Tracy and Vanessa

Big Tits

Vanessa sat staring at me as I walked up and down the stairs at the college football stadium. She was shocked at what I had just told her. She almost couldn’t believe me. I had just told her that I may be bi. I had told her that I loved a woman’s figure. I loved to watch them, and see how each of us are different, and how no two women were a like. Yet I still loved the feel of a nice hard dick.

Soon the shock wore off, and Vanessa started to ask me questions.

“How long have you known, Tracy?”

“Well, I would say since about freshman year of high school, but I didn’t want to admit it until recently.”

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Not yet.”

“Who are you attracted to?”

“Man or Woman?”


“I am not sure you are ready to hear the answer to that.”

“Try me”

“Alright, but remember you asked for it.”

“I know”



“You’re perfect, you have a great body, great legs, a nice butt, and sexy hair and eyes. You’re perfect.”

“How long, have you been attracted to me?”

“I think I realized it about six months before you quit.” Vanessa and I had worked in the same office up until about a month ago. She quit because she hated to even come to work, and it was starting to show.

“Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“I couldn’t, you would have slapped me.”

“Now that you mention it, I think you’re right, I probably would have.”

“I thought I owed it to you to tell you before we leave for Las Vegas in two days for a week.”

“Are you going to try and seduce me while we are there?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“If you had the chance you would then?”

“I would jump at the chance to make love with you, but I am not going to push it, it has to be your decision. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I had finished with my stair climbing, and was getting ready to görükle escort leave. I knew that I had just told Vanessa something she never thought to hear in her life time. I wanted her, and I wanted her bad. I have been thinking of ways to seduce her while we were off playing in Vegas, but I know that the choice has to be hers. She is gorgeous. Her hair is dark brown, and goes to her waist, and is completely straight, she also has some blonde streaks near her face. Her eyes are such a deep brown that they almost look black. I have always wondered what it would be like to hold her, and smell her, to taste her.

We left and decided to talk about what I had told her, tomorrow after she had time to think about it. Give her some time to adjust to the shock. Vanessa and I had grown up together, we had been best friends for as long as we could remember. Now, going to college, we shared an apartment, and got along like sisters.

The next morning I woke up to Vanessa shaking me, she told me she needed to talk to me. So I sat up, and she sat on my bed, she told me she had known about my being possibly bi, along time ago. She just didn’t say anything, because she knew when I was ready we would talk. She told me that the Vegas trip was still on, because she knew that we would have fun and nothing would stand in the way of that. I was so happy I hugged her. I knew she was right, we always have fun when we do things together.

So that day I went shopping got a few new outfits for the trip. I even decided to buy a new bra, and new panties. It was going to be a fun week, and I wanted to have fun, and feel sexy. I had thoughts of Vanessa creep into my mind, but I tried not to think about it because I knew that chances were nothing was going to happen. Even though I wished something would, it felt so good to hug her this morning, to feel her soft skin, to breathe in her wonderful scent.

The bursa escort bayan next morning we were up and ready to go by six, so we through ourselves in the car, and left. We had a six hour drive ahead of us, and we had a lot planned to do. On the way there we talked about everything from school, to work, to families, and of course sex. We talked about what made me believe I was bi, and what attracted me to certain people, and how I felt about sex, and how I loved to watch women.

We got to Vegas around noon, we decided to check into our hotel, and then go play. When we got to the hotel, I decided I want to change into one of my new outfits. So after we got our bags to our room, I changed. Though I didn’t realize it then but Vanessa watched every move I made. She watched as I stripped naked, and put on my new bra and panties, then on a pair of shorts, and a tee shirt.

We spent the day shopping, and taking in all the sights. It was fun, we ate at an awesome restaurant for dinner. Then we decided to go back to the hotel for the night. When we got in, Vanessa walked up to me and kissed me. At first it shocked me, I didn’t think she wanted this. There was so much passion and so much heat in the kiss it was undeniable. When the kiss broke, we stood staring at each other. Unable to believe, what had just happened. Before Vanessa changed her mind, I kissed her again, this time slowly and gently. When this kiss was over, I stripped her of her clothing. Until she stood in front of me naked. I gently caressed her soft body, making her shudder as touched her skin.

Vanessa, then stripped me of my clothing, and started to caress me. Her hands felt so great against my skin. I was so excited, and I wanted her so much that I was wetter then I have ever been in my life. We laid on the bed, I started to kiss her. I started at her lips then I went to her neck, up to her ear, back down bursa escort her neck and worked my way to her chest.

When I finally reached her nipple I gently sucked it into my mouth, she let out a slight gasp. I started to tease her nipples with my tongue. I started to suck harder on them, she started moaning in pleasure, so I sucked harder. This put her into a frenzy, she grabbed my head and pushed it into her breast, not letting me move, as waves of pleasure washed over her body.

Vanessa finally calmed down and let go of my head, so I continued kissing down her body. When I got to her bush, I could smell her sweet gorgeous sex. I gently kissed her cunt lips, and used my tongue to explore her body. Her pussy was gorgeous her lips were cream color, and her beautiful opening was bright pink, and she tasted wonderful. I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to thrust my tongue into her sweet pussy. Going as fast as I could. I took her clit into my month and sucked it, until she was begging me to make her cum. She didn’t have to wait long, as I stuck my tongue into her hole again she couldn’t take it anymore, and another orgasm racked her body. I went up to her and kissed her, she opened her mouth and we began to french kiss, she was able to taste herself in my mouth.

Vanessa then started to kiss her way down my body, until she reached my breasts, she then teased my nipples before sucking it into her mouth. It felt so wonderful, that I let out a moan. She continued down until she reached my thigh, she kissed the inside of my thigh and up to my shaven mound, and down my other thigh teasing me. She started to kiss her way back toward my mound. This time she ventured forward, and started to lick my lips.

After deciding that she wanted to tasted me, she went crazy on my clit. It shocked me, I let out a load moan, it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop, and before I knew it my body was tensing up and I was cumming.

It took me a few minutes to calm down. After I did, we just layed there and cuddled. We fell asleep like that. The next five days was a blur of sexual experiments and excitement. It will be interesting find out what happens once we get home.

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