One Humiliated Hubby- Part 1


One Humiliated Hubby- Part 1I woke up this morning feeling super horny. My wife was sl**ping, so I went on Xhamster. I checked out some bi and femdom movies. Then, some “turning you gay” captioned photo slideshows. I was getting pretty hard, when I heard a toilet flush in the bedroom. Bummer. My wife was awake. I immediately closed the windows on my computer,and went back to “business as usual.” I usually go to the gym in the morning, so I got my gym bag ready. As I was preparing, I was still thinking about the porn I’d just watched. One video in particular stood out to me. It showed a guy getting “pegged” by his domme (with a realistic looking, yet pretty large strapon). At the same time, he was sucking another guys cock. My butthole was tingling thinking about getting how it would feel to have that dildo moving in and out of my man pussy. I suddenly had an idea. I have a secret box of sex toys in the basement, and I decided to bring a buttplug to the gym. Maybe I could “cure” my need for something in my anus. By the time I arrived at the health club, the idea of working out was crazy. I was horny and NEEDED relief. In the locker room, I stripped and quickly wrapped a towel around my growing erection. I grabbed my toiletries (shampoo, body soap, face wash and BUTTPLUG) and headed to the showers. I closed the curtain and turned on the water. I soaped myself up, and inserted the red, rubber plug. It was tight going in, but a little more pushing and it was in place. Right then, a hot idea came into my head. I would go sit in the sauna with this plug in my asshole. Maybe I could even jerk off in the steam. I rinsed, and turned off the shower, wrapped the towel around me, and walked (with plug in my butt) to the sauna. Through the steam, I could see I was alone. I sat down (feeling very full down there), and started rubbing my cock under my towel. In a minute, I heard voices approaching. I made sure my hard cock was covered with my towel. Luckily, it was very steamy in there. The door opened, and pendik escort I could see two, very muscular, black guys walk in. They glanced in my direction, but I’m not sure they saw me through the mist. One of them began talking about this big, blonde woman who was upstairs working out. I knew exactly who he meant, as she was there most weekend mornings. She was the definition of BBW with huge tits and a big ass. She wore really tight pants and a sleeveless T-shirt that showed her boobs both from the side and down the front. Her bra must have been very small as most of her breasts were exposed when she worked out. I’d had many fantasies about her. Her tits were fantastic, but I thought mainly about her sitting her big ass down on my face, after her workout, and “forcing me” to lick her sweaty ass and pussy. The guys in the sauna with me began talking about “their fantasies” with this hot blonde. I heard one guy say, “I’d give my ten inches in her bootie and she walk funny for a week.” The other responded by saying, “I rather stick my big black dick between her tits and cum all over that fat face.” Hearing that and thinking about watching these hung studs and this hot BBW had my dick SO hard. About then, the gay side of my brain suddenly appeared, I thought about what it would be like to have that “ten inches” in my ass and the other guy’s dick in my mouth. Then, my “bi brain” dreamed about having the BBW watch these guys fuck me while laughing at me and calling me a faggot… Oh my gosh, I had to leave the sauna immediately. I bent over, so my erection was not so apparent, and quickly went out the door. Luckily for me the sauna was very steamy. I looked around, and there was no one between me and the showers. I made it to a shower and closed the curtain, just as I heard the “studs” leaving the sauna. They continued talking, and ended up in the showers across from mine. I pulled my curtain back just a bit and looked in their direction. Both had left their curtains wide open as they continued escort pendik talking (now about basketball). I couldn’t see one of them, but the guy straight across from me was beautiful. Tall, muscular and HUNG. His dick might have been the “ten incher” but it looked even bigger than that to me. And he was still soft. Fantastic. I watched him wash, being careful not to be seen. The white soap suds on his incredible black skin…Ahh..I was stroking, and I was so close to cumming. I reached back to remove my butt plug when he starting soaping his ass crack. That was too much, and I blew a huge load in the shower stall. In my mid orgasm, I fumbled with my left hand, while stroking with the right, and dropped my red rubber toy on the floor. In the midst of my ecstasy, I heard the conversation across from me stop mid-sentence. I thought nothing of it, and I reached down and put my toy on the shower shelf. I proceeded to clean my gaped asshole and cream covered cock. I heard the two guys turn off their showers. Then, some whispering as they walked away. I finished my shower, put my plug back in my shaving kit, dried off and went to change. I heard the two men talking in a different locker bay. The word “faggot” was being used. I quickly pulled on my pants as I was getting an erection, again. I left the club and returned home. There was a note from my wife that she was invited to brunch by her girlfriend, Karen, and she’d see me later. I immediately went to my computer and turned on Xhamster. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. Shower scenes of hung black men fucking white guys. One video in particular really caught my attention. It was much like my fantasy at the gym. Two strong, very hung, black men making a guy suck them and getting fucked by them. My pants were down and I had a cum rag at the ready. I was stroking and licking up my pre cum. When the video showed the white guy being “spit roasted” with a huge cock in his ass and one in his mouth, I felt my cum rising. Suddenly, pendik escort bayan I heard the garage door going up. Noooo…my wife was home. I was SO busted! I pulled up my pants, but it was too late, I was cumming in my underwear. My cock pulsating as I stashed my cum rag and minimized the windows on my screen. “Hello,” my wife called as she came in the door. A minute later, my wife and her friend were standing next to me. “You’re back pretty quick. How was brunch?” I stammered. “Are you OK?, my wife asked. You look really pale.” I quickly explained I wasn’t feeling all that well, but my wife’s friend seemed to just know I’d been jerking to porn. She had a little smirk on her face and was glancing at my crotch. I was still hard, and, unknown to me, my cum was showing through my khaki shorts. I prayed that they would go in the other room and I could shut my minimized Xhamster window, but Karen was enjoying my discomfort. In fact, she seemed to be giving my wife non-verbal clues about what was really going on. Now my wife seemed to be smiling, also. Then it happened. Karen said to me, “Oh…um…I left a box in the trunk of the car, could you go get it for me please?” I froze (and must have turned a million shades of red). Karen and my wife were just grinning. “Come on, Karen asked you to get her stuff from the trunk,” my wife said. And so I stood up and tried to pull my shirt down a bit to cover up, but, by then, my wet spot was really big on my pants. I pretty much ran from the room to the garage, pulling my shirt down as I went. When I was in the garage, I opened the trunk. Of course, there was nothing in there. “Karen” I yelled, “there’s nothing in here.” I yelled again, but there was no answer. I pulled my shirt down and went back in my computer room. Both my wife and her friend were in front of my computer looking at the gay videos I’d been watching. They looked up when I came in. “Hey faggot,” my wife said. “You always jerk off to gay porn?” Karen asked. “Your cum is leaking through your pants. You must have really enjoyed watching these black guys fuck this white guy. Is that what you want? Big cock in your ass?” my wife said. “Ohh and in your mouth too, I bet,” Karen said smirking. To be continued…

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