New Zealand Meeting


He stepped off of the plane and into the terminal scanning the crowd for her familiar face, nervously wondering if this had all been a mistake. What if she was having second thoughts and had decided not to meet him as planned? But only seconds later he spotted her smiling face at the far side of the arrival gate. His eyes immediately lit up and his face became all dimples as he smiled at the sight of her. His eyes took in her figure, average height, perky breasts, just the right size to fill his hands up as he imagined cupping them as they kissed each other hungrily, a slim waistline with the kind of hourglass figure that quickly sent his thoughts racing into overdrive.

Stepping quickly through the crowded terminal gate he found himself just staring in awe at this beautiful creature who he’d been waiting to see for quite some time. Coming to his senses he quickly chose his words, “I’m so glad you could make it Joanne, you’re even more beautiful in person than I could have imagined.” Noticing the blush on her face he quickly offered out his hand to her and entwined his fingers in hers as they started moving towards the baggage claim area. They chatted for a while making small talk about the trip and the sites to see in New Zealand while he was there, but his concentration was breaking up rapidly as his eyes constantly roamed over her gorgeous body, her voice intoxicating his thoughts with visions of their two bodies locked in passionate lovemaking, bed sheets twisted around arms and legs as exhausted themselves over and over. It was only a short time before they reached her car, snapping out of his daydream quickly as he realized he hadn’t noticed anything in the airport so far but her seductive smile and knockout body.

“Are you hungry at all? Cause I’m starving, the peanuts they served on the plane weren’t exactly very filling,” he said with a warm smile as his crystal blue eyes locked with hers and he felt himself being pulled closer to her by some unseen force bakırköy escort until his lips were planted on hers, kissing her softly before pulling away. “Wow, I’m sorry…I don’t know what came over me…,” he said nervously trying to gauge her reaction and taking her warm smile and seductive smirk as a good sign. “So, this is your country, let’s go to a place you like to eat.”

They arrived at a nice Thai restaurant a few minutes later and continued their small talk while waiting for the food to arrive. A few minutes into the conversation he felt a foot from across the table slowly traveling up the inside of his thigh. Looking across the table he caught the seductive gleam in her eye as she continued to move her foot higher and higher until her toes were pressed lightly between his legs, gently stroking as she felt him grow harder from her attentions. Looking across at her with a slightly surprised but very interested glance he rested his hand on her foot and squeezed it lovingly. “If you keep this up we’ll never make it through the meal my dear,” he said quietly as she smiled innocently at him.

A few minutes later the waiter came by with their order and they ate their meal, her foot stroking his now extremely hard erection the entire time until he thought it would drive him mad. As they rose to leave he grabbed her hand and led her into the restroom, locking the door behind him before pressing her against the wall roughly and kissing her soft lips hungrily as his hands roamed down her sides, caressing her hips as his chest pressed tightly against her breasts. A knock on the door brought them back to reality as he realized someone was waiting to come in. They looked at each other and laughed before kissing quickly and heading out of the restroom, leaving a speechless gentleman as they walked past him out of the restroom.

“Well that was certainly exciting,” he said as they both laughed climbing into the car. “What do you say we beşiktaş escort head back to your place and pick up where we left off?”

She gave him a mischievous grin and pulled the car out onto the road and made the quick drive back to her apartment. The short walk from the parking lot up to her apartment was pure torture, aching to grab her and take her right then and there. The moment they walked in through the door he closed it behind him and pulled her against him, her lips parting to accept his as he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her passionately as his tongue swirled into her mouth. His hands moved down her sides and back behind her to give her hot ass a squeeze before taking a step back and pulling his shirt off and tossing it to the side as he led her to the couch, stripping her of her own shirt on the way and revealing her gorgeous breasts with their perky nipples already hard and excited.

“God I’ve wanted you for so long Joanne,” he whispered into her ear before sucking her earlobe into his mouth as his hands led hers down to his jeans as she quickly unbuttoned and unzipped him, longing to feel his throbbing shaft against her skin. His hands slipped down underneath her pants and panties, caressing and squeezing her firm ass before standing up momentarily to strip off his jeans and boxers leaving himself completely exposed to her, his thick cock standing out proudly as he pushed her back down onto the sofa and quickly stripped her of her own pants and panties, his mouth leaving a trail of kisses up the inside of her thighs to the lightly trimmed bush of her pussy before taking a long lick with the tip of his tongue up her slit. Her breathing getting deeper as he kissed his way up her stomach to her perky breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth as he sucked and flicked his tongue over the hard nub, his hands wandering over her bare skin until he was between her legs, the length of his hardness pressed tightly against beylikdüzü escort her wet slit as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, grinding himself against her and covering the underside of his cock with her delicious juices.

As she moaned against his lips he reached down and began stroking the head of his shaft up and down her gorgeous pussy, his fingers circling around her nipples before giving them a slight pinch and kissing her hungrily. Ever so slowly he positioned the tip of his hardened dick against her tight wet hole and began sliding himself inside of her, inch by inch; rocking back and forth as she slowly accepted his thickness inside of her. After a few moments he found himself buried to the hilt completely inside of her hot velvet pussy, pulsing and throbbing inside her as he let out a long sigh as she moaned against his lips, being filled completely by his cock.

He began slowly thrusting in and out of her tightness as his lips moved down, leaving a trail of kisses across the side of her neck, lightly sucking and nibbling as his length penetrated her again and again, her delicious juices coating his hardness as he built up a rhythm. Her hands wrapping around him, never wanting to let him go as her legs locked behind his ass, holding him inside her as she caressed and stroked her hands up and down his back, moaning softly at being filled again and again by him. His hands roamed over her bare breasts and caressing their way down her sides until he was gripping her hips, pulling her against him with every thrust as he drove himself deeper and deeper inside her, his cock pumping her faster and harder until his balls were slapping against her tight ass. Moaning more loudly she dug her nails into his back, drawing blood as the base of his shaft ground against her throbbing clit, a wave of pleasure crashing through her as she began to cum, squeezing his swollen dick deep inside her. He cried out with a loud moan as she began milking his shaft with her strong vaginal muscles throughout her intense orgasm, squeezing him until he could take no more, his breath and heart racing as his hot cum filled her steaming hot pussy, collapsing into her arms and keeping his still throbbing shaft deep inside her as they passed out together exhausted…

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