My daughters cuckold


My daughters cuckoldMy wife was gone for the weekend, and I was planning to take full advantage of the time alone. She may have suspected from time to time that I may have had come less common sexual interests, but I knew better than to even ask if she might be inclined to encourage or participate in them. As much as I loved her, I also knew she was pretty narrow minded when it came to sex. Even trying new positions required a lot of patience, planning and persistence; she was not one to try anything new until she had time to think about it for a while. As a result, when she went away for any length of time I would generally do what I could to amuse myself.This afternoon I was lying on the bed, legs spread wide. They were spread wide in part because I had my ankles bound tightly to the ends of the foot board of our queen sized bed. I would have bound my wrists to the headboard as well, but it was not easy to do… and besides, there was no one else around so I needed at least one hand free. I was wearing a pair of skimpy, sexy lace-trimmed satin panties which had a growing wet spot from my precum. Below them were lace-topped thigh high nylon stockings, held up by their own rubber stay-up strips. I had a pair of spring loaded clamps on my nipples, which were now, after half an hour with the clamps in place, in exquisite agony. The discomfort only served to make my smooth, shaved cock strain even harder at the fabric of the panties. As I caressed my balls and cock through the panties I was lost in my own little world, enjoying the sensations and imagining being taken roughly by — I really didn’t know or care whom.It was probably this reverie, along with the sound from the porn video playing on the bedroom TV that made me unaware of the sound of the front door. I had locked up the house and turned off the ringer on the phone, not wanting to be bothered for the next couple of hours. The first indication I had that I was not completely alone was the loud voice from the bedroom doorway…”Daddy? What the FUCK?”I looked up in terror, only to see my eighteen year old daughter Tracey standing in the doorway, eyes wide, a look of utter disbelief in her eyes. She had been away at college for the past several weeks, and I was not expecting her to be home any time soon… and yet here she was, staring at her father tied to the bed in lingerie, playing with his cock through a pair of panties. I tried to cover myself up to some degree, but it was useless… my ankles were securely bound, and there were no covers to pull over me.I was in a panic. I stammered out a few confused words, hoping to find some way to explain, but I was coming up empty. I knew I was truly busted, and the only thing I could do was to try to keep it quiet. If my wife found out I knew there would be many months of the cold shoulder, and she’d probably want me to see a psychiatrist for my perverted inclinations. “Honey, please… I’m sorry… I had no idea you would be coming home! Please don’t mention this to your mother — it would upset her so — can you hand me something to cover up with?” I was frantic, desperate to find some trace of understanding or anything other than disgust in her eyes. She stepped into the room and picked up a towel from the end of the bed between my legs. She was reaching over to hand it to me, when I saw her eyes linger for just a moment on the front of my panties. They were soaking wet, and although I was rapidly losing my erection I knew that it would be plainly visible through the wet fabric. She flicked her eyes to the nipple clamps, then to my ankles, and back to my cock… which, despite my panic, responded by starting to fill again. For all my panic and horror at being caught, this was one of my biggest fantasies, to be caught masturbating, helpless and completely at the mercy of a woman. My cock didn’t seem to care that the woman was my own daughter!”Daddy… you’re getting turned on again… that’s disgusting! I’m your daughter, for fuck’s sake! How could this get you hard?””Baby, I’m sorry… there’s nothing I can do about it! It’s purely a physical reaction, nothing else! I’m dying here, PLEASE cover me up honey!””Mom’s going to completely freak out when she finds out about this. Does she know you’re jerking off in her panties? Do you do this all the time?” She made no move to give me the towel, holding it out of my reach.”No, baby, and please don’t tell here about it… please… I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t ever mention this to your mom or anything else. This can be our little secret, right? Maybe you could even just forget it ever happened?” I was pleading with her, desperate to keep my wife from finding out. I didn’t even notice that as she looked at me, helpless and restrained on the bed, my cock had now reached its fully erect state and was clearly throbbing. I didn’t notice, but she did.”Daddy, I think this is turning you on! Look, your cock is hard as a rock and you’re dripping wet. I think you like this. I think you planned to have me catch you! Are you a pervert, Daddy?” She gave me a look of complete disgust, which only made matters worse. I could feel a fresh droplet of precum ooze from the head of my cock. I had not planned to be caught, but she was right about one thing. This was one of my biggest fantasies, and it was turning me on to the point of near orgasm. I tried to form a coherent sentence, but no words came out; there was only a confused gurgle ending in a low moan as I sank back onto the bed.”You are a perv! I bet you do this all the time. I bet you lay here in panties and dream about being caught and dream about some woman watching you. Or is it a guy, Daddy? Do you dream of a guy fucking you? Is that it?”All I could do was protest, but it sounded weak coming from a guy wearing panties and nipple clamps. Tracey stood there, eyes flicking between my panties, the clamps, my face, and a strange look came into her eyes. It was a look I had never seen from her before. “You’d probably do just about anything to keep me from telling Mom about this, wouldn’t you, pervert?” I nodded my head, too afraid to say anything. There really was nothing I could think of that I would not do to keep her quiet, to keep her from ruining my relationship with my wife and from up-ending my life for the foreseeable future.She stared at me thoughtfully for a moment. I could tell she was struggling with something, something she wanted but was unsure of. Finally she seemed to come to a decision. “You know, Daddy, I wouldn’t have been back this weekend but I had a double date. Roger and I went out with my roommate Sharon and her date. Roger and I came back here to his place, but after we had sex” — she saw me wince — “Yes, Daddy, we fucked, I’m not a virgin — after we had sex we had a fight. Roger got off, but I didn’t. Now I’m horny and pissed off, and I’m going to take it out on you. You, Daddy… you’re going to be my bitch. Is that OK with you?” she asked sweetly.I was dumbfounded. I could not have been more shocked if she had said she was from Mars. I was still in shock when she started unbuttoning her jeans and kicked her shoes into a corner.”You see, Daddy, Roger is a nice guy, but he’s clueless in bed. All he wants to do is fuck me, and he thinks his big, thick cock is enough to make me cum. Well, it doesn’t, but Roger doesn’t really care. Once he gets off he’s finished, and thinks it’s hot when I masturbate to get myself off. Well, it’s no fun having to do that! So tonight YOU are going to get me off. You, Daddy. Now do a good job and I won’t tall Mom what a fucking pervert you are.”I didn’t have time to protest. I wasn’t even’ sure if I would have or not. I knew it was wrong, in so many ways, but I was completely at her mercy. She took my wrists and tied them to the headboard before I had even recovered enough to realize what was going on. Then she climbed onto the bed and lowered her pussy onto my face.I was not ready for this! I was not ready to have my own daughter use me as her submissive. I was especially not ready for the sloppy, pungent mess she clamped down onto my mouth. “That’s right, Daddy. Roger came inside me. He shot his big fucking cum load into my pussy, and you’re going to clean it all up and make me cum, Daddy. Now, stick out the fucking tongue and get to work!” She reached down and gave me a slap across the face as she finished speaking, to drive home the point that I was now her slave, her plaything. I could taste her boyfriend’s cum on my lips and smell it on my face as she ground her sweet teenage pussy onto me. I had no choice… I started lapping and licking and sucking for all I was worth, gently cleaning every fold and crevice of her tight little twat with my tongue.She ground her cunt down onto my face and moaned, swirling her hips around to get the full advantage of my tongue. I felt her take off her top and toss it onto the bedroom floor, saw her playing with her prominent, delicious nipples as she used my face. I nearly gagged as a large glob of Roger’s cum slid out of her pussy and down my throat, but I managed to swallow it and keep going. Eventually all I could taste was her sweet pussy juice as she got closer and closer to the edge. She grabbed the headboard with both hands and bore down, grinding her pussy on my face and she started a low, rhythmic moaning, deep in her throat. I found her swollen clit and sucked it between my lips, flicking the tip of my tongue rapidly across it. Finally she erupted, squealing and gyrating, smothering me with her sweet cunt as she abandoned all restraint and launched into a series of orgasms. At last she collapsed with a satisfied sigh, obviously spent.After a few minutes she sat up and looked down at me, still half covered with her neatly shaved pussy. “Good job, Daddy. I might just keep on using you like this, you’re really good at licking pussy. You made me cum hard!”She looked behind her. “Oh, but your poor little wee-wee is still all hard, isn’t it? I bet you want to cum really bad, don’t you Daddy?” I nodded and made some muffled pleading sounds, hoping she would let me cum.”Oh, I think that might have to wait. I don’t think I’m quite finished with you yet.” And with that she got up tuzla escort off the bed and padded from the bedroom, leaving me tied to the bed. My face was still covered with a glaze of mixed pussy juice and her boyfriend’s cum. She was gone for several minutes, leaving me with the glaze slowly drying on my face. I could hear her moving around the house but had no idea what she was doing. I tried getting out of the restraints, but Tracey had tied me up pretty tightly. There was no way to get out of the wrist restraints, and without my hands free I wasn’t going to get my ankles untied either. I was completely helpless and had no idea what was going to happen to me. All I knew for sure was that I could still taste my daughter’s pussy and her boyfriend’s cum, and it was turning me on even though I was still terrified.After what seemed like forever Tracey came back into the bedroom, still nude. I almost died when i saw that she was holding a digital camera and a small zipper case. She set them both on the table beside the bed, then unzipped the case… I now recognized it as her makeup bag. She sorted through it a bit and laid out some lipstick, mascara and other items.”Now, Daddy, I want you to keep perfectly still so I only have to do this one time. Don’t fuck this up or I’ll have to let people know about your little hobby.” I nodded, speechless, and she started applying makeup. Not a lot, but I got blush, mascara, eye liner and some bright red, shiny lipstick. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, especially with my crew cut hair, but she seemed pleased with the result.Next she picked up the camera and ignored my pleading with her to not take pictures. For the next ten minutes she shot picture after picture of me, from every angle. She got my face and my body stretched out on the bed. She took closeup pictures of my soaking wet panties, then pulled my cock out and took pictures of it as well. She must have taken at least two or three dozen pictures from every angle, most of which would surely show me with my eyes closed and tears of shame and humiliation rolling down my face.”There we go. Now I have some guarantee that you’ll behave and do what I want, Daddy. You’re my bitch now, and I’m going to take full advantage of it! Now, as long as you do what I tell you nobody will know a thing. Well, almost nobody anyway, I haven’t decided yet. But I won’t fuck up this arrangement if you don’t. Do you understand?”I nodded my head, still with tears in my eyes.”Speak up, sissy. I said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” And to emphasize what she meant, I could feel the sharp sting of her palm against my cheek with each word. I finally was able to speak, but my voice sounded like a scared c***d’s. “Yes.””Yes, WHAT?” Another slap.”Yes, Tracey.”Another slap. “No, bitch! When we’re alone, you WILL call me Mistress! You can act like we’re still Daddy and daughter when there are people around, I don’t want everyone thinking I’m some sort of perv. But when it’s just you and me, I am the BOSS, and you will treat me accordingly! Understand?””Y-yes, Mistress.” That earned me a pat on the crotch and a “Good boy.”She left the room with the camera and makeup bag and was gone for a few more minutes. When she returned I could see that her nipples were once again hard and erect. She climbed up on the bed, straddling me, and looked into my eyes. “All of that got me going again. You’re going to make me cum again, understand?””Yes, Mistress.” And with that she moved up and put her pussy in front of my face again, grabbing the headboard. “Lick me, you little whore!”I obeyed. She settled down onto my face and rode my tongue as I did my best to get her off, licking the folds of her wet vagina and flicking my tongue over her clit. After a few minutes she reached down and spread her pussy lips, exposing the full length of her delicate clit, and stuffed it against my lips. “Suck it”, she commanded. I did. She was thrusting her hips, roughly fucking my mouth with her clit, and I could tell she was close. Finally she threw her head back and let out a loud, prolonged moan as she shuddered through what must have been a massive orgasm. I kept on hungrily sucking at her clit for as long as I could reach it, listening to her moan and feeling her shudder through a long series of multiple orgasms before she finally collapsed onto the bed.By now my cock was again rock hard, throbbing, soaking my panties with precum and aching for relief. After she had recovered for a few minutes she noticed my condition and playfully grabbed my hard shaft. “Daddy needs to get off, doesn’t he?””Ohhhhh… yes, Tra- I mean, Mistress, Daddy needs to cum very badly!””Well, how do you ask nicely?”, she said, as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.”Please, Mistress, please please let me cum!” I was begging for all I was worth, and at that point I couldn’t ahev cared less who knew it. I just needed to relieve the unbearable pressure! Right then I would have done anything to haev cum.”Hmmm. Maybe I will let you, maybe not. What would you do to get me to let you cum, bitch?””Anything! Anything, Mistress, I swear!” “You should be careful what you say. ‘Anything’ is a pretty powerfuyl word. I could take you seriously and you could be in for a lot, so you’d better think before you speak.”I was beyond caring. I was on the edge, and I needed to cum. Every fiber of my being was focused on cumming. I could only think of one thing… “Anything Mistress, I’ll do anything, PLEASE let me cum!! Please, please!” I was broken. I was hers completely, begging like a c***d, like someone who has nothing left. She nodded slowly and started gently stroking my cock with one hand. With the other she released the nipple clamps, and the flash of pain as the blood returned to my abused nipples was excruciating. I gasped loudly and it delayed my orgasm for a minute or two as the pain subsided somewhat. She was still stroking my shaft and now my balls, whcih were still wrapped in teh fabric of the panties. I could tell I was about to cum and arched my back as the first wave hit me.I had never experienced an orgasm like this in my life. Wave after wave of extasy washed over me as I shot my load. I could feel her hand over the head of my cock, catching most of the cum that gushed from the tip. I finally fell back on the bed, spent and exhausted, completely satiated and now once again feeling more than a little embarrassed and humiliated. But she wasn’t through with my degradation. She gently rapped my cheep and told me to open my eyes. I could see that she was holding her cupped hand up, obviously the one she had used to catch my cum. “Now, Daddy, it’s time to clean up. Open your mouth.”I was mortified. In the post-orgasmic letdown I was feeling self conscious and very vulnerable, and had no interest whatsoever in any further sex play. Tracey, however, wasn’t playing. She made that clear when she roughly pinched my left nipple, hard, and brought her hand to my lips. “Open you mouth NOW, bitch. You’re going to swallow every fucking drop of this cum or you’re going to stay right here until Mom finds you. Is that what you want?”I had no choice. The sex play may have been over, but the dominance was definitely not. I was starting to sob as I slowly opened my mouth, and she immediately dumped the warm, sticky glob of cum from her hand into my mouth. I choked and stated to gag, but she warned me again and I swallowed. Three more times she deposited more of my cum into my mouth, scooping it up from my stomach, balls, chest and face. Finally I had swallowed every trace of my own cum and she sat back, satisfied.”Now you know who’s in charge, bitch. You’ll do what I tell you whether you think you want to or not. This isn’t about you having fun, this is about you doing WHATEVER the fuck I want you to do. Understand?””Yes, I understand.”SLAP! “What did you just say?””I’m so sorry, Mistress! I meant, yes, I understand, Misteess!””Good. Now go get yourself cleaned up before Mom gets home. We wouldn’t want her finding out her husband is a sissy cum slurping little whore. A divorce wouldn’t make any of us happy, and you’re going to make me very happy from now on, right?””Yes, Mistress.”She untied the restraints from my ankles and wrists and gave me a slap on the ass as I retreated to the bathroom. It took me half an hour to scrub off the makeup and get myself showered. When I came out of the bathroom I was alone in the house again. Tracey was gone, and so was the memory card from the digital camera.After the experience with my daughter I decided to keep a very low profile for a while. I was terrified that she would decide to tell my wife about what she had seen or what I had done, but on the surface everything seemed to be back to normal. I saw Tracey every day, and she never really gave any indication that anything was different between us, certainly not around my wife. On one occasion she did give me a little wink, I think just to let me know that I had not imagined any of it.After a couple of weeks, though, I got a little more of a shock. I was coming up the stairs to our bedroom and saw Tracey standing in the main bath at the end of the hallway. She was nude and had a large vibrator in her hand. When she saw me she simply smiled, squatted down a little and slid the vibrator deep into her honey-blonde snatch. I stopped dead in my tracks, taking in the sight of her incredible teenage nipples as they stiffened. She slid the vibrator in and out a few strokes, then licked her lips suggestively and slowly swung the bathroom door shut. My cock was rock hard. It was obvious that she was a very sexual being, and that she enjoyed teasing me and showing off.More time passed, and I had no further sign from Tracey that she was interested in taking things any further. That was fine with me; I was constantly afraid it would escalate to the point where it couldn’t be hidden. I started to relax just a little, thinking that perhaps it was an isolated incident that we could both pretend had never happened. I had no idea how wrong I was until one morning when I discovered a note tucked into the pocket of my jeans. The note was cryptic but its meaning was unmistakeable. “8 tonight. Be dressed sancaktepe escort and ready.” There was no signature, but it was clear from the handwriting that it was from Tracey. My wife was supposed to leave town for a couple of days with her sisters that afternoon, and I knew Tracey and I would have the house to ourselves for at least 48 hours. As the day wore on I pondered what she could have in store for me. She had told us she would be on a date that evening, so i though 8 PM would be too early for her to be home. Maybe she planned to keep me waiting until she returned? Despite the fear I felt, I couldn’t think about it without getting a painfully hard erection. I finally decided to put it out of my mind until later on. My wife left at 4 PM, and Tracey left at 6. I was alone in the house and decided that I should probably do as Tracey had ordered, just in case she was serious. I went into the bedroom and was shocked to see a collection of very frilly, very feminine lingerie laid out on the bed. There was a pair of pink lace panties, pink lace-topped thigh high stockings, a matching pink bra and camisole and even a pair of pink patent leather high-heel pumps in my size. There was even a medium length curly auburn wig, something I had never had the nerve to purchase. I had no idea where it had all come from, but there was a note resting on top of the pink satin blindfold on my pillow:”Dear slut slave,Here are the things you will wear tonight. I used your credit card to buy it all, I knew you wouldn’t mind. You will be wearing this outfit by 8 PM at the latest. You are to beon the bed with the blindfold on and your legs already bound. Don’t disappoint me or there will be consequences.”My heart sank. I had hoped we could put all of this behind us, but I was trapped. I couldn’t afford to have Tracey tell my wife what she had caught me doing, and if she did it wouldn’t do me any good to tell anyone what she had done or how she had treated me. It would just make me look even worse, like a perverted old man who had taken advantage of his hot young daughter – even though the opposite was true! I knew I had no choice. I was trapped, and I knew it, and so did Tracey. All I could think of to do was to play along until maybe she exhausted her sexual curiosity and moved on. Reluctantly, I got into the shower and relaxed as best I could. After drying off I decided that since there was a wig out on the bed she would want me in makeup, so I took a little time to put on foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. After making the best job of the makeup that I was able, I started figuring out how to get the wig on. It wasn’t too hard, and the effect was immediate and shocking. Although I was still moderately hairy, the addition of the wig gave me a distinctly feminine look that made my heart pound faster. I’d never seen myself with long hair, and it turned me on. I started getting hard again, which was only made worse when I began putting on the lingerie. it was 7:30 and I knew I didn’t have much time left. I slipped into the stockings first, followed by the bra and cami. I wanted to leave the panties for last, in hope that I wouldn’t have a wet spot when (and if) Tracey showed up.Once everything else was ready I slipped on the panties but left them pulled partially down, leaving my still erect manhood exposed for now. I got out the restraints and attached them to the bed posts, then securely cuffed my ankles as she had instructed. With the clock rapidly approaching 8 PM, I pulled on the blindfold and laid back on the bed. Finally, I wiped the accumulated drop of precum from the tip of my cock (what to do with it? I had to just lick it off) and pulled my panties up the remainder of the way. My heart was pounding, but I did my best to force myself to be calm. The minutes ticked by, and eventually I could feel my dick starting to soften. After a while I had no real idea how long I had been there or what time it was, but to be honest it felt wonderful to be laying there blindfolded and dressed the way I was. I must have started to doze off, because I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the front door open.I didn’t hear Tracey say call out or anything, and I wasn’t going to push the issue. maybe she’d gotten her satisfaction somewhere else and I could just spend the night like this, get up in the morning an avoid any further sexual contact with her. All I could do was hope she was no longer interested in using me for her kinky pleasure, but that hope was short lived. I heard her footsteps on the stairs and could tell someone was in the room with me. Then I heard the light switch and could tell even with the blindfold that the lights had been turned on.”Well, how nice you look, slut!” she said. I could sense her walking around the bed, probably getting a good look from all angles. Then she fastened the restraint cuffs around my wrists and tugged the straps tight, so I had no way to move more than a few inches. “I see you followed my instructions, that was a good start. But it was just a start, Daddy. You’re going to have a very long night.”I felt the familiar mixture of panic and arousal as I heard the sounds of her clothing being removed and dropped on the floor. Then there was the feeling of her climbing onto the bed, her sweet scent as she drew closer. I felt something (an ankle?) brush against my cheek. “First off, Daddy, you’re going to get me off a couple of times. I’ve been feeling very frustrated lately and need a little release. You’re going to lick my little cunny until I have had enough. You don’t mind that, do you Daddy?” I shook my head and earned a sharp slap for my efforts. “I cant’ hear you when you shake your head, slut. Now. You don’t mind licking my sweet little cunt, do you Daddy?” “No, Mistress”, I replied. “I don’t mind at all. I am yours to do with whatever you want.””Fucking right you are, bitch”, she said as she settled down over my face. Her knees straddling my face, she spread her pussy lips and pressed into my mouth. I licked and sucked at her slightly salty sweetness, feeling a sense of relief as she started a rhythmic grinding against me. “Mmmmmmm, yeah… that’s right, whore. Lick that cunt for me. Show me what a good little pussy licker you can be. Slide that tongue inside me and suck on my clit.” She was saying the filthiest things I had ever heard a woman say, and it was getting me more and more turned on. I knew that by now my cock was fully erect and dripping precum, but I could tell the head had popped out of the lace panties. Tracey was not concerned with it, but concentrated on getting her pleasure from my mouth. I tried hard not to grind and thrust, wanting her to be pleased and satisfied without any distraction from me. I was finally rewarded when she grabbed my head and pulled me into her, grinding down hard as she loudly moaned and screamed her way into a prolonged, shuddering orgasm. Finally she relaxed as I continued to ever so gently lick the puffy lips of her pussy.”That was a good little perv, Daddy. You made me cum hard. I bet you liked that, didn’t you?” She grabbed the base of my rock hard cock and gave it a shake. “Oh, I can see you did like it. Well, we won’t be needing this for quite a while, if ever, Daddy. You can just give up any thought that you’re going to have any relief for quite a while.”I felt her fingers scoop up the precum from my belly and then slip into my mouth. “That’s right, lick them clean… lick up that cum. You’re going to make a good girl, Daddy.” I was puzzled by what she meant by this, but to be truthful I was in such a state by then I didn’t really care. Her orgasm had such an effect on me that I very nearly came without either of us touching my cock. It was only by sheer force of will that I had not spurted all over the instant she touched my cock, but I knew that an orgasm without permission would bring swift punishment that I probably did not want to experience.I was pretty sure Tracey was sitting on the edge of the bed, but couldn’t see or move to be sure. After a few minutes I could tell from the sounds that she was sitting there texting with someone — probably her boyfriend, I assumed. After several minutes she got up and left without a word, leaving me still tied to the bed tasting her pussy juice on my face. I could hear her moving around the house, then heard the front door open and close again. That was when I started to really panic. Who else was here? All I could do was stay perfectly still and hope to hell she would shut the bedroom door so no one could wander past and look in. I could tell there were at least two people downstairs, but couldn’t hear any talking – just some moving around, and occasionally the sound of a glass clinking. There was a radio playing at low volume somewhere in the house that made it very difficult to tell what was going on. Finally I heard Tracey again, close by. “Daddy, my friend Amber is here. You’re going to get her off just like you did me. I don’t want you to speak to her or anything. She’s going to be blindfolded too, so she won’t see you or know who is licking her pussy.” I panicked again. This couldn’t possibly be happening!! I started to protest. “Tracey, honey, no. This is wrong in so many ways. I can’t possibly…” My sentence was interrupted by the pair of Tracey’s panties she had recently removed being stuffed into my mouth, followed by a slap across the face that left my ears ringing. Tracey roughly grabbed my head and leaned in close. “Let me make this clear, you little fucking pervert whore. You’re mine. I’m going to do, and make you do, whatever I want. I don’t want to hear a fucking word out of you other than a very polite ‘Yes, Mistress’ for the rest of the night. You’ll do what the hell I tell you to do, or I’m not going to tell Mom. I’m going to post the pictures of you on the Internet, and I’ll tell the cops you started m*****ing me years ago. Then you’ll be a lot worse off than having your tongue stuffed inside a nice tight little teen aged pussy, won’t you?”She let me think about that for a minute before removing the panties from my mouth. When I was able to speak again all I could do was weakly say, “Yes, üsküdar escort Mistress. I’ll do whatever you say.””Damn right you will, slut. Now get ready for some really cute little Asian pussy.” She was right, her friend Amber was a darling little thing of Japanese ancestry who had been the subject of more than one of my masturbation fantasies. I had dreamed about going down on her, but not like this. Never in my wildest dreams or worst nightmares was it like this.A few minutes later I heard Tracey again, leading Amber up the stairs. “Watch your step… one more… there’s the top. Now I’ll help you onto the bed, and you have all the fun you want. This is my little sissy fuck toy, and you can use his mouth or whatever else you want. There are only two little restrictions that I have to insist on. One, both of your blindfolds stay on. No exceptions and no peeking. If I see you trying to peek, I’ll stop everything and believe me you won’t want that to happen. This little sissy can lick pussy like you won’t believe.””The second rule is, you cannot allow him to cum. Tease and play all you want, and you can cum all you can stand, but DO NOT let him cum. Understand?”I heard Amber’s voice for the first time that night. She giggled and said, “Sure. But you won’t give me even a little hint who this is? This is so kinky!”Tracey just laughed and said she wasn’t telling. And then Amber was on the bed, and she used my face and tongue for what seemed like an hour. She rubbed her shaved snatch onto my face and I licked and sucked for all I was worth. I did my very best to find out what she liked best, and do that as much as she would let me. I lost track of how many times she shuddered, let out a little squeak and came, but she’d recover and keep right on going. The girl was like a non-stop orgasm machine. My tongue and jaw ached, and it felt like my nose was bruised, but I kept on doing the best job I possibly could. I wanted to please them both, wanted to show Tracey what a good job I could do for her, wanted Amber to cum like she had never cum before. Finally Amber turned around and planted her pussy back on my face, but with her incredibly sweet little ass just an inch from my nose. I was licking and slurping for all I was worth when I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock. I nearly came right then, but remembered Tracey’s warning. I knew that not only would Amber face her wrath if I came, but that she would do things to me that would pass well beyond pleasure. I concentrated on holding off, but still found myself involuntarily thrusting my hips and moaning as my unavoidable orgasm approached. I could feel my cock swell as I neared the point of no return, and I was sure there would be no stopping the gusher of cum that was about to erupt…. when Amber pulled off of my cock and laughed, then jumped off the bed. “Poor little sissy, whoever he is! I could tell he was just about to shoot in my mouth, but don’t touch him for a while and it should go away.”I was miserable. I had never in my life experienced such a sense of frustration, been that close to an orgasm only to have it suddenly denied. My wet cock was throbbing painfully. I opened my mouth to start begging for release, but remembered in time Tracey’s warning not to speak. She must have been waiting for it, because she quickly stuffed the panties back into my mouth and laughed. “Here, slut… suck on those for a while.” The two of them left the room and I heard them go down the stairs. I thought I was probably done for the night… but I had no idea how wrong I could be.As I lay there bound to the bed, sucking on the panties in my mouth, I could hear Tracey and Amber moving around the house, talking, occasionally laughing or giggling. I didn’t know what they were up to, but I had a bad feeling that there was more humiliation to come.I lost track of time but my arms were aching from being held in place by the straps holding my wrists to the headboard, so I knew it had been a while. By now I was hungry and thirsty, but I knew better than to make any noise. Besides, at this point Amber still didn’t know who it was that had licked her to orgasm, and I wanted to keep it that way. It was bad enough that Tracey knew without her friends finding out. I knew there was no way that secret would not come out if other teenagers knew.When I heard the doorbell ring I felt the panic rise up again. What was going to happen now? This was going too far!! Maybe it was just pizza or sandwich delivery. But I knew better. Before long I could hear music and the unmistakable sounds of a small party going on downstairs. I couldn’t count the voices, but there were at least half a dozen, including several boys. I recognized one as my daughter’s boyfriend Roger, whose cum I had been forced to lick from her pussy the first time she caught me dressed up and spread out on the bed like a sissy whore. My thoughts drifted for a minute as I thought about that night, and I was shocked to find that my cock had grown painfully stiff of its own accord. I was ashamed and disgusted to think that remembering such an event had aroused me, but it did, and I could tell there was now a wet spot in my panties. I was still erect when the door to the bedroom opened again.”Well, I can see you’re enjoying this as much as I am”, said Tracey. She walked over and trailed her fingertips gently along the shaft of my throbbing cock, making me moan in anguish. My shoulders and hips were on fire from being bound for so long, and now my cock was starting to throb as well. “You must be uncomfortable like that, Daddy. Isn’t that an uncomfortable position to be in for so long? I’ll bet you would do pretty much anything I told you to if it meant getting off that bed, wouldn’t you?” She reached over and twisted both of my nipples until I moaned loudly and tried to respond around the panties in my mouth. All I could manage was a muffled, “ytthhh mthtrthh!” I nodded my head vigorously to indicate my agreement.”That’s good, because you’re going to be my party favor tonight. I’m going to tell you exactly what I expect of you, and you’re going to agree to it before I untie you from this bed. Then you’re going to perform exactly as I command for the rest of the night or the whole world will hear about you and your perverted little faggot outfits. Is that clear?” Again I nodded and mumbled my assent as best I could.”I have a little party going on downstairs. I’m going to get you off of this bed and you’re going right over this chair instead. I’ll be tying you there, yes, don’t bother arguing, it’s going to happen. Whenever someone gets a little horny at our party they’re going to play a little game, and you’re going to play along. And don’t forget, number one, I have the pictures I took. Number two, if anyone figures out who you are, good luck getting them to keep THAT secret. They’ll blab to the world. Word’s going to get out fast, and I think you would rather not have that happen, right my little whore?”I was defeated completely. I had no choice but to agree. She let me stretch for a minute (during which I begged her to reconsider, and she refused). Then she bound my ankles to the rear legs of the chair and my wrists to the front legs, so that I was bent over the back of the chair with my ass exposed. Then she gave me a few hard swats with a hair brush for arguing with her, covered my face with a pair of her worn panties and left the room. I was left there exposed with my ass red. Both it and what little was left of my pride were still stinging from the utterly humiliating spanking I had received from my daughter.It wasn’t long before the first player in her perverted game was led in. The game was, the boy was blindfolded and led into the room. He was told there was a someone tied up that he could fuck, but only anally. If he guessed who it was he would be awarded the prize of exposing the person tied up to the rest of the world. I was horrified, but I knew it was pointless to struggle. I felt someone apply some lubricant to my exposed ass, then the head of a very hard cock was pressed against my ass. I had used a dildo on myself a few times, but they were always small ones and they hurt. Nothing I had done prepared me for the agony as the boy pressed forward, burying the entire length of his rock hard 18 year old cock into my ass!! I felt his balls against me as he finished his thrust. I was biting hard on the panties in my mouth, trying not to scream as the tears rolled from my eyes. I was being brutally ****d and there was nothing I could do but pray for it to end. He pistoned his cock in and out of my hole, grasping my hips as he used me without mercy. My asshole was on fire, and with a sense of horror I realized that he was not wearing a condom. A few seconds later he grunted loudly, made one last deep thrust and I felt his cock swell up and spasm as he pumped his load of cum deep inside me. He relaxed for a minute, panting, before withdrawing his half-erect cock from me. I could feel my asshole gaping open as he guessed a few names, only to be told each time that he was wrong. Finally they led him out of the room as I silently sobbed into the panties filling my mouth.Four more times that night I was used by the girls’ friends. After the first one I was well lubricated with cum and sex lube. One of them was much gentler, but one had a cock that nearly split me in two even after the first two had loosened me up. All of them came inside me, but none guessed that they were fucking their hostess’ father. After the second boy pumped his load into me and left I found myself trying to squeeze my hole around the cock of the third, and by the time the fourth one fucked me I was pushing back against him. I could feel that my panties were sopping wet from the pounding my prostate had taken, and a couple of times I was shocked to realize that I was having an orgasm without ejaculating as the boys were fucking me. I vaguely recalled making some moaning sounds, but I immediately felt Tracey’s hands covering my mouth to silence me.At last I could hear no sounds from the lower floor, and I realized that I must have drifted off to sleep after the fourth anal assault. The party was over and Tracey was untying me. “You did a good job, sissy!” she said as I collapsed onto the floor. “None of the boys were able to guess who they were fucking. Of course I had to cover your mouth after you started enjoying it. I guess you really are my little sissy cunt now, aren’t you Daddy?”

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