All female foursome on a business trip to the BIG


All female foursome on a business trip to the BIGOk, so, those of you that know me, and what I like, you know I am a very into other sexy woman and love to explore my bisexual side. And I am going to tell you about a story that was a real first for me.So, last year I was asked by my boss the CEO of the company work for to tag along to a trip to America for a boring bio medical exhibition but of course while I was there I wanted to take a few days off R & R and do some shopping. So I a took a few days off at the end and went to New York to hit 5th avenue and also to meet up with a friend I met on line. She is a little bit of a butch lass for me but such a laugh and we got on great so I thought what the heck. So I met up with her and we had a great laugh over dinner and then headed on down to a lesbian bar in the village called Cubbyhole (I think) it was a nice spot and we were soon getting tipsy at the bar and I (as always) was becoming louder and louder the more Vodka Redbulls I drank. Well, what the heck, I was on holiday, no k**s no hubby just me and a bar full of women. There was going to be no stopping me tonight. So by the early hours I had danced with half the girls in the bar and flirted and grinded with so many women it was all getting a bit much ;-)I remember that at one point and I had to go and sit down to catch my breath and straighten out for a second. The next thing I remember these two amazing looking women were sitting either side of me chatting to me and each stroking my leg, they were Jane and Sarah who I had met earlier that night.Sarah was quite petite, had short blond hair, nice largish boobs and such a pretty face. Her friend Jane had long brown hair and was a bit more curvy than Sarah. I found out they were a couple and they were obviously chatting me up. As always I lapped up the attention they gave me and we chatted about all sorts, the conversation led us to what I was doing after and invited me to their place.I told them I probably couldn’t because I had come with my friend Jo who was around somewhere, but Jane quickly blurted“the more the merrier sweetheart” and so burdur escort I said I would love to come back to hers, just then Jane lent close into my ear and whispered in her sexy NY accent, “good cos i really want to taste your pussy, it’s all i have been thinking about for most of the night” and her hand moved up my thigh and to my already moist pussy. Mmmmm, I love how forward the Americans are I thought, as a sly and wicked grin crept across my face.Not long after that we had hailed a NY cab and were heading to their apartment in lower Manhattan. I was so excited, I have had lots of girl experiences in my time but the excitement of being in a new city, the BIG apple none the less, and with four very sexy women was making my wetness build inside my pussy. It could have also been for the fact that the fondling, stroking and kissing was all continuing in the cab. Before long we were in their apartment, it was a small place but very nice inside, arty, lots of very large pics of girls in different sensual positions.Jo and I sat on the black leather corner couch while Sarah went to get some drinks and Jane disappeared off to the bedroom. Jo started saying how she has fancied me for so long and been watching me all night, I don’t really fancy Jo to be honest, but right at that point I was so turned on it really didn’t matter too much. Jo lent in and cupped my face in her hands and touched her lips to mine, slowly kissing my bottom lip and stroking my hair. I parted my lips and our tongues touched, our embrace getting more passionate, her hands wandered down and I parted my legs. Jo was making her way down kissing my neck and I could feel her hands between my thighs. Just then Sarah walked back in the room with the drinks, I broke off from Jo and smiled at Sarah and said thanks. That’s when I noticed that Jane was also back, and she was wearing a big smile but that was not all, she had been standing watching us, totally naked but stoking a massive black strap-on. I felt a little shock of excitement, wow, just watching her standing there, her BIG boobs and nice çanakkale escort large nipples and stoking that big black plastic cock.I took a quick sip of my drink and got on my hands and knees and crawled over slowly towards Jane.“mmmmm, yeah, stoke it for me baby” she said jokingly as I got close up to her that massive member swinging right in front of my face. It felt all rubbery in my hand and I tried to take it in my mouth but it was much too big; Sarah was standing next to Jane now and also stroking the massive member she had some lube on her hand and she was lubeing it all up. “I want to watch you fuck her tight pussy baby” Sarah said, I looked up and bit my lip in anticipation. “mmmmmmm Bend over Shav”, she bossed, I do like being a submissive slut, especially in the hands of not just one but three feisty fems. So I did what I was told and turned around. I looked behind me with a naughty glint my eye and asked “please be gentle with me baby, I have such a tight pussy”. She bent over me,, stroking up my body and lifting up skirt; she leant right in close into my ear and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you like a rag doll baby”. OMG, just hearing her say those words in that sexy New York accent, oh my, I nearly had an orgasm right there & then. I was soaking wet now, and Jane was rubbing her big lubed up dildo against my pussy lips, making me all wet and making me moan uncontrollably. Then she pulled my wet thong to one side and grabbed my clit between her two fingers and frigged me, making me moan louder still. “Oh yeah, please baby, I want to feel you inside me” I said as she nudged my pussy open stretching me wide. I was so wet, but my pussy is so tight that Jane was having to go in very slowly with her great big strap on cock. I felt it edge in slowly filling me up. “OH Yeah that feels so good” I moaned as she sunk yet still deeper inside me. All of a sudden she thrust herself forward and “Oh FUCK yeah oh god baby” I screamed as she filled me up completely, stretching my poor little tight pussy to bursting point. It was a little painful at first çankırı escort but soon enough I was bucking back onto her and she was thrusting into me, sliding in and out of my tight pussy and making me moan uncontrollably in total ecstasy. I remember hearing some moaning looked over and saw that Jo and Sarah were having fun on the sofa and Jo was between Sarah’s legs and doing a good job of licking and sucking and Sarah’s head was thrown back with a look of absolute lust on her face. Jane had hold of my hips and this super sexy size 10 woman was thrusting her big fake dick in and out of me, every time she buried it inside me I felt like I was going to explode. She was telling me that she loves to fuck a woman this way and I was going to take it till I couldn’t take any more. That I was her fuck toy tonight and she was going to fuck me till I cum for her; which by the way I was feeling, wasn’t going to be too long. I was pushing back on her and she was thrusting into me and then I suddenly felt this warming as my orgasm was building. In and out, in and out it slid as she built up speed and rhythm. “Oh yeah baby” I said as she fucked me hard and fast and then it hit me, the rush of fire as my juices exploded and I tightened up my cunt mussels squeezing her dick tight inside me. “Oh yeah, keep fuking me like that baby, fuk me like a ragdoll, fuking rag doll me you bitch. Aaaarrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh I’m cumming” I screamed as another wave of orgasmic wonder washed over my body. I slumped forward and collapsed on the floor, totally exhausted from my first but most certainly not the my last massive orgasm of the night. The rest of the evening was spent playing with all three girls. Swapping and changing partners and getting wet and sticky. I think I came more that night than I have ever before and probably ever will again. And that is really saying something for me. Eventually we all crashed out in the same big bed and slept till the next afternoon when I had to quickly scoot back across town and back to my hotel before heading to JFK where I had a few glasses of Champagne in the lounge before heading home. With a BIG smile on my face and a few very wicked stories to tell my man. If you liked this story, then come on over to my profile & check out some more… or some of my nawty home swinger movieskisses to you all, till next timeShooting Star xxxB’Good, B’Happy, but most of all, B’Nawty !!!

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