A Gulf Coast Vacation

Anal Fucking

For our vacation, we rented an apartment in a high rise condominium on Mustang Island on the Texas Gulf Coast. Since it was about an 8 hour drive from our North Texas suburb, we needed to get an early start.

Discussing what we should wear for our long drive, I told Trish that I was going to wear khaki pants and a casual knit shirt. Trish indicated that she was planning to wear a khaki skirt as well and a sleeveless scoop neck knit top.

We stopped for lunch on the way and pulled back on the interstate highway for the final leg of our drive. The last 3 hours on the interstate highway were without any towns and, except for stopping to refuel, it was going to be a straight through drive to our destination. In thinking about what she might be wearing underneath her clothes, I asked Trish to show me her panties. She looked at me with a grin, turned toward me and spread her legs enough that I could see the blue fabric in her crotch. I told her, “I want to see your panties up close. Please remove them and hand them to me?” I asked in a firmer tone.

Trish replied, “How about we wait until we get to our apartment?”

“My Dear, having your panties in my hand, will serve to generate discussion on what sort of erotic activities we might enjoy on our vacation. So, please take them off and give them to me as I asked!”

Trish gave me a questioning look and stated, “Can’t we discuss plans for screwing with me wearing my panties?”

“Trish, Dear, I need a visual stimulation plus the incentive of your cooperation!”

Without further debate, she raised her rear off the seat, hiked up her skirt, and then eased her panties down over her butt and down to her ankles. Easing the panties over her shoes, she handed them to me. I picked them up, gave the crotch a sniff and remarked, “There seems to be some dampness in the crotch area, does this suggest some sexual excitement?”

“Well Jay, when you start asking me to take off my clothes, my thoughts are very likely to stimulate sexual juices down there!”

“Dear One, I’m always üsküdar escort glad to find that you are excited ……. but why are you using such terms as ‘down there’? Are you forgetting our agreement to use those naughty ‘four letter words’ when we discuss sex?”

“OK! Then I’ll start using ‘pussy’ if that is what you want.” she replied.

“Speaking of ‘pussy’, please show it to me? I asked and added, I’ve always enjoyed and have been stimulated by your pubic hair trim and slick shaved pussy lips!”

Trish turned toward me, spread her legs and asked, “Is this the view you wanted?”

“Almost, but if you weren’t wearing a skirt you could spread better!” I advised.

“Well I’m not going to take my skirt off while we’re driving on an interstate! was her firm reply. But I will hike it up enough to give you a wider spread.” Lifting her butt, Trish raised up her skirt until she was exposed from the waist down. At which point, she turned toward me and gave me the view I was wanting.

“Trish, I love your beautiful pussy and I’m looking forward to using it for your pleasure as well as mine! Until we can do some wonderful fucking, please extend your right leg and place it on the dash?”

Looking around to be sure there were no vehicles near, she did as I asked. Her pussy was now more available and within reach, so I reached across and brushed the tuft of pussy hair, causing Trish to flinch. Moving my fingers down to her slit, I started some gentle up and down stroking, gradually worked my way into the dampness. Again, she moaned and moved her pelvis toward my invading finger.

“Jay, I hope you are concentrating on safe driving! I wouldn’t want what you are doing to be distracting!” she cautioned.

“Trish, my left hand is on the wheel and my eyes are looking straight ahead. My right hand will explore your pussy and I expect to find a familiar and probably rather squishy interior. Yes! Indeed you are very wet, My Dear!”I added. I continued my probing for the slight change in tuzla escort the skin texture that would be her ‘G’ spot.

Trish suddenly shuddered and cried out, “My God you found it! Now stop …. I can’t take anymore!” she gasped.

Without removing my finger, I did cease the fucking motion. All I could hear from my darling wife was some very heavy breathing.

“Jay that was very excessive diddling! At this point, the only thing I want to do is to fuck ….. I need you, but how? There is no secure place where you can put it in me!”

“Trish how about we stop at one of those roadside rest areas and share some much needed sex? Those pull over spots come along fairly often.”

“Jay, I hope it’s pretty soon, but don’t think for one minute that I’m going to be spread eagle on the car’s hood! We can’t be performing for any passing farmers or truckers?”

“No Trish, I want us to enjoy each other in a degree of privacy.” I responded.

We only had to drive a few more minutes when a ‘Rest Area Ahead’ sign appeared. I slowed and pulled off onto a short gravel strip and stopped beside a trash barrel and a picnic table.

Trish looked at me, frowned and firmly stated, “We are not going to do it on the picnic table!”

I got out of the car, walked around to her side and opened the door. Trish looked at me with a questioning glance as I unzipped my fly.

“Just turn toward me and show me that beautiful pussy! She did as I requested, while I leaned over and supported myself with my arms on the center console. Love, just grab hold and stick it in!” She grinned, spread her legs, took my cock in hand and started moving it up and down her slit while rubbing the head back and forth on her clit.

“Whenever you’re ready, Jay, push it in …… and make it deep!” she instructed.

Without any further thought, I pushed forward until our groins were pressed firmly together. I began the usual ‘in and out’ screwing motions into her well lubricated cunt. Despite the wetness, there pendik escort was still plenty of skin friction to enjoy. I sensed we would soon be us racing toward orgasm.

My stance on the gravel began to lose grip and my shoes were sliding backward. Realizing that I would soon collapse, I exclaimed, “I’ve got to pull out and straighten up! We’ve got to try another position! I withdrew, stood up straight and told her, Trish, please get over on your hands and knees, with legs spread, your butt up high, let’s try ‘doggie’?”

Looking at me over her shoulder, she did as I asked. With my stiff cock in hand, I moved toward her and without hesitation, buried in deep in her pussy. Trish was holding onto the center console and when I reached bottom on the initial stroke, I heard a loud “Unnnnh!, followed by her urging, Keep it going!”

I was holding on to her waist and enjoying the view of her very curvy and sexy butt exposed with the skirt draped high over her back. This lovely view only served to encourage and increase my deep fucking actions. I announced to Trish, “I’m almost there! I can’t hold out much longer!”

“Jay, me too, but pull out and squirt your semen outside! I don’t want to have that sticky stuff on my back or skirt! ‘Please!!!!”

Just in time, I pulled out and aimed the ejaculations at the ground between my feet. I needed a few minutes of heavy breathing holding on to the cars top. While standing beside the car with the door open, here came an eighteen wheeler speeding down the highway. Just before it passed, it cut loose with several blasts of its horn. Trish, still on her hands and knees, with her skirt high over her butt, was totally surprised by the trucker’s horn blasts.

“Oh my God, Jay, did he see me like this?” Trish asked.

“Well, My Dear, he couldn’t have seen much, but probably guessed what we had been doing when he drove by!” was my stated opinion.

“That is so humiliating and embarrassing! Trish exclaimed. Didn’t you see that truck coming”? she demanded.

“No, Trish, I was so into our extremely active and enjoyable sexual activity that I would have missed an eclipse! I explained. Anyway, he wouldn’t recognize us if he ever sees us again. So, Darling Girl, just relax and look forward to our arrival at the vacation condo in ….. just about another hour.” I suggested.

(To be continued)

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