Fun With Bob (Part 2): Fuck Toy


Fun With Bob (Part 2): Fuck ToyMe and Bob love women. We also love cocks and cumshots. We prefer to combine all three. For us there is nothing like watching another man stimulated to orgasm, seeing (and feeling) a hard cock ejaculating over someone else, watching sperm spurting across a face, open mouth, tits, hand, or anywhere else for that matter. We are aroused by the feeling of its slippery wetness against skin – the perfect lube for a full body massage. In this story, ‘Bob’s Fuck Toy’ – an old friend of his (and occasional fuck buddy familiar with some of our videos) – allows us to use her body as our mutual Fuck Toy in return for a cum massage. In the process she gets to enjoy two hard thick cocks and many thick spurts of semen.I’m sitting at the top of the bed with my back against the headboard, my knees either side of her head. She is laid out on the bed, her head in my lap and a pillow under her shoulders to elevate her head. I can feel her long hair against my stiff dick. He is straddling her chest, his knees touching mine. I’m close enough to reach down and touch his fat cock which is throbbing with anticipation. He’s holding his thick, fully erect cock in his hand as he caresses her nipples and breasts with his cock head. “Man, those nipples feel good, baby”, he says. I’m using my hands to slowly stroke her neck, face, shoulders and chest, occasionally moving both hands down over her breasts, making sure I brush my fingers against his cock too. It’s nice and juicy now, glistening with clear precum. I move my throbbing cock to the right and begin to masturbate slowly while I watch him working on her. He does the same. I can’t wait for him to squirt cum all over her – showering me with his sperm too. I want to rub his cum into her skin…and mine. He leans forward thrusting his cock between her tits, and with his hands firmly on her breasts begins to masturbate using her tits to work his cock. I love it when he stops with the tip of his dick just inches from her mouth and uses the tips of his fingers to stimulate his cock with rapid back and forth motions. He’s breathing hard now, repeating, “Oh yeahh” softly as he works his dick. He stops and I see a thick stream of cloudy juice ooze from the slit of his cock head. She leans forward and begins to flick her tongue across the head of his cock, licking him clean. pushes his cock back into her mouth and instructs her to suck it: “Suck it deep…suck that cock good, baby”. She takes his entire length greedily into her mouth and begins to suck him noisily. The wet sounds of her slurping are making me very hot. I hear his approval, “Oh yeah…ohh yeah…oh man”. His gasping becomes more rhythmical as he approaches orgasm. He pulls his cock from her mouth as he ejaculates…the first spurt shooting into her mouth before he can pull out…I watch as it streams from her open mouth. He pulls his foreskin back with firm jerks, as he squirts out his load. The second blast is a huge juicy spurt that covers her face and hair, hitting me in the chest. He moves his cock slightly to the left and right for the next spurts, making sure he coats her face and cheeks with sperm. I love the sounds he is making as he is cumming, “ahh, uhh, huhhh, ahh…” with each spurt that shoots from his cock. She’s loving it – opening her mouth for the next cum blasts, taking it over her lips and tongue…I watch as it splashes back covering her chin with semen. He continues to pump his load over her face. I’m masturbating as I watch, loving it…I feel a thrill of excitement as I see and feel his cum hitting my skin too. has taken his load fully – her face is now glazed with his sperm. Each spurt is now beginning to run down her skin. I watch intently kocaeli escort as he works his cock with his hand, extracting every last drop of sperm. That was an impressive ejaculation – I counted ten good juicy spurts. Drops of cum continue to drip from the head of his cock and his now cum-soaked hand…I really want that hand to work on my cock. Her face, neck, and chest are now glistening with his sperm. I cannot wait to add my own huge load. As I watch, his cum is making little streams running down her skin…the sight of it sends a thrill of pleasure through my body. Most of it has run down towards her neck, forming a thick pool of sperm. I want to lean forward and slowly lick his cum from her skin, beginning at her forehead before slowly making my way to that delicious pool, sucking her neck, then her tits and nipples. caress her face, catching the little streams of his sperm running down her cheeks and begin to rub it across her neck , then down to her breasts. I feel something running down my chest and look down to see I’ve taken some of his huge load too…I count three generous splashes of semen – each one is now a little stream of sperm making its way down my belly towards my pubic hair. He notices it too: “Hey you got some too…feels good, doesn’t it? You like how my cum feels on your skin?”He shifts his position sideways so his dick is over her face, just inches above her mouth. He takes her head with one hand and guides her towards his penis. She puts both of her hands behind her head as he uses his other hand to press his cock between her lips. “Suck it” he instructs her. She responds by noisily slurping his cock, her mouth sliding up and down the length of his shaft. He looks up at me: “You wanna try this? You wanna suck this fat cock too?” he whispers. nod eagerly. He withdraws his cock from her mouth. It’s so hard that at bounces slightly as it leaves her mouth. I lean forward and down, placing my lips around his juicy cock head. I slowly slide my head down taking his entire length into my mouth. I can taste his sperm on his cock and moan as I savor his taste. I apply firm pressure with my mouth and press my tongue against the underside of his dick, sucking gently as I move my head slowly up and down…I want to suck every last drop of cum from his body. I’m making greedy slurping sounds as I work his cock with my mouth…he’s gasping with pleasure as I lick and suck. “Oh YEAH, baby…suck it!”, she says as I work on him. I feel his hand press down on my head as he suddenly bucks his hips forward, unloading a second time in my mouth! I feel two spurts of thick cum shoot into my mouth and taste its saltiness. I remove almost all of his cock – except for the tip – from my mouth and use my lips to finish him off. “Ohhh man…ohh man”, he moans as his balls are drained. I let his cock fall from my mouth, then let his cum dribble from my lips onto her waiting face below. She begins to lick my face eagerly and I feel her tongue flicking against my mouth and chin.He notices my rigid cock: “Your turn”, he says laughing. I can feel the pressure of a huge load waiting to be released. The faint pressure seems to make my erection even harder, and my dick is very sensitive to touch. I place her head carefully down on the pillow and move down towards her legs. I open her thighs and kneel between them, taking in the sight of her hot body laid out before me. “Let me see you work that fat pussy with your dick”, he says to me. I begin to rub her pussy vigorously with my hard cock, thrusting forward at the end of each stroke, pressing the base of my shaft into her pussy lips. His eyes are fixed on my cock. I stop every now and again while thrust fully forward so he can kocaeli escort bayan see my dick with my foreskin pulled all the way back over my bulging head. “Yeah, that’s right. Show me that thing” he says encouragingly, “I want you to cum all over that pussy”.Starting with my hands placed on her knees, I spread her legs by running my hands down her thighs, pressing her legs open as they move, finishing with my hands on her hips. I pull her forward slightly by her hips and press the head of my cock against her pussy lips. She groans slightly as I slowly enter her, working just the first inch or two of my dick into her. I slowly pull out then repeat, with a few gentle strokes, before plunging my entire length deep into her, thrusting forward firmly at the deepest point to make her body jolt and her tits jiggle. She throws her head back with her eyes slightly open as I fuck her. moves down the bed towards me – within touching distance – until his cock is level with her hips. I slowly pull out my cock and resume rubbing her pussy slowly with my hard cock, sliding it between her pussy lips in long, firm strokes. I watch as he begins to slowly massage his juicy load over her body. He presses his hand firmly against her side and starts to rub her down with long firm strokes. I can hear the sound of his hands on her skin. He works the palms of his hands down her sides, passing close to her breasts, making sure her skin is slicked with cum. Now his hands travel down to her belly, moving first inwards just above her belly button then upwards between her tits, sliding slowly up towards her neck. He does this entire motion one more time, slower this time, careful to avoid her tits. She is groaning now in anticipation, arching her back upwards to meet his cum-soaked hands. I watch as he uses the tips of his fingers on both hands to spread the pool of cum at the base of her neck over her chest. Her nipples are visibly harder now…so am I. Then, beginning at the center of her chest, he smears the remaining sperm on across both of her breasts, working outwards with small circular motions, spreading his semen over every inch of her chest. Her entire body is now glistening. “Oh man I want to lick and suck her clean”, I tell him. “We both will”, he says, “but first you need to add your load too”. takes his left hand and grabs my cock at the base of the shaft. “Fuck her”, he says, and guides me into her pussy. I begin to fuck her with long slow deep strokes, pushing my entire length deep into her before slowly pulling back until I’m almost out of her, exposing the head of my cock. He uses his left hand to rub my cock and her pussy simultaneously. His hands move to her pubic hair as he caresses the mound above her pussy while I fuck her. “Feels good to be deep in her, huh?” he asks. “Oh yeah. Fuck her deep. Give that nice fat cock to her. That’s right.” I can feel the firm pressure of his fingers – through her skin – on my cock as I fuck her and I realize he can feel me! He IS feeling me! He’s feeling me fuck her. The thought almost makes me unload right there and then. I slowly pull out of her and begin to massage her pussy lips with my cock now well lubed with her juice. His eyes are on my cock again as I thrust forward at the apex of each stroke, pressing the base of my shaft into her pussy lips., he grabs my cock and slides his cum-soaked hand slowly down the shaft – squeezing my erection – before moving it back up, using his thumb to stimulate the head of my cock with small circular motions. “Ohh man” I gasp. I have to reach down and forcefully restrain his hand with mine to prevent myself ejaculating. izmit escort I can feel the warm pressure of a huge load pressing against the base of my cock, working its way slowly upwards. I am breathing hard now as I look down to see a dribble of pre-cum slowly leaking from the tip of my throbbing cock. “Oh man, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…” I tell him – not as a warning, but as an invitation for him to intensify my orgasm with his hands (I’ve seen just what he can do with those hands of his, and he knows how I like to masturbate). With my cock still pressed firmly against her pussy lips, he takes the base of my cock with one hand, and with the other he uses his middle finger to vigorously rub the head of my cock. The pressure is so good it hurts…I see cloudy juice beginning to leak from my cock. He uses my juice as lube to increase my pleasure, using three fingers to rub the soaked head of my cock including my foreskin. It makes a very wet squelching sound that I find arousing. “You like that? Yeah you like that don’t you?” he says softly while he stimulates me. I’ve passed the point of no return now…here it comes. His left hand slowly moves up and down as he masturbates me. “I want you to cum all over her…” he urges me, “I will rub every drop all over her…” I grab both her thighs with my hands as my orgasm nears. Sensing the imminent explosion, he caresses my thigh and hip with his left hand, using his right hand to pump my dick up and down with long powerful strokes. He really knows how to work my cock. I feel the hot pressure bursting up the length of my dick…all I can manage is “Uhhh huhhh huh” as I start to ejaculate. He halts his expert handjob and instead uses just the pressure of my foreskin to make me cum. With little delicate tugs he coaxes each spurt from my cock whispering encouragement as he watches me unload. The first spurt causes a small thin jet of cum to spray across her belly – most of it gushing out over his hand before dribbling onto her pussy. The second is more powerful and I can’t stop myself from bucking my hips towards his hand sending a thick white rope of sperm across her belly and between her tits, getting her attention as well as his: “Oh yeah!” he says, as he works my cock. The third and fourth spurts are huge, reaching her face and hair, coating her skin with my semen. I look down as he pumps my cock, aiming each spurt to cover as much of her body as possible. The fifth and sixth spurts cover each tit…her right nipple is now coated in my cum. I lose count – too caught up in the moment. I see she has a pool of my cum in her belly button forming a cloudy little lake of sperm…she notices it too, “Oh look baby, you want to taste?” she asks him, as she dips a finger into the pool of cum. I close my eyes as my orgasm ebbs away. cock is still throbbing when suddenly I feel a moist warmth enveloping my cock. I open my eyes and look down to see his head moving up and down over me. He is sucking my cock. I can feel the tip of his tongue against the head of my dick rubbing the slit…he is sucking the last of my load out of my dick. I watch as my cock leaves his mouth as he proceeds to lick it, his mouth and tongue working the length of my shaft before stopping to give the underside of my cock head – where the foreskin attaches to the shaft – some special attention.She is propped up on a pillow so she can watch us play, her right hand is rubbing her pussy with firm circular motions. “You go that side and face me” he says, motioning for me to move to her left side opposite him. “Now we massage her”. We both begin to rub my sperm into her skin – I’m focusing on her belly and left breast; he’s paying attention to her right breast, neck and face. I lean forward to suck her cum-smeared nipple…he leans over and starts to do the same. I can feel myself getting hard – again…Next Story (#3): Bob helps me to fulfill my fantasy of experiencing what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a very wet & messy tit-fuck…and facial.

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