Naughty Time Ch. 02


I just sat there and stared. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing for one. It had to be some sort of freakish coincidence. Though I knew deep down inside, it wasn’t. I was sitting there staring at my own Aunt, though she of course had no clue that it was me who was looking at her. The emotions I felt, the first of which was suddenly being scared shitless, and odd thing to feel…yet I was. Combined with that, the excitement, arousal, well off the scale, nervousness, confusion. So many emotions all at once, all wrapped up in a big knot that had suddenly filled my gut. I didn’t know which one to deal with first, or how I was even going to. And when she IM’d me again, I knew I had taken too long in answering her back.

Naughty time: “You there????”

Home Alone: “Yeah…sorry, my keyboard froze up,” I explained lying to her. And then I realized I had another problem to deal with, which for the moment, I needed to lie about as well until I could think things through better, not taking any risks or unnecessary chances here. “And…my web cam’s acting up, can’t seem to get it to come on line,” I likewise lied.

Naughty time: “Oh damn, but you can still see me right?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I answered back. You look damn hot too!” I added, which she did, but I was also stalling for time here, trying to think, still trying to work through this jumble of emotions I was feeling. And while doing that, catching bits and pieces as she sat there moving about slightly in her seat. Behind, the room now only taking on noticeable significance, something I hadn’t focused on or been all that interested in before. Now I was. Sure enough, the simple bookcases behind, though enough distance away that I couldn’t read any titles. And yet, a few well known, very familiar art pieces my father collected sitting there upon a couple of the shelves. That, and a small picture frame of the three of us together taken years ago when I was just a kid. Even though I couldn’t make out the three individuals in the photo, there was no mistaking where my Aunt was at. Sitting in my father’s private study, using his PC. I wish now I had taken better note of the surroundings from before, though I knew Aunt Kathy had a similar setup in her home. Similar enough perhaps, though she’d kept the camera on her body a lot closer last night than she had it sitting now. Purposely giving me more of a view of her almost full body, her breasts of course, and then on down towards her still covered crotch, though her hands even then seemed to be pressing against it.

“I did what you asked…want to see?”

My nervous, yet excited prick had begun growing. It was the most bizarre situation I had ever been in before, in my entire life. “Yes!” I simply responded, not knowing what else to say. And I knew, even as I looked at my monitor, what I was about to see. Sure enough, as my Aunt lifted her ass just a little, her hands coming down to suddenly pull off those now very sexy beige shorts matching her camisole top, I now saw a pair of brief bikini panties, and they had a bit of a bulge in them.

“Guess what it is?” She asked, adding an LOL behind that.

My cock was rock-hard, but my lungs had collapsed, or so it felt like, for a moment finding it hard to even breathe. “Show me!” I simple-typed once again.

“No…guess,” she responded back. “What do you think I have in my pussy? And just so you know, it’s been in there all afternoon long too!”

Thoughts suddenly filling my head, wondering now if she had it inside her when she came down to invite me up for dessert. Did she have it inside her then? Was she in fact walking around with a banana, buried deeply inside her cunt, just as I’d asked her…asked Naughty Time, to do for me. When she pressed her breast against my shoulder looking at the erotic photo she had chosen, was it in her even then? When she flashed me there in the kitchen, showing me her tits…tits I was hopefully going to see again here momentarily. Was it the banana in my Aunt’s cunt turning her on, lessening her inhibitions perhaps, already horny, already aroused, and simply doing what she did, because of that? I felt frozen in my chair, my hard cock momentarily forgotten strange as that was, still holding my breath, now typing.

“A cucumber?”

Naughty time: “LOL, Nope! Guess again,” she responded back, though on the screen I watched as she lowered her panties just a little. A small tiny tuft of fur now beginning to show.

“Hmm, a Zucchini then?” “Guess again!” She typed, lowering her panties a bit more, the object, though I knew what it was, just fractions away from being revealed now.

“You’ve got a banana in your pussy!”

“Yes I do!” she responded, and then yanked down her bikini briefs, exposing herself fully, the curved end of the half ripe banana just barely sticking out. “This what you wanted to see?”

I wanted to melt. I did, and I had…and now knowing that my very own Aunt was sitting upstairs in my father’s study, talking to me…though she yenimahalle escort didn’t know it, with a half ripe banana sticking out of her cunt, nearly made me pop off right then and there. My lust now taking over, the nervousness and fear slowly dissipating. This was simply too good to pass up, fuck up, or ignore.

“What I want to see, is for you to masturbate with it, and then tell me how it felt today, being inside you all afternoon long,” I then added. I now finally stood up, quickly stripping off my clothing, retaking my seat…naked, cock in hand, as I watched the little prompt telling me that Naughty Time was busy typing. She typed a lot. I stroked a lot waiting to see what she’d written.

“Before I do that,” she began. “I have another naughty little secret to share, something I think you’ll enjoy knowing. It just so happens I’ve been visiting with my sister all day. And the entire time that I have, I’ve had this banana inside me, letting it arouse me, please me, tease me, without her even knowing I had been. How’s that for starters?”

“Holy fuck!” I typed back, my arousal, excitement escalating beyond reason. I clasped my dick, a thick drool of precum oozing out of the tip, using my hand to further slick it’s essence over my hard steel-like cock, I slid my hand up and down my shaft, now typing with one hand, slowly for sure, as I did. “Tell…me…more.”

“Jerking off are we?”


“Nice…ok, wait one.”

Once again, I sat watching the prompt telling me she was busy typing, staring at the screen, her hands up working the keyboard, though that banana continued to sit there staring at me. It had almost slid completely out once, she had had to pause, reaching down, pushing it back in. I had seen the milky-white coating of her arousal covering it just before she did.

Finally the reply came. “I told her what I had inside me…why I was doing it. She was surprised at first, seeing that, knowing that. But it turned her on too. She wanted to know more, so we talked about it, me…still having the banana inside me. She’s never done that before believe it or not. And at first, was more shocked to discover that I had. But I could also see it was turning her on a little too. We laughed about it, teased one another while we fixed dinner together, and then later, while eating. Even washing dishes with others around, secretively, knowing it was in there. And then…she put one inside herself too, or rather I did. How’s that for naughty!”

“OMG” I typed back, meaning every letter. The truth was, now my mother was involved…and I could only sit there and wonder now. “Had that been what the two of them had been doing? Standing there at the sink? Aunt Kathy reaching over to fondle perhaps, slip back inside maybe…the banana that I now think my mom also had inside her?”

“And…she’s here with me now,” Aunt Kathy typed. “Want to see the banana in her pussy too?”

I actually came, squirting everywhere at once, all of a sudden, without sensing it ahead of time. It just happened. I was in shock, looking down at myself, watching my prick release what felt like a torrent of cum. It splattered literally everywhere, on my monitor where I sat watching it hit, running down as I grabbed for a shirt, the only thing I had close by, catching it before it went anywhere’s else.

“Yes? No?”

“YESSSS YESSS YESSS!” I typed quickly, flabbergasted, shocked, excited as hell, even though I had just squirted all over everywhere and everything. I was about to see my own mother’s pussy, and though the thought of that hadn’t fully and completely registered with whatever ramifications came with that later. At the moment, I was too fucking excited to worry about it either.

I felt lightheaded, dizzy, my climax still causing my cock to throb, cum still dribbling out, as I collapsed down back into my chair. I saw movement in the shadows just off to one side of the screen, a dizzying blur then for a moment as my Aunt obviously made some attempt to readjust the camera. And then she appeared…I blinked, blinked again.

“Ready?” Naughty Time typed. “Ready to see another banana filled pussy?”

I was once again staring at the same identical outfit I’d seen earlier. They both had them on!


Now sitting side by side, the camera readjusted to include both of them, I sat watching as they each began moving the bananas in and out of their respective cunts. Even those looking damn near identical, a small tuft of hair gathered at the top, neatly trimmed, shaped, not quite bare. But it was the sight of those twin bananas’s being worked, easing in and out of one another that once again caused me to feel a tight knot forming in the pit of my stomach. If I thought the one I’d felt earlier was big, it was nothing in comparison to the one I was feeling now. And not too surprisingly, I was also fucking hard again too! And then I saw hands reaching over, no longer doing themselves for me, but obviously doing ankara escort one another.

I sat, wanking my cock like there was no tomorrow. The simple fact that I was sitting there watching my own mother, her sister…my aunt, fucking one another with those two obscene half green bananas was driving me insane with lust and desire. But the fact remained now, I knew something I could never, ever reveal. And worse, I could never mention it, even pretend to know, or act any differently around either one of them ever again.

But I was curious. “Who was…Naughty time?”

I really had no real way of knowing. Even as they sat there still masturbating for me, as we carried on an ongoing discussion over the keyboard, I kept asking myself that question over and over again.

“Which one was which? I just couldn’t imagine it starting out being my mother, it had to have been my Aunt as she was always the one to instigate things, somehow draw mom in on her obviously naughty escapades. And yet…mom had been unhappy for a very long time now. She had always been a sexy, sensual woman in her own right…years ago at least. Had that same desire, same emotional need resurfaced? And it was for that reason that she’d gone off on her own, searching the web for release? Curious enough to become this Avatar, this “Naughty Time,” seeking pleasure, adventure, excitement in her own way? Feeling as she did, safe at home in her own secret environment, unaware that fate, happenstance, coincidence, had brought the two…now three of us together?”

I had to know!

I had watched as they both climaxed, or so they said that they had. Though by the visible obvious signs, I had to believe that. One…which one, I still had no idea, had actually squirted a little. A small sliver of juice suddenly erupting from the depths of her cunt, the hand from the other…mom? My Aunt? Reaching over, allowing it to spray against her palm, tickling it, and then capturing some of her essence, patting her own sweet succulent looking pussy afterwards, smearing this very same female cum juice around on her own person.

I had come as well. Again. Not as copiously as before perhaps, but nevertheless just as strong and hard, nearly seeing stars when I did. But the added measure of knowledge, that I had just watched, just seen my own Aunt, and my own mother, masturbating for what they thought and felt was a total stranger, had added to the intensity of my second climatic bliss of the night.

After we had all done our and back and forth, Naughty Time then reminded me that now it was my turn to do a favor for her. Curious about that now, for obvious reasons, I was still also trying to come up with a way of finding out more about them too, and came up with something on a spur of the moment.

“Are you ever on, or able to get on during the day?” I asked.

“Not normally…no, why?”

“Oh…well I was sort of hoping that maybe tomorrow by chance, as I happen to be off tomorrow, “Home Alone” I typed, giving them an LOL, that they might then contact me. There was a noticeable pause, and though I certainly couldn’t hear them discussing it, just seeing them as they sat there, I knew that they were when finally one of them reached back towards the keyboard.

“Well…it just so happens, you might be in luck, as we will be around tomorrow yes. Only have one small problem with that we might have to work around. But…if you’re indeed going to be there, leave your IM up. IF we can, and if it works out…we’ll contact you sometime during the day.”

I told them I would, that I’d leave the site up and running, and if and when they could indeed contact me, that I would indeed be here, waiting for them no matter what.

It was shortly after that however, that Naughty Time once again reminded me of what her request had been.

“Ever masturbated using a woman’s pair of panties before?” She then asked.

“Can’t say as I have…no,” I responded back honestly. Though she knew through earlier conversations that we’d had, that I was indeed living at home, and had briefly spoken about my mother, and that I’d been somewhat worried about her as she’d been obviously going without herself, a topic which had come up in conversation when Naughty Time had informed me, she’d been going through much the same thing herself. Which was why, she’d joined this particular site in the first place, though she had also again mentioned now living alone. Which is why I was still more inclined to believe I had initially contacted my Aunt quite by coincidence. Still, there were too many unanswered questions remaining, and after what had happened tonight, I now knew I had to have the answers, at least one of them anyway.

“I would love to see you working that lovely hard cock of yours, with a pair of panties,” she informed me. “Think you can manage to sneak a pair of them so I can watch you?” She asked. Provided of course you get your web-cam up and working again,” she then added.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied back, figuring I had to, at the very least, since she’d done what I’d asked and requested of her. In spades as it turned out. “And for sure…I’ll get fixed, even if I have to go out and get another one!” I assured her.

Shortly after that, we signed off as it was again late. I then quietly walked over to the door of my room, opening it. Upstairs, the feint sounds of footsteps moving about. I closed the door again, heading over towards my bed, where I lay in the darkness for a very, very long time…thinking about tomorrow.


Morning came all too early, especially for me. I had gotten very little sleep, surprised to find myself waking up as early as I had. It was only then 6:15 in the morning. Hearing the sound of footsteps already padding about in the kitchen, I was up and alert as though I’d had twelve hours of sleep, adrenalin suddenly kicking in at once. I literally jumped out of bed, ran into the bathroom to pee, and then slipped into my robe and headed upstairs.

Mom was making coffee. She was wearing the same exact outfit that my Aunt had been when I opened the upstairs door stepping in. Normally, I knew by the surprised look in her face that she’d usually have put on a robe by now before getting dressed later. I’d caught her off guard, taken her by surprise, as she’d obviously just barely come downstairs in order to get the coffee going.

“Shit!” she actually exclaimed, jumping a little as I entered.

“Good morning mother,” I said pleasantly enough, walking over to embrace her, actually giving her a warm friendly hug as well as a kiss on the lips, which I very often did, as opposed to just on her cheek. But I allowed it to linger perhaps just a fraction longer than normal.

“You’re up early!” she said actually blushing a little at being caught in the same semi-revealing outfit that my Aunt had worn, though I think too, that fractionary second of a kiss had had something to do with her being a bit flustered.

“Isn’t that…?” I questioned ignoring her question, pointedly looking at what she was wearing, particularly, as her own nipples were in fact erect, and quite hard pressing against the somewhat thin material of her camisole.

She knew of course what I was asking, still blushing. “Yeah, it is. Believe it or not…Kathy bought me one as well, though the only size they had I could wear was in the same color as the one she got. So even though we’re sort of twins…I like wearing it, looks…”

“Sexy,” I said cutting her off, finishing her sentence for her, saying that, mainly because it did, though it caused her to blush again even more so than she already was.

“Really? You think? You think you’re old frumpy looking mother actually looks sexy in this?”

I sighed…exasperated, which I’d done numerous times before whenever mom had purposely belittled herself. “Once again mom…you’re not old, and you’re certainly not frumpy! Especially in that! And if you don’t mind my saying it…because I’m going to anyway, you look hot as hell in that outfit. I wish you’d wear something like that a bit more often in fact.”

She laughed at that. “Why? Your father certainly wouldn’t notice. Hell anymore Kyle, I’m not sure he’d notice me even if I ran around the house naked instead!”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Well…I’d certainly notice it if you did that!” I told her, actually feeling my prick stiffen a little as I crossed over, purposely sitting down at the table as mom poured each one of us a cup of coffee, taking a seat directly across from me. But I had to, I now had a full-blown erection as I sat there across the way from her, and nothing more than the robe I was wearing in concealing that.

“Such things…about your own mother,” she mused more to herself than to me actually.

“Well it’s true mom, you’re an attractive looking woman, no matter what dad says or does, he doesn’t realize the true sensual treasure he has.”

Mom looked at me, as though a question had formed, though she didn’t ask it or comment on what I’d just said either. Once again evading it, turning away, sipping her coffee. Though all that did was provide me with another moment to glance down towards her breasts again. Sure enough, her nipples even harder than they were before, pressing against the material of her sleepwear.

“Where’s Aunt Kathy?”

“Still in bed, snoring away,” she’d said.

“Interesting,” I thought to myself. Maybe she did snore, but not loudly, I’d heard her myself before. And with my old room down at the far end of the hall…

“I’m sure she’ll be up soon though, as soon as she smells the coffee. By the way…I was wondering if you had any plans for today?”

It was a golden opportunity. I’d been sitting there trying to come up with a nice segue into bringing up the subject myself.

“Matter of fact…yes. Got an email from a friend of mine late last night, inviting me to go and spend the day hanging out with him. Told me to bring an overnight bag along, just in case we get too tanked up later on this evening to go anywhere, or do anything. So thought I might as well head over shortly after breakfast. Which reminds me… ok if I use the car?”

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