Memoirs of a Woman of the Wind


Memoirs of a Woman of the WindI opened my weak weary eyes, the glare from the bright sunshine obscured my vision,as strange faces looked down upon me.I could hear the sound of rolling waves from the sea, and my clothes felt heavy and wet.My blonde hair was all matted from the salty water.I had been lying u*********s on a sandy beach.The handsome faces staring down at me were brown with a slight reddish tint to them.I’d never seen faces like these before.There was a mix of men and women, and some young boys and girls amongst the small crowd too.They each had long strait thick black hair,Both genders were wearing some sort of light brown a****l pelt around their waists, and nothing else.The women were topless with their pert breasts out on full show.It was quite a shocking sight for me to see.They were speaking to each other in a language I had never heard before.Where was I?Is this what heaven is?Had I died in that horrendously violent storm which tore my father’s ship asunder,and squandered the crew and everyone else on board into the roaring sea?”W-w-where am I?”I mustered the strength to ask the strange people,although my voice came out like a shrill whisper.They just stared down at me, like as if I was some otherworldly creature.They didn’t answer me.They didn’t understand my language.They conversed amongst themselves,until an older looking fellow with a big feathery headdress on spoke to them in their own tongue.He must have given an instruction, which they followed.A couple men lifted me up and carried me off the beach with every one else following them.They took me through the surrounding green forest,and eventually came to a clearing amongst the surrounding trees, which was filled with lots of large bulbous mushroom-shaped tents made with a****l skins/pelts and leaves and sticks.The year was 1162,My name was Samantha, I was a countess from England, and this is my incredible story…These strange people took me into one of the tents and laid me on the fur of a brown bear that covered the floor. At first they was wary of me, and I was wary of them too.Indeed I feared they would be the end of me,and maybe my fear would have came true if not for a lovely young sweet girl.The first few days, most of the people would not dare enter the tent I was in,and I was far too weak and injured to even crawl, let alone escape from them.I was lucky enough then, that a sweet and very beautiful young women tended to me.She would always speak to me, despite the fact I couldn’t understand her language,as she washed my wounds and bandaged me in leaves from a plant that I later found out hadmedicinal healing properties to it.She would bring me food, and would eat with me.She would always converse with the others, clearly talking about me,and despite the fact that I didn’t know what she was saying, I could tell she was defending me.For the next month, I started to understand her language a little bit better, although I was still a long way off from being fluent.Eventually, when I was much better, she started to show me around her tribe,and I soon found out that she was no ordinary women in the tribe, she was in fact the daughter of the chief.A princess.It was thanks to her that her father granted me permission to stay with them,so long as I helped out with various chores and tasks such as cleaning and preparing food.It wasn’t easy, having to learn their ways of living,but I settled in well.It seemed every day, something different and exciting happened,and there was lots of special occasions in which they would build a big fire anddance around it as they smoked strange herbs and plants.They would sing and chant as they danced, and I would join in despite not knowing the words!It was great fun, but the most fun of all, was just hanging out with the princess.After a few months, I had learnt enough of the language to be able to talk with her, and we grew very close. Despite being a princess, she would always offer to help me with my daily chores, and she would just sit beside me as we conversed with each other in her native tongue.She was so utterly beautiful, such a gorgeous heart-shaped face like an angel, and deep dark brown eyes.She had beautiful thick black hair that was so long it reached down to the small of her back.She had a gorgeous figure on her, slim yet with round pert breasts, and incredible curvy hips.Her thighs was so perfectly sized, I couldn’t even fit both my hands around them,and her buttocks was so beautifully rounded in shape and size.She had a strait noble nose on her, unlike her chief father who had a big long thick hooked canlı bahis nose.In fact most of the men in the tribe had a nose similar in shape to that.Even some of the women!But hers was perfectly strait, and very beautiful.She had gorgeous supple lips, and a small round chin.Most of the time, we would sneak off together, and she would show me the wonders of her land.She had me climb a rocky hill, the top of which allowed me to see out all around.The land was so vastly huge, with picturesque scenery that rolled on for miles.I could see the large blue sea on one side, and endless golden plains stretching beyond the horizon on the other. Directly below and around us, was a beautiful green forest.It was a wondrous beautiful sight that I’ll never forget…One day, after finishing my chores, she gave me an experience that truly was a dream to experience.”Come on.”She told me with a cheeky grin as she grabbed my hand.The sun was in the middle of setting, and the sky was glowing a fiery orange.We was sneaking off into the woods as we would often do.”Where are we going today?”I asked with an eager grin on my face.”There’s a really special magical place in the forest. I have to show you it!”She answered in excitement. She had such a lovely voice, the way she spoke the words of her language sounded like pure poetry to my ears.We ventured far into the forest, further than we ever went before.We came across a stream, and followed it up until we eventually got to the location she intended.It was an absolutely beautiful waterfall.Not the most tallest of waterfalls, it was only about 100ft high,but it was a stunning sight to behold.We was standing at the bottom of it, around a large 20ft deep rocky pool.”This is a special place for me, I would always come here when I wanted to be by myself.I would dream of my ancestors here, and contemplate my own place in the world.”She revealed, smiling peacefully as she did.”It’s beautiful.”I tell her, taking my eyes off the splendid sight to look at her.”Come on, let’s have a swim.”She grinned, and slipped out of her loincloth.I was taken aback by how magnificent her naked body was.She was incredibly gorgeous, such a fantastic smooth body.She had neat very trim black hair streaking down her vagina.I stared down at her gorgeous round bum as she turned her back to me,and elegantly swan-dived off the rocks into the awaiting calm blue water.I too had begun wearing a****l pelts because my old clothes had gotten too raggedy and torn to be of any use as clothing. The only difference was, I would keep my breasts covered up too,as I felt too modest to bare my breasts for anyone to see.I nervously looked around, making sure we was completely alone, before I slipped out of my pelts, and dove naked into the water with her.We began to laugh as we played and frolicked in the water, splashing each other and laughing.We was like little ch1ldren, despite the fact that I was 17 and she was 18.By now the sun had well and truly set, and it was night time. It would have been pitch black out if not for the billions of stars shining brightly above in the clear open night sky.The water felt cool and refreshing after the heat of the day.After our fun, she swam over to the shoreline and got out of the rocky pool. She turned around and sat on top of the rocks.I joined her, I crawled out on the rocks and sat beside her.Both of our bodies were naked and dripping wet.We stared silently out at the magnificent natural beauty of the waterfall,allowing the cool summer night’s breeze to dry us.It was so peaceful, listening to the water from the waterfall.*Pfftarsstt!*I suddenly heard her break wind.It sounded a little wet as it blew on the wet damp rock.I gasped and turned to look at her.She looked back at me and grinned playfully.”Did – did you just…?”I was about to ask and paused as I didn’t know the right word to say in her language.”Fart? Yes…”She replied, revealing the right word to use in her language.She then giggled. I chuckled too, but at the same I found the noise of it had caused a chain reaction inside of me.I know it’s not the appropriate thing for a lady of my previous stature to admit to,but I found it had thrilled me in a rather deviant way.”How lovely!”I laughed as I glanced down towards her naked lap.I couldn’t help but to admire the fact that her wind had just blew around such a beautiful area.”Lovely? You enjoyed my fart?”She asked and nervously chuckled.I’m sure there had been a little mix up in the translation,I was intending it to sound sarcastic but clearly it didn’t translate well.”Umm…”I hummed thinking bahis siteleri of the right words to say,all the while her gorgeous deep brown eyes burned into mine.She then laughed again which helped ease the growing tension.She suddenly raised her butt off the rock, and -*Pblrrrtt!*-ripped another slightly louder longer fart.”And that’s why I’m called Quanah Niyol – Fragrant Wind!”She boasted proudly and laughed.I stared opened mouthed, in shock.Yet it was such a thrilling sight to behold, a gorgeous naked woman doing such a thing right beside me, well it turned me on immensely.I nervously laughed, trying to hide the thrills her farts were giving me,but my own body betrayed me as my damp nipples began to grow erect.I placed an arm over my chest, trying to hide them from her.She noticed this, and stopped laughing.I felt awkward as I softly giggled in nervous tension.”Don’t you fart where you come from?”She suddenly questioned, a grin returned to her pretty face.”Well – uh – yes sure, but a lady isn’t supposed to admit it…”I told her.”Why? It’s natural. Aren’t you natural?”She continued to question, obviously confused by my strange European concepts.”I am a natural woman! Just look at me, sitting here naked!”I beamed out and laughed.”Prove it.”She replied, still grinning.”Prove it? How? Y-you want me to fart?”I asked with a chuckle.”No!”She laughed.”Then how?”I asked.”With a kiss. That’s a natural thing to do.”She answered, her grin dropped to a smile.”A kiss?”I puzzled.I then giggled and pressed my lips to her cheek, and gave her a quick friendly peck.She giggled as I did that.”Not that kiss. This kiss.”She stated and then leaned in, and shocked me by pressing her sweet soft supple lips to mine.She gave me a passionate kiss which lasted about 15 seconds.I almost gasped but then closed my eyes and kissed her back.As she pulled her lips away, she suddenly looked at me with a shocked expression.”Sorry.”She apologised and took off into the forest.I was confused by her reaction and got up to run after her.She ran around and up a hill, I was calling out for her to stop, and she finally did once she reached the top of the waterfall. She sat down at the water’s edge.I caught up to her, and sat down beside her.”Why did you run?”I asked her.”My people say that such a thing isn’t natural.”She sighed dejectedly.”Oh… I understand, my people would say the same too…”I respond. I watch her pick up a stone and skim it across the flowing stream.”If it’s not natural, then why does it feel like it is?”I asked, slightly confused by my own feelings.She turned to look at me, she was confused too.”Father wants me to marry the other tribe’s prince from the other side of the valley.I don’t want that.”She revealed.”My father wanted me to marry the prince of another kingdom too. I didn’t want that either.”I related to her.”Would you have married him?”She asked.”I don’t know. I’m supposed to, but no, I didn’t want to.”I answered her.”I want to marry you.”She suddenly stated.I didn’t know how to respond to that.I was both shocked and yet pleased to hear that.”If I were to marry you, you could listen to me farting all day!”She then playfully stated and laughed.I must admit, I felt a little tingle of pleasure pulsate in my fanny hearing her say that.”What makes you think I’d enjoy listening to them?”I asked in a playful tone of voice.She reached her hand into the water, and splashed it at me.I gasped and laughed, and splashed her back.She went to splash me back too, but I jumped back.She then stood up and pounced on me.We laughed as we rolled around play-fighting on the dusty ground,until she straddled me and sat on my chest.She held my wrists and pinned my arms down beside my head.”Ok you win! You win!”I laughed out aloud.”You wouldn’t make a good warrior giving in so easily.”She taunted as she chuckled.”I’m a countess, not a warrior.”I reply.”No. You’re a fart lover!”She laughed.”No I’m not!”I laughed, still denying my true feelings.”You are. Here, I’ll prove it!”She declared and suddenly stopped chuckling.She stared down at me, a big grin etched onto her gorgeous face.I felt her pushing down on my boobs as she sat comfortably on my chest.*brlmlmlmphttffttt!*She suddenly let rip a loud rumbly rasping fart right over my chest!”There! See? You love it!”She threw her head back and laughed.The way she sat on me meant some of the air escaping from her butt hole had been released in the direction of my face. I caught a whiff of the strong smell.I was expecting myself to be too repulsed by that to enjoy it,but actually it had a surprising effect on güvenilir bahis me.It wasn’t a pleasant smell, and yet I found myself enjoying it.It was a slightly cheesy and rather musky smell, but yet it thrilled me beyond words.My heart was beating so hard I was convinced she could feel it throbbing against her bumcheek.”I’m not going to release you until you say you love my farts!”She laughed.I sighed in what sounded like exasperation, yet it was actually in pleasure.”Ok… I love your farts…”I sighed once more in submission.My knees were trembling, I didn’t know how she would react to such a revelation.She looked down at me, a big grin on her gorgeous face.”See? I told you you’re a fart lover.”She proudly boasted and chuckled.She then released my arms, but stayed sat on me.”You going to let me up now?”I asked, trying to stop my heavy breathing giving away my true feelings.”Sure… After you’ve had a proper sniff!”She declared and then swiftly turned around on me.In one elegant movement, she had sat her soft supple full rounded peachy butt down onto my face, with her knees kneeling on my arms, pinning me in place under her.She laughed the whole time as she moved to sit on me like that.I was stuck under her, with her bumcheeks pressing down against the cheeks of my face.My nose was tucked neatly away into the pocket of her naked butt.The smell was such an intoxicating erotic aroma.So musky yet with a nice sweetness to it, despite the fact that it was only a few moments ago when her bumhole had expelled some of her whiffy gas.”Does it smell nice? You enjoy the smell?”She asked me in a taunting triumphant manner of voice.I groaned as I sniffed in her amazing scent.”Smells good…”I managed to sigh, my voice coming out slightly muffled from underneath her.She just chuckled.I was incredibly turned on.I felt my pussy throb and dampen loads in juice.My nipples felt as though they was as hard as rock.This didn’t go unnoticed by Quanah.I suddenly felt her fingers on my nipples,she had gently pinched them between her fingers and thumbs, and rubbed them.She seemed fascinated by them, investigating the way they feel and respond to her touch.This, in turn, excited me even more.I continued to breathe in the soft warm dark sweet fumes of her bum.I managed to slip one arm out from under her knee, and reached for my wet pussy.I began to stroke and play with myself.I didn’t know what possessed me into doing that,I no longer felt like a noble lady, but I now felt like a natural woman,sharing pleasure with another woman.She watched me fingering myself, and soon took over.She leaned forward to place her fingers onto the soft silky slits of my neatly fuzzy pussy,and stroked and rubbed me in exactly the right kind of way.As she leaned forward to do that, I was granted a bit of space between my face and her ass.I stared at and admired the wonderful thrilling sexy sight of a gorgeous naked bum on full view.I looked deep into the dark chasm, looking at the almost winking brown eye of her butt.It was so enthralling and so hypnotic. I stared at it, with sexual energy pulsing through my veins.I wanted to experience more of it.Not just it’s lovely personal smell, but I wanted a taste too.I held the tip of my tongue out as I lifted my head, and pressed my tongue against her bumhole.She tensed up a little by the sudden shock of feeling a warm wet tongue against her hole,but she then sighed and relax, clearly enjoying the feel as I began to softly lick and lap at her.She tasted so nice. Real warm and sweet and a little bit metallic too.I couldn’t get enough of tonguing her bum.She placed a hand onto her pussy, with her other on mine,and she played with and pleasured us both.It didn’t take long until we both reached a very happy climax.She sighed happily, and then got off my face.I wiped my mouth my fingers, and then sat up.She knelt beside me.We kissed passionately some more.”Samantha isn’t proper name. You need a new name.”She told me between kisses.”Yeah? What do you propose?”I asked.She paused to think for a moment.”I shall call you, Kiwidinok.”She smiled.”That sounds nice, what does it mean?”I asked.”Woman of the wind!”She declared and laughed.I laughed and then tickled her for being so cheeky.We fell to the floor, and kissed some more.This was just the start of a lifelong affair between us.Quanah stood up to her father, and refused to marry the prince of the other tribe.She eventually declared her love for me,and although most of the tribes people were shocked at first,they soon grew to accept us and I married her in a spectacular ceremony.They wouldn’t accept a “pale-face” as royalty in the tribe but I wasn’t seeking that,I just wanted to be with the woman I loved, and I lived the rest of my days in paradise,beside my queen, and under her magnificent butt!The End

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