hi, Literotica! This is a story I originally posted to reddit about a year and a half ago. Lots of things have changed since this started back in January of 2018, but I wanted to publish my story here and hope that you will enjoy it.

My name is Mika and I was 23 years old and married for 3 years when all of this started. I’ve seen in other stories that the women describe themselves or are asked to so I will say I am 5’1″, 105 pounds with smallish B-cup natural breasts with black hair with some cute red highlights that goes to my mid-back. I am a Filipina with tan skin and brown eyes. I’ve been told I’m pretty hot and get plenty of attention from men and even some women at work. I’m an only child.

My mother is Angela and she was 40 when this started. Yes, she had me when she was only 17. She is 4’11 with big EE breasts and a little curvy. I’m not sure how much she weighs and would never ask her, but I wouldn’t say she’s overweight, just kind of ‘soft’ I guess. We’ve been working on that at the gym. Her dark brown hair is shorter right now and goes to just below her shoulders but she’s working on growing it out longer again because my husband likes it long. She had always taken amazing care of her skin and it’s probably in better shape than mine is. I’m a little jealous (okay maybe a lot jealous) of how smooth and pretty her skin is.

My mother moved us to America after my father was killed in a work accident 8 years ago. I went to University here and met my husband in my last year when he visited his younger sister who happened to be my dorm mate at the time. He is James and is 5’11 and 175 pounds and is older at 32. He is a white man with blond hair and the most gorgeous deep blue eyes and since someone will ask his dick is a little above average at six and a half inches and he is circumcised like many American men, but he’s really thick at 6 inches around. He is perfect for me!

It was very clear soon into our relationship that James likes being in charge and since I am very submissive I was eager to please him in every way possible, especially sexually. Some days he would make me go to work with his cum on my skin or dripping out of either of my holes without wearing panties or even with a butt plug inside me. He wanted to be sure I knew that he owns my body and soul, and believe me, I know. I am his. I call him ‘Daddy’ at home or ‘sir’ when we’re out because I must show him my respect at all times, and I love being taken care of.

James’ parents helped us out with getting our house the year before last and once we had been living there for a month I suggested that my mother come live with us since she was all alone in her apartment across town. She hasn’t even had a boyfriend since my tatay (father) left us. She was overjoyed that we wanted her there and seems so much happier now that she’s not alone. She is my best friend. Even though I never asked her to do it she has been cleaning the house and doing laundry and making breakfast and dinner for us. We have become so spoiled by being mothered like this. But, in return she gets to live here rent free and doesn’t have to pay for anything.

She had only been with us for about a week when she heard me call James ‘Daddy’ the first time. I didn’t know she was there but when I turned there she was. She had quite a weird look on her face but said nothing about it. James and I shared a knowing look and he somehow started to subtly exert his dominance over her as well. I don’t know if he was doing it on purpose or if it was just how he is with every woman. Maybe some of both.

He started out slowly by giving her little errands to do for us, which she dutifully carried out. Then one night at dinner she was talking to him and he leaned back in his chair and said with authority, “Angela, I’d appreciate being called ‘sir’ in my home.” He had a way of saying things like that where it wasn’t condescending or patronizing at all, but also making it clear that he was not to be questioned. When he talked like that it had quite an effect on me and this time was no different. I could feel my little pussy throbbing and getting wet.

Nanay raised her eyebrows and looked to me for a moment but then said, “Oh, yes sir.” She nodded in respect and that obviously pleased him. The way she changed her body language and posture to show my Daddy that she knew her place caused my body to tingle and I know my nipples had to be visible even through my bra. They were so hard. It caught me off guard how I reacted and that night sex was insane. I had at least 5 very powerful orgasms and even squirted, something I didn’t even know I could do.

I was off the next day but James had to work. As I often did, I woke him up with his dick in my mouth to be sure that his needs were taken care of. I love everything about my Daddy’s cock, most especially how much cum he makes and how far it shoots out. When he woke up he was instantly very into it and groaned loudly.

He said at full volume, “Oh fuck, suck that cock, baby girl!” eryaman escort I gasped audibly and looked up at him in surprise but his only expression was a smirk. Surely my mother would have heard him and I think he knew it too. The dirty talk continued and my whole body was buzzing with arousal, and before long I stopped worrying if we were being overheard and pushed him into my throat until my nose was touching his hair. As usual I used my finger to massage his asshole because he loves that.

He groaned loudly and so did I. Somehow I was just on the edge of a really big orgasm just by sucking him and all it took was him reaching over and rubbing my clit for a few seconds before I tensed up and once again, I could feel a rush of juices come out of me and make a wet spot on our bed as I came so hard I thought I might pass out. I didn’t know if I liked squirting very much because it made such a mess everywhere and extra laundry.

James was close and reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled me up off of him but kept my face very close to his cock as he reached down with the other hand and started pumping out one of his massive cum loads as he loudly said, “Oh fuck yes!” I opened my mouth to try to get it but he wasn’t really letting me. Instead he was coating my face with it. A couple spurts went in my mouth but mostly it was going on my cheeks and some even landed on my lips, chin, neck and upper chest. It just kept coming and went everywhere. It was so warm and wet and I loved him using my body as his little slutty fucktoy.

As I usually did I started to reach to use my hands to gather it into my mouth but James said, “No. It stays right where it is.”

I took a sharp breath but immediately obeyed, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl.” I smiled widely and knew he was pleased. I was at least able to clean up the semen that was left on him and sucked his tip until I knew I had every last drop. I love his taste so much.

He got up to shower and get ready for work. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the cum and it was already starting to dry but was still clearly visible. I stood there almost shaking with wet inner thighs. I don’t think I have ever felt more slutty than in that moment. The thought of letting my mother see me like this filled me with burning shame but also there was this little twinge of pride. My Daddy had marked me and now I needed to show everyone just how much I am owned by him.

I sat on the toilet and peed and tried my best to wipe myself dry. I put on panties and was pulling on a sports bra as James was getting out of the shower. “Going for a run, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy. And then gym.”

“Good girl. You can shower at the gym when you’re finished.”

He got into his work clothes and we went out and nanay was busily getting breakfast ready for us. Today went a little differently because when Daddy sat down at the table she served him. She poured his coffee and prepared his plate and placed it before him, things I normally did. She looked at me and her eyes flew wide and she gasped with her hand over her mouth but said nothing and looked away. She recovered and said, “Mika, sit. Today I serve.” I smiled inwardly and sat down. She could obviously see that my face was marked. I could already feel my little pussy throbbing again.

When James said, “Angela this is amazing. Thank you,” nanay immediately smiled and said in her thick accent, “Thank you, sir. I am so happy you are please.” She nodded and looked at me and I could see she was feeling very proud of herself.

When his cup was getting low, nanay immediately refilled it without a word until he smiled up at her and said, “No more, thank you.” He paused and really looked at her.

“Angela, you’re looking stunning this morning.” He paused for a second and looked at me and added, “Both of my girls are beautiful today.” He smiled at me and I melted. I had a very strong urge to get under the table and suck him right then but of course I couldn’t do that.

I had to agree, she was stunning. Her hair was up but she had a little makeup on and was wearing a pink blouse that was showing quite a bit of her ample cleavage.

She giggled and said, “Oh, thank you sir. You are so nice to me.”

James was having fun and apparently decided to push things even more. “Turn around. I want to see the back too. Apron off, please.”

She didn’t hesitate and turned for him, obviously loving the attention. She quickly reached back and untied the apron and pulled it off.

James said appreciatively, “Your mom’s pretty hot, don’t you think, baby girl?”

I looked a little shocked, first that he would say my mom looked hot right in front of her and second that he called me “baby girl.” I swallowed hard and went with it. “She is pretty hot, Daddy.” Again, I had to be nearly making a wet spot on my chair I was so hot at this point. I was trembling and again wished I could have him in my needy mouth. All I could do instead was squirm etimesgut escort around in my seat and squeeze my pussy muscles again and again.

James said, “That’s fine, you may sit now, Angela.” She did so and couldn’t stop smiling.

She sensed that he was done and quickly gathered his dishes and took them to the sink.

He was idly looking at his phone when he said, “Angela, you know, Mika’s going to the gym after her run, and I think it would be good for you to go with her. You look great and I think you could benefit from a little strength training. I’ll call and have you added to our membership this morning.”

As usual the way he said it wasn’t a request and nanay knew it. She nodded first and said, “Of course I will go, sir.”

“Good girl,” he said. Nanay was all smiles and was super cheerful as it was the first time he had said that to her. Again a twinge of jealousy flowed through me but it passed.

He added, “Actually, I’ll arrange for a trainer to get you going strong.”

He stood and got ready to leave, and I and nanay stood as well to walk him to the door. That day was the first time he hugged her and even gave her a little quick peck on the cheek, causing her to put her hand over the spot of the kiss and giggle like a schoolgirl.

When he turned to me with her right there I melted into his arms and kissed him passionately. He didn’t even try to hide it when he brought his hand up and squeezed my boob and tweaked my nipple, causing me to shudder and moan. He even gave my ass a nice hard slap before heading out the door.

As the door closed, nanay looked at me but there was silence. She looked down and back to my face several times but couldn’t bring herself to say anything. Finally she said, “I guess I need workout clothes now.”

I laughed at her deflection and nodded. “You can just wear shorts today and we’ll go shopping for you later. I know Daddy will be fine with it.”

She said, “Okay.” She then paused and asked, “Why you call him Daddy, Mika? Is it some sex thing?”

I was still extremely turned on and feeling pretty uninhibited at the moment and simply decided to tell her the truth. “It’s a relationship thing but it’s definitely sexual too. Don’t you think he deserves to be respected as my Daddy?”

Her eyes went wide but she nodded and said quietly, “Deserves? What do I know? He is very forceful and a leader, like a daddy I guess. I heard you with him this morning. It sound like you take good care of your man. It made me happy to hear the sound of your love. I used to take care of your tatay like that.”

Her eyes misted over and I rushed into her arms and held her and sobbed a little with her. She whispered, “I miss him so much, Mika. I miss having a man to love me. I miss being touch… like that.” She sniffled loudly and squeezed me tightly.

She surprised me when she brought her hand to my cheek and lightly ran her fingertips over the drying cum. “Tatay never did this thing to me your James did though, and then he make you keep it on your face?!” She giggled and added, “I wish he did now.” I started laughing too and hugged her even tighter.

I had never heard my mother mention anything sexually and seeing this side of her was enlightening and really good to see, but also very sad since she had no one. I kissed her softly on the cheek and told her I loved her and she said it back to me.

I left for my run and came back covered in sweat but feeling thoroughly relaxed as usual. When I came through the door I immediately heard it. Soft moans were coming from her room and I couldn’t resist slowly going to the door and listening.

Almost immediately I heard her sounds double in volume and knew she must be having an orgasm. It was incredibly arousing and I felt my nipples harden and I pushed my hand into my tight lycra shorts over my panties and gently rubbed against my clit.

I could hear her starting to get up so I rushed away from the door and from the living room called out loudly, “I’m back! Ready to go?”

A few seconds went by and she answered, “Coming!”

By now most of Daddy’s cum had pretty much disappeared and could no longer be seen because of how much I had been sweating, but simply knowing it was there soaking into my skin was still keeping me on edge.

We went to the gym and worked out together. James had arranged a trainer for her as well and he had her go through a routine. She was worn out afterward but never once complained.

This was the start of James acting more and more sexual with my nanay. I could see him doing it and after about a week after an especially hot session where we were very loud again I snuggled into him and said, “Daddy, you’ve been so nice to nanay lately. She’s loving it, you know?”

“Oh, I know, baby girl.” I could almost sense his eyes sparkling and I knew he probably had his usual cocky smirk there in the darkness. “I’ve been thinking she must be really lonely, and I was thinking etlik escort maybe some male attention would do her good, and I was right. She’s so much like you, or rather I guess I should say you’re so much like her.”

He took a long, deep breath and then said in his matter-of-fact voice, “I’m thinking that she could use even more of my attention. How would you feel about sharing me with her, baby girl?”

I gasped slightly and not for the first time since all this had started I burned with intense jealousy. I said, “You mean you…” I couldn’t quite say it.

He laid there and waited for me to speak. “You want to…” I took a really deep breath and let it out. “Sex? Oh my god. My mother?!”

“I know it’s a lot, baby girl. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and you see how she’s been dressing for me and acting around me, and she has no one but us. I know it’s unusual, but it wouldn’t be hurting anyone. Don’t you think she deserves to have pleasure?”

Half a minute of silence went by. I had seen all the signs and knew that he had been looking at her differently and she was overtly throwing herself at him daily. James had started leaving the bedroom door ajar and nearly every time we had sex now we would hear her moaning along with us. I still remember that after this had been going on for a few weeks Daddy was giving me a good pounding and leaned down and whispered, “Your mommy’s cumming with us,” I lost it and completely soaked the bed in squirt and shook for several minutes as he held me tight and filled me up with his cum.

I tried to look beyond the jealousy and see things logically. He was telling me what he wanted to do instead of going behind my back and cheating, so he obviously wasn’t going to leave me for her or anything crazy like that.

Finally I said, “Yes, she deserves pleasure.” I exhaled heavily and he pulled me in tightly and kissed me.

“So it’s decided. We’ll talk things over with her in the morning. I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

The next morning when I woke up, he was already in the shower. I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten to suck him but then thought that maybe he was saving his cum for nanay. Once again the jealousy washed over me but I told myself to calm down and before I knew it, it was going away. I knew from now on that I’d have to share him and I began trying to wrap my mind around how things would be. Little did I know what he had in store for us.

At breakfast she wore her usual sexy outfit with makeup and an apron. She went about serving James. She had become so much more talkative lately and was laughing and smiling. It filled me with joy that she seemed so happy. She talked at length about her training sessions at the gym and wanted to show off the muscles that were starting to develop in different places in her body.

James said, “Angela, you are doing so great. I’m very impressed and Mika and I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

She beamed. “I never feel so good. So alive. Thank you so much, sir.”

James cleared his throat and said, “You’re very welcome, nanay.” Somehow her smile seemed to double when she heard what he had called her.

He looked at me hesitantly for a moment, something almost unheard of with him, but quickly regained his composure and reached out and placed his hand over hers.

“I’ve been thinking that we’ve been getting really close lately, and I love having you here living with us. Mika and I talked it over last night, and I wanted to ask if you would consider getting much closer with us and take our relationship to a more physical…”

Mom sucked in a huge breath quickly. “Yes, sir!” she interrupted. When she realized what she had done, she quickly apologized. “Oh, I’m sorry sir. I let you finish.”

James calmly continued. “It’s okay. I think you know what I’m proposing, so I take it your answer is yes?”

“Yes, it is yes. Yes!” She could barely contain her excitement and brought her other hand and put it on top of his. “Sir! Oh, I forgot! Sorry! Oh my god!”

James stood and pulled her into an embrace. I came around to where they were standing and hugged them both and she put her arm around me. Tears were flowing down her cheek and she kissed mine and said, “Mika are you really sure? You not just obey him?”

“Yes nanay, it’s okay with me. I’m not just doing it to obey.”

She whispered in my ear, “Mahal kita,” which means ‘I love you’ in Tagalog. I said it back to her and reached up to wipe the tears away.

James also wiped some tears from her face and leaned down to her and softly kissed her on the lips for the first time, and then he kissed me the same way.

Then he said the words that really changed everything permanently. “I want both of my girls naked right now, and you may share my cock.”

I looked at my mother and she looked at me with wide eyes. I was already pulling my shirt over my head but she was frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

James calmly said, “Baby girl, help her.”

I said to her sternly, “When our Daddy says to do something, you do it. Understand?” I reached out and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. She nodded in understanding and shook free of her initial shock and unbuttoned the rest herself.

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