The Disconsolation of Anita


Anita was deeply unhappy. She couldn’t get Robert to cancel the cartography course and come with her to Frinton. She came back from her daughter’s house, laden with shopping and after a while she went upstairs to the bedroom. She looked at the large double bed and a wave of loneliness came over her. She caught herself in the full length mirror and wondered what was it about her that caused Robert to ignore her wishes. It must be something about her older body that no longer attracted him.

Slowly she removed her clothes in front of the mirror. She pulled off her jumper and her blouse rode up exposing her puckered tummy. Button by button Anita undid her blouse and looked at herself in her bra. She was wearing her jeans and she pulled at the studs and, loosened at the top, the jeans fell to the floor. Anita glimpsed her white pants and saw clearly the outline of her vulva pushing through the cotton.

Anita stepped out of her jeans and swiftly undid her bra. Her breasts were firm and her nipples stood out. Anita cupped them and gently pressed them. A mild sensation welled up between her legs and she felt it rise up through her stomach and meet the sensations from her breasts. She was breathing slightly heavily. She moved her hands to her pants and pulled them down and she stood up to view her full nakedness. Anita gently stroked her pubic hair, patting it down and then roughing it up to watch it spring up bush like. Her pussy lips moved slightly each time she did this and as she smoothed down her hair her hand caught her clitoris which she found very pleasant.

Her breathing became deeper and her chest heaved noticeably as she brought her other hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clitoris more vigorously. Anita moved her legs further apart and slipped two fingers into her vagina and rhythmically brought them in and out as she rubbed her clit. A slightly suppressed moan escaped her lips and her pubic hair started glistening as her pussy juice leaked out. She sat down on her haunches and leaned back on the side of the bed and pushed herself out to fully exploit her busy hands. A wonderful feeling of intense pleasure came from deep inside her and slowly moved to all parts of her body. She was catching her breath and crying out loudly as she fell into the grip of the all consuming pleasure. She was in a semi-conscious, trance like state – in a revelry.

And then there was a noise at the bedroom door. It was Robert. He must have let himself in quietly gaziantep escort and been watching her through the crack in the door. He swiftly moved across the room and grabbed her hand pulling her up onto her feet. Robert gave Anita a tight hug and stroking her hair whispered into her ear that he had been all wrong and should have done what she asked. Anita felt her pussy juice trickle down her inner thigh and caught it with her hand. Robert took her hand and sucked the juice from it and then gave Anita a deep, deep kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth and she totally surrendered to him.

With a steady purpose Robert took Anita in his arms and placed her on the bed. He then went to the chest of drawers and took out the set of sex toy handcuffs and restraints that she had hidden away and not told him about. How did he know they were there?

Deftly he secured Anita to the metal headboard. Her hands were chained so her arms were outstretched. He then brought her legs up to the headboard and chained them either side of her head. He slipped a plump pillow behind her head which meant she could see herself in the mirror. She was done up like a spring chicken. Her breasts were slumped either side of her chest and her pudendum was fully exposed and stretched. She could see her arsehole, something she had not seen before and that small rut between it and the glistening gash of her vagina, her engorged labia sticking out raw and red – yearning for more stroking. Her clitoris, swollen under the hood was pushing out, waiting for further manipulation.

Robert had left the room and returned naked, carrying some device she had never seen before as well as a tube of lube. He had a massive erection but Anita felt that his penis would not be the only thing that will be inserted into her.

And she was right. Robert took the jelly and squirted it liberally over her arse and pussy and very gently rubbed it in to all her crevices. He spread it all over her pubic hair and then pushed his finger onto her clitoris pushing the lotion under the hood, then working his fingers down to spread it all over her labia. He pulled each lip up and spread it either side of the flap. First one and then the other and then he put two fingers, laden with oil, into her vagina, pushing it right up inside her. She was ecstatic with intense pleasure and moved her bottom end about as much as she could to exploit her husband’s intrusive fingers.

Keeping konya escort his fingers in her vagina Robert positioned himself so that Anita could take his cock in her mouth. She felt him push his manhood in and her teeth gently pushed back the foreskin and the bulbous gland filled her, pushing in to the back of her mouth. She sucked on it hard and her tongue rubbed it vigorously. Anita, gasping for breath, couldn’t move her head and resigned herself to having Robert’s huge cock in her mouth but after some gentle biting he did withdraw.

Robert had not oiled Anita’s arsehole yet and set about doing this with a purpose. First he got a blob of lotion on his finger and rubbed this into Anita’s buttocks pushing the oil towards her small hole. The oil oozed on to the rim of her arsehole and the sphincter responded to this gentle balm. Loaded with more oil Robert’s finger then spread the oil around the rim and then he pushed the oil into her rectum.

Anita cried out as Robert broached this most private place that she had made clear he would be never allowed to violate. As he pushed his finger in and out of her rectum Anita squirmed at the pain and the pleasure but felt deep joy that Robert had invaded her last bastion of privacy and that now she was totally and utterly his.

As if he could sense what Anita was thinking, Robert gently pushed his stiff cock into the well oiled place where she was smaller. As Robert penetrated her arse Anita’s screams became louder and louder. She was in some discomfort but also she did not want it to end. She loved the idea of Robert’s cock being in her most intimate place. Robert slid his cock out and pushed its tip along the rut and then fully immersed himself in her vagina.

After the pain of the anal intrusion, the gentle vaginal stimulation was delightful. Her restrained arms wanted to hug him as he fiercely fucked her, his hardness rubbing her throbbing and enlarged clitoris and her sensitive vagina wall. She felt a wonderful sensation moving up from the soles of her feet and slowly engulfing the whole of her body. Her harnessed body convulsed in a welter of intense pleasure through which she felt Robert’s spunk shoot over her as she convulsed with her intense orgasm. Spunk hit her in the face and her chest and ran down to pool at the top of her pubes and then trickled through her pubic hair and dripped over her satisfied and engorged sex.

Robert then got off kayseri escort the bed and cast his eyes on her strapped up body. Her arms and legs behind her head , her arse and pussy fully extended and wetted with the juice of love. His own spunk dripping down her face and congealing on her body, her pubes laced with globules of cum, her whole body quivering with post-orgasmic sensations. Robert looked into her eyes said gently, “Now you are ready”.

Robert placed the device he had brought in on the bed, between her legs. It looked like something from science fiction with strange tube like antennae hanging off it. Robert placed the tip of one just inside her rectum and the other he pushed into her vagina. Other accoutrements had small clips at the end and Robert put these on her pussy lips and on her clitoris hood. The machine was powered by electricity and Robert controlled it by a remote. The machine started humming and Anita felt a wonderful vibration as the antennae came alive. She felt her rectum and her vagina filling with this gentle vibration.

Robert pressed a button on the remote and Anita felt a mild burning sensation around her pussy and realised that pulses of electricity were being applied to her pussy lips and clitoris. She then felt the insertions pushing in and enlarging in her cavities. Her post-orgasmic body was super sensitised and this penetration and electrification moved the pleasure to an altogether different sensation.

It soon became agony. She thought she heard Robert say “This is to teach you never to oppose me”. She didn’t really understand these words as the pain became unbearable. Anita screamed loudly and continually, trying hopelessly to get out of her restraints. Then she lost consciousness…

Anita woke up. She was lying on the bedroom floor. It was getting dark. She quickly checked her body and she was surprised to find there were no marks. The weird machine was gone. She slowly got up and checked the drawer. The handcuffs were there, still in the packet. Had she been dreaming?

There was a noise and Anita looked up and saw Robert, fully dressed, moving towards her, she instinctively put her hand up as she got closer. He took her hand and embraced her fully giving her a deep kiss. “I am so sorry darling, it was all my fault. What can I do to make up for my behaviour?” Anita stared at Robert. “I know!” Robert said and went to the chest of drawers. After some rummaging he came back with the packet of handcuffs and restraints in his hand. “You didn’t know I knew about these, did you?” “No” said Anita weakly. “Well, what’s it to be, Anita, who’s going to restrain whom, eh?”

Anita was still naked and she supposed Robert guessed she had been masturbating. “Me, please” said Anita, her voice quivering. “Tie me up and do what you have to”.

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