Bad Bet to lose


Bad Bet to loseThe game was 5 card poker. They had played in teams of two. Johnny and his younger brother Tom and two old timers Bill and Max. The old timers had been bragging about thier conquests of young boys like Johnny and Tom all night and had made it clear they would fuck teh young boys if they got the chance. The last hand of the night was when it happened.There was $5000 on teh table and the old timers went all in. Johnny had a full hosue and was sure he culdn’t be beaten but didn’t have the money. So he made the bet. “I don’t have the money fellas, what can I throw in to cover the bet?” he asked. The two old men smiled at each other “I think you know” Bill said “Your sweet asses” added Max. “No!” exclaimed Tom as he ahd nothing and he knew the old men would pound him based on the chat during the night. But then Johnny showed him his hand and he nodded “Ok!” “Ok?” said the old men.”Moment of truth” said Max “What you got? he finished. “Full house!” exclaimed Johnny as he and his brothers smiled “Wow!” exclaimed Max. The boys got excited and made a move to colelct the money. Then Max continued “Wow, I’m bahis siteleri looking forward to fucking your sweet asses…four of a kind!!!” “Fuck no” said Tom “Fuck yes” said Bill”W-WW-WAIT” said Johnny “This was all my fault…do me…leave him out of it” he pleaded. “No way…one in all in” said Max and with that the old men took one boy each and forced them to their knees. “Suck on that you little sluts” ordered Max as he and Bill flipped out their big, thick cocks. Both the boys staired stunned at the cocks in front of them. The old men decided that was enough staring and grabbed the boys heads and rammed thier cocks straight in. The boys finally relented and began sucking under their own steam.After a few minutes of sucking the old men were completely naked. They grabbed thier boys and flung them in the doggy position on to the poker table so they were facing each other. “You boys can watch a loser get fucked” Bill exclaimed and with that each old man took their young prize.The boys spent minutes bouncing off the old mens gut taking their big cocks deeper and deeper, moaning in a mixture of pleasure canlı bahis and pain until Bill moaned “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” as he jolted and let loose his load in Johnny’s ass. Johnny’s body shook as he took the load. He began to move off the table when Max said “where you going?” Johnny looked panicked “You got you two into this mess so you’re taking my load too” and with that Max slid out of Tom’s ass and moved around to Johnny. “Don’t worry we aint finished with your brother either” he said as he slid into Johnny’s cum filled ass.After several feverish pumps Max let out a massive moan “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah” as he released his cum into Johnny’s ass, both of them jolting with the load. Johnny barely moved when Bill walked over to his brother and forced him onto the ground at the same time Max grabbed Johnny and walked him over to stand over his brother “now drop that cum boy!” ordered Max “No fucking way” said Johnny “I was hoping you’d say that said Bill. With that they both palced a fott on Tom’s body holding him down and while they both picked up Johnny in their arms cradling him over Tom’s güvenilir bahis body.Max forced Johnny’s ass cheeks apart so it would ooze the cum onto Tom’s body. At the same time Bill began wanking Johnny. He was no match for this all out attack and within minutes he unclenched his ass and the old men’s cum began to drop onto his brother. As the last dropps began to ooze out he lsot the last bit of control he had left “sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry” he yelled as he finally gave in and shot a mssive load all over his young brother.The old men then placed him onto the ground and forced him over Tom’s brother. Johnny didn’t need to be told what to do next. He quickly grabbed Tom’s cock and sucked at “that’s it slut!’ said Max “apologise to your brother” Johnny sucked deeper and ddepre. He stopped mid suck and looked up at his cum covered brother “it’s ok, I deserve it” he said as returned to the sucking “you fucking bet you do” barked Tom. With that Tom arched his back and jolted a load into his brother’s mouth.The boy’s laid their covered in cum totally humilated and the old men sat beside them “now when you bys recover – you can fuck the shit out of us!” said Bill. Both boys looked at each other and then the old men and smiled. Sure enough, 30 minutes later, they repaid the favour. By the end of the night all four of them were covered in cum

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