One Room Too Few


All characters are 18+. Please let me know if you have any story ideas for me. Enjoy!


All my problems started when my older sister, Rachel, went away to college. Mom decided that her and I no longer needed our three-bedroom house and she decided to move to a smaller condo in town to save money. The condo wasn’t nearly as nice as our house had been. All the bedrooms were smaller, there were two very small bathrooms and the largest problem that Mom didn’t even seem to think about until Rachel came home for winter break, there were only two bedrooms. When we first moved there, Rachel had left for her first semester of college and I was about to start my senior year of high school, having turned 18 at the start of the school year.

The problems started the week Rachel came home and I had to move my stuff off of her bed and dresser. On my half of the room we “shared”, there wasn’t enough room for my PlayStation, TV, clothes and school stuff. Whatever… Rachel will be gone in a few weeks and everything can go back to normal. I thought as I moved my stuff and my useless sister just watched when she could be bothered looking up from her phone.

As the time Rachel was home dragged on, I noticed something, the two of us were getting along much better than we had living together full time. We would make conversation on our respective beds. I asked her what college life was like and she gave me honest answers, telling me about dorm life, activities and her classes. She would ask me about her old teachers and my plans for college. I had applied to a few schools, including the one she went to, all in hopes of getting a good enough scholarship to go away.

One week before Christmas, I started my winter break and finally could spend some time relaxing and working. I greet Rachel as I walk into the room and toss my back pack on the floor next to my bed. My sister smiles up at me, “How was school?” She asks, generally sounding interested.

I look at her before answering. Rachel has a pretty face with elvish features. She has long, straight black hair that goes midway down her back. She is about 5′ 6″ and has a pretty nice body. Probably C-cup breasts, a nice ass, a toned stomach and legs that drive a man crazy, complete with a thigh gap that is just barely there. “It was okay. Same shit as usual.” I answer, flopping down on my bed.

“Well that’s good I guess. Happy to finally be on break?” She asks.

“Yeah. It’s nice to have some time to just relax and not worry about grades or anything.” I reply, turning my TV on, ready to start break right. The two of us make small talk for the next several hours, taking turns asking and answering questions and generally enjoying our time together.

The next morning, I go to work, dressing in my uniform and preparing for a long and tedious day of helping people find the tools they are looking for, find the right size screw or nail and just hoping my shift goes by quickly. I get to work and begin my job, talking to my manager quickly. It is an incredibly slow day that just seems to drag on. Finally, around lunch, my boss tells me to just go home.

Nice. Maybe I’ll go home and take a nap or something. Maybe go see that new movie with some friends. I think getting into my car and reaching home a short time later. I walk inside and slowly make my way upstairs, paying attention to my phone. Stopping outside the door to the room Rachel and I share to look up. The door is open slightly and from inside the room, I hear soft moans. What the fuck is that? I ask myself, taking a quick peek.

What I see almost causes my jaw to drop. Inside I see my sister, legs spread wide with both her hands holding a dildo that she plunges in and out from between her legs. It takes me a second to process what I’m seeing. Is Rachel… masturbating? That would explain the moans… I think, running through my list of options. While I’m deciding what to do, my hand pulls up my phone and I snap a picture. As I do I think, what’s wrong with me? Before I can delete the picture, I feel my cock grow hard from the sight and sounds of my sister working her pussy. How fucked up am I? I wonder, watching my sister fuck herself with a dildo.

Almost as if hearing me, Rachel stops for a second before going right back to playing with herself. My sister’s actions cause a bolt of panic to shoot through me. Did she see me? No… if she did she would have said something. I begin to feel slightly worried that she might have seen me and begin to think about what to do next.

I creep back downstairs, my sister’s moans becoming quieter as I move away. I fixbet head into the kitchen and quietly get out a glass for water. I stand in the kitchen and look out the window at the parking lot before I slide my phone out of my pocket. My hand trembling, I open the photo’s app and open the most recent picture. I look at it for a second, eyes memorizing the details of my sister’s wonderful legs. I wonder how it feels to be between them…

I try to fight off the erection I begin to bet from imagining what my sister’s pussy is like. I stand silently in the kitchen, debating whether or not to delete the picture. Finally, about 10 more minutes, I hear the shower turn on. I close the app and make my way upstairs to the room we share. Rachel’s sheets are all wrinkled and messy from her “activities” and the room smells like pussy and cum.

I try to ignore my erection as I lay on my bed and begin to play video games, trying to get my mind off of what I just saw. A short time later, Rachel come back into the room and gasps, I look up and she is completely naked. Her c-cup breasts are topped with small, pink and perky nipples that look fun to suck on. I glance down her body and see her bald pussy, complete with inner lips that look very sexy in her small thigh gap. Once again, I feel my cock grow hard as I fight to tear my eyes off of her.

Before either of us can say anything, Rachel pulls the door closed and I can hear her footsteps leading away from the room. A minute later, she comes back and knocks on the door, “James? Do you mind if I get dressed in there?” She asks through the door.

I pause my game and stand up, crossing the room and opening the door. Rachel is now wearing a soft looking white bathrobe. She looks intently at me, trying to read my body language with her piercing green eyes. “Ummm… go ahead…” I say, at a loss for words, leaving the room and the door open for her. Rachel just nods and walks into the room, closing the door behind her. A couple of minutes later, she calls for me to come back inside.

I slowly open the door and find my sister wearing black leggings with a blue stripe going up each leg and a concert shirt for her favorite band. “I’m going out!” She announces to me and before I can respond, she just leaves the room and I hear her open then close the front door, leaving me alone in the house. I look out the window and see her car drive down the street. I go back to laying on my bed, trying to forget the past half hour and go back to the improved relationship that we had just started.

As time goes by, I find that forgetting what I saw is much easier said than done. The smell of my sister’s cum is faint but still there and the images of her fucking herself with a dildo and her full frontal naked body are burned into my mind. Just the thought of it makes my cock grow hard. Finally, I give up playing video games and decide to do a little snooping. I go to Rachel’s side of the room and look under her bed, finding nothing but some shoes. I then go to her nightstand and open the top drawer.

“Bingo!” I say out loud, finding what I am looking for. Inside is a flesh colored dildo about 7 inches long and about 1.5 inches wide, complete with veins, a head and a fake ball sack. The base has a suction cup. Next to it is a partially empty bottle of lube, claiming that it increases her pleasure.

“You dirty slut!” I say, imagining this dildo sliding in and out of my sisters sexy, bald pussy. I feel an urge to jerk off, harder than I’ve ever had the urge to do so before. I finally give in, going into the bathroom and making sure the door is locked. I strip, open the photo of Rachel on my phone and begin to jerk off. I imagine that instead of the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy, that it is my cock.


After I finish and clean up, I go back to the room and try to forget the whole thing. Part of me feels guilty for taking a picture of my sister, while a darker part of me is excited by the prospect of it. Not only had I seen her naked, I knew that she was sexually active as well.

I hear a car pull up to the condo and go back to video games, pretending everything was normal. The front door opens and closes a second later. I then hear footsteps come up the stairs before Rachel pushes the door to our room open. “Can we… We need to talk.” She says.

I turn off my TV and ask, “About what?”

Rachel sighs, “You know what we need to talk about! You saw me naked and…”

I shrug, “What’s the big deal? It was a one-time thing.”

Rachel gives me a smug look, “You sure it was a one-time thing?”

I feel fixbet giriş a burning in my cheeks. Shit she knows! I think before saying, “Okay, maybe I saw you…”

Rachel gives me a shit eating grin, “Saw me what?”

“Playing with yourself.” I say quietly.

Rachel looks me in the eye, “And did you like what you saw?”

Where is she taking this? I struggle to speak, “I mean you’re a pretty woman and you have a nice body. But…” Saying those words brings the images of Rachel naked back into my mind, making my cock grow hard. I try to cover it up with my hands and hope she doesn’t notice.

“Well you clearly are enjoying thinking about it now.” Rachel says, moving my hands away from my lap.

I give her a hurt look, “I think it would be best if we forgot about the whole thing and pretend it never happened.”

“Why do you suggest that?” Rachel asks.

“Well you’re my sister and that’s weird…” I start to say before I’m cut off by her grabbing my cock through my pants.

“You think it’s weird that you saw me naked?” Rachel asks, slowly stroking my length.

I gulp, “Yes?”

“You don’t sound too sure about that to me.” She replies.

“Look… what do you want from me?” I ask, hoping she doesn’t know about the picture I took.

Rachel pretends to think for a second, “Well… there is one thing. I haven’t really found any guys that I like at school. That means no sex. And my bitch of a roommate never leaves so I can’t really masturbate so basically…”

“You want me to leave so you can… do your thing?” I ask, just wanting to put this whole thing behind us.

Rachel smiles, “Just the opposite of that.” She pulls her shirt over her head, revealing a red lacy bra that accentuates her pale skin nicely. I feel my cock twitch just at the sight. I quickly toss my shirt over my head. Rachel then tugs down her leggings and panties together, revealing her pussy and her sexy inner lips. My cock is now fighting to escape my pants and I undo my fly, letting them fall to the floor.

Rachel smiles at me, now only wearing her bra and I’m only wearing my boxers. “Is this really what you want?” I ask, knowing what happens here will change our relationship.

My sister nods, a hungry look in her eyes. She drops to her knees in front of me and tugs down my boxers, letting my erect member flop out. She grabs the base and points it straight up. My cock is about 8.5 inches long and 1.5 wide. I push myself up on my elbows allowing me to look Rachel in the eyes. Rachel looks back at me, brushing several strands of hair out of her green eyes and takes the head of my cock in her mouth. Holy shit she’s good at this! I think as my sister begins to suck my cock.

Rachel soon begins to move on from the head of my cock and begins to work my shaft with her mouth as well. I groan, the guilt of taking a picture of my nude sister and then watching her rapidly fading away. These feelings are replaced with a strange lust, different and more forbidden than I’ve felt before.

Rachel pulls her mouth off of my cock, leaving it covered in her spit. Replacing her mouth with her hand, she slowly begins to stroke. “You liking this?”

I smile at her, “You know it!” The two of us move our faces close together, before I move in and begin to kiss her on her lips. We start slowly at first, but soon it becomes more passionate and our tongues begin to explore each other’s mouths. Rachel and I pull apart, both clearly enjoying this new part of our relationship.

Rachel climbs up on the bed next to me and spreads her legs, giving me a perfect view of her pussy. She is sitting up slightly, allowing me to reach behind her back and unclasp her bra, which I immediately add to the pile of our clothes at the foot of the bed. My sister’s medium breasts are freed, exposing her hard, pink nipples to me. I begin to feel them, enjoying the hardness of her nipples and the softness of her breasts.

The two of us begin to kiss again while I begin to feel her body, getting used to the toned feeling of her stomach before giving her pussy a tentative touch. Rachel shudders as I slide a single finger inside her, feeling her tightness and how she is dripping wet. Rachel slowly begins to buck on it, encouraging me to insert a second, causing her to pull away from my mouth and let out a soft groan. “Fuck… that feels good…” She sighs.

I pull my fingers from her pussy and move down her body, positioning my face in between her thighs. Her pussy is visibly wet, some of her juices covering her soft lips, making them shine in the light. I lower my mouth to her, beginning to lap at her pussy eagerly, making her groan in pleasure. She tastes so good! I think, pushing any rational thoughts about us being related out of my head. Instead, I focus on one thing, pleasuring the beautiful woman in front of me. I look up at Rachel’s face while continuing to pleasure her with my tongue. Her eyes are closed and her face is contorted in pleasure.

“I’m about to cum…” She moans. I pull my mouth away from her pussy and go back to fingering her, letting Rachel furiously rub her clit. Her moans grow in volume until she lets out a loud, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” as she cums.

Rachel throws her head back as I feel her pussy clamp down on my intruding fingers, which are soon coated in her warm, white cum. My sister’s moderate breasts heave as she enjoys her orgasm. While she cums, she humps my fingers slightly, while also slowly rubbing her clit. Recovering, Rachel opens her eyes after a moment and smiles at me, “You ready to take this further?” She asks.

“How much further?” I ask her, not wanting to rush forward into this new, unknown and forbidden relationship between us.

She smiles at me and rubs her clit slowly, “I think you know the answer.”

“Well in that case…” I grab her thighs and stand up off of the bed, pulling her to the edge. She lets out a giggle as I do so. I grab the base of my cock, rubbing the head on her slit, feeling her warm entrance and wanting desperately to slip inside her. I place my hands on her hips while I begin to fuck my own sister.

She raises an eyebrow at me, “Well… waiting for an invitation or something?”

I gently ease the head inside of her and Rachel lets out a soft sigh. I slowly slide my cock deeper inside my sister, enjoying the feeling of her warm and wet hole. As I sink deeper inside my sister, she lets out a groan as she takes my length. After one thrust, she has taken about 6 inches of me. “You like the feeling of your big sister’s pussy?” She asks, making sure to squeeze her muscles around my cock.

“I love it!” I say, slowly sliding back out of her. I begin to slowly fuck my own sister, having very mixed feelings as I do so. Rachel begins to sigh softly each time my cock reaches deep inside her. As I pull away, I pull her pussy lips from her body slightly.

Looking me in the eyes, Rachel begs, “Faster!” I shift my grip from her hips to her shoulders and begin to fuck my sister faster than before. The sound of skin hitting skin fills the air as she grunts with each impact. Her breasts bounce up and down as I feel my urge to cum grow.

“I’m going to cum!” I groan.

Rachel grunts, “My face…”

I pull out of her dripping wet pussy and Rachel gets down onto her knees in front of me, making sure to close her eyes. I stroke my length several times, my sister’s juices coating it. Finally, my cum shoots out and coats my sister’s face. The first strand shoots up the middle of her face, covering her nose. The next shoots lower, hitting her lips, which she licks off, enjoying the taste. The rest coat her chin and lips, which makes Rachel smile and open her eyes.

Holding my now deflated cock in my hands and feeling slightly guilty about what happened, I start to say, “So…”

Just then, I become quiet as I hear the downstairs door open and Mom call up the stairs, “Rachel? James? You two home?”

“Shit!” I whisper.

Rachel just looks at me, before calling down to Mom, “We’re in our room. I’m just going to go take a shower.” Before she stands, and walks out of the room, giving me a seductive smile as her hips sway side to side. Watching her makes my cock become semi-erect once again.

Worried Mom might come in and see me, I grab my boxers, pants and shirt, quickly dressing to make things look normal. I quickly fix my bed then throw on my TV and pretend to be watching something. I hear Mom’s footsteps come up the stairs followed by her appearing in the open door.

Mom looks exactly like an older version of my sister. She is slightly shorter and has larger breasts. Mom looks around the room with the same piercing green eyes as my sister before settling them on me. She asks, “How was work today?”

“Good. I got to come home early cause there wasn’t anything to do. How was your day?” I answer as normally as possible.

Mom smiles, “Good. It’s nice to be done for the day. Listen, how is sharing a room with Rachel? Are you two getting along?”

I shrug, trying to push the memory of how my sister’s pussy gripped my cock while I fucked her. “It’s not so bad. We get along pretty good.”

Mom’s smile grows, “That’s good! I was worried about it at first but since everything seems to be working out, that’s not an issue.”

I nod, “Yeah. It’s going to take some getting used to but I think we can make this work.”

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