Nicki and Alex Ch. 03



I reach up and grab one luscious tit firmly. I start by massaging it until you begin to grind my cock still stuffed in your well lubricated, yet abused little asshole. I growl in your ear and begin to maul the breast in my hand, pulling your blouse away from it.

Your smooth skin feels hot against my eager hand. I feel your nipple standing erect and circle it with a finger. You moan slightly. “Mmmmm… Pinch it, Alex. You know you want to.” With this I grab it between my fingers and twist. You inhale sharply again, causing my cock to twitch in your ass.

You lean forward pulling off my cock as you stand. A delightful sucking noise as my shaft pops loose from your gaping little hole. I can see the massive load I deposited deep in your bowels begin to leak out. I marvel that you still have three fingers jammed in your cunt working them in and out. “I can’t believe you’re still able to fuck yourself after the session we’ve had so far.”

“Mmmmm… I love it and I do aim to please, Alex.”

I can’t help myself and I reach forward to slide two digits into your gaping ass and pump them slowly in and out. I pull them out and pull you around pushing on your shoulders in an attempt to get you to kneel before me.


“If you want me to kneel, you only have to say… “

I get down on my knees and look up at you, smiling. I press my tits together and show off my ample cleavage. “You know what I want?” I ask.

“Tell me.” You growl.

“I want you to fuck my tits.”

You sneer and hold the root of your cock. First you slap my cheek with it-that makes me gasp and present my other cheek. You slap that too. Then you slap my tits with your cock and I love that… There’s a little pool of your cum underneath me on the floor. I pinch and twist one of my nipples, groaning as I love the exquisite pain and pleasure of the sensation. You slap my face again, with your growing cock, then thrust it between my tits.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck my tits.” I lean forward, sticking out my tongue to flick at the head as you thrust your cock between my breasts. “You’ve fucked every other part of me, so now, finish me off.” I hold up my breasts with one arm and reach between your legs with the other hand, cradling then squeezing your aching balls as you ram your cock between my tits.


My cock jumps as you gasp at my rod striking your cheek. My body aches to hear it again as you offer the other cheek. I marvel at the bounce and quiver of your tits as I slap them as well. Bouncing my stiff, throbbing cock on your soft flesh. A stream of precum trails from tip to tits.

At your urging I roughly grab a mound in each hand and thrust my cock between your cleavage. I thrust long and deep popping the helmet further with each thrust allowing you to lick and suck the head. My precum is running like river, but it can’t keep up with the onslaught of friction of flesh on flesh. I stop and relax my grip on your breasts. “Spit on it,” I growl. “Make it wet and pendik escort slippery, show me how much you want it.”

With this you wink at me and dive headlong onto my shaft taking me to the hilt. You splutter and cough around my girth and continue along my length. I can feel your throat contract with every choking cough and feel the saliva run from your mouth, coating my balls and running over your hand. You pull off slowly and look up into my eyes with lust. The thick ropes of saliva running from your open, gasping mouth have me transfixed. You seal the deal with a demure look through your lashes as you bite that luscious lower lip. “Was that what you had in mind?”

I entwine my fingers in your hair at the back of your head. “I had thought to have you simply spit on it, but I like your initiative.” With this I plant my lips over yours burying my tongue in your mouth as you gasp at the tightening of my fingers. I pull back, a trail of saliva trailing from our lips; thick and wet.

I look down at you and grab your breasts again, wrapping them around my cock. On impulse I lean forward and spit on my cock and your tits. You shudder with excitement. “Open your mouth.” You look at me questioningly. I reach down and twist your nipples with a sharp twist. You lean back reflexively with a deep gasp of pleasure and pain. I take advantage and spit in your open mouth.

Your eyes widen in surprise. You catch the glint in my eye and lean over to spit on the pole emerging from your cleavage. Satisfied with the results I grasp your tits firmly together and begin to violate your cleavage as savagely as I have your cunt and ass. I tear my eyes from the vision of flesh vibrating at my assault, bouncing and shaking with each thrust. You begin to grunt and moan stretching your neck out long and seductive. “I need to hear you tell me what you want, Nicki. Tell me what you are.”


“You know what I am.” I growl.

“Do I?”

“Yesssss.” I press my tits more firmly together and smile up at you. My next words are puctuated by your thrusting. “I… am… a… slut… for… your… cock.” Just saying it gets me off, my head spinning, my heart beating fast.

“And what do sluts deserve?”

“Mmmmm… I don’t know about all sluts, but I know about this one.”

“Well then,” You ask, as you pop your cock from between my tits and slap me in the face with your member. “What do you deserve?”

“I deserve a good fucking.” You slap my other cheek, and I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of your wet cock against my cheek.

“Do you?”

“Yessss… “

“Then get up, slut.”

My eyes open wide, but I obey. I stand and face you, eyes sparkling. You look back at me, and, without warning, slap my breast with your hand-not hard, but arousing. My tit quivers and I gasp, “Oh God.” You slap the other, a little harder. “Jesus.”

You spin me around on the spot and bend me at the waist. You slap my arse with your cock and then with the flat of your hand, and I squeal with the pleasure and the pain of it. tuzla escort I am leaning against the desk for support, my breasts against the cold surface, as you slap my arse. Whack! This time your hand against my arse has left a stinging red mark and my body convulses. Then I feel your cock in the cleft of my arse, and sliding down to my puckered hole. I try not to resist the pressure of your thrust and… oh God, the feeling of it as you enter my arsehole. Whack! My arse tightens around your cock as you spank your slut.


I love the looks crossing your face at this treatment, going from shock to surprise and to wanton lust. I marvel at your ass as I bend you once again over my desk. I look it over with my own burning lust as I smack it soundly. A sharp slap that sees you jump and the squeal sets my cock to throbbing again. A shiver of delight runs down my spine as I run my cock down the cleft of your ass, wanting to feel it wrapping around my member again. I slide the head in and drive it home-slick with the load I have already planted deep. I reach bottom, fully buried once again in that glorious hole, loving that you can take it all and smack your ass again. Whack! I groan as your ass tightens around my engorged pole.

I slide it out slowly pulling out till my glans pop out of your little hole and marvel as it winks closed.

“Mmmmmm… you recovered nicely. All you needed was a quick wrap on that pretty ass.” I begin to push the head back in loving the pressure as it pops back in, the hole giving way long enough to swallow the helmet of my shaft again. “I’ll have to loosen you up again. But first… ” I slam it home again, my cock twitching with the grunt and sigh that my violation elicits and… Whack! You squeal again as your ass tightens around me once more.

I groan as I slide it out a couple of inches and drive it home again. Another groan and sigh. Another smack on the other cheek. Whack! “Oh God… Jesus… Yes! Slap my slut ass! Fuck me, Alex. Make me your whore.” You look back at me over your shoulder your hair in wild disarray hiding half your face. I can see the lust in your eyes, your mouth open and gasping. You grin and bite your lip… again. I groan and pull out and drive it home again.

“MMMmmmmm… You like it when I do that do you? When your little slut bites her lip… Like this?” You bite it again.

I growl again and thrust into you repeatedly. In… Whack! Out… You throw your head back, “Yes! Fuck that little ass until I can’t walk! Make it yours!” I grab your hair with one hand, wrapping my fingers tightly and pulling, arching your back and pulling you into me as I begin to rail your ass with my cock. My balls are slapping your pussy. I feel you reach down and slide two digits into your sopping cunt. I can hear it squelch as you add another finger, further tightening your ass as your body tightens in yet another earth shattering orgasm.

I pull out unexpectedly causing you to sigh at the emptiness as your bruised ass gapes at me once again, begging to be filled. I look down at kartal escort your fingers pressed into the one hole I have not filled with my load. I run the head of my cock down your taint to your finger stuffed pussy. In anticipation of my intentions you begin to remove your fingers.

I push you into the desk, my weight pinning your arm, locking your fingers in your cunt. “Uh, uh. Leave those there.” I say as I begin to press the head of my cock into you.

“Oh,… God, Alex. You’re going to tear me in half!” You groan as I push to enter your already stuffed and battered hole.

“You said you deserve a good fucking. I intend to give you one.” I wiggle my hips ever so slightly and thrust half my length in. My cock is aching from the pounding I have already given you. “God that feels good. Doesn’t it, slut?”

“MMmmm… uh,… huh… mmm… mmmm… mmmm… ” Each thrust punctuated by your moans.

Satisfied that I have loosened you up I lift off of you and spin you around. Your eyes are wide and your mouth agape with panting and lust. “On your knees.”

“Yessir.” You kneel to the floor and look up at me expectantly. I slap your face again with my rigid cock-once on each cheek and rest it there on your face. I watch you rub your face with my cock, wet from your juices.

“On the floor with your ass in the air, Nicki.”

“Like this?” You lay your head on the floor and look back at me wagging your ass seductively; inviting me to take you. “You want to take your slut whore like this?” You sigh and pant wantonly and bite your lip again, “MMmm?”

I approach your prone form and look down at your gaping holes. Your cunt gaped open for me. I put the head at the opening and slide it in a couple of inches and pull it out. I want to hear you sigh, hoping for more.


“Oh Sweet Jesus.” I whisper. “Your cock feels so good. No man has ever lasted this long with me before collapsing with exhaustion. You’re like a fucking machine, Alex.”

“You’re not complaining are you, Nicki?”

“Oh no.” I reply, pausing as your cock’s full length enters my gaping cunt once more. “Not in the least.”

“Glad… to… hear… it.” Each word punctuated by another almighty thrust. You were going to fuck me to death. But what a way to go. I closed my eyes and felt my breasts rub agaisnt the carpet as you thrust your cock into me over and over again.

When your index fingers (Yes, both of them) slipped into my asshole, I arched my back and gasped. “Holy SHIT.” Then I felt you start finger fucking my ass while your cock plunged into my wet pussy. Your fingers and cock in unison. I was getting the fucking of my life. I started to rock back agaisnt you, feeling your balls slap against me, but still you fucked me harder. harder, deeper and faster. I felt the room spinning; I felt light headed and started to orgasm with each thrust; my body in spasm, and each spasm causing the next orgasm, like a virtuous circle that would lead to eternal ecstasy.

My pussy clenched your cock as tightly as I could, and your pounding of my body so overwhelming that I collapsed prone on the floor semi-conscious as you finally spattered your hot cum across the backs of my legs, my ass, my back.

“I am spent, Alex. Please… take me home?”

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