My friend Dale with benefit Part 2


My friend Dale with benefit Part 2On the ride to my lonely apartment my mind had questions with no answer. Was what happen between me and Dale a dream or did it really happen? Hour after hour I could feel and smell Dale’s warm pussy juice. Which reminded me it did happen. A few days later, I called Dale. Then she told me to come over. She wanted me to meet someone. When I knocked on the door. It was open by a stranger. Just then she said “you must be the man Dale told me about.” I have heard of Dale’s roommate her name is Ellen. She had a beautiful body. Her could star in any movie. She is 21 with short blond hair, 5′ 10″ tall perfectly shaped face and body (36 26 36) with green eyes. In the past she had been dressed like a model. Her clothes would be perfect all of the way down to her nail polish. Today she was wearing just a oversized white blouse that comforts to every curve of her body. I was enjoying walking with her down the hallway. As we entered the spare bedroom room Dale was waiting. Dale was wearing a brown turtleneck. canlı bahis The 2 ladies was finishing playing a game of chess. While we ate some light snacks, that was there. During the game Dale said, “ Ellen is more than a roommate ….she is my Granddaughter !!!” “Oh how nice” I replied. Then I remembered that their green eyes must run in the family. As the two ladies gave each a long wet kiss. Then my dick wanted to jump out of my pants. Dale noticed and said “did that excite you”? “Anytime two beautiful ladies kiss like that I get excite” I said. Dale said “oh thank you for the complement .. you think I am beautiful”? “I know you are Dale” I said. Because Dale lost she had to eat Ellen pussy and in front of a male. While Dale had to pay the price for not winning. She started to eat from Ellen’s pussy while I watch. After a short bit, Ellen asked me “Do you want to join. “If you do you have to do what I say” Ellen said. I said “ok”. While Ellen laid on her side on the bed Dale ate her pussy while I put my dick into Dale bahis siteleri sweet pussy. All under the direction of the game winner Ellen. About a hour or so later we laid together on the bed. I was in the middle of a older Irish woman and a younger model. I wanted to have them both morning noon and night. Exhausted we fell asleep. Until the next morning.The next morning at the kitchen table. We all agreed that it would be nice to have sex more often. Dale turn to me and said, “If you are willing move in with us. The bedroom we were in last night could be yours. It would make things easier on all of us. At that you could of knocked me over with a feather. Moving in and having sex with two foxy women. One that I have known for years and admired from afar. And her granddaughter who had the “get up and go” of a teenager. This man’s dream come true! Without thinking I said “yes I would like too, but I’ll have to give my notice to my landlord”. “That would be fine” Ellen added.On moving day, Ellen was not home but she left a güvenilir bahis note on my bed. It was an invitation to a party. The note ask if I would be interested in being her escort for the evening. Also included was Ellen’s cell phone number. I ran to my phone and told her I would be honored to be your escort for the event. Dale also was happy after I moved in. So much that after she took a shower and put on a robe. She made me pork chops (my favorite) for dinner. Dale open her robe to revile her nudity. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I was seating at the kitchen table as she slowly, sexually walked nearer to me. Then she sat on my lap, facing me with a smile on her face. Then she unzipped my pants and reached for my growing dick. Dale could feel what was going on under the skin of my dick. Then she pointed my dick towards the gate of her pussy. Just then we both shuddered as it touched her golden gate. As the head disappeared between her pink pussy lips. In seconds I was fully in her as we both enjoyed the feeling. On the table there was a can of liquid whip cream that I took and sprayed all over her breast. Soon I was sucking her nipples with and getting whip cream all over my mouth. A delightful desert after your favorite meal.

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