Web Ch. 01


Web Ch. 01: Greg & Ruben

If there was one thing Greg loved about himself, it was his tongue. In his wildest naughty laughs, that tongue would climb out, long and wet. And when he wanted to be particularly filthy, he’d work his tongue like a seductive belly dancer.

True, his body wasn’t bad at all, but that was something he could work to perfection. His tongue was something to be born with, it was one of a kind, and there was no improvement anyone could make to match his.

Studying the ridges of his muscles, Greg continued his self-worship in the bathroom mirror. A gym rat since late high school, Greg worked at his body until he finished college, achieving the wide, rounded, mountainous physique he had always admired and fucked. How many muscleboys had he seduced since he started? He knew for sure it was five during high school, but once he was able to hit the gay clubs during college, he lost count.

And even if he could count, all of the drunken nights he’d forgotten would make that number inaccurate.

Licking his bicep, Greg promptly grabbed at his crotch, squeezing through the fabric of his white boxer briefs. The image in the mirror of his soft, dripping urfa escort wet lips on muscle horned him up. Fuck, he couldn’t wait.

Slowly slipping out of his boxer briefs, savoring every moment of them gracing down his legs, Greg put them down on the doorknob and waddled into his bedroom, his hand groping around his crotch. Getting onto his bed on his knees, he positioned himself so he could see himself well in his mirror above the low headboard. His cock was rock. It bounced up and down on its own as Greg admired himself, groping his chest with his thumb circling his nipple.

Reaching a bottle of lotion propped up on the headboard just next to his favorite red vibrator, he squeezed the bottle’s content into his palm and sensually rubbed it down his torso, sliding his hand down to his shaft and greasing it up as he moaned in self-indulgence.

One hand rubbing his abs, his other gracing his dick, he watched himself cock his head back and bite down on his lower lip. Goddamn, he was so fucking hot. Precum was already oozing over his fingertips, which he raised to his lips and suckled off like melted chocolate.

A crunch noise crackled uşak escort just outside his first-floor window. Greg’s view snapped to catch a young guy staring into his bedroom and watching him. His heart jumped in surprise, surprise that suddenly became excitement. Greg’s crooked smile crept onto his face.

He’d nabbed one.

The young guy, a building painter for Greg’s apartment complex, dressed in a throwaway shirt and blue jeans speckled with paint, held a roller in one hand and his crotch in the other. The kid was in stunned silence; he obviously didn’t want to get caught. Luckily, Greg wasn’t going to make that a problem for him. He winked at the painter as he groped himself harder, loudly exhaling. He took that time to examine the guy: Light brown tan… Short black hair… Tight, fit, limber body. Fat lips… probably Latino, he thought. Sweating from the hot Miami sun outside.

Lovin’ it.

And what he loved more was that this guy still wasn’t moving. He watched Greg’s every move of his hands over his greased body, and the teasing bounce of his cock. Taking the moderately-sized red dildo, Greg slid the smooth object down his van escort neck and onto his chest, onto his stomach and down to his crotch, rubbing it between his thigh and his balls. Greg locked eyes with him and lifted up his finger, silently beckoning him to come and get the goods.

The painter grabbed at his crotch more while he nervously checked his surroundings. Nobody must have been around, because he suddenly relaxed and smiled, walking up to the window. Greg motioned him to just go around into the building. He nodded and walked out of sight.

Laying the vibrator down on the bed, Greg crawled off the bed and eagerly bounced into the living room, opening the door and peeking his head out into the hallway. The painter was several apartments away, catching sight of Greg’s short, spiky, bleach blonde hair and erotic crooked smile. Reaching Greg’s door and an up close look at each other, Greg wickedly opened the door completely and leaned against it, his arms crossed and his cock dangling between his legs.

“Up for taking a long break?”

The painter grinned. “In this heat? Always.”

Greg stepped aside for the painter to walk into the house. He extended his hand for Greg to shake.

“I’m Ruben.”

Greg clasped hands with him for only to pull Ruben’s hand down onto his hard dick. Greg trained his eyes into his.

“I don’t give a shit.”

And with that, Greg planted his mouth onto the latino’s.


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