All in a Days Work


All in a Days WorkIt had been a long day at work and youhad been fucking with me all day long. Every chance you gotyou were kissing my neck or shoving me in the bathroom rubbingmy clit and getting me frustrated as hell. It was about 5 o’clock when a man came in and wanted a PrinceAlbert, you asked him if he wanted a male or female to do thepiercing and he stated that he did not care. I came out fromthe back and saw this tall good looking black man; he wasabout mid thirties and looked like a bad boy. I winked atyou and you knew that I wanted to do him. You told me that he wanted a PA and asked if I could take him,I smiled and said that I sure could. He followed me into the piercing room and said I looked familiar,I told him who we were and he said he knew he had seen me before.I told him to pull down his pants and sat in my chair, I sawhis cock growing hard and I reached down and grabbed it explainingthe procedure to him but I was slowly stroking it while Italked. I explained that he would not be able to have sexfor at least 6 weeks. I told him that was a shame that he wantedit done today because I would like to take him for a ride.I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth and he was hardas a rock and it felt so good in my mouth. He asked if he could come back tomorrow and get the proceduredone because what he really wanted to do was take me to a hotelroom and fuck my brains out. I told him to wait a minute and then I went out and told youthat he wanted to come back the next day and get it done andto just leave his money up until tomorrow, I told you he wasjust nervous, you made him a receipt kocaeli escort bayan and I took it to him.I gave him my cell number and he said that he would call mewith the room number at the Days Inn. He left and I told youthat I wanted to run to Wal-Mart and pick up some soda’s andsnacks. I left the shop and my pussy was already drenched, you calledand told me to hurry up because you wanted to eat my pussy,as soon as we hung up he called and said that he was in room219. I got to the room and when I entered it he had another guy withhim, he said I hope you don’t mind but my buddy wanted to meetyou and then he is going to leave, I told him that he did nothave to leave, the more the merrier. I told him that you wouldbe joining also in just a bit, he looked at me funny and I explainedthat we do this all the time. He said ok whatever. I went to the bathroom and called Marty on his cell phoneand told him to wait 15 minutes and tell you that I was in room219 at the Days Inn and that I was really upset when I calledhim. I came out of the bathroom undressed and ready to play andthey were both undressed also, I walked over to the doorand left it cracked slightly. I then fell to my knees andtold them to stand before me which they gladly did and I beganto suck one and stroke the other and then would switch offand all the time I was stroking my swollen clit and I camelike a fucking freight train and the younger one came inmy mouth which totally took me by surprise but I lapped itall up like a good whore. I told him to go lay on the bed andI would suck him hard again, as he laid across the bed, izmit escort bayan I goton all fours so that the other one could start fucking mebut he didn’t he knelt down and started eating my pussy andthen made me cum so hard that I gushed everywhere. That iswhen he stood and shoved his cock into my wet wanting pussy,I looked up and could see you peeking through the crack inthe door and you saw me cumming while I had a hard cock in mymouth and one in my pussy. I was cumming over and over butmy moans were muffled by the huge cock in my mouth, it wasvery exciting having you watch me like that and knowingthat the other guys did not have a clue. I finally mounted the young cock laying on the bed and toldthe other one to fuck my ass, it was a little awkward at firstbut then I realized that I had to sit leaning over and notmove and just let the one in my ass fuck me and he was slammingmy ass and just as I started to scream another orgasm I feltyour cock tapping my lips, the guy behind me never misseda stroke, I did not even know that you had entered the roombecause I was lost in ecstasy. Now I was totally lost because all three of my holes werefilled with huge hard cocks. I was cumming so hard that my body was wracked with orgasmafter orgasm, and that is when the one in back said that hewas going to cum and he pulled out and shot his load all overmy back. The young cock said that he wanted to fuck my assbecause he had never had ass before, the one behind me laiddown under me and the other got behind me and entered my asslike a pro and he was slow stroking me and you gebze escort told him to fuckme hard because I liked it that way and you pulled me off yourcock by my hair and told me to tell him how I like it, I toldhim to fuck me like he hated me. You then shoved my head ontothe cock beneath me and told me to suck him clean and I didas I was told. You sat in a chair stroking your cock watchingme and telling me what a good whore I was and how proud youwere. I lifted my head up and told the guy behind me that it was startingto hurt and that I did not want it in my ass anymore and youtold me to shut up, but the k** got scared and said that hedid not want to hurt me, and that is when you stood and cameover to me and told him to get in front of me and you would showhim how to fuck a whore, you told me to sit on the other guyshard cock and I told you that my ass hurt, you shoved my mouthonto the k**s cock and said to suck and that is when you brutallyentered my ass and started pummeling my ass mercilesslyand I would have screamed but you had my head shoved ontohis cock and the one beneath me was fucking my face whileyou fucked me and I started cumming, I tried not to becauseit hurt but that was the very thing that made me cum even moreand the one under me yelled that he was cumming and then thek** started pumping my mouth full of cum and you pulled outand came all over me. I was spent and so were the other twoguys, I fell over on the bed, and just laid there while theycleaned up and got dressed, they said that they would turnin the key if we were done with the room. You then laid besideme and said that we had to clean up and get back to work butthat when we got home it was on and I was very glad that youdid not want to fuck just then because I was very sore. We got back to work and for the rest of the evening you continuedto fuck with me and get me frustrated once again.

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