Quintessential Gap


Lets be honest. Most guys will cherish the beauty of a well trimmed woman. All that is basically in his mind is; when the opportunity arises to see a delectable woman walking down the street or most anywhere, what would she be like?

Unlike his opposite gender a bloke will put aside how pretty she looks facially and focus purely on her physical attributes. But I guess that’s what makes the world go round.

It just wouldn’t do for opposite genders to be alike, that would destroy the mystery of attraction and that which sets the sex buds in motion.

Unfortunately in some cases a guy may take his sexual urge just a little too far, forget all the emotional problems his intrusion may cause a woman and go for it willy-nilly, whether the woman wants to or not.

But let’s face it. Lots of woman, unwittingly or not, have no idea about how the way they may dress can create havoc in a guy’s hormones.

That is the way of the animal kingdom I guess but even some of those seem to pair romantically before they get it together.

And I have been known to have a woman on the attraction of a nice tight bum – but of course with her consent.

I am profoundly a bum man .And for me there is nothing more beautiful in life than to see the rare sight of a woman’s hind with that certain something that sets my groin asunder.

They come far and few between though. I browse the web for pictures and movies of girls in tight jeans but rarely am I impressed enough to take a second look and maybe do what we guys do, given the aid of lustful thoughts and fantasies.

I did see a beauty of a bum in a spanking site though a few weeks ago; but unfortunately the site was scrubbed, the blonde woman, bent over to receive her punishment from her spankee was absolutely gorgeous, she was ordained with that certain quintessential gap in her crotch.

Diamond shaped – it seems like the light at the end of a tunnel was glowing in between and it was really beautiful and one of my main turn-on’s to be sure.

Although ankara escort I am not generally into spanking ,just the sight of her ass movements every time she was spanked was absolutely gorgeous. And given the opportunity and if it was me, I would have stopped the spanking and fuckd her there and then. Her pink slapped ass, quite naked, complete with that gap and just a little showing of pussy was a treat to behold.

Now having found that woman I am in my element. She has the quintessential gap and more. The gap I call my diamond which Janine, my new partner, calls her Freddy’s parking area, awaiting to enter the tunnel of love which I think is a beautiful way of describing it.

Freddy was the3 name she called my gender.

And like most guys and as said, I was first provoked by her perfect anatomy as a saw her bending over to pick up the handbag she’d dropped.

But I am so happy to announce to one and all that in fact Janine’s ass drew me to the rest of the woman and I just fell in love with her full package. And moreover she did with me too.

So now we fuck with the perfect blend of true love and sex to which I can vow is so much better than just the physical – and even although I still gaze at women’s rears I do so knowing that I have the perfect one to go home to and enjoy to my heart’s content.

And Janine will go to the end’s of the earth top please me. For example she knows only too well how I like to see her bent across the kitchen table. Over the high arm of the settee, the edge of the bed or on the bed, having her on all fours shackled to the bed rail.

All those wonderful things she does for me. I stand there in my boxers shorts and she so beautifully plays with me as I stand beside her, allowing her access to me, as I love to stroke and feel her in those skin tight blue brush jeans, bending down so I can sniff her up and tease her cuntessential, (the name we have mutually chosen ), through her jeans between her diamond.

“Baby, you can slap it if you like” she says and elvankent escort with that video I saw online in mind, I do. Just gently and then I know it is something I enjoy after all.

“A little harder” she asks squeezing my cock so delightfully.

So I go for it, five on each cheek and enjoy the result watching the delightful; sway of her ass. It comes to pass as we learn more about each other that she tells me she enjoys to be spanked, and I, wanting to please her as much as she does me, and I really get to enjoy this part of our foreplay as much as she enjoys to simultaneously take me orally.

The feel of her deep and so wonderful sucks and the joy of spanking and stroking her ass in tight jeans creates a real need to fuck her instantly.

She knows the score:

“Let me take them off for you?”

But I can’t wait, The aching is incessant because of her very long and pleasured deep throat sucking and I need it now, rubbing it up against her cuntessential through her jeans.

My throbbing cock it in her parking place, her beautiful diamond and I can’t wait, she chuckles as I rip the seam of her jeans in the centre, it is all part of our wonderful relationship, the sex can be fun too and I love to make her laugh.

Realising my ordeal. She helps me by guiding my length against her, in readiness lodged in her diamond and so wanting her fuck.

“You are beautiful baby but let me just taste her first?”

“I thought you couldn’t wait Alex? She teased grasping my cock hard.

But she knows very well how I love to enjoy the taste of her cuntessential before the vital fuck, how I love to taste her nectar in my throat as I lurch forward into her, and build that awaited deep fuck to a crescendo, when we both end up utterly exhausted, stretched out on the bed, when she loves to feel another spurt of my cream dribble over her warm and firm bosom, she, squeezing her nipples smothered in my cream and driving me crazy once more as she sucks the residue off her fingers.

“I otele gelen escort love you so much my crusader” Janine whispers and to feel her finger tips teasing my chest is so soothing, she kisses and uses her tongue so expertly he we delight in a perfect deep and searing French kiss.

Soon that kiss develops into something else and once more I am feeling the wonderful soothing of her mouth manipulating me. She tells me she loves cock so much and she showed it with lots and lots of very slow and deliberate sucking, her delicate fingers balling me all the time, the wonderful sound of her satisfaction ringing in my ears.

I simply lay there to enjoy her enjoying me to the full.

Soon I know she will so delightfully smother me and I will be quintessentially cunitisentially face fucked, loving so much to hear her cum as I hold my breath for her final move into my face, dripping now, down to me neck as I cherish the tease of her anus, her cunitissential well gratified.

This is real loving and I am with the most perfect woman in the world. I intend to fuck her ass I do, nut all in good time. It is something I want to do to make our bonding even more perfect and I start to tease her by gently rimming my small finger around it and hearing her response

Her ass is just made to be fucked I feel that.

And I feel that maybe soon she will relent. The signs are there but I don’t want to spoil it all and spoil it. And it is not just the feel good aspect of the ass fuck but more too.

It will complete the first feeling I had to fuck her ass but the fun is working up to is, and there is always the mystery she will not go for it.

I think she will maybe, the way she starts to react and she seems to enjoy me licking her there. Another place to conquer, to experience the delight of Janine’s ass fuck toth4e full..

Meanwhile she has taken my cock again and it wont be long the way she is going, when it cums in her mouth. And she will enjoy that as always she does.

And I will perceive the joy of simply letting myself go and watch her swallow me with so much love and joy,

Now if you will excuse me on this occasion, because I am sinking into that mysterious and wonderful place called heaven on earth as she takes me to the full….

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