A Fat ASS ;)


A Fat ASS ;)I remember I was fresh out of college and my wife wanted to visit her family. We drove the long drive and when we made it it was rewarding to see her hot mom because she was so much taller than I was. My face came up to her breasts and if I hugged her normally I would be hugging her ass. She was In shape for her age and height which was awesome. She is a modest lady and always wearing a silky black dress which hugs her wide hips and dips inside her cheeks. She has bent down in front of me many times to pick up stuff from the floor and it was tempting every time to reach and get a nice gentle grab of her big soft ass. Its crazy cause she always makes boxers for me to wear at night. Anyways, I remember I went to go talk to her and see what she was up to and she said just a minute let me change into my pajama’s. moment later alright you can come in now. She was wearing a long shirt that looked very comfy. you could see her nice long legs because she was so tall. She couldn’t find her mouse and said I’ll give you anything you want if you find it. Really? ok then I want a kiss! Ok I’ll make that deal because I looked everywhere tuzla escort for it and couldn’t find it and I’m 100% sure you wont either. I found it in 3 minutes! She said thank you! Ok where do you want your kiss? I already know where I want it but I was modest and said on my cheek. I turned to the side and her soft big lips gave me a loving kiss. Mind you I have no problems because we are not related at all. She is just a hot older woman. She invited me to sit on the bed with her. I said ok and hopped on and we both were looking at Pinterest and talking small talk. Laughing and stuff then before we knew it we were laying really close to each other in bed. I began massaging her legs and she said that feels nice thank you I wish my husband would do nice things like that.Well take it easy and relax for a minute I told her. Ok as long as it doesn’t take too long thank you. mmmhmm. I began massaging her feet legs and hands. I moved up her arms and shoulders. she had her eyes closed and could tell she was enjoying it. I was enjoying myself too 😉 Thanks for the boxers they fit nice. Oh I’m glad to hear that. Do they fit ok? Yeah no tuzla escort bayan problems. she smiled and kept staring down at my crotch because she began to notice my wood becoming stiff. Would you like a massage? Sure if its not a problem. Don’t be silly, lay down she told me. I lay on my back and closed my eyes. the massage felt nice then it stopped for a few moments and then I noticed she was massaging my hips and was slowly bringing my shorts down past my pubic hair. I felt a little breeze and then a wet cool, then warming sensation on my dick. She was sucking my dick! But I didn’t open my eyes yet. She said man this feels good your a lot bigger than anyone I have seen! I smiled and began opening eyes and to my surprise, she was actually squatting down and fucking me with her pussy! It did not feel like a tight wet pussy so I thought it was her mouth! She has a very big pussy lips that swallowed me with no problem but it had all the sensations of a blowjob with a tongue and lips with no teeth touching me at all.Wow I she was actually taking me in! she was dripping lots of juices they were milky white and warm and only made me escort tuzla feel awesome cause she was enjoying herself. I told her I had a vasectomy and that I couldn’t have k**s. That’s alright sweetie I already knew that, my daughter told me everything, that’s why I am going to let you release your load in me tonight. Wow I thought well here it comes! I shot a nice warm load inside her big pussy and when I did she began to quiver and then something amazing happened which I will never forget! She told me she rarely had orgasms and not to be sad if she didn’t have one. I told her just enjoy my warm company I reached down her back and cupped her two ass cheeks and then she began to have her orgasm! Her big pussy was like the best hole you ever imagined it wasn’t just a big hole like average or small women get after being stretched out. Her vagina was always large but since she was older her lips and walls inside were saggy so that made it feel like every cm there was a nice big soft tongue sucking and squishing and licking me. The biggest sucking action I have ever felt in my entire life lasted for an amazing 20 seconds. She lay on top of me and hugged me saying thank you. as the suction began to release it felt like a cup of warm juices spilled down my balls. she said I’m going to take a bath care to join I will wash you myself? That’s a deal!

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