Faunus Fantasies Ch. 04


This is my fourth Faunus Fantasies, LLC story. Although there is no need to read the other stories first, some parts of this story might be more fun and make more sense if you have.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it.


Claire and I were at Mel’s kitchen table having breakfast in companionable silence. Phone in hand, she flipped through pictures her friends had posted online, smiling occasionally between bites of toast and sips of coffee. I struggled to see info about my next Faunus assignment on my laptop. I needed to find out who the client was, what they wanted in bed, and how they wanted me to look and act on the gig. Faunus Fantasies, LLC had recently switched from a paper-based gig assignment system to an online service and it was driving me crazy. The way it worked didn’t make sense.

Mel strolled into the kitchen. Ever the early riser even on weekends, she’d been up for hours while Claire and I were just then having our first cups of coffee for the day.

“Bye,” she said, kissing us both. “I’m off to the gym. Should be back in an hour, hour and a half tops.”

Looking up, I dropped my spoon, splashing granola milk on the table.

“Damn, Mel,” I said, looking her up and down. “You look fine. This is what you usually wear to the gym?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked, perplexed.

A dark blue sports bra with a faint light blue vertical pattern covered her nice, round breasts. The pattern on the matching leggings started at her knees and ran to her ankles, emphasizing her curvy hips. Sure, she was mostly covered in cloth but damn, that outfit left nothing to the imagination. Bright pink sneakers and a gym bag over her shoulder completed the look. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail. My cock twitched and grew as I admired her. I couldn’t wait for her to turn around so I could get a look at that fine ass.

Claire glanced up from her phone for a second.

“When you mentioned going to the gym, I always imagined you in a baggy, gray sweatshirt and sweatpants,” she said. “This is not what I expected.”

Claire had a point. While Mel had an amazingly attractive body, her usual clothing tended to downplay or even hide her shape. Not this. Very not this.

Mel smiled.

“Actually, you’re not far off,” she said. “I used to wear that kind of stuff to work out but I always got overheated. This material wicks away sweat, so it’s much more comfortable.”

“I’m all for comfort and practicality,” I said, wiping up the table. “But you need to know that you look seriously hot in that.”

“Mike’s right,” Claire said with a sly smile, taking a sip of coffee. “If I were fully awake, I’d want to rip that right off you and drag you to bed. Or maybe leave some of it on you and drag you to bed.”

“That goes double for me,” I said.

Mel blushed.

“I never thought of it that way,” she said, looking down at herself. “To me, exercise clothes are like the opposite of sexy. I sure don’t feel like I look hot in this.”

“You just keep thinking that while the rest of us enjoy the view,” I said with a smile.

“Okay. So,” Mel said, taking a deep breath. “I’m outta here. See you in a bit.”

As she left, Claire and I both craned our necks to get a peek at Mel’s butt in those tights.

When the door closed, I finally was able to access my next assignment. When I saw the client’s photo, I groaned and covered my face with my hands for a few seconds.

“Oh, hell no,” I said.

Concern on her face, Claire set her phone down.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Amanda Fletcher is what’s going on,” I said, gritting my teeth as I glared at the screen. “My ex-wife.”

“Your ex is your next assignment?”

“What the fuck was Eddie thinking?” I said.

“He probably doesn’t know,” she said, taking my hand. “Tell him. He’ll get somebody else.”

“Okay, good point,” I said, closing the laptop. “I’ll call him and explain. Back in a few. I don’t want to ruin your breakfast with this conversation.”

I picked up the laptop.

“Mike, are you okay?” Claire asked as I reached the hallway.

I paused and thought for a minute.

“I honestly don’t know,” I said.

* * *

I went upstairs to Mel’s office and closed the door, then called Eddie’s personal cell to explain the situation.

“Mike, really? You shitting me?” Eddie asked. In the background, I heard a small gasoline engine running at a steady drone.

“Would I kid about something like this?” I said. “You assigned me to do a gig with my fucking ex-wife, Eddie. The last person in the world I’d want to be in the same room with right now.”

After a long pause. Eddie sighed.

“Okay, Mike, I fucked up. I’m sorry. It did think it was weird that the picture she gave us of how she wanted her guy to look reminded me of you. Never occurred to me that it might actually be you for real. That’s why I thought you’d be perfect. I mean, are you looking at the assignment now?”

“Hang on,” I said. “Give me a sec.”

I şişli üniversiteli escort opened the lid and logged in again. Skimming through the assignment, I found the picture of me he was talking about. It was from twelve years ago. Our honeymoon. I was on the back deck of our rented condo on the coast, the ocean glinting in the distance. I smiled as I lifted a glass of champagne and looked past the camera to admire my beloved bride.

Shit. What was she thinking?

“Yeah, that’s me,” I said with a sigh. “More than ten years back. Honest mistake. I do look a little different now.”

“Here’s the problem, Mike. I’m out on the lake with my grandkids. Middle of the fucking lake. I won’t be able to fix this until tonight and by then it’ll be too late. You’re gonna have to take one for the team, pal.”

“Eddie, for real? Can’t Claire make that change and get someone else assigned?”

“Naw, she don’t have access yet.” he said. “This new software is a bitch to set up. I’ve got a ticket open with them. Hope to get it fixed Monday.”

“And the assignment’s Tuesday. Not enough time to prep anyone else. Shit.”

“Yeah, like I said, I’m sorry,” he said. This is all kinds of fucked up but I’m just gonna have to ask you to run with this one. You’re a professional. You can play nice for a day and a night, right?”

I paused, my mind racing, heart beating fast.

“Mike? You still there?” Eddie said.

“Yeah,” I said. “Okay, Eddie, I’ll handle it. But you owe me bigtime. I mean, would you want to do a gig with one of your exes?”

“Fuck no. I get your point.”

“But listen, Eddie, we need to go back to discussing assignments in person beforehand. Just dealing them out like playing cards in this system without face-to-face discussion is going to bite us in the ass again.”

“Not a bad idea. I’ll think about it. Anyway, good luck with this one. And thanks, Mike. Knew I could count on you.”

I studied the specifics of my next gig. Much to my surprise, the further I got into Amanda’s file and the details of her situation, I became less and less angry with her. The medical section was especially eye-opening. Faunus has to have access to clients’ medical records so we can avoid injuring or killing them accidentally, If they have peanut allergies, a history of heart attacks, or other medical problems, we need that information to protect them. The more we know about this stuff, the safer our customers are and the less legal risk we face.

* * *

I was startled awake by a knock at the door.

“Mike?” Mel said in a worried tone. “You in there?”

I had fallen asleep, head on Mel’s desk, the laptop closed.

“Yeah, just a second,” I said. Opening the door, I found Mel and Claire, both looking concerned. Mel’s hair was still damp from showering after the gym. She’d changed into jeans and a loose blue top. Clare wore a dark green sleeveless dress that stopped about three inches above the knee.

“Are you okay?” Claire said. “You’ve been up here for hours.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m fine. Everything is fine. What time is it?”

“It’s like a little past six,” Mel said.

“You two are just hungry,” I said with a smile. “I’ll have dinner ready in a bit.”

“No, seriously,” Mel said, hugging my arm as we descended the stairs.. “We were worried about you. Claire told me about the assignment. Your ex. You got taken off that one, right?”

“Nope. Still on it.”

“Fuck. Are you kidding me?” Claire said.

“I wish I was. Eddie said it was too late to change and I’d just have to make the best of it.”

“Well, that sucks,” she said. “And not in a good way.”

In the kitchen, I set out the ingredients for our meal. My head began to clear from the fog of my accidental nap. As Mel poured Cabernet for the two of them, Claire got a bottle of stout from the fridge, popped the cap, and handed it to me.

“I think you need this,” she said, still looking worried. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Thanks,” I said, taking a sip. “Yeah. Maybe a little. Let me get the meal going first.”

* * *

“Earth to Mike,” Mel said, waving a hand in my face.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, chewing a flavorless bite of teriyaki chicken. “What were you saying?”

“I was asking what’s going on with you,” she said.

“Yeah,” Claire said. “You seem preoccupied. Not that I blame you, but still.”

“Want to talk about it?” Mel said.

“There’s a lot I can’t say because of confidentiality rules,” I said, “especially concerning medical stuff. And with that, I’ve probably said too much.”

I took a bite of roasted broccoli and another sip of beer.

“So something is wrong with your ex?” Claire asked.

“Let’s just say I view a lot of things differently now that I’ve gone through her file.”

“Are you gonna be okay, doing this assignment?” Mel asked. “I mean, like, is your ex dangerous or anything? Could you get hurt?”

I smiled a weak smile.

“Physically, I’m in no danger. Emotionally? taksim anal yapan escort That might be trickier. We’ll see.”

Mel’s bottom lip trembled.

“You’re not going to get back with her, are you?” she asked.

I took her hand and looked her in the eyes.

“Absolutely not,” I said. “Too much painful stuff happened between us that will never heal. I’m not going anywhere. The three of us are solid. Don’t fret about that.”

“For real,” Claire said. “I’d kick your ass if you broke us up.”

I laughed.

“See, Mel?” I said. “I’ve got no choice in the matter.”

Mel returned my laugh, tears in her eyes.

“Okay, well I’m glad that’s settled,” she said.

With the next bite, I discovered that my food had taste again.

* * *

Once in Mel’s bedroom, we proceeded to tear each other’s clothes off in a frenzy. Either one of those two was gorgeous enough to give dead men stiffies. Both of them? In the same bed? Amazing.

“I think Mike needs special attention after his trauma,” Claire said with a grin. “What do you think, Mel?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Mel said, smiling. “Clear your mind, Mike. ‘Cause we’re going to blow it for you.”

“Lie back and enjoy,” Claire said.

I flopped onto the bed, my cock hard as a rock.

I gasped as Claire deep-throated me. Mel and I kissed, moaning into each other’s mouths as I fingered her and squeezed her tits. As I approached orgasm, bucking against Claire’s face, she released my dick from her mouth.

“Time to switch!” she said.

Now Mel’s mouth was on me, her soft lips encircling my engorged cock, her tongue licking my shaft as she bobbed her head. I tasted my pre-cum on Claire’s tongue, which only made my erection harder. She pulled away and straddled my head facing Mel. I licked the length of her cunt lips, drawing forth a deep moan. She rocked on my mouth and grunted as I tongued her clit hood in little circles.

Mel took me out of her mouth and straddled my hips. I felt her grab my tool and guide it into her hot cunt. As she settled onto me, she gasped and grunted. Claire shifted her position so her tits were pressed against my lower abdomen. I felt her tongue licking my shaft as Mel fucked herself with my cock. A squeal from Mel let me know Claire was applying her tongue to us both as we fucked. I sucked on Claire’s clit, which set her off.


Even after her orgasm, collapsed atop me, Claire kept licking away. Mel’s bouncing became frantic and uneven, her breathing labored. Both of us came at the same time under Claire’s expert licking, me bucking up against Mel. She screamed as she came and her pussy clamped down on my cock, which triggered my orgasm. I shot load after load up into a babbling Mel, who rolled off and crawled up to kiss me hard. Claire roused herself and hugged me from the other side, biting my ear in a playful way. I sighed and fell into a deep sleep, cuddling these two women I loved and who loved each other.

* * *

The morning of the assignment, I dropped by Faunus HQ to leave my BRZ and take one of the company’s beige Camrys, I also put on the tuxedo the client had requested. Amanda always had a thing about men in formal wear and this was her fantasy, so a penguin suit it was. I had, of course, packed other clothes for the next day and the drive back.

Amanda lived in one of the seedier parts of town. The main street was dominated by nail bars, payday loan companies, vape shops, second-hand stores, tiny ethnic restaurants and groceries, discount cigarette vendors, and bail bondsmen. Amanda’s apartment building was fairly new, part of a wave of gentrification creeping into the area. She buzzed me in as “Michael Nelson”, the name I’d picked for this job.

I rapped on her door. After few seconds, it opened. There she was, as beautiful as ever. I felt like I’d gone back in time. She was five foot five, with brown hair that was shorter than when we were together but still sexy. Twinkling blue eyes shone from an oval face accented with perfect makeup and bright red lipstick. I ached to touch her ample breasts again and wrap my arms around her slim waist, stroke those rounded hips. She was a stunner in a short black dress with spaghetti straps. I felt an erection building, remembering some of the wild sex we used to have.

“Ms. Fletcher?” I said.

She stood, mouth agape for a moment as she raked her eyes over me.

“Wow, you look just like him,” she whispered, clearly rattled. She quickly regained her composure.

“You must be Michael,” she said, taking my hand as she smiled. “Call me Amanda, please.”

How odd it was to hold that hand again. I returned her smile. Looking around, I saw no sign that children had ever been in the place.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“I am so ready for this,” she said, reaching for her case. “I can’t wait!”

“Then let’s go,” taksim bdsm escort I said. “Let me take that for you.”

* * *

On the drive to the Faunus house, she was as always a lively conversationalist, although a little muted compared to what I remembered. We discussed her job as a manager in the accounting department of a local university, her hobbies, books she read recently, and music she loved. She had season tickets to the symphony, which surprised me. She’d always been more of a rocker, back in the day. We went to so many wild shows then, leaving with our ears ringing.

“Any kids?” I asked at one point. “If you don’t mind the question, that is.”

“Two lovely children, Olivia and Ethan. They’re eight and six. They mostly stay with their grandparents these days.”

This was new information. Her parents had always been kind to me and her sisters and brother had turned out well, so I was relieved to hear that our kids were in their care.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Ah,” she said, sadness in her voice. “I went through a rough patch for several years and had to give them up.”

“Sorry to hear that. What about their father?”

“No contact,” she said. “Losing him was part of that rough patch.”

“Gotcha,” I said.

“Listen, Michael,” she said. “You know a lot my story, from the paperwork I gave your employer. I don’t date because I know I’m damaged goods. Who would want a dumpster fire like me? I hired Faunus because I wanted some romance again, to feel desired again, even if just for one night.”

I did, I thought. Still would, if I’d just known then what I know now. We could have found a way.

“I’m the last person to judge you, Amanda,” I said. “Look at what I do for a living, okay? And I can tell you that plenty of guys would love to be with you despite your struggles. The fact you’ve coped with them is even more attractive.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her appraising me.

“I appreciate that, Michael,” she said with a catch in her voice. “More than you can know.”

We rode in silence for the rest of the trip, although I did find myself stealing sideways glances at her nice, toned legs as that short dress rode up her thighs.

* * *

It was around noon when we arrived at the house, I carried our luggage to the master bedroom.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Food can wait,” she said. “If I wanted a meal, I would have gone to a restaurant or fixed something myself. Forgive my language, Michael, but I really just need a good fuck right now.”

“That can be arranged,” I said, holding out my hand. She took it, grinning.

“First, let’s turn the lights down,” she said, releasing my hand. “It’s sexier in dim lighting, don’t you agree?”

“Of course,” I said, remembering how self-conscious she was about her stretch marks. I admired them and called them her tiger stripes. They showed how fierce she was to go through the agony of giving birth to our kids.

I lit a few candles around the room, then pulled the light-blocking curtains closed.

“Wow,” she said. “I want those curtains for my place. They really shut out the sun, don’t they?”

“Yeah, they’re made for people who work nights. You can make this room pitch dark.”

“I’d settle for not being awakened at five thirty in the morning by the sunrise.”

As I turned toward her, she practically leapt at me, wrapping her arms around me tight and kissing me deeply, moaning with pent-up yearning. I returned her kiss, trying not to kiss too much like myself. I absolutely did not want to tip her off. Not yet, anyway. My cock hardened and pressed against her through my pants.

She slid down to her knees and unzipped my pants to extract my rigid cock. Her warm hand felt wonderful. I moaned as she gave the head a little kiss.

“Mmm,” she said. “That’s a nice cock you have there, Michael.”

Still stroking me slowly, she stood. We kissed again, both moaning. She stepped back and pulled her dress over her head, leaving her standing before me in matching black lace bra and panties.

“Take them off of me,” she said.

I unclasped her bra and slipped it from her luscious body, then slipped my thumbs into both sides of her panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside. She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself so that her long legs could wrap around my hips, lowering herself onto my cock, groaning with pleasure as she sank onto me. Damn but she was wet. I grabbed her ass and proceed to slide her along the length of my cock, slow at first but gaining speed until I was fucking her hard, our bodies slapping together repeatedly and filling the room with the endlessly fascinating sounds of sex.

Panting and moaning, she approached climax, eyes squeezed shut.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” she screamed as she came, her cunt clenching around me tight.

I continued ramming into her, bringing her to a second orgasm. My balls tightened and my cock felt even thicker than before. My climax hit me hard, gasping and yelling as I shot pulse after pulse of cum into her.

Still holding her tight, I carried her to the bed, where I pulled back the covers with one arm while supporting her with the other, my hard cock still inside her. I laid her back onto the bed and pulled out of her slick pussy. Her eyes were still closed but she had the biggest smile on her face.

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