Taking Care of Mom Ch. 04



The morning after Rachel and her old buddy Bob came over to my parent’s house for a barbecue, I woke up with a pretty impressive boner.

No doubt from dreaming about Rachel all night, and imagining all the kinky shit I still wanted to do with her, especially before I had to go back to college, when unfortunately I knew things between us would have to end.

Remembering how she’d teased me all night with coy looks, and subtle little brushes of her foot over mine under the table, as I stroked my cock in my hand now, just thinking about how hot she’d gotten me, inspired, I reached for my phone. Pointing it down between my legs, I took a video of my mighty weapon slick with a nice coating of pre-come, as I slid it through my fist.

Smiling to myself, I sent it to Rachel so she could watch as I worked at getting off, beating myself furiously with hard, sharp tugs on my throbbing shaft. My eyes rolled back in my head and I could feel my heart pounding as I felt my balls begin to tighten, ready to let go. Groaning, my eyes fell shut as I felt myself getting closer and closer, my chest really starting to heave, knowing that when I came it would be a fucking geyser as I imagined it was sexy Rachel’s delicate little hand wrapped around me, jerking me off, as she eagerly lapped me clean with her hot little tongue.

When I felt the first spurt of cum shoot out of my cock, my phone at the ready, I made sure she got a money shot of my pulsing dick shooting right up to my chest, coating my body in rope after rope of my seed.

I texted her: “You see what you do to me, you little tease?”

Then it was her turn. And I just about shit when she sent me a video of her on her back in black lace cut out panties, softly moaning as she slid her big pink dildo deep into her cunt, so delectably wet with her juices, that I could hear the sound of her pussy through the phone as she pumped the thing in and out of her. Then she panned up, to show me her matching cut out bra, with her diamond hard nipples being tugged and twisted roughly between her fingers.

No lie, though I’d just cum, I could feel my cock already growing thick and hard in my hand as I watched her getting herself off, especially in those kinky as fuck black lace cut outs.

My heart nearly beating out of my chest, I grabbed my phone. “I need to fuck you!” I texted her, “NOW!”

“Then get over here!” she texted back, with a playful winking emoji.

Believe me I didn’t waste any time. Dressed in a flash, I was up the street and pounding at her door in a heartbeat, rock hard and horny as fuck, my pulse leaping in my veins, just aching to get at her.

When she pulled open the door, still clad in her sexy cut outs, baring her pretty pussy and most of her big lush breasts to my hungry gaze, I slammed the door shut behind me, my voice ragged, looking her up and down, I told her, “Get on the floor on your back, Rachel. Now!”

And fuck me, when she quickly obeyed, I tore off my clothes, and dropped down over her. Kneeing apart her thighs, fisting myself in my hand, I pushed in and slammed my cock into her so hard and deep in one thrust, we both gasped when my balls slapped against her ass, when I’d buried myself to the hilt deep in her hot little cunt.

She clenched my forearms in her hands, her voice pleading. “Oh, god, Brian, I was dying for you all night. Please just take me hard, and don’t hold back.”

I rolled my eyes. Like that was even an option at this point. I needed to fuck her and fuck her hard, and really give her a feel of what she did to me.

With my weight on my hands, feeling like a man possessed, showing her no mercy, I pounded her cunt, amazed at how blissed out she looked as I pistoned in and out of her just as hard and fast as I could.

The clacking sound of her juicy cunt, slick around my cock, as I desperately fucked in and out of her, along with the scent of our arousal filling the air, was only making me hotter, revving me up even more. And I knew when I came I’d be flooding her pussy till she’d be dripping down her ass, right to the floor.

Like a savage, completely out of control, lost in the feel of her, I worked her hard, punishing her pussy with thrust after ruthless thrust, until she finally threw back her head, shuddering, and screaming, “Oh, fuck me, yes! Oh, god, I’m coming so fucking hard! Fuck me hard, Brian! Just pound me! Don’t stop and don’t you dare hold back!”

After that ear-splitting outburst, I gave it to her even harder, working the fuck out of her cunt, I really pounded her, slamming deeper and harder than I’d ever gone, till finally, I slowed my pace, still sliding in and out of her as I watched her come apart. As she shivered and shook, clenching me inside her over and over again, milking my pulsing cock deep in depths of her body, I felt my balls letting go, and I kept right on pumping into her, even deeper, till I knew I’d shot my load about as far into her as I could bebek escort possibly go, sure that I’d bathed her womb with a nice thick coating of my seed.

Wondering if I’d been a little too rough, I needn’t have worried. The way she looked up and smiled into my eyes, tugged down my head, slid her tongue between my lips and kissed me nearly senseless, I knew she’d needed this dirty, rough fuck as much as I had.

We were just so much alike, that I knew we were meant to be together. And I also knew that this was right where I was meant to be, buried deep in her warm soft body, and there was no way I was ever going to give her up — not when it was this good.

Slowly, I rolled off her and dropped onto the floor on my back beside her, with my chest heaving hard. I hugged her close as gradually we fought to get control of our breathing.

Noticing the sun was barely up, I smiled as I gazed out at the dusky mauve horizon, knowing we’d have all day to live out our kinkiest fantasies, glad that neither of us had anywhere else to be.

After the workout we had just put it through, I was surprised that my cock actually jumped at the thought of doing nothing but getting it on with sexy Rachel for an entire day of what was guaranteed to be non-stop kinky fun.

She confirmed it when she grinned over at me, and ran a hand down over my chest, till she was wrapping her hand around me and stroking me up and down. “Ooh, what a way to wake up, seeing you beating yourself off and coating your body like that, first thing this morning.” She gave me a naughty little grin. “And I’d love it so much if you’d do that to me. Just the thought of you painting me like that was enough to make me come as I watched you getting off on my phone.”

Believe me, if she was into getting painted, I’d be happy to give her whatever she wanted; a facial, a pearl necklace, or I’d coat her whole body, till I had every inch of her dripping with a nice, heavy coating of my juice.

I could actually feel my cock getting harder and heavier by the second, as I imagined kneeling over her, jacking off and filling the opening of her sexy cut outs with rope after rope of my cum. Then smearing it all over her soft warm flesh, till I had every inch of her slicked up with my seed, to prove to her that she was mine.

Smiling into her heavy-lidded gaze, I fisted my cock and began to tug, watching her eyes grow dark with desire as I felt my magic weapon grow thick and heavy in my hand. I knew it had to be her. Even at only twenty-two I’d never been able to get hard this fast before, especially after already coming twice in one morning.

Her lust-filled gaze, dark as sin, Rachel pushed my hand away, and then I gritted my teeth and groaned when she slid down my body, wrapped her hand around me and then sank me deep into the heat of her mouth.

Fuck me, what a feeling! I slammed my eyes shut and clenched my jaw as she worked at sucking me off. Rolling her tongue all around me, and sucking wickedly hard on the head, I couldn’t believe how deep she could take me into her mouth, when she opened up and sucked me back, till I could feel the tip hit the back of her throat, before amazingly sinking even lower.

As Rachel hungrily bobbed her head up and down on me, desperately trying to suck my balls dry, I fisted my hands in her hair, thrust up my hips, and fucked her pretty mouth as she gifted me with a blow-job that I know I’d never forget. It just felt so good to see my cock buried in her mouth, with her happily moaning, lost in the taste of me, with her long, dark hair spread over my thighs. It was like the best dream ever — seeing my best friend’s sexy-as-fuck mother giving me the best head of my freaking life.

Desperately moaning, Rachel gently rolled my balls in her fingers, lapping and licking and sucking the fuck out of my cock. Then when I felt the tell-tale tingle of an impending orgasm begin to shoot straight up my spine I knew I had to get her to let go, so I could get her on her back and shoot my load all over her — just the way she wanted.

I tugged her by the hair, and told her, “I’m coming, Rachel, get on your back — now!”

Instantly, she let go, rolled onto her back, thrust out her breasts and spread her legs open wide. Fuck me, I almost came just from looking at how eager she looked, waiting to be covered in cum. She just looked so wickedly hot in her black lace cut-outs that I almost came in my hand before I even had a chance to take aim and point my dick at her.

My pulse pounding in my ears, I got up on my knees and fisted my cock, pounding my meat in my hand. And as I felt the rush of the most overwhelming climax ever shoot through my veins, I aimed my cock first at her gaping pussy, then up over her belly to her tits, smiling at the sight of her luscious body being coated with rope after rope of my seed. But when I saw that she’d opened her mouth, I didn’t hesitate to shoot straight at her tongue, istanbul escort letting out a satisfied grunt as the last of my juice hit its mark, till I had her painted from her cunt to her tonsils in a thick, white coating of milky cum.

Then her eyes drifted shut and she let out the most ecstatic little moan as he began to slide her fingers through the hot cum ropes coating her body, while I just about died.

With the cut outs over her tits and pussy beautifully coated and filled with my seed, I honestly don’t think I’d ever seen anything as crazy hot as Rachel sliding her hands over her big, lush tits, and then pushing her fingers into her dripping cunt, till she had me wishing I could do it all over again. It was just so insanely erotic, especially knowing this was my good friend’s mother sliding my cum in and out of her still gaping cunt and all over her big, beautiful tits as she breathlessly tugged at her nipples and happily shivered.

I could hardly breathe as I watched her totally spellbound, wishing I could get hard again so I could slide into her, to help her get off. But I did the next best thing and slid two fingers into her slick little pussy, and then a third, till she was filled up nice and tight, and then I watched her fall to pieces, shivering from head to toe as I finger-fucked her into yet another body-shuddering climax.

Once she finally came down from the high of coming that hard, she opened her eyes and gave me the most grateful smile I think I’d ever seen. “Ooh, that just felt so good, and so deliciously erotic,” she murmured. “And already I know we’ll be doing that again. I just loved the feel of you coating me like that.”

No argument from me. Dirty and sexy and all mine, whatever she wanted, I was not about to deny her.

Overwhelmed, I lifted her into my arms, and kissed her deep and hard, then headed up the stairs to the bathroom, so we could clean each other up, and start our day off nice and fresh, ready for the next kinky round of fun and games.

Later, back downstairs, after our shower, we had some breakfast; bacon, eggs and toast, juice and coffee, both naked as the day were born, of course.

Rachel smirked at me coyly as we ate, practically taunting me to start things up again, with her big breasts heaving hard, and diamond hard nipples almost begging me to have a lick.

I just eyed her shaking my head, already rock hard and so fucking pumped to get at her by the time we cleared the table. So, I just bent her over the counter, got on my knees and ate into her cunt till I had her squealing like crazy and screaming my name at the top of her lungs, nice and loud.

Then we heard the doorbell chime and froze, staring across the room, wondering who the hell it could be.

I was hard as a brick, dripping with pre-cum, so ready to pound her nicely juiced up pussy that I just wanted to ignore it. But Rachel winced when she heard Bill the real estate agent, call out, “Rachel, are you in there? Are you okay?”

Fuck, just what we needed, the smarmy asshole to screw up our kinky plans for the day.

“Sorry,” she mouthed, “but I think I better answer.” I just nodded and went and got into my clothes, while she raced upstairs to get dressed, so she could answer the door.

Before she got a chance to answer, I went out in back into the yard and tried to look busy with a pair of garden sheers in my hands, but I left the screen door open so I could hear what he had to say to her — the slimy bastard.

When she opened the door and he walked in, he said, “I thought I heard you yelling, and wondered what was going on.”

“Oh,” quick with a lie, she told him, “I was just upstairs, and I called down for Brian to answer the door, but I guess with him being busy out back working on the garden, he didn’t hear me.”

She was fast on her feet, which gave her a good reason to be screaming my name, that didn’t involve me making her come while I ate into her pussy. Luckily, the idiot bought it — though the doorbell had rung after I’d made her cry out my name when she came all over my tongue. But he just shrugged and quickly got to the point of his showing up unannounced, because he probably didn’t really care why she’d been screaming, as long as he got his deal done and got his commission.

“Well, I have a family that would love to have a look at your house. And they’ll be here in about an hour.” He held up his hand when she went to object, and he continued on, like she didn’t have a say in it. “Rachel, I know you said you weren’t sure you were ready to sell, but I think when you see what they’re willing to pay for this place, you might just change your mind. And it’s an awful lot of house for a woman on your own. Even you have to agree with that.”

Rachel looked out at me and winced as she backed down, nodded and agreed to let him show the house. “Well, if they’re already on their way, I guess you can show them around.”

When beyoğlu escort Bill went back out to his car, probably to confirm the appointment, Rachel came outside and I narrowed my eyes on her and told her, “Don’t let that smarmy little shit talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do.”

She nodded. “I know. And once they’re gone, I’m going to tell him that I don’t want him to show the house again, because I really don’t want to sell. I’m just not ready to move yet.”

I shook my head. “Guy’s got a lot of nerve, showing up unannounced.” Then I smiled into her eyes. “And just when I was ready to take you hard and dirty on the kitchen counter.”

I laughed when she bit into her lip and whimpered at the thought, just like I knew she would. Now hopefully, she’d be eager to get the tour over with as fast as she could, knowing what we’d be doing for the rest of the afternoon — fucking each other’s brains out.

When she dropped her gaze, and looked longing between my legs, then reached out and ran her hand over my semi through my shorts, I laughed, tipped up her chin and told her, “You’re such a dirty girl, which is probably why I can never get enough of you.”

She grinned looking pleased, probably as much about me calling her dirty as referring to her as a girl.

I leaned close and whispered in her ear, “The minute they’re gone, I want you naked, you understand?”

I could see her clenching her thighs together as she nodded, and her nipples getting hard through her sundress as she squeezed my muscled forearm and murmured, “I promise, the minute they leave I’m all yours, to do with as you please.”

She could count on that. I had plans, all them kinky as fuck, and as soon as I had her all to myself again I was going to make her scream my name so loud, the whole block would wonder what the fuck we were up to.

Once she sauntered her sweet ass back into the house, I had to adjust my cock in my shorts, she’d already gotten me so hard just thinking about what we might get up to next. Now I just hoped good old Bill would be able to hustle this family in and out of the house before my balls exploded.

I was pretending to trim the already neatly trimmed hedges that I’d taken care of a few days ago, when Bill showed the family outside so they could see the pool and the lush backyard surrounding it. A pretty young blonde mother with a curly headed fair haired baby on her hip wandered out first, along with two little blonde girls about four or five years old, with a dark haired dad following close behind, who seemed to be really looking the place over, which made me nervous.

If this couple was serious and offered Rachel enough money for her house, she might just consider selling, and then I knew our last few weeks of fun would be over, and she’d be gone.

And I’d be screwed.

When they headed back inside to see the rest of the house, I started to get downright anxious when they seemed to be taking forever to check around inside.

My curiosity finally getting the better of me, I went in through the sliding doors to the kitchen and got a bottle of water out of the fridge so I could try and figure out what they were up to.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they all came down the stairs, Bill looking pretty pleased with himself and the family all smiles. Shit, it looked like they really liked the house. And I was afraid to hear what they’d said to Rachel, since she was looking anywhere but at me.

As I listened to them telling Bill that they’d be in touch, and then telling Rachel that the house was just what they were looking for, I could feel my heart sinking down around my ankles.

Looked like Rachel was going to sell, and I knew that would be it for us once she moved away.

After she’d locked the door behind them, she finally came over to where I was waiting, nervously bit into her lip, and finally looked up at me. “They really liked the house, and the girls already picked out their bedrooms.”

I just nodded and waited to hear what else she had to say.

Finally she heaved a sigh. “Brian, we both know I’ll have to sell this place one day. I can’t really keep it on my own forever, it’s just not practical. And it turns out the market is really hot right now, and they’re offering me such a good price, so…”

I just nodded, keeping her pinned with my gaze. “So, I guess you’re selling and moving away. And that’ll be it for us.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” She ran her hand down my arm and squeezed my hand. “I really love what we have, Brian. Like this morning, when you could just run up the street to be with me. It’s just so wonderful and spontaneous with you. And you’re always so willing to please, and know just what I need, too. I think what we have is too good to let it go. So, I won’t be moving away too far, I can promise you that.”

Yeah, like she promised me an hour ago that she wasn’t interested in selling her house, right before good old Bill talked her into it.

Thing was, I was going away to college soon, and I knew she had to look out for herself. So, this really wasn’t about me. It was about what was best for her. But at forty-two, she was hardly old enough to be looking into a retirement community, with nightly bingo games.

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