Handy for the handyman


Handy for the handymanHired a handyman based on a recommendation. He showed up and was wearing work pants. The second he got out of his truck and walked up the driveway I couldn’t help but stare at his dick (I’ll confess I do this to most guys I see). I could see it hanging down his right leg. It looked big. He came up to shake my hand and I shook his hand staring at his cock and then raised my gaze to meet his gaze. I think he caught on to me checking out his dick.We shook hands and introduced ourselves. His name is Don and that was the only sexual moment we had during the project. He did fine work and I asked him to help with another project. So we scheduled it.About a week later, Don showed up wearing sweat pants this time. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock the whole day. Anytime I was near him my eyes were glued to his cock. I thought I caught him smiling a few times but nothing was said.As we were working, my wife’s nephew (who was staying with us for a couple of days) came into the kitchen and was just in his shorts. He is young and good looking. I introduced him to Don and then he went back to the guest room. We got back to work and I noticed Don’s dick seemed hard. It was massive. It tented his sweat pants leg some. I was damn near drooling. I could not stop looking at and thinking about Don’s meat. I day dreamed about sucking him. Nothing happened for the rest of the day but we couldn’t finish the project so Don decided to come back the next morning.The next morning, when Don showed up. He asked where my nephew was and why he didn’t help with my projects. I said he was young and was goofing off with his friends before going home. I think Don was a little disappointed. I then said guess you’ll have to settle for this old dog instead of a puppy. I was thinking this old dirty dog. Don said he was an older dog than me. I replied that there was nothing wrong with that.As Don climbed the ladder to get to şişli escort work, I steadied it so I could be face to face with his cock. I know I leered at his bulge through his work pants. At one point I was so enthralled looking, Don had asked me a question and I didn’t hear it. I just kept staring until he finally called my name. I looked up from his crotch and he was just smiling and staring down at me looking at his dick. I was busted.He went back to work. As he was finishing up, he asked why I didn’t just do the project since I was handy enough. He said you’ve got the skills to do this. Without even blinking, I replied yeah but you got to have the right tool for the job. He looked down at me and I shifted my gaze to his dick. I looked back up to see him grinning. He said well if you ever need a tool I’d let you use mine. I thought well this is my chance. It is now or never.I reached up and ran my hand up his leg to Don’s cock. I figured if I was wrong I could say I thought he was coming down from the ladder and sorry I grabbed his leg. Don grinned even wider and I knew that all the innuendo wasn’t just flirting but he was onboard for whatever I was going to do.I began to rub Don’s meat through his pants and told him that it was the only tool I needed. I could feel his dick swell. I unbuttoned his fly and reached into to get a better feel. Don had been going commando. I grabbed his cock and began stroking it. Then I pulled it out. It was massive and not even fully hard. It hung out of his pants like a fishing pole with a big fish on it. I took his fat cock head into my mouth. Don tasted amazing. As I worked on his dick, he moved down a rung since he was getting hard. His dick had to be about 9.5 to 10 inches. Pretty thick too. I worked up and down his shaft with his cock in my mouth. Then I would work it from the side. I enveloped that big boy with my hot mouth. I swirled my tongue all over mecidiyeköy escort it trying to get every bit of his musky taste off of it. Don seemed to really enjoy my skills and I could tell since he got even harder. I didn’t want him to fall off the ladder so I stopped sucking long enough to tell him to climb down and sit on my workbench stool.Don leaned back and rested his elbows on my workbench. I unbuttoned his work pants and pulled them down around his thighs. Man, he had a gorgeous dick. Nice hair patch and big, low hanging balls. I sat down on my rolling stool and rolled right inbetween his legs.I really began to work on his beautiful cock. I sucked on the head. Slipped the tip of my tongue in in his piss slit. Slathered his shaft with saliva. Got him all lubed up with my mouth juice. I’d suck on him really hard. Then lightly. I tried to deep throat him but he was too big for me. Don really loved it when I sucked his head and then stroked the rest of his shaft with my hand. I could hear him moan. Occassionally, he would tell me to suck him or yes. I loved tasting his cock. I’d look up at him with his big dick stretching my lips but most of the time his head was back as he seemed to enjoy my mouth working on his tool.I worshipped his cock with everything I had. I sucked his balls. I fondled them. I stroked his shaft. I licked every sexual inch of him. I moaned and hummed on his fat cock in my mouth. I even choked a few times on it.Don was really enjoying it. I could tell because his massive dick twitched and throbbed. As I sucked just the tip, I told him I wanted to eat his cum. He lifted his head just enough to sort of nod in agreement.I doubled my efforts. I really stroked his shaft hard as my tongue swirled on the underside of his big mushroom head. I kissed and swirled all over his glorious head. I began tasting precum. I knew Don was getting close because his breathing esenyurt escort had gotten short and quick. I pumped his manhood. I sucked his rod. Don began cumming in my mouth. I fondled his balls after the first jet of cum. I milked his shaft. My mouth and tongue coaxed every drop I could get out of his nuts. He was grunting as he seized up and sprayed my mouth and lips. His ass cheeks clinched as it came up off the stool. I sucked his enormus cock into my mouth as deep as I could as he splashed his massive load on my tongue.He lowered back down onto the stool as I continued to work on his beautiful dick meat. It was still huge in my mouth. I slowly sucked him in and out between my lips. As his breathing became normal again I slid back to just look at his drooping dong. It was glistening with my mouth juice mixed with his delicious sperm.I wanted to kiss him so badly. I love kissing with cum in my mouth. He wasn’t on board with that. So I kissed his neck and tasted his sweat while he rubbed my hard cock that was tenting in my pants.He told me to jack off for him.Without a moments hesitation, I stripped off my pants and briefs. I lifted my shirt behind my head. I grabbed my hard dick and pulled and stroked. It was such a turn on still tasting his cum and seeing Don leaned back with his cock still dangling out.I told him I wasn’t going to last long since I was so horny. I continued to pump my dick meat. I looked him dead in the eyes as I pushed up and down on my cock. He met my gaze as I masturbated for him.So here I was fucking my dick with my hand while standing naked in the middle of my garage with a stud leaned back watching with his massive prick dangling out. I started to cum. I squirted about two feet. Thick jets of cum splashed down on the concrete. I pumped and pumped.After I came, Don got up and pulled his pants up. I began to dress as he gathered his stuff.We didn’t talk a whole lot. He had all of his stuff and started to walk out. I walked out with him and said thanks for letting me use your tool. Don replied anytime, you got my number.After he drove away, I had to go to the bathroom and rub out another cum reliving what had just happened.I’ll definitely call him again.

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