Pam , Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 02


Mrs. Thorn and Mom were in the kitchen, talking about something. Pam didn’t stop to listen. She waved and said hi as she went through the kitchen to the back door. She did not stop to tell Mrs. Thorn that she found her panties in Ethan’s room.

She pictured her in bed with him, lowering herself on his huge cock and bouncing on him until he filled her with his warm cum. The image in her mind made her jealous, and for just a minute she hated Mrs. Thorn for it. How come he could fuck an older woman and he wouldn’t do it with his own sister?

On the back porch, Debbie was sitting on a towel with her legs crossed, smearing tanning lotion on her long legs and arms. The smell of cocoa butter was very strong. Under her shorts, Pam was wearing her bikini bottoms. She slipped the shorts off and sat on the towel next to Debbie’s.

“Would you put some of this on my back?” Debbie said, and handed her the bottle of lotion.

Pam squirted a blob of lotion in the palm of her hand and rubbed it on Debbie’s back. She held her long, black hair in a ball on top of her head.

“What happened to you after the party?” Debbie said.

“Nothing. I just went home early.”

“Did you find anyone to fuck you?”

“No. I just went home,” Pam said. She finished with the lotion on Debbie’s back and handed the bottle to her.

“Turn around. I’ll do your back,” Debbie said.

Pam spun around and lifted her hair out of the way.

“You should have stayed. Joey Molino fucked me twice. It was great. I bet I could have got him to do it with you, too, if you were there,” Debbie said, and smeared lotion on Pam’s back.

Pam clenched her jaws, and her face burned. What was it going to take to get her to stop talking about Joe like that? What did she care how many times they did it together? If he wanted her so badly, he could have her.

“What guys have you been hanging out with?” Debbie said. She snapped the lid of the lotion bottle shut and tossed it on top of the pile of her t-shirt and shorts.

“No one, really. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

They laid down beside each other on their backs, stretched out on the towels. The warmth of the sun soaked into Pam’s skin, soothing her entire body.

“What about **?” Debbie said.

“What about him?”

“You should go out with him. He’s got a pretty big dick. I’m sure he’d fuck you with it.”

“Have you seen his dick?” Pam said.


“Did you have sex with him?”

“Of course. That’s how I know he has a big dick.”

Pam shook her head. “I don’t just want a guy who has a big dick. I want something more.”

“Then tuzla eve gelen escort you should go out with **. He doesn’t have a big dick but he loves to lick pussy,” Debbie said and laughed. “Oh, oh, I know. You should go out with **. He’s gay. I think you can fix him. Besides, I wanna find out how big his dick is.”

“I don’t know.”

“And you’ll never know until you can fuck him.”

Debbie stood up and her shadow fell across Pam. She covered her eyes and looked up.

“I’m gonna get something to drink. You want something?” Debbie said.

“Yeah. Something cold.”

Debbie went inside and Pam closed her eyes again. The warmth was beginning to make her uncomfortable. She was too warm, and it was starting between her legs. Debbie had got her mind thinking about different boys and what they might have between their legs, and now she couldn’t get it out of her head.

Debbie came out of the house and the coolness of her shadow blocked the sunlight again. Pam opened her eyes, shielding them with her hand again. Debbie handed her a bottle of Pepsi and sat down on her towel.

“I just saw your brother in the kitchen. He’s pretty cute. I think he was checking me out,” Debbie said, and twisted off the cap of her Pepsi.

“What was he doing?”

“He said he was going to wash his car. He’s got an awesome car.”

“My grandfather gave it to him. He owned it from a long time ago.”

Debbie set her bottle down and wiped the oil on her arms. She had a smug grin on her face.

“Does Ethan have a big dick?” she said.


“Because when I just saw him in there he was wearing these shorts and he had a huge bump sticking out in front. I bet he’s pretty big. Have you seen it?” Debbie said, looking over the tops of her sunglasses.

Pam shrugged. “Maybe a couple of times.”

Debbie touched her leg. “For real? How big is it?”

Pam held her hands apart. “About this big.”

Debbie snorted. “Bullshit. No guy is that big.”

Pam shrugged again and reached for her pop.

“No way. Are you serious? A cock that big would kill me.”

“I touched it once when he was sleeping. I think he was having a dream.”

“You touched your brother’s cock? Why don’t you let him fuck you? Are you afraid it would hurt too much? I would be,” Debbie said.

“I don’t know. I’m not that big down there,” Pam said, and looked down between her legs.

“I wanna find out for myself how big it is,” Debbie said and stood up.


“He’s gonna wash his car, right? Let’s go see if he’d like some help.”

Pam stood up with tuzla otele gelen escort her, reached for her shorts and pulled them up before she noticed that Debbie decided not to bother with her shorts. Pam hesitated before she pulled up the zipper, but it was too late. She already had them on and she would look stupid if she took them off again. Now Ethan would be able to get a good look at Debbie’s ass and wouldn’t even glance at hers.

The car started and roared and they both jumped. Debbie’s hand went to her chest and she was panting.

“I didn’t know his car was so loud,” she said.

“It’s fast, too.”

They went through the back door into the garage. Ethan had backed the car out to the driveway, where he had a bucket and the hose.

“Hey. What’s up?” he said when he got out of the car.

“Are you gonna wash your car?” Debbie said. She walked toward him with her hands clasped behind her back and her bare feet patting on the cold cement garage floor.


“Can we help?”

“Sure, I guess.”

Debbie stood next to him and swiveled her hips and pushed her chest out so her boobs strained against her bikini top.

“What do you want me to do?”

Pam rolled her eyes. Did she have to make herself so obvious? And Ethan had a huge bulge in the front of his shorts. Debbie was right about that. He was hard when she found him in his room. If he was just doing it with Mrs. Thorn, why was he still hard?

Debbie got the sponge out of the bucket of soapy water. Ethan had the hose and sprayed the car. Pam stood in her spot with her hands at her sides, burning with disappointment. Debbie always got the good stuff. Everything good always happened to her.

She went into the garage to find another sponge. She rooted through the cabinets at the back of the garage but the best she could come up with was an old towel. She took it anyway. Maybe she could clean in the tight spots, like on the shiny silver wheels.

When she came back out, Debbie was wringing out the sponge on her chest and the soapy water ran all the way down her body and legs to the ground. Ethan was ogling her and grinning. Pam’s arms dropped to her sides and the towel fell from her hand. How was she supposed to compete with that?

Debbie held her arms over her head and turned like a dancer, churning her hips and pushing her butt out. Ethan turned the hose on her and washed off the foamy soap with a fine mist. Debbie laughed and cupped her boobs in both hands. Pam shook her head. His car was not even getting washed.

Ethan pointed the hose at Pam. A long stream of tuzla sınırsız escort water arced over Debbie’s head and the fine mist made a rainbow.

“You wanna get cooled off too?” Ethan said.

“No,” Pam shouted and covered her face with her hands, but the water rained down on her. She sucked in her breath. It was icy cold.

“Here, do it with this,” Debbie said and thrust the soapy sponge at her.

The soap splashed in her eyes and stung. Pam screamed and tried to get away, but ran into somebody with a hard thud. It must have been Ethan because his strong arms wrapped around her. His hand thrust down the front of her shorts. She couldn’t believe what he was doing. He had something cold in his hand and it pressed against her mound, sending a chill up her spine. She arched her back, and just as she realized it was the nozzle of the hose, he squeezed the handle and the icy cold water shot straight into her pussy.

She stiffened. The feeling was incredible, like she was going to explode with an orgasm, and the cold water was filling her pussy.

“Oh my God,” she said, and shuddered.

Ethan released her and her feet touched the ground, but her knees were too weak to hold her up and she collapsed.

“Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” he said.

Pam wiped the soap and her wet, stringy hair from her eyes.

“I have to go inside.”

She pushed herself to her feet and ran to the house on trembling knees. In the kitchen she collapsed again on the floor, shaking all over and dripping wet. Her insides were full of cold water. She could feel it slosh in her belly when she moved. The back of her bikini bottom was wedged in her crack, sealing her pussy shut.

Holding the edge of the counter, she pulled herself to her feet. It was a struggle to keep her legs squeezed together so all that water didn’t come gushing out and make a puddle in the middle of the kitchen. Just as she made a first step toward the bathroom, Mom came down from upstairs. She crossed her legs and leaned over the counter on both arms. One of Ethan’s car catalogs was right there. She grabbed it and flipped it open.

“Hi honey. Whatcha doing?” she said.

“Nothing much. Just hanging out.”

Mom looked around the kitchen. “Where’d your friend go?”

“Oh, she’s out front with Ethan. They’re washing his car.”

“Is that why you’re all wet?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Ethan sprayed me pretty good,” Pam said. The water was leaking from her pussy. She hoped Mom didn’t notice. She also hoped the water didn’t make her belly swell. She would think she was pregnant.

“Ok. Well, I’m going out to dinner tonight with Ron, if that’s all right with you?” Mom said.

Pam shrugged. “Sure. Why not?”

“Good. I’ll tell Ethan,” Mom said and went to the front door.

Pam rolled her eyes. Finally. She didn’t care who she had dinner with as long as they went out. She closed the catalog and hobbled toward the bathroom.

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