My wifes friend Joan

Double Penetration

My wifes friend JoanAfter a night out, my wife and her friend Joan came home pretty drunk. My wife had been texting me that Joan had given her boyfriend a blowjob earlier in the care and he didn’t recipricate so she was angry with him. When they were at the bar, they were surrounded by several younger guys. Joan had taken a fancy to one and I am pretty sure my wife wated no time flirty with the others. They had left the one bar and headed to another. They didn’t last long at the second when Joan walked out with the guy she was making with. She said they were going to his house real qucik and he would drop her off. My wife said she left with them in her car and waited in the car till Joan came out. The truth is, my wife was in the house and gave the guy Joan was with friend a BJ while she was waiting, and then she rode him to her climax. Joan and my wife had always talked bebek escort about hooking up together. They came home and where both blitzed. My wife ran upstairs and immediately started a bath. That was my que that she had had intersourse and needed to tidy up and that she was cleaning up for my pleasaure also. Joan and I were talking and I only had my robe on. She was wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts and a white t-shirt. I flirted with her a little and saw an opportunity. Joan is very sexual and very permiscuous. I turned off the kitchen light as if to head upstairs, instead i walked over to Joan sitting at the kitchen island and opened my robe and let my cock brush up against her hand. Immediately she gripped it in her left hand and squeezed it as she pulled my head to hers to kiss me. We kissed deeply for minutes levent escort while she stroked my hard cock in her hand. All the while we kissed, I was freeing her titis from her bra and massaging her breasts. I was able to free my left hand up and undo her jean shorts. I eased my hand into her shorts and her panties and foound a very wet hole to play with. As I cupped her pussy and played with it with my fingers she moaned and I knew this was it. I lifted her up off the bar stool and stood her in front of me, she still had my cock in her hand. I told her I knew what was going to happen upstairs and wanted to last for it. I gently pushed her down to her knees until she was face to face with my cock. She didn’t hesitate, she went to town on the my cock like it was the last cock she was going to have. She is a great halkalı escort cock sucker by the way. She gave me head for a little while and when I knew i was close a picked her up and pulled her shorts and panties to her ankles. I lifter her up and placed her ass on the bar stool and stood between her legs. I then put eachof her legs over my arms and spread them as wide as they would go. Looking down I was her wet swollen pussy there waiting for me. I placed my cock at the entrance and went balls deep on the first stroke. I wasn’t going to last long and just started pounding her as hard as I could from all the pent up horniness I felt for her all the years. I looked her in the eyes one more time and started to shoot my seed deep inside her womb. I must have cum gallons. As I pulled away from her my cock slipped out and my seed and her juices drooled out of her extended hole onto the bar stool and floor. Hot Hot HOt. She gathered her panties and shorts and went up and bathed with my wife. We then had a threesome the rest of the night. to this day, unless Joan told my wife, my wife doesn’t know I fucked Joan in our kitchen while she was just upstairs. Can’t wait for it to happen again.

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