NIPPLESNipples, Pools and Bellybuttons “Preserve my passion. Desire me like no one else. Shelter your lust in my garden. Nibble softly on my fruit until my peek surrenders all over your love trail”, she chanted gently in my ear. ‘‘‘‘Who’’’’, you ask? Well, really no one. To make a story up sounds a lot better than the truth of my sexuality and the erotic notions of love making. Honestly, the sequence of sex was worse than watching a lit candle burn. Emotions always took a back seat when engaging in fornication. My spirit knew it wasn’’t right but my addiction would bakırköy escort surpass any proper resolution. Typically my aggression would drive my desire. I needed to feel control, even sadistic at times. More importantly, she needed to surrender not only her body but also something more precious. Her spirit must sustain demeaning ridicule and degradation. She would not only have to love me, but succumb to the same infatuation, the same dependence. My habit was better than a d**g. It was alive. If making love breaks beşiktaş escort the shackles of chastity, then fucking truly torments a docile soul. Still, as I said before I consumed all of life and I wasn’’t going to stop just yet. Exploring Eden’’s intimacy concealed my callings of desire. Her pedals were easy to pluck from its bud. My method was simple; peel back her lovely mane to release my loin over her body. Doing so would **** her femininity and reduce her womanly vows to become a submissive bitch that begged beylikdüzü escort for mercy. Going to strip clubs and erotic fetish parlors were common to appeal to our temptations. Soon, after becoming jaded with our typical strides towards satisfaction, my masculinity suffered a tremendous casualty. All I wanted was the pleasure of seeing my girl being seduced by a female. What guy never considered seeing two females relate intimately? I never thought that Pandora would swing back at me so hard. I wanted desperately to push back my request, to claim my selfishness, my foolishness. I should have known pussy is too sweet to turn away from once it’’s tampered with. Twat truly needs to be preserved and protected, especially when it’’s as good as Eden’’s. My ego was crushed by losing that sweet ass to another cunt. Damn, my head should have stayed in her pussy instead of up my own ass!

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