Too Big?


I stood in the shower trying hard not to stare at the guy next to me. I knew him. His name was Tyler Thompson. He and I worked together at the brewery. I just never saw him naked before. It wasn’t the color of his skin that I couldn’t help looking at, though he was black. It was the enormity of the huge black cock hanging down between his legs. I had never seen one as big.

Suddenly he laughed out loud and in his booming voice said, “Go ahead and take a good look, George. I’m used to it.”

Showering at the brewery before going home from work wasn’t my usual practice, but the showers were available. My wife, Susan and I had been invited over to Her mother’s place for an early dinner, after which we were going to see a Rolling Stones Concert. Rather than compress too much into what little time we had to get there I had brought a change of clothes and my kit with me to work. I planned to meet my wife at her mother’s apartment and the three of us would leave for the concert from there.

Tyler, or Ty as he was called, was a bachelor and said he had a date this evening. He said, “I don’t mind you looking, when a person is built like me, he can expect folks to be a little curious. They don’t mean nothin’ by it. Sometimes it’s a blessing, other times it’s a curse.”

I asked how a cock like that could be a curse.

Ty replied, “Women are attracted by the bulge in my pants. They get curious to see just how big it is and they can take all of it. After spending my time and money, I finally get them into a bedroom and they get a good look at it. Some get scared and we split right away. Others try a little of it but it hurts them. If they really tried, they’d stretch a little and the pain would pass, but they won’t try. Then once in a very long while a real woman comes along who will try. When she does, a new world opens for her, and old Ty makes her cum till she passes out from the overload of sexual pleasure it gives her. We have our fun for a while but it ain’t love. All she loves is my cock. I get tired of her and move on. Someday I’ll find a real woman that loves me as well as my cock.

After our shower we dressed and went our separate ways but my curiosity was far from satisfied. After what Ty had said about the different reactions of women I couldn’t help wondering how Susan would react if she ever saw a cock like that. I knew she had a few lovers before we met. I wondered how big the largest of them was.

The following week I made it a point to get to know Ty a little better. I also watched whenever he was near a woman. He was always a gentleman, but the women acted like schoolgirls when they were near him. A few weeks later, we were eating our lunches together. We discovered that we had many things in common. He loved classic cars and I had a 34 ford that I was rebuilding in my garage. We had both been in the Army, and both served at the same bases though at different times. We read many of the same books, enjoyed many of the same movies, and had gotten drunk in many of the same bars.

I told Susan about my new friend but said nothing about his big attraction. I wanted to watch her spontaneous reactions when she met him. Every day I’d say something new about Ty.I could see that she was getting very curious about him. Then on a Tuesday night over dinner, she said, why don’t you invite your friend over for dinner Friday night? I’ll fix something canlı bahis special, You can show him your Ford and we can visit.

Ty graciously accepted my invitation and arrived on time carrying a bottle of wine, and a bouquet of flowers. He looked every bit a gentleman wearing an expensive sport shirt Open at the neck with a gold chain and medallion, Freshly cleaned and creased slacks and highly polished shoes.

Susan was dressed to greet a special guest. She wore a knee high blue skirt and her white silk blouse with a light blue scarf. She looked beautiful and radiant with the light make up she wore. She was delighted with the flowers and took them to the kitchen to find a vase while I poured some JD over rocks for Ty and myself and fixed a Martini for Susan. When she returned, we sat for a while making small talk and laughing over small jokes and banter. I fixed another round of drinks and the conversation began to loosen up a little. Susan’s questions and Ty’s answers gradually became more personal.

“Do you have a steady girl friend?”


“Can’t settle down with one?”

“I just don’t have a girl friend right now”

“Don’t you want one?”

I interrupted at this point with another round of drinks. This time the drinks were a little stronger.

“Yeah, I’d like to have a nice girl friend but most are afraid to have a relationship with me”

“Why? You’re very much a gentleman. You aren’t a criminal or anything like that are you?”

“No, nothing like that. I’m sorry, This might get embarrassing, can we change the subject.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. It’s just that you are such an attractive man. I would think that some good woman would have married you by now. Susan excused herself to finish preparing dinner.

I took Ty out to the garage and showed him the Ford, or rather the pieces of it that I was working on.

Out of Susan’s earshot, Ty said, “I just don’t know what to tell her and I know she’ll be asking again. Relationships are the base of a woman’s existence”

I told Ty that I’d lead the way in the conversation but that he should just let go, follow the flow and just be his honest self.

When we came back in, the three of us had another drink and then we sat down at the table and enjoyed a fine roast beef dinner with all of the trimmings. After dinner we had some special coffee liberally laced with whiskey and liqueur. Then Susan began to clear the table. I noticed Ty watching her ass whenever her back was turned to us. My wife does have a fine ass. I was watching it too. Ty got up and started helping. Not to be outdone, I got up and pitched in as well. Once, Ty got behind Susan and their bodies brushed as she turned. It was a little thing but even I could feel the sexual tension like some static electricity that had been generated.

With the table and kitchen cleaned, we retired to the living room. Susan told us to sit down and make our selves comfortable while she fixed some fresh drinks. Without her apron, her silk blouse shimmered in the soft light enhancing the subtle movement of her breasts and nipples as she poured the drinks. Again I noticed that Ty was also a very appreciative audience. A large bulge was beginning to show in his slacks. It visibly grew as Susan bent to set his drink on the end table near his chair. When she set mine on kaçak iddaa the coffee table in front of me, I could see why. Her nipples stood out visibly under her silky blouse. Susan sat at the other end of the sofa from me and curled her legs up under her toward the middle. This exposed a little of her thigh but not enough to cause concern.

“So, Ty, why would any woman be afraid of a relationship with you?”

That was the opening I had been waiting for. “Because, dear, Ty has a very large penis. Large enough that most women are afraid of it.”

“Oh my god! I’m sorry, I mean…Oh damn, what do I mean? I just don’t believe it. Oh my god! What an I saying now?” Poor Susan was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to say or how to say it. Her hands covering her face weren’t large enough to hide her obvious blush.

I laughed out loud at my wife’s obvious discomfort. “Maybe that will teach you not to pry into a man’s personal affairs.”

“I wasn’t prying and you deliberately embarrassed me. It would serve you right if I asked Ty to show it to me.”

“Okay, baby, you asked for it. Go ahead and show it to her, Ty.”

Ty looked directly at my eyes. “Are you sure?” he asked.

I must have missed his real meaning, or the importance of his question, because I just laughrd and said”Might as well. If you don’t, her woman’s curiosity will never leave you alone. Yeah, bring it over and let her see it up close and real.

Susan’s face was rose red from blushing but she didn’t say anything to stop Ty from unzipping his fly as he walked across the room to stand in front of her. She glanced up at his face. By the time she looked down again, Ty had it out. It was right there 12 inches long and hard, right in front of her face and only a few inches from her nose. Susan didn’t say a word. She just stared, totally fascinated by it. After a long silence in the room during which none of us hardly breathed, Her right hand moved up and she tentatively touched it with her forefinger. Then she gently traced the length of it with her fingertips. At the base of it, her fingers embraced it, though the thickness of it prevented her fist from closing around it. She slid her fist up the shaft to the head, then back down the shaft to its root. “My God! It’s beautiful!” she whispered. Her left hand joined her right hand as she used both to feel the full girth of Ty’s magnificent cock. A droplet of precum appeared. She looked up into Ty’s eyes, then looked back at it, Her finger spread it over the huge cock head and her thumb joined it in sampling the smooth texture of the dark skin stretched so tight. Another droplet appeared. My lovely and usually shy wife bent down and licked it.

Ty placed his big hand gently on her head. “It’s okay Sweetheart just enjoy what you can.”

Susan looked up into Ty’s eyes and said, “I’m not afraid of you.” Then she tried to fit the massive head between her lips. It wouldn’t fit so she sucked and licked the sensitive spot just below the head. I may not be able to take all of you but I want to feel all I can take of you deep inside of me. Susan stood up and the two of them kissed tenderly, then more passionately as their lust for each other grew.

I timidly followed as Susan took Ty’s hand and led him toward our bedroom. I felt dread in the pit of my gut, but the sight of them together was so hot that my hard kaçak bahis cock led me onward.

In moments both of them were naked and on my bed. Foreplay was a moot issue since Susan’s beautiful little pussy was already swollen and wet. She pushed on Ty’s chest and told him to lie down. “This is going to hurt me, baby. I need you to just lie still, on your back and let me control my pain while I take this wonderful cock onto me”

I watched as she straddled him and guided that huge black cock toward her wet and welcoming pussy. She rubbed his spongy wet head around her hole and up over her engorged clit a few times getting him wetter and slick with her juices. Then her eyes glazed over as she guided the huge cock head to the entrance of her love tunnel and started to sink down trying hard to impale herself over that wonderful cock. At first there was total resistance and it even bent a little, but then the head slid just a little, Then a little more. Suddenly it slipped all the way in along with about an inch of the shaft. Susan bit her lip to keep from crying out and a tear formed at the corner her right eye.

Ty tensed as if he was ready to pull out.

“It’s okay. I just need to just rest a moment till the pain passes.”, she told him. After a long moment she rocked her hips a little, then a little more. As her fresh juices lubed her, more of Ty’s cock slid into her. Soon she had about half of it inside of her. She rose up and slid about four inches out, then sank back down and swallowed more of it. This time she had eight inched inside of her. She stiffened up and had a trembling orgasm that lasted for a long time. When it was done there were only about two inches left to go. “Oh God! This is sooo beautiful. Oh Ty, I want all of you sooo bad. I want to feel you cum sooo deep inside of me. I don’t know if I can take it but I want all of you in me. Now tears were rolling freely down her cheeks as she tried to slide more of it into her. Something moved and made room. Susan screamed in pain but the huge cock was completely buried inside of her. Sweat and tears poured from her and she didn’t move. It looked as though she didn’t dare to breathe for a long while. Then she carefully raised up a little and sank down again. She tried it again and then again before a sudden orgasm overtook her and left her lying flat against Ty’s chest trembling. “Oh my God I love you Ty! Fuck me with your beautiful cock. Don’t ever stop fucking me.

Ty rolled her over and gently began easing his magnificent big cock in and out of my wife giving her a long, intense, and continuous series of orgasms. After a while, his speed and urgency increased.

Susan urged him on. “Cum deep inside of me. Let me feel your beautiful cock spurt your pleasure deep inside of my body. Feel my body contract and welcome your hot baby seed deep inside of me. Cum in me, now!

With one last push Ty held his pulsing big cockhead deep inside of my wife and began to spurt his seed deep into her womb.

“Oh god yes, baby! I can feel you cuming in me! Susan gripped Ty’s ass with her heels drawing him deeper into her as he spurted his seed into her womb. “That’s it! Give it to me, love! I need you Ty, I want you, all of you. I want all of your babies. I’m all yours. Don’t ever leave me.” Susan cried and tears ran down her cheeks as she climaxed one last time harder and more intense than any of the many others. When it was over, they lay there for a long time in each other’s arms. They didn’t even know or care that I was there.

I left the room and cried. My wife was gone. She belonged to Ty now. I had lost the real woman that Ty finally found.

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