The Lock Ch. 04: GOOSE


TRIGGER WARNINGS: Simulated Rape, Pain (1 drop blood), Male Bi/Gay, MaleDom, FemDom, Family (no incest), Consensual Non-Consent, and Sex Work (idealized) The only coercion is from a sense of duty to family. All over 18.

Credits: Edited by the ‘Erotic Confectioners. Many thanks to Onyx03, Grrl Orc, Jasmine27, and allnitediner as well as others for editing this story.

Note: Nine chapters total. Each chapter switches tense in the middle. I was experimenting with that as a way to increase pace. The chapter names just happened.


I am not generally attracted to men, but I’m also not repulsed by them, or at least not by most of them. I’m not homosexual but I see no harm in it. In fact, I’m probably somewhere in the bisexual spectrum, leaning towards the heterosexual side. I once made out with a buddy and it led to giving each other blowjobs. I jacked off in a group of guys more than once in high school and I occasionally enjoy guy-on-guy sex fantasies. I’ve seen very good-looking men in the locker room that I would certainly have done things with.

I don’t understand how men can love their own genitals and not appreciate the beauty of others’ cocks. They’re all beautiful.

The idea of being with a man certainly didn’t repel me. Just the same, I had expected to be working in the brothel as a handyman, or bookkeeper. I had even been thinking about helping with the dominant women.

I was certainly not ready for the suggestion that I work as a… a… rent boy! Nor was I ready for how much the idea was turning me on. My cock was already getting hard.

I was meeting another me. The slutty gay one.

“I… I’ll… ” I stammered.

“Oh, no! You don’t have to do that!” my wife assured me. Turning to her uncle she said something biting and rapid fire.

He raised his hands in apology. With a sardonic smile on his face, he said “I am weak little man. I force no one.”

Despite my shock, I laughed. It was a shaky, nervous laugh.

Turning to his niece he asked a question to which she nodded, then she opened her eyes wide and nodded again more emphatically.

“You are rough with her?” he asked me, nodding at my wife.

“Yes. I have been lately. Not vicious but very tough.”

“No, not mean,” she agreed, and said something back to him that made her blush.

Her uncle nodded and said “I think we make this easier for both of you.” There was a long exchange between them, mostly from him. When it was over, she nodded. I could see she was blushing and breathing hard.

“Yes. It’s a good idea.” Turning to me, she explained “We can establish my position here by introducing us both as who we are; me as the niece who ran off to America, you as my husband. But you will drag me into the room, and I will struggle at your feet. Uncle will explain that I’ve been unfaithful to you and tried to run away back home. You followed me here and have explained my cheating to Uncle. Uncle has suggested that I be forced to work here as punishment, and my wage will go to you.”

Pausing, she took a deep shaky breath.

“This is allowed in this country. A wife’s paycheck is considered her husband’s property.”

I was surprised but at this point, little would shock me. I was still dealing with the erection hidden in my pants and the reason it was there.

“So then you will beat me and fuck me in front of everyone,” my wife continued. “This will put the fear into the women and assure them that Uncle is not to be messed with. I will take my place as the woman for angry men and you become Uncle’s ‘bad cop’ to monitor the women. You will snarl at them- make sure they are görükle escort taking good care of customers. Maybe then you can find something else to do.”

Looking up at me, she asked “Can you do this?” Blushing furiously, she continued, “Will you pretend to take me in front of everyone?”

She looked down.

“I can’t believe I want that,” she whispered, “but I’m already wet thinking about it.”

“Yes, if it will help. Anything that helps.” I didn’t mention that somehow the thought of forcing myself on her in front of others had taken my erection from “hard” to “raging.” Also, that erection had started with the thought of being taken by men. Of course, it would be all consensual, as both she and I were starting to realize and accept. We were both very willing.

Whichever way it went, I was descending into depravity at breakneck speed.

I realize that I must admit to myself, just how much it all excites me.

Taking a very deep breath I continue “I would like to learn how to help serve the dominant women, and… yes, I will…” *gulp* “service the men too. But you must protect my wife, and ensure she is never harmed, never scarred, or hurt in ways she doesn’t enjoy.”

He nodded. Turning to my wife, whose eyes are wide, I take her hands.

“We must always be totally honest with each other so I must admit this to you: Your husband is rock hard just thinking about it all. About the scene we will do and about… being with the men.” I smile. “I might as well admit it now, you would see as soon as I stand up.” Her look of surprise slowly mixes with a smile.

“So… we are BOTH sex workers now.”

“Very good!” says our little uncle, standing up and walking down from his chair perch. “Come, you are ready to take your wife?” Turning to her, he advises “You should yell before he drags you out.”

She nods and, taking a deep breath, she screams “NO!!” and then starts yelling in her language.

Then she turns around and tries to hit me. I block her reflexively and catch her wrist, spinning her around and pinning her arm behind her back. Grabbing her hair with the other hand, I send her through the door as Uncle opens it.

Navigating the stairs is proving difficult as she is thrashing and screaming. I pull her close and whisper “easy! We don’t want to break our necks” she nods and tones down the struggling a little, still cursing and spitting verbally at full strength.

As we turn at the bottom of the stairs she twists towards me, and winks. In English, she yells “You FUCKER! You. Fuck me!” It is all encouragement I need, her struggling had seemed so real. She does it again as we round the corridor to the main space where the staff has assembled.

“FUCK!” she screams and then lunging close to my head she whispers “I’m sooo wet.”

“Shut up, bitch!” I yell and grab her hair. “I’m going to fuck your cunt, your ass, and your face until you know your place” She jerks her head up and down as if trying to break free, but I can feel she is nodding.

I push her down pulling her head back by the hair, slapping her, and yelling, “Shut up and listen, bitch!”

Her uncle climbs on one of the small stages and addresses the crowd who are all staring at us. He gives his speech, pointing to each of us in turn. I hear the anger in his voice and I realize one must be a performer to work in a place like this, no matter what your position. When he finishes he gestures for us to come up to the stage, and he steps to the back.

This is it. I gather myself and drag her by the hair toward the stage. She starts cursing and struggling, then she holds onto my hands bursa sınırsız escort as I drag her across the floor. When I reach the steps, I pull her up to her knees. I bend down and lift her up to throw her over my shoulder. She kicks and screams. I’m scared I may drop her so I use my other hand to smack her butt hard. She stops struggling and moans, only turning it into a cry at the end.

I throw her as gently as possible on the floor of the stage when I reach the top of the steps. She falls, and it is heartbreakingly beautiful to watch. Her lovely hair akimbo, her chest heaving and her legs splayed outward.

Then the little bitch makes a run for the other side of the stage. I roar, having not seen that coming. But Uncle steps in and trips her, then kneels on her neck, pinning her down.

‘That will sell it,’ I think. When I reach her, I pull her head up by her hair as he stands back, and I slap her four times, back and forth, until she gives up the fight. Then I reach down and rip her blouse open. I hear the buttons scatter over the stage. I pull her shirt down, pinning her arms behind her.

She looks up at me, and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t smile. I hope they can’t see it. I push her head down to hide her face from view and then reach her waist to tug her skirt and panties down around her knees.

I’m not sure what to do next, but she rolls a bit to the side and I take the cue to turn her so she is flat on her back. I push my knees between her legs and spread them apart. I undo my slacks and push them down with my briefs so my cock springs free.

There is a gasp from the crowd, and I take an instant to flatter myself that it was the size of my cock and not just the fact I am about to fuck her. My confidence needs all the support it can get. This is new ground for me.

I try to enter her but she scrambles to get away. Her skirt catches around my knees. I clutch her throat and pull her back to me. My cock somehow finds it’s mark and enters her in one deep thrust. That has never happened before, ever! And with an audience! What are the odds?

She is sopping wet and I know that her willingness before wasn’t fake. My wife gets off on rough sex. She really gets off on really rough sex.

At least this was still sex with me. I think about how she will have to do this with other men now. That thought pierces my heart. That delayed my orgasm, good. I keep pounding her and grunting. I remember our audience and I yell “This… Is… what… you… get… BITCH!”

I’m going to cum soon; I can’t last much longer. I pull out and let go of her throat and she whimpers. I rock back and flip her over as I screaming at her to get on her knees. She struggles a little but I grab her long hair and yanked her head back to the side like a horse and she turns a bit to roll up onto her knees. I want the audience to see where I’m going to take her next.

I put my dick against the entrance to her anus, as she screams and thrashes. She is yelling something in her language. Another gasp from the crowd. I smack her bottom hard, but she keeps struggling. She isn’t going to get away since I have a firm grip in her long hair, but she keeps wiggling her butt. I can’t get lined up on it.

Then I notice the handprint from my hand smacking her naked behind. It had left a big red mark. She twists her head toward me and away from the crowd. She grins at me, the little vixen, and she yells “don’t you dare,” (wink) “spank me.” She said it with just enough of a pause in between that I understand they are separate orders.

Ah, ok. Yes, that works.

I start smacking nilüfer escort her butt repeatedly and hard . She thrashes and screams as she struggles. I don’t know how many blows I land, but my hand is getting sore and her cheeks are bright red. I switch hands, renewing my grip on her hair. I pull her head up, and start spanking the other cheek. Her screams are turning to gasps and sobs and my new hand is sore. She is quivering and lowers her chest to the floor, presenting her ass nicely to me.

I hold my dick against her anus again and she moans and saying something that sounds begging and defeated. I pull back on her hair, pushing myself into her. She cries out. The sound is… amazing. I pop my ridged cock into her ass and she gasps. She wails but then she pushes back against me. Before the crowd can notice her eagerness, I began thrusting deeply into her, keeping her hair pulled back so it looks like I’m still forcing her.

Actually, I’m just holding on for the ride of my life. She is bucking against me, grunting and gasping.

Suddenly, she is stiff and silent. I realize she is having an orgasm and I can feel her cunt pulsing around my cock. I scream at her to try to cover up the silence.

“Fuck you, bitch! You’re going to work for me here and pay me back. Lots of men are going to fuck, bitch. So many, that you that you won’t be able to walk.”

I know I’m about to cum, but I still want to fuck her face. I stop and pull out. She collapses on the floor, and I stand and walk around toward her head. As I start to reach down to pull her up, I hear a horrified gasp from the audience and her uncle suddenly steps forward.

“Stop! Clean it off.” He orders, pointing to my cock. I realize there has shit on it. Thinking fast, I decide to make Uncle look tough.

“No, the bitch deserves it!”

I wink with the eye away from the audience, and her uncle understands.

“Clean it off or you fly out door on your head!” He says in a hard and deeper voice.

With the best glower I can muster, I pick up her ruined blouse and use it to wipe my cock off. Someone throws an antiseptic wipe up on the stage and I finish up with that. Uncle nods his approval and motions me back to my wife. She is still lying there crumpled on the floor.

To the audience she must appear broken, lying in my cum and her tears. If anyone other than her uncle and I could see the smile on her face, her flaring nose, the hunger in her eyes, it would completely spoil the performance.

“Get up bitch!” I scream at her and she “struggles” to her knees, her head bowed and facing away from the audience. She is still grinning like an idiot so I grab her hair and pull her head back. I shove my cock into her mouth until she gags. Her eyes go wide and I realize I’ve never been this deep in her throat before. I back off a little and I can see her try to relax. She nods imperceptibly and looks up with an encouraging wink as I feel her mouth twitch with a something like a smile.

I’m fucking her face, after taking her in every other hole. She is smiling as she is gagging again on my cock. It’s more than I can take and my head rolls back as my eyes roll back as well. I start to orgasm and I feel my cock slip out of her mouth. She holds it and directs the cum all over her face. In the back of my mind, as it erupted, I realize it would be a better picture for the others as they lead her away to clean her up.

Fake and real, show and meaning, perception and truth. Is there a difference? It’s difficult to know.


4 down, 9 total. Performing for an audience is always fun, but I’m not sure I could pull off the performance described in the story. Porn stars learn to do it, so it must be possible. And I’ve certainly found myself performing for the benefit of my partner during sex from time to time. And just thinking about sex with a guy certainly excites me. Is there some thought that always turns you on?

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