Caught getting fucked from my roommate!


Caught getting fucked from my roommate!Caught getting fucked from by roommate!Ok for those who haven’t read my previous stories some quick background info:I live with 2 roommates a guy “Sam” and a girl “Nicky”I have a girlfriend “Sue” who doesn’t live with me but is always around. Recently me and my girlfriend started trying out new things in bed which led me to become a bottom for Sam and Nicky became my mistress, also Sam sleeps with my girlfriend from time to time with me sometimes watching.It’s a pretty long story but it was the best night of my life!This story happened last week. My girlfriend and mistress still didnt know that me and Sam had sex a few times after the one time included them and that I loved getting fucked.Things were kind of slow in the house, nothing really going on with my roommates, it looked like the experimentation was over and I was just having plain old fashioned sex with my girlfriend, which was good but a bit boring lolLast weekend I was hanging out alone in the livingroom watching TV. Sam came home with a few bags and it looked like he was shopping. He said hi and sat next to me.Sam: how was ur day so far?Me: pretty good, just a nice lazy day! How about u? Sam: same here, I just went shoppingMe: what did u get?Sam: well I picked up a pair of jeans nothing special! I also picked up some lingerie for sueMe: nice! Can I see?He pulled out the stuff he got to show me and it was obvious it wasn’t for everyday use! I got excited from the thought of Sam picking out sexy underwear for my girlfriend, and what really excited me was the fact that its probably going to be a fun day and the experimentation wasn’t over!Sam: what do u think?Me: really hot! I love them!Sam: well lets see if she likes them too? Is she coming over tonight?Me: idk let me ask herI texted Sue asking if she’s coming over and she replied she is out with Nicky and some friends and she might come after.I told Sam Me: looks like she might come over laterSam: what time? Did she tell u?Me: calm down ur acting pretty excited! I’m not sure when, she’s with her friends so it depends on when she is doneSam said ok in kind of a disappointed tone, looks like he was pretty horny and can’t wait for my girlfriend to come home which really turned me on!We hung out for a bit and all I was thinking about was what Sam was going to do to my girlfriend when she comes over! I wanted him to fuck me as well but I didnt do anything since I’m always the one who makes the first move with him and I wanted to see if he’s just playing along when we have sex or its something he likes too.After hanging out for a bit I gathered up the lingerie he got and took it to the room to put it away. I walked into my bedroom and put the bags in the closet. As I turned around to walk back to the living room I got a pleasant surprise! Sam followed me into the room! I got really excited and hard knowing that I’m about to get fucked! He walked up to me grabbed my hand and turned me around, standing behind me and holding me tight I could feel how hard he was!He kissed my neck and was touching me all over pushing his hard cock against my ass. Suddenly he let go of me and just walked away.I was a bit confused for a sec but I just took my clothes off and followed him. I found Sam back in the living room sitting on the couch with his cock out.I got down on my knees in front of him and held his hard cock in my hand stroking it gently.Sam: I’ve been really horny all day and since ur girlfriend isn’t here I guess it’s ur job to take care of me.Me: I love taking care of u! Just tell me what you want?Sam: suck my cockI opened wide and lowered my head taking his cock in my mouth. I started sucking his cock enjoying being absolutely submissive and making sure I made it an extra wet blowjob! Sam took a handful of my hair and started to guide me making me take his whole cock down my throat and fucking my face. He then guided me to his balls. I licked his balls and took them one then the other in my mouth while rubbing his hard cock.Then, my favorite part! Sam started talking dirty to me which he always did so well! While I was on my knees servicing his cock we looked at each other eye to eye as he talked dirty and humiliated me.”That feels so good…. Ur getting really good at this! Suck my cock… Oh ur getting better than ur girlfriend, maybe I should make u always suck my cock before I fuck her… I’m going to fuck u istanbul escort soo hard u have no idea what ur in for”He got up and walked me to the side of the couch, he bent me over the couch and stood behind me. He slowly started pushing his cock into my ass, it felt so unbelievably good! He gradually picked up his pace fucking me harder and faster…Me: yes Sam fuck me! It feels so good Sam: u fucking faggot u like sharing cock with ur girlfriend don’t u?Me: I love it more when u fuck me!Sam: oh she doesn’t know how much of a cock lover u r!He fucked me hard and long making sure he humiliated me with all the nasty things he was saying.After a nice long fuck he shoved his whole cock in my ass, as he held me in place with his thick cock deep in my ass he started Cumming inside me… It felt so good, so perverted to be filled with cum from a man who fucks my girlfriend as well!He finished cumming in my ass and pulled his cock outSam: I needed that! How did u like it?Me: it was amazing! It’s been a while since we did this, I missed itSam: glad u liked it, now go clean upI went to the bathroom and took a shower, I jacked off while in the shower and came in no time!!I got dressed and went to the kitchen to grab a quick snack.Sam suddenly grabbed me from behind and started dry humping me, he was hard again!Me: wow again?!?!Sam: I’m sorry! I thought u liked it!I’m sorry I’m just really horny today I can’t help it!He walked away thinking he was rejectedI quickly caught up with him back in the living room Me: of course I like it are u k**ding!Sam: so ur ok with doing it again?Me: Are you k**ding? I wish u fucked me more I love it! I want u to fuck me again and again as much as u wantI unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, I got down on my knees to suck his cock and he stopped meSam: no, not time for that I want to fuck u now!While I was on my knees he got down behind me and bent me over… We were in doggy my face on the floor and ass in the air waiting to be fucked againHe lubed his cock and started fucking me again harder than the first timeI was in heaven enjoying being Sams fuck toy getting pounded, suddenly the front door opened!My girlfriend and Nicky walked in and just stood there looking at us…Sam stopped for a second then went back to fucking me while they watched. Me on the other hand, I felt a bit ashamed! My girlfriend saw Sam fuck me before but that was because my mistress told him to but now it’s obvious that I enjoyed being fuckedAs they walked towards us they started talkingSue: well this is a surprise! Nicky: looks like ur boyfriend likes being a sissy!Sue: well lets treat him like oneShe stood in front of me and I started kissing her feet.She leaned forward and kissed Sam and said “looks like we both love ur cock!”She took her pants off, sat on the floor in front of me, and spread her legsI started licking her pussy, Nicky just sat on the couch watching as Sam was behind me fucking my ass while my girlfriend was in front of me getting her pussy licked.Nicky: So sue how do u feel about ur boyfriend being a faggot?Sue: I love it! Looks like Sam is the man of the house now!Sam: I’m going to get to u later! Go to the room and put something sexy on, I got u something it’s in ur closet.Sue: aww thank you! Ill be right backShe got up and went to the room, Sam got back to pounding me hard!Nicky got up and came over, she got down next to me and we kissedAfter she kissed me she reached for my cock and started stroking.Nicky: so do u like getting fucked by a real man?Me: yes mistress I love itNicky: u like feeling like a slut don’t u? How would u like it if I fucked u too? Me: yes mistress that sounds amazingShe went to her room and came back with a strapon she put it on and took Sams place behind meShe started to fuck me slow but hard! Sam got up and came in front of meI sucked Sams cock as my mistress fucked me hardSue came out of the bedroom wearing the lingerie Sam got her… She looked amazingSue: well this is a development! One dick wasn’t enough for u huh?Sam: He can’t talk now, he’s too busy sucking dickNicky: wow u look hot I like Sams taste! Sue watched us and rubbed her pussy… She took a few pictures of me getting fucked and sucking Sams cock Soon enough Sam started moaning and grabbed my head. Sam started to cum in my avcılar escort mouth, my girlfriend cheered “swallow his cum! Make me proud”Sam finished Cumming and I swallowedNicky: now that he’s done sucking cock he can lick ur pussySue: no I want to try fucking him tooSam: wow even ur girlfriend is going to fuck u! She’s a slut and she’s going to fuck u! That must make u a special kind of slut!Nicky got up, my ass was feeling a bit numb from her and sams hard rough pounding.She gave took the strapon off and gave it to sueSue made me lay on my back and spread my legs… She fucked me gently as Nicky straddled my face and I started lickingI licked my mistresses pussy and my girlfriend fucked me!Nicky was moaning and was getting close to an orgasm.Nicky leaned forward and started sucking my dick in 69 position and sure enough I started Cumming in minutesAfter I came both Nicky and sue got up and headed to the room to have their own fun.With sue and Nicky fucking in the room and Sam was chilling naked on the couch I just laid there exhausted trying to catch my breath.Sam: u were always the one who got all the girls, I was always jealous of u dating Sue! Who would have thought I’d be the one who fucked everyone in the house and u got fucked by everyoneMe: I know it’s ironic, but its ur fault u were my first and u got me hooked!After we relaxed for about half an hour, I got up and sat next to himMe: can I suck ur dick?Sam: idk I need a break! I might not be ready to start over yetMe: no need to start over, u don’t even need to get hard I just want to have it in my mouthI started sucking his soft cock, it was so thick even when he’s not hard!Sue and Nicky came out Sue: u still want more huhMe: we’re just having fun what’s wrong with that?Sue: I never said there was anything wrong with itShe sat next to Sam and he put his arm around her while she watched me suck his cock and made out with him for a bit then started giving me instructionsSue: suck his cock, get him hard for me! Suck ur friends cock till its nice and hard so that he can satisfy ur girlfriend.Sam was sucking her tits and touching her all over, sue would kiss his neck, make him feel how wet she is while he fingered her, and whisper in his ear Sue: thank you for the gifts! Do u like how I look in them? I want u to fuck me today just like u fucked my boyfriend! All this was getting to Sam, me blowing his half erect thick cock, and my girlfriend talking dirty to him and giving me instructions.Sam started to get hard again and started telling me what to doSam: “Suck my cock! Get me ready for ur girlfriend! Im going to cum in her pussy like I came in ur ass”Sue: in his ass? I thought he swallowedSam: no that was the second time! Ur sissy boyfriend had his ass filled with cum earlierSue: now I’m jealous!Sam: ya? U want me to fuck u too? U want to be a slut again?Sue: I want him to get u hard and then watch while u teach him how to fuck a womanSam was hard now, he pushed me off and sue straddled him but before she lowered herself on his cock he stopped her, looked at me, and saidSam: I want u to show her that u want me to fuck her! Show ur girlfriend how u want other men to fuck herHe got up and she laid on her back”lick her pussy”I got down and started licking, she was already wet! Sam took the strap on and pushed the dildo in my ass while I was licking her”Lick my dick get it nice and wet”I licked it base to tip and he was ready to fuck her brains outHe positioned himself to fuck herSam: u see how he was getting us ready to fuck with a dildo in his ass! He looked at me and said”Hold my dick for me so that I can fuck her”I held his dick keeping it in place as he started sliding his cock in, my girlfriend moaning under him once he was all the way in he started pounding awayI stayed there for a bit watching him fuck her from up close till Nicky called me over and told me to sit next to her.I sat next to Nicky, she was sitting naked watching us and touching herself. When I sat next to her she placed her feet on my lap and I started massaging them while she occasionally rubbed my dick with her feet. It was kind of a nice moment relaxing massaging my mistresses feet, watching my friend brutally fuck my girlfriend while she moaned and screamedShe is such a slut and that’s one reason why she is the love of my life! Her spreading her legs for my friend then sharing him with şirinevler escort me is probably the best gift any girlfriend ever gave me”Sam u feel so good inside me! Fuck me hard please don’t stop”And he would reply with nothing but hard pounding.Nicky: u hit a new low today! U really can’t get any lower than this!Me: stop exaggerating were all just having fun!Nicky: well how about a bet? do one thing tonight u havent done before that would show u can still be more submissive?Me: sure, what do I get if I can?Nicky: I will be ur slave for the rest of the night rather than the other way aroundMe: and if I lose?Nicky: u have to walk outside and run around the block naked!Now having my mistress as a slave for night isn’t something I thought about before, but that night I still didnt get to fuck and I was horny and having my way with Nicky for a night sounded amazing! She’s really hot! Somewhat exotic almost Latina look, tanned skin, thick slightly curly hair, a thin waist but thick thighs and a big bubble ass! Plus the idea of my mistress, who humiliated me so many times, being my slave was very empoweringSo I agreed of course.Sam was fucking Sue and as he got closer to Cumming saying “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum inside u u horny slut”I quickly got up and as soon as he came and pulled his cock out Me:Sam I want u to fuck meSam: that’s the third time I came today! I can’t!Me: just for a minute or two me and Nicky have a bet and I need ur helpHe got behind me and in a hard quick thrust he shoved his cock in me using nothing but my girlfriends fluids as lube.I leaned down to Sues pussy, as Sam was fucking me from behind I licked and sucked his cum out of my girlfriends pussySam: u two sluts are made for each otherNicky: really? Sam couldn’t fuck more he just fell back on the couch, I continued eating up his cum from sues, now stretched, pussy. After I was done I showed Nicky some cum that I collected in my mouth then swallowed.I got on my knees and took Sams cock in my mouth, sucking and licking his soft cock till it was clean! I held his in my hand and looked up at him and told him how I felt but because of my bet with Nicky, i was trying to make sure I sounded like the submissive cuckold bottom that I am!”Sam ur the best friend I could ask for! U fuck me till I’m satisfied then u fuck my girlfriend and keep her happy as well! Thank you for fucking us”Nicky said “wow apparently there is no limit of how low u can get!”I got up went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up.I walked out excited for my reward I was really hard! Really horny! And can’t wait to enjoy having my way with my mistress.Nicky apparently was excited as well! She put on some really sexy black panties, no bra, waited for me in her room on her knees she looked too beautiful I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to have her!I walked into her room, I walked up to her and put my dick in her mouth.Me: so ur my slave tonight right? I can do what I want?Nicky: yes u earned it Me: get upI sat on her bed and had her lay face down across my lap… Smack!! I slapped her ass so hard she screamed!Me: so Nicky what should I do first?Nicky: what ever u want just go easy!Smack!! another hard slapMe: say ur my slave!Nicky: I’m ur slave!I slid my middle finger in her ass Me: say mistress is a slave tonight! Say mistress is a cum bucket tonightShe didI had her get on her knees and suck my cock while I gave her instructions…”slowly! I want this to last! Lick it! Lick my balls…”It felt amazing! Awesome blowjob plus the taboo of dominating my mistress!I had he lay down on the bed and got over her and fucked her face for a bit.. I adjusted myself and had her give me a rim jobI called sue and had her sit on Nicky’s face, I made Nicky lick her pussy while I was fucking her pussy with a dildo then gave her the dildo to fuck herself while we watched.I grabbed a pillow sheet and used it to tie her handsI turned her around so that she laying facedown with hands under her tied up.I spread her amazing ass cheeks and started licking her ass while fingering her pussy.I grabbed some lotion she had on the night stand and put some on my cock and shoved my cock in her amazing ass! It was painful for her which I somehow enjoyedI rolled her back on her back and spread her legs… Sue was behind me fingering my ass giving me an amazing prostate massage! It was too much!I started cumming inside her while kissing her and enjoying the prostate massage sue was giving me… When I finished her pussy was dripping cum which I didnt let her clean…I messed with her the whole night taking advantage of my reward!That’s the story of one of the best nights of my life!! I hope u guys liked it and stay tuned for more stories!Also I will probably post some pictures of Sue and Nicky soon if they r ok with it.

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